Friday, 2010-06-25

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infinity0hi, when i go on "manage student projects" and click my student, it gives me an error page18:32
madrazrinfinity0: can you paste the link and also brief about the error?18:56
infinity0madrazr: and i get "There is no entity with the required status."18:57
tpb<> (at
madrazrinfinity0: thanks for letting us know about this19:03
madrazrseems like a bug19:03
infinity0ah, np19:03
madrazrinfinity0: can you please file an issue at ?19:03
tpbTitle: Google Project Hosting (at
infinity0ah ok, thanks19:04
infinity0madrazr: oh wait, do i have to be an org admin for that? i'm just a mentor19:07
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madrazrinfinity0: you went to that URL from Manage Student project sidebar link right?19:08
madrazrinfinity0: if that is an OA only feature it should not even appear in your sidebar19:08
madrazrwhich in that sense is also a bug :)19:09
infinity0right, ok19:09
infinity0madrazr: also, in "Managed Student Proposals", I have nothing in my "List of Student Proposals sent to Freenet Project Inc you are mentoring", but the main list has one marked "accepted" and with my name in the "mentor" field19:13
infinity0is that a bug or just because proposals are finished?19:13
madrazrinfinity0: seems like a bug to me but I cannot confirm right now since I am not really sure why that list is even there19:17
infinity0oh, ok19:17
infinity0well i guess i'll leave it for now19:17
madrazrinfinity0: so you can file an issue on that too, if it is not an issue we will discuss it and close it19:17
infinity0right, ok19:17
madrazrinfinity0: it is better you bring it to the notice19:17
infinity0yeah, ok19:17
infinity0right, done both19:20
madrazrinfinity0: thanks19:25
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