Thursday, 2010-07-22

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madrazrMerio: ping13:31
madrazrsaviet: ping13:31
Meriomadrazr: pong!13:35
madrazrMerio: saviet has some problem with building JS min for a new file she has created13:36
madrazrMerio: could you please help her?13:36
madrazrsaviet: also it is better if you explain why you are creating another copy of Maps Javascript13:36
madrazrsaviet: Merio will be able to give better solutions13:36
savietHello merio13:36
Meriosaviet: hello :)13:36
savietI am using the melange js package for maps13:37
savietwhich you told me about13:37
savietbut I need to change the fields being used as the set of fields I am using is a bit different13:37
savietMerio:hence I wanted to create a new one13:38
Meriomadrazr, saviet: actually I've never used the minimization I think since April when SRabbelier changed the deployment style to make us build the minimized files for each commit, there should be a switch to run closure in some script he wrote, but I can't remember how to work on it... I have to ask myself to him as I'm going to add the function Pavel needs for diff viewing13:38
savietMerio: oh ok13:38
Meriosaviet: yes, actually the map script IIRC is not actually a package, because it comes from former code that I still have to refactor. So it's fine if you duplicate the script template in another place, I'll try to generalize everything in a package in the future :)13:39
madrazrMerio: but saviet should keep you informed about it?13:40
savietMerio: ok, noted. :)13:40
madrazrso that it is easy to generalize later?13:40
Meriosaviet: If you're writing javascript code I can help you in any way you need, also on reviewing code. It's just that I don't receive informations on you commits on google code, I think it's because you're doing the patch queue way, is it like that?13:40
savietMerio: yes I am doing it in patchqueue13:40
Meriomadrazr: Well, if she's writing JS code I think it's better that I have a look at it, just for homogeneity between all our JS code13:41
madrazrMerio: yeah sure13:41
savietMerio,madrzr: I will send you the links to the js code I wrote13:41
Meriomadrazr: not that easy, but it obviously depends. It's just that we can generalize some utility function in an external package to avoid duplication, if any13:41
Meriosaviet: thanks :)13:41
madrazrMerio: yeah13:42
savietMerio: so how do I get the js to build now, because it is refusing to :(13:42
Meriomadrazr: where is the build script and such things now in Python?13:43
Meriomadrazr: so I can check where is the code to run closure13:44
madrazrMerio: in the root directory13:44
Meriomadrazr: So I think it's needed to run the pavement13:44
madrazrMerio: she ran it13:45
Meriomadrazr: can you take a look at the code? ==>
tpb<> (at
Meriomadrazr: should be there the place where it gives parameters to run closure13:47
Meriomadrazr: If you see the last commit comment is => Fix bin/paver closure, with the exeption of --js-filter arg13:48
Meriomadrazr: I think basically the should be ran with a --closure switch or something13:49
madrazrMerio: Oh Ok13:49
madrazrseeing the code13:49
Meriomadrazr: I need to know myself in few days :) It's just that was made I think in the last day of April Allhands and I've not used it much since then :P (need to go back to work on Melange NOW!!!! :)))13:50
madrazrMerio: heh Ok13:50
madrazrMerio: seems like that is the clue13:50
madrazrMerio: will dig into it13:50
Meriomadrazr: oh wait Felix is online I may ask him as he's using it13:50
madrazrMerio: Ok sure13:51
Meriomadrazr, saviet: is it needed for the appengine instance or something? Because you can make the app.yaml point to the js directory instead of js.min13:56
Meriomadrazr, saviet: because actually Felix is not doing the minimization currently13:56
madrazrMerio: ouch13:57
madrazrthere you go!13:57
madrazrMerio: that is exactly what that did not flash to me, app,yaml!13:57
madrazrsaviet: ^13:57
savietsaviet: so I dont need minimization?13:57
madrazrsaviet: for now13:57
madrazrsaviet: for now see how app.yaml.template is13:58
madrazr- url: /soc/content13:58
madrazr  static_dir: soc/content13:58
madrazr  expiration: 1d13:58
madrazrsaviet: ^13:58
madrazrcreate a similar thing for your js directory too13:58
Merioshould be this one13:58
Merio- url: /soc/content/js13:58
Merio  static_dir: soc/content/js.min13:58
Merio  expiration: 1d13:58
tpb<> (at
Meriochange static_dir to soc/content/js13:58
savietsaviet: ok, will see that13:58
madrazrsaviet: after adding your section to app.yaml.template regenerate app.yaml13:59
madrazrusing the script as shown in Getting Started wiki13:59
Meriosaviet be careful, talking to yourself can lead to endless loops :P13:59
savietmadrazr,Merio: ok13:59
madrazrMerio: ha ha, nice one ;-)13:59
savietmadrazr,Merio: hehe, yup im getting confused :)13:59
Meriosaviet: just kidding ^_^13:59
madrazrMerio: recursion without a termination eh? ;-)14:00
Meriomadrazr: yup :D14:00
madrazrMerio: heh14:00
savietmadrazr,Merio: thanks for the help :)14:00
madrazrsaviet: also don't forget to put a comment with TODO for your section indicating it must be merged with js.min once the JS file is minimized14:00
savietmadrazr: ok14:01
Meriosaviet: you're welcome :)14:02
savietMerio: :)14:02
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madrazrSRabbelier: ping16:58
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