Friday, 2010-08-20

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madrazrMerio: Heya!13:36
madrazrMerio: will get myself a cup of tea13:36
madrazrand I am here13:37
madrazris that fine?13:37
Meriomadrazr: sorry I didn't see your messages, was writing final evaluation :)13:42
Meriomadrazr: are you there?13:46
madrazrMerio: hey! No problem13:50
madrazrMerio: just went to get a cup of tea and it took some time13:50
Meriomadrazr: yup :)13:52
madrazrMerio: so, lets get started?13:52
Meriomadrazr: yes, up and running :)13:52
madrazrMerio: great!13:52
* madrazr booting the beast!13:52
madrazrMerio: Ok here I am with Eclipse ready13:53
madrazrMerio: Firstly to know what I am talking about all these days you may have to enable GHOP module in your ./app/ file13:54
madrazrand create a GHOP Program13:54
Meriomadrazr: I need to setup melange instance in our clone13:54
madrazrMerio: Oh Ok, go ahead!13:54
Meriomadrazr: wiki->getting started :P13:54
madrazrMerio: heh, best thing we have done!13:55
madrazrMerio: I will never remember those commands :D13:55
Meriomadrazr: I thought I was the only one :P13:55
madrazrMerio: heh, be proud that you have a company :)13:56
Meriomadrazr: in the meantime, is there something you want to talk about?13:59
madrazrMerio: nothing in specific13:59
madrazrMerio: I want to show you where is this exact place where we must implement inline editing13:59
madrazrMerio: and the code pointers for it13:59
Meriomadrazr: d'oh, error during buildout :(14:00
madrazrMerio: oh!14:00
madrazrMerio: what is that?14:00
Meriomadrazr: writing in pvt not to flood the channel14:00
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Meriomadrazr: ping18:06
madrazrMerio: pong18:07
Meriomadrazr: I think I've fixed everything, Sverre suggested me to fix that line that raised the error and then we found that the folder name with a space was the problem18:08
Meriomadrazr: Sverre saw that that line was a printf with only a %s and two parameters.. fail! :P18:08
madrazrOh My God!18:09
madrazrMerio: ^18:09
MerioNeed to file a bug18:10
Meriomadrazr: however, everything is up and running smoothly now. I have to go to dinner and I think for today I can't work on it, but still I would like to enable GHOP and know the relevant files to work on18:11
Meriomadrazr: I've already enabled GHOP in settings.py18:13
madrazrMerio: give me a moment18:15
madrazrMerio: after enabling GHOP create GHOP Program18:15
madrazrand some Orgs18:15
madrazrin Program Admin Menu in the side bar18:15
madrazryou should be able to see the link for "Allocate Task Quota"18:15
madrazrin the Program Menu18:15
madrazrthat is where the work needs to be done18:15
madrazrMerio: I will tell you the relevant files18:16
madrazrgive me a minute18:16
madrazrMerio: soc.modules.ghop.views.models.program.View.assignTaskQuotas is the View method that renders this page18:18
madrazrand the template is18:18
Meriomadrazr: I've create a GHOP program, then I went to the developer sidebar to create a new GHOP organization and I can't see any program. I've set the program as visible, but maybe there's something else I've to do18:18
madrazrMerio: Oh there is no template now18:18
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madrazrMerio: Oh!18:19
madrazrMerio: I don't think so you need to do anything18:19
madrazrMerio: http://localhost:8000/ghop/org/list18:20
madrazryou are on that URL?18:20
MerioSteps: I've created a profile for me, then I've create a new program owner and then a new ghop program18:20
Merioactually here http://localhost:8080/ghop/org/create18:20
madrazrMerio: weird18:22
Meriomadrazr: need to go away for some minutes18:22
madrazrMerio: do you remember the link_id of your program?18:22
madrazrMerio: Ok sure18:22
madrazrMerio: let me know once you are back18:22
Merioit's ghop201018:22
Merioit's shown under Programs sidebar18:22
Meriomadrazr: need to go away for a while, bbs18:23
madrazrMerio: give http://localhost:8080/ghop/org/create/<sponsor_link_id>/ghop2010 once18:23
madrazrMerio: sure18:24
Meriomadrazr: after loading that link it's working now :)) need to go to dinner, I'll be back :)18:26
madrazrMerio: Ok fine18:26
madrazrMerio: I will be around till 3AM in my time18:26
madrazrwhich is 11:30PM your time I guess18:26
madrazrMerio: just a mail if I am not on IRC18:26
madrazrand I will appear!18:26
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kblinhi folks18:48
madrazrkblin: Hi19:18
kblinyou really need to make your "survey not filled out yet" notifications look less like spam :)19:19
madrazrkblin: heh why so?19:20
kblinthe notifies got stuck in the gmail spam filter again19:21
kblinfor people that read their emails using a normal mail client, it's hard to find out something's wrong then19:21
madrazrkblin: I think you need to add socghop-noreply ID to trusted friends :)19:23
kblinit's not just me, though19:23
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madrazrkblin: I don't still get what makes it look "more" like spam now than the ID19:32
kblinI don't know19:32
kblinI guess you'll need to have a word with the gmail team19:32
madrazrkblin: let us see, we need to ask Carol about it then since we ourselves (Melange team) have no other contacts at Google19:34
kblinyeah, no hurry now19:34
kblinit's too late for gsoc2010 anyway19:34
madrazrkblin: Ok, thanks for that suggestion. I will bring it up in our next Conference call19:34
kblinno problems19:35
madrazrkblin: yeah119:35
madrazrkblin: leaving to room now from the lab, see you in a while19:35
kblintwo of my mentors missed mid-term, and neither they nor I noticed. arguably we all could have checked the website, but polling is such an inefficient mechanism19:35
madrazrkblin: I completely agree with that19:36
madrazrpolling is crazy19:36
madrazrand after all thats why we have RSS today :D19:36
madrazrkblin: cya19:36
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