Friday, 2010-05-14

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SylnaiI was told to ask in here for help with a problem with the GSoC site15:27
Sylnaiafter changing the email address linked to my google account, melange seems to have lost all my user info, any help would be amazing15:27
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Leo__@Sylnai: one simple solution is to change it back. Everything should be fine.16:06
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SylnaiLeo__: would if the email address existed :(16:19
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Leo__@member:Sylnai: how can you link your previous e-mail address to your google account in the first place?16:22
SylnaiLeo__: well, it was my google account's address, attatched to a googlemail address, but google recently sorted out the whole legal issue with using gmail addresses in the UK, so I swapped it back16:23
Sylnaiand it broke melange :(16:23
Sylnaisame google account, different login, maybe16:23
Leo__I see. I met the same problem with you previously :-)16:24
Leo__Google allows you to switch it back to domain16:24
Sylnaiit does? but I don't want that email address :/16:25
Sylnaiit was gmail originally16:25
SylnaiI seem to be good at mesing up melange, sorry >.<16:25
Leo__It does allow you to switch back.16:26
Leo__I don't think it really matters.16:26
Sylnaiwell, I prefer a shorter email address16:26
Sylnaibut I'll see what happens16:26
Leo__Anyway, even with domain, you can still receive letters to your domain16:26
Sylnaitrue :)16:27
Leo__you can also set domain to the "reply-to" and "sent-from" address16:27
Sylnaihmm, I see no button for swapping back to googlemail16:28
* Leo__ is checking16:29
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Leo__the option is on "settings/Accounts and Import/Send mail as:"16:30
Sylnaino, the problem is that my actual google account's uername has been changed16:31
Sylnaiwhich was one way I think16:31
SylnaiI should've thought about google apps before I did it, bah16:32
Leo__You mean you have created another gmail account with a different username?16:33
Sylnaithe account itself has changed16:33
tpb<> (at
Leo__If so, that's fine. After you switch back to, then log out and log on again. eveything should be fine.16:34
Sylnaino, I can't switch back16:35
Sylnaiit's been permanently renamed16:35
Leo__the option to switch back is on "settings/Accounts and Import/Send mail as:"16:35
Leo__ on "settings/Accounts and Import/Send mail as:" of your gmail16:36
Sylnaioh sorry, it's in small text, oops16:36
Leo__np :-)16:36
Sylnaiyay, fixed, thanks :)16:37
Sylnaican just swap it back afterwards, and change it if I need to use melange16:38
Leo__My pleasure :-)16:38
Leo__BTW, future releases of Melange will be able to solve this problem.16:39
Leo__So, please stay tuned on our new releases :-)16:39
Sylnaiah cool :)16:40
SylnaiI assume users are done based on account name at the moment then?16:40
SylnaiI should probably look into how app host works some time, anyway, thanks again, xx16:42
Leo__Yes, and your email address more accurately16:42
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Leo__In the future, it will be based on your unique linked ID16:42
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Leo__SRabbelier: ping :-)18:07
SRabbelierLeo__: heya!18:07
Leo__are you ready for our meeting? :-)18:07
SRabbelierLeo__: yup!18:07
Leo__cool :-)18:07
Leo__This week, I mainly learned the code base and existing tests18:08
Leo__I have generated some diagrams on the codebase.18:09
SRabbelierLeo__: you too?18:09
Leo__yes :-)18:09
SRabbelierLeo__: why not use the other ones ?18:09
Leo__but a little different from Felix'18:09
SRabbelierhow so?18:10
Leo__Directory organisation18:10
tpb<> (at
Leo__Directory organisation of tests18:10
tpb<> (at
Leo__Class diagram18:10
tpb<> (at
Leo__Package diagram18:11
tpb<> (at
Leo__that's all :-)18:11
Leo__Felix' only includes the data model18:11
Leo__but for my project, views and logic are more relavant18:12
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SRabbelierLeo__: have you identified any focus areas?18:22
Leo__I think mainly *.views.*, *.logic.*,18:23
SRabbelierLeo__: that's too broad though18:23
Leo__I have also made some statistics18:24
Leo__python modules18:24
Leo__app.soc.*: 31418:24
Leo__app.soc.views.*: 5318:24
Leo__app.soc.logic.*: 5018:24
Leo__app.soc.tasks.*: 1318:24
Leo__app.soc.middleware.*: 518:24
Leo__app.soc.modules.gsoc.views.*: 1918:24
Leo__app.soc.modules.gsoc.logic.*: 2318:24
Leo__app.soc.modules.gsoc.tasks.*: 618:24
Leo__app.soc.modules.ghop.views.*: 1918:24
Leo__app.soc.modules.ghop.logic.*: 1818:24
Leo__app.soc.modules.ghop.tasks.*: 318:24
SRabbelierLeo__: what are those?18:25
SRabbelierLeo__: whatk ind of statistic s Im ean?18:25
Leo__count of modules18:25
Leo__SRabbelier: what do you suggest me to start with?18:33
SRabbelierLeo__: you need to look at how much they are used18:33
Leo__Used by other modules?18:35
SRabbelierLeo__: yes, look at how frequenly the code is used18:38
SRabbelierthat should tell you how important it is to test18:38
Leo__I see. So I should start with the ones which are used most?18:39
SRabbelierLeo__: ofc18:39
SRabbelierLeo__: an easy suggestion would be the classess18:49
Leo__yes. thanks.18:50
Leo__SRabbelier: How about some core service/functions, such as soc.modules.soc_core.callback.Callback and soc.sitemap.sitemap18:51
SRabbelierLeo__: hmm, yes, those are important too, but I think there's not all that much to test there18:52
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Leo__SRabbelier: cool18:53
Leo__SRabbelier: so, I'll start with soc.logic.models.base and soc.views.models.base?18:57
SRabbelieryes, although they already have some rudementry tests, they need a lot more18:57
Leo__cool :-)18:57
Leo__SRabbelier: anything else do you suggest me to do next week?18:59
SRabbelierLeo__: not directly18:59
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Leo__SRabbelier: I'll post my first blog on melange-dev. Do you have any advice?19:12
SRabbelierLeo__: look at the existing ones :)19:13
Leo__SRabbelier: will do :-)19:14
Leo__SRabbelier: thanks for your time and have a nice evening and weekend :-)19:17
SRabbelierLeo__: can you make notes and put them on the wiki?19:18
Leo__SRabbelier: do you mean on my project wiki?19:18
SRabbelierLeo__: on your projects' wiki page at
Leo__SRabbelier: sure, will do :-)19:19
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Leo__SRabbelier: BTW, how do you like SC2 so far? :-)19:28
durin42SRabbelier: the check should arrive either today or tomorrow at your apartment for the summer. Tomorrow would be the latest I'd expect.19:35
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