Thursday, 2010-06-17

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sttwisterSRabbelier: madrazr: ping ?18:33
SRabbeliersttwister: pong18:33
sttwisterSRabbelier: hi :)18:34
sttwisterI'd need some help creating a new view that's not related to any model18:34
sttwisterI don't know if you have my post on the dev list18:35
sttwisterbut it's kinda blocking my work right now18:35
SRabbeliersttwister: I thought Madhu replied?18:35
sttwisterSRabbelier: well he did, but still I was hoping for more replies, and I still don't really know HOW to do it in order to reuse as much as possible from the existing subsytems18:36
sttwister(i.e. things like access rights etc.)18:37
SRabbeliersttwister: I think you should be able to get away with creating the view in soc.views, and perhaps lift some of the useful methods in soc.views.models.base to a new soc.views.base18:38
sttwisterSRabbelier: I was thinking about that too18:40
sttwisterSRabbelier: still not so sure what are the required elements to get from soc.views.base18:41
SRabbeliersttwister: whatever you need18:41
sttwisterSRabbelier: I'll try a very minimal build and then add more elements as need arises18:41
SRabbeliersttwister: exactly18:41
madrazrsttwister: sorry for not replying earlier. SRabbelier has already answered your question19:14
sttwistermadrazr: sure, no problem, I should start working on it now :)19:14
madrazrstill to create more emphasis, I would like to echo what he has said, just go ahead and try with whatever is needed, you will learn what else is needed. Something like Evolutionary model? ;-)19:15
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