Friday, 2010-05-28

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sttwisteranyone using Eclipse to develop Melange ?13:38
sttwisterI need some help if anyone is kind enough to assist me :)13:39
* MatthewWilkes shudders at the mention of eclipse13:45
sttwisterMatthewWilkes: I kinda need all the integration it might provide since I'm not familiar with the codebase13:47
MatthewWilkesYou'd probably be better off just using ctags with a real editor13:49
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sttwisterI use Vrapper with Eclipse so all my editing needs are satisfied (well, most of them anyway)13:58
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SRabbeliersttwister: I've used it18:36
sttwisterSRabbelier: never mind, I think I got everything working just fine18:42
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SRabbeliersttwister: cool; let me know if you manage to run it through the debugger :P18:42
sttwisterSRabbelier: didn't try it yet, but I've seen a bunch of tutorials floating around a while ago, I should be able to set it up on my own :)18:44
SRabbeliersttwister: gl :)18:45
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Leo__sttwister and SRabbelier: you may also want to have a look at eclim to combine eclipse and vim19:52
SRabbelierLeo__: oh that does sound interesting19:52
SRabbelierLeo__: how's coding going for you?19:52
Leo__SRabbelier: so far so good.19:52
Leo__SRabbelier: just a bit slow :-)19:53
SRabbelierLeo__: you haven't run into any problems?19:53
Leo__SRabbelier: have you got opportunity to check my clone?19:53
SRabbelierLeo__: I'm looking at it right now :)19:53
Leo__SRabbelier: cool :-)19:54
SRabbelierLeo__: cool, the is exactly the kind of tests we need19:55
tpb<> (at
Leo__cool :-)19:55
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Leo__SRabbelier: one question, do you think I should finish all the logic tests first?19:56
SRabbelierLeo__: no, it's an semi-infinite sequence :P19:57
Leo__SRabbelier: or do logic tests together with view test?19:57
SRabbelierLeo__: alternate, otherwise you'll be working on logic tests at the end of gsoc still19:57
SRabbelierLeo__: with no view tests written :P19:57
Leo__SRabbelier: true :-) there are a lot to test even for logic alone19:58
Leo__SRabbelier: so I will do the logic and view tests side by side19:58
SRabbelierLeo__: exactly19:58
SRabbelierLeo__: good19:58
SRabbelierLeo__: perhaps work on a package at a time19:59
SRabbelierLeo__: so do both a set of views and logic that go together19:59
Leo__got it19:59
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SRabbelierLeo__: also, do you have uncommitted tests atm?20:05
Leo__Yes, I have some.20:06
Leo__I will commit them and push them soon :-)20:07
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Leo__SRabbelier: just commited and pushed it to my clone22:35
SRabbelierLeo__: awesome22:35
Leo__SRabbelier: do you feel if the tests are enough for getForFields()?22:37
SRabbelierLeo__: hmm, yes, I think you covered most cases22:56
Leo__SRabbelier: cool :-)22:56
Leo__SRabbelier: which method of base.Logic do you suggest me to add tests next?22:57
SRabbelierLeo__: look at which one is used most often :)22:57
Leo__SRabbelier: I see. Thanks :-)22:58
SRabbelierLeo__: also, have a look at coverage reports for the module22:59
SRabbelierLeo__: you can run tests with coverage22:59
Leo__SRabbelier: good suggestion, I have tried it previously23:00
SRabbelierLeo__: excellent23:00
Leo__SRabbelier: --coverage :-)23:00
Leo__SRabbelier: thanks :-)23:00

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