Friday, 2010-07-16

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ojwbhi guys, I "upgraded" my account to, and it seems to no longer be attached to my socghop account01:43
ojwbit's [email protected]01:44
ojwbI think my linkid is olly, but I'm not sure how to check01:44
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attentehi, i seem to be getting an error for the evaluation: "There is no entity with the required status."11:47
attenteis there a fix/workaround for this?11:47
madrazrattente: error for what?11:48
madrazrattente: student or mentor?11:48
attentemadrazr: student11:49
madrazrattente: do you get this error after you submit your form?11:49
madrazror when you enter the page itself?11:49
attentemadrazr: when i try to access the evaluation form11:50
attentemadrazr: do i even have the correct link?11:53
tpb<> (at
madrazrattente: I don't think so that is the correct URL11:57
madrazrattente: did you go there by clicking on the sidebar?11:58
attentemadrazr: i got the link from an email reminding me to do it11:58
madrazrattente: Oh!11:58
madrazrattente: please login to socghop11:58
madrazryou should see a link on your left sidebar11:59
madrazrattente: if you have not submitted your form yet, it should be in harsh blood red color :D11:59
attentemadrazr: i think i'm logged in11:59
madrazrattente: do you see the link for Survey on the left sidebar?11:59
attentemadrazr: no :(11:59
madrazrattente: then you have logged in with a wrong account12:00
madrazrattente: make sure you login with the same account you used for submitting your applications etc12:00
attentemadrazr: haha, thanks!12:01
madrazrattente: it works now?12:01
attentemadrazr: yep, i see the link too :)12:01
madrazrattente: great12:31
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ojwbok, reasking since more people are around now - I "upgraded" my gmail account from [email protected] to [email protected], and that appears to have broken my socghop login12:39
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ArthurLiuhi, I need some clearing up of google accounts mess, between [email protected], [email protected] and linkid ganneff, what is linked to what?18:36
ArthurLiuSRabbelier, durin42, ^18:36
* durin42 has no mystic powerz, is merely buildbot sysadmin18:38
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