Sunday, 2010-05-30

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Leo__SRabbelier: Hi20:48
SRabbelierLeo__: how are you doing?20:48
Leo__SRabbelier: I found one problem of app.soc.logic.models.base.Logic.getAll()20:49
SRabbelierLeo__: what's that?20:49
SRabbelierLeo__: (it's not used a lot is it?)20:49
Leo__The max limit of fetch applies to chunk+offset20:50
Leo__or both chunk and offset20:50
Leo__So, it won't be able to return more than the max limit (1000) of entities.20:51
Leo__SRabbelier: yes, it is only used 4 times :-)20:52
Leo__SRabbelier: In this case, iterator should be used instead of fetch20:53
SRabbelierLeo__: yeah, I dont' think it's actually used in any production code20:53
SRabbelierLeo__: or if it is, in practice it'll never need to return more than 1k entities20:53
SRabbelierLeo__: either way, the 1k entity restriction was lifted20:53
Leo__SRabbelier: That's fine.20:54
Leo__SRabbelier: maybe I worry too much :-).20:55
SRabbelierhehe, it'd good that you're finding this stuff though20:56
Leo__SRabbelier: Thanks :-)20:56
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