Monday, 2010-08-02

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savietMerio: Hello!13:21
savietMerio: r u there, I have a doubt about JS maps api. :)13:22
Meriosaviet: Hi! yup, tell me :)13:27
savietMerio:okay, I am trying creating markers on the map for all the users and events13:28
savietMerio: However, sometimes all the markers do not appear13:28
savietMerio: sometimes they all do appear13:28
savietMerio: any idea why this could be happening? Because the number of users and events are still the same13:29
Meriosaviet: can I see the code in some way? At a first glance seems like a timing issue in the asynchronous request13:29
savietMerio: ok i have pasted the code here:
tpbTitle: function afterLoad() { if - Anonymous - F5FatfrH - (at
Meriosaviet: I don't know if this could be the problem, but it seems you're using a mix of V2 and V3 version of the API13:35
savietoh ok13:35
savietMerio: The extra G in everything is the newer version is it?13:35
Meriosaviet: nope, the opposite :) In the old version everything had the G prefix, now IIRC everything is in the google.maps namespace13:36
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savietMerio: oh ok, ok:) so Melange is using the newer version right. Okay, I will change those how it goes13:37
Meriosaviet: yup, V2 has been deprecated, fortunately we changed everything (I hope! :)) almost one year in advance :)13:38
savietMerio: ok :)13:38
Meriosaviet: see if it works, otherwise just ping me and I'll look deeper in the code13:38
savietMerio: okay, thanks :)13:39
Meriosaviet: then if you have some time I'll tell you some other way to do this, you're currently duplicating asynchronous javascript code for each django iteration, maybe it would be better to pass all variables to an external script that manages everything, but we'll see after you change to v313:41
savietMerio: oh ok sure13:42
savietMerio: I have changed it all to V3 code, but the problem still seems to persist14:02
Meriosaviet: can you paste it again?14:05
savietMerio: I have pasted it here:
tpbTitle: Paste #244712 | LodgeIt! (at
Meriosaviet: seems like they changed some stuff in the behavior of the functions in V3 and seems also that some function changed name14:12
Meriogoogle.maps.Map2 should be Map in line 17
tpb<> (at
savietMerio: oh ok14:13
MerioAbout geocoding (line 26 and 37), seems like they changed a lot =>
tpb<> (at
savietMerio: oh ok, i just used the methods used in the other melange Map JS scripts :(14:23
savietok i will change my code14:23
Meriosaviet: yup but since V3 is now stable it's better to use it ... then we will change the other scripts as well ^_^14:26
savietMerio: and what was the other thing you were saying about duplicating asynchronour JS code14:27
Meriosaviet: AFAICT your JS code is inside a Django template, that means that you're not iterating a piece of JS code but you're making Django doing a sort of "copy/paste" of the same code, which could be one source of problems14:28
savietMerio: oh ok, so instead I could use a JS for loop?14:29
Meriosaviet: have you had a look to the organization home page?14:29
Meriosaviet: actually you could externalize the JS code into an external JS file rather than diving it into the Django template14:30
savietMerio: Ok, I will do that.14:31
savietMerio: Organization home page, you mean the list of accepted orgs page?14:33
savietMerio: Oh i understand what you mean14:33
Meriosaviet: if the org admin creates a document and use its link id as the organization home page in the organization settings then in the org home page there will be a map14:34
savietMerio: the org home page does a similar thing as what I am trying to do! Okay i will look at the code.14:34
Meriosaviet: code in and
tpb<> (at
savietMerio: thanks :)14:35
Meriosaviet: yw :)14:35
Meriosaviet: need to go home now, I'll be offline for a hour and I'll be back here if you need something else :) See you later :)15:41
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savietMerio: Sure thanks :)15:41
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