Wednesday, 2010-11-10

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dukeletoSRabbelier: yo dog17:58
dukeletoSRabbelier: where do i update my org profile for GCI?17:59
dukeletoSRabbelier: i am logged into socghop, but i must be blind17:59
dukeletoSRabbelier: please show me the light17:59
SRabbelierdukeleto: left hand nav, click 'requests'17:59
dukeletoSRabbelier: ah, i was looking at all my notifications18:02
dukeletoSRabbelier: i never saw an email about filling this out. Did I miss it?18:02
dukeletoSRabbelier: is it possible to get reminders/notifications/requests sent to my email?18:03
SRabbelierdukeleto: there should've been, might be in yoru spam actually18:03
SRabbelierdukeleto: yeah, they have been sent to your email18:03
dukeletoSRabbelier: The scope for this request is not active.18:03
SRabbelierdukeleto: what request is that?18:03
dukeletoSRabbelier: i clicked on the request for my org profile, and I got that error, in a red font.18:03
tpbTitle: Sign In Required (at
dukeletoSRabbelier: link_id is dukeleto18:04
dukeletoSRabbelier: which email do are those emails coming from?18:04
SRabbelierdukeleto: [email protected]18:05
SRabbelierdukeleto: ah, you hadn't created your org profile either, I was thinking org admin profile18:15
SRabbelierdukeleto: check your most recent notification18:15
SRabbelierdukeleto: it should give you this link:
tpb<> (at
dukeletoSRabbelier: i have 47 notifications18:17
dukeletoSRabbelier: it is hard to see which one you are talking about, can i just click that link you pasted?18:18
* dukeleto tries anyway18:18
SRabbelierdukeleto: the top one, actually :)18:18
SRabbelierdukeleto: the one that says "Your applications for parrot and perl has been acceptd"? :P18:18
dukeletoSRabbelier: i just clicked on your pasted link :) That is way easier18:20
SRabbelierdukeleto: I was trying to teach you how to fish! :P18:20
dukeletoorganization link id?18:20
dukeletois that my link id?18:20
SRabbelierdukeleto: no, why would it be?18:20
SRabbelierdukeleto: it's the link id that the organization will have :P18:20
SRabbelierdukeleto: e.g., in the urls, when referring to your organization, what should it say?18:21
SRabbelierdukeleto: e.g., for Debian it's 'debian'18:21
SRabbelierdukeleto: You guys used 'tpf' last year18:21
dukeletoyeah, but we are 2 umbrella orgs18:21
dukeletoand I am trying to put them both on equal footing, since Parrot Foundation is actually doing all the work, and TPF is very hands off18:22
SRabbelierdukeleto: isn't it _the_ parot foundation too?18:22
dukeletoSRabbelier: No.18:22
SRabbelierdukeleto: cos than you can just use 'tpf' to stand for both :P18:22
dukeletoParrot Foundation and The Perl Foundation18:22
SRabbelierpf_tpf :P18:22
dukeletothat was so they would not have the same acronym :)18:22
dukeletowhat is the max length of a link id?18:23
SRabbelierdukeleto: don't, just don't18:23
SRabbelierdukeleto: it's gonna be in the url man :P18:24
SRabbelierdukeleto: don't you be trolling us with parrot_foundation_and_the_perl_foundation as link_id :P18:24
dukeletoSRabbelier: why not?18:24
* dukeleto blinks innocently18:24
SRabbelierdukeleto: *peers*18:25
SRabbelierbe nice :P18:25
dukeletoi am going with "parrot_perl_foundations"18:25
dukeletothe fact that an org can only give one email is really killing me18:26
dukeletoI have 2 umbrella orgs. There isn't *one* email address to give.18:26
dukeletoSRabbelier: ^^^18:26
SRabbelierdukeleto: eh, set up a mailing list with two members? :P18:27
dukeletoSRabbelier: i have a tpf-gsoc mailing list, but that is for TPF and Parrot for GSoC18:29
SRabbelierdukeleto: sounds good to me18:29
SRabbelierdukeleto: anyway, I'm sure you can figure something out :P18:29
dukeletoSRabbelier: y'all need a "shipping is the same as contact info" button18:42
SRabbelierdukeleto: leave it empty18:42
dukeletoSRabbelier: shame on you for making me enter the same info twice!18:42
SRabbelierdukeleto: that's why it's optional18:42
SRabbelierdukeleto: we do that on the backend :P18:42
dukeletoSRabbelier: darn! I already did it.18:43
dukeletoi think i just submitted my app18:43
dukeletoSRabbelier: can you verify that it went thru?18:43
SRabbelierdukeleto: you should now have a request to fill out your org app18:43
dukeletoSRabbelier: that was my org app18:43
dukeletoSRabbelier: i see us in the right list now.18:43
SRabbelierdukeleto: org admin18:43
dukeletoYay, we weren't last to fill out our app, Tux4kids is :)18:44
dukeletoSRabbelier: it is slightly non-intuitive that i don't publish my location, but it still shows the google map of my address at the bottom18:46
dukeletoInvalid characters, only A-z, 0-9, - and whitespace are allowed.18:47
dukeletoSRabbelier: heresy!18:47
SRabbelierdukeleto: Google shipping dept.!18:47
dukeletoSRabbelier: Jonathan "Duke" Leto is not allowed!18:47
dukeletoBUGS BUGS BUGS18:47
SRabbelierdukeleto: hah!18:47
SRabbelierdukeleto: put it as your display name or hatever :P18:47
dukeletoi used hyphens instead of double quotes. Madness.18:48
SRabbelierdukeleto: This. Is. Google Shipping!18:48
dukeletoso do i have to do anything else?18:49
dukeletoI don't want to be a mentor, I *only* want to be an admin, so I should ignore the "mentor" request?18:50
dukeletoSRabbelier: ^^^18:50
SRabbelierdukeleto: you got a mentor req?18:53
dukeletoSRabbelier: ah, it is an old request from GSoC18:56
dukeletoSRabbelier: it gets really confusing that those are still in there18:56
SRabbelierdukeleto: select all, delete?18:56
SRabbelierdukeleto: we gave you bulk notification handling for this reason!18:56
dukeletoSRabbelier: GSoC vs GCI should be color coded18:57
* dukeleto will ask for feature requests until SRabbelier is blue in the face18:58
dukeletoSRabbelier: thanks for making melange better18:58
dukeletoSRabbelier: i am only braindumping some things that would make it more intuitive for me, but it has come a long way since 200818:58
* dukeleto goes to eat lunch18:58
SRabbelierdukeleto: you're welcome, I agree the notifications should inciate what program they're for18:58
SRabbelierdukeleto: can you create a for that?18:59
tpbTitle: Google Project Hosting (at
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