Friday, 2010-11-12

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kblinhi folks08:52
kblinis the bulk create task feature supposed to work?08:52
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kblinalso, I'm getting "Error retrieving data: please refresh the list or the whole page to try again12:16
kblinon the list of tasks12:17
ThomasWaldmannkblin: i tried it a while ago in the testing system with csv for 1 or 2 tasks and it worked12:32
kblinThomasWaldmann: the import worked when I used less datasets apiece12:32
ThomasWaldmannup to which record number?12:36
kblinwell, I had the stunning amount of 22 rows, that didn't work12:37
ThomasWaldmannwe also plan to use that feature after finishing preparing the stuff on the wiki12:37
kblinso, binary search style I tried 11 rows and that worked12:37
kblinso I loaded two batches of 11 tasks each12:37
kblinhowever, I don't see them showing up on the task list, as the table just produces the above errir12:38
ThomasWaldmanndid you do some automated POST or copy&paste into the form?12:38
kblinI used copy/paste12:38
ThomasWaldmannbtw, one of my first ideas on that page was "why is that a textarea and not a file upload"12:39
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ThomasWaldmannbtw, did you quote/escape your field contents correctly?12:43
kblinI hope it'd fail at the loading step for those12:46
kblinbut OOo imports the file fine without any problems12:47
ThomasWaldmannkblin: if the test/demo system is still online, you could do more tests there12:48
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