Monday, 2010-10-18

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Lennietry and come back mario :P14:17
Lennielets see14:17
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Lenniego chanserv14:17
Merioyou kicked me! :)14:17
* MatthewWilkes waves at Lennie and Merio14:28
Lenniehi MatthewWilkes14:28
Merioheya MatthewWilkes!14:28
Lenniewill you be joining the summit :)?14:28
MatthewWilkesyou guys staying at the wild palms for the following few days or are you going elsewhere?14:29
Merioreally awesome :)14:29
Lennieyes wild palms14:29
MatthewWilkesCouldn't get a flight on sunday so will try to book another night then14:29
Meriowild palms for me14:29
MatthewWilkesLennie: I'm getting into SFO at midday on Friday, so will be there nice and early for once14:31
MatthewWilkesprevious years I've got to the palms about 8pm14:31
Lennieyou are flying form?14:31
MatthewWilkesLennie: Berlin via Paris (!)14:31
* MatthewWilkes has his fingers crossed14:32
Lenniegood luck on that :P14:32
LennieI was hoping you would fly over Londen so I could meet you :)14:32
MatthewWilkesNope, wish I was14:32
MatthewWilkesDon't trust the french14:32
MatthewWilkesand AF has shit planes14:32
MatthewWilkesNo personal entertainment, no power14:32
LennieKLM is okay14:34
Lennieand AF owns KLM now14:34
Lenniebut no power yes14:34
MatthewWilkesAC are great, power for everyone PLUS 2 USB chargers14:34
Lenniebut I'm trying to avoid paris aiport at all cost14:34
Lennieheard bad stories :P14:34
MatthewWilkesplus the french are striking atm14:35
Lenniewhich sucks14:35
MatthewWilkesapparently AF have already rescheduled the weekend, so should be safe14:35
Lenniegood luck14:35
Lenniehope to see you again :)14:35
MatthewWilkesWill be gutted if it goes wrong14:35
LennieI'm getting into SFO around 14.30ish14:37
Lennieso I should be on time as well14:37
MatthewWilkesI arrive at 1230, not worth waiting, sorry :P14:38
Lennieplease don't wait :)14:38
Lennieyou never know :P14:38
Lenniego and enjoy the WP pool :)14:38
MatthewWilkesWP pool?14:39
Lenniewild palms pool14:39
MatthewWilkesnever been in it!14:39
LennieI'm off from IRC14:42
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DrJoelhi .. anyone here familiar with the GCI2010 installation?  I am getting server errors20:43
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