Wednesday, 2010-05-12

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sttwisterMerio, ping08:20
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Meriosttwister: pong :)08:21
sttwisterMerio, ready for the meeting ?08:22
Meriosttwister: yup :) so, I've seen your blog post, it's very good :)08:23
sttwisterthanks :)08:23
MerioOnly one thing: as you probably already know, in open source crediting the others is always important, so I think it's better if you tell also which OS projects you used for your images08:23
MerioIt's also good because it reflects your internal reasoning to develop a solution to the problem08:24
sttwisterOh, you're right, I was actually thinking about that before the blog post, but I forgot when I wrote it, silly me :|08:24
MerioNo problems, just edit it as a first action item of your TODO agenda in the wiki after the meeting :)08:25
sttwistersure thing08:25
MerioSo, UML schema is done, maybe (another action item) we should discuss with the community whether we want to integrate what you coded in the main branch as well08:28
MerioSo, e.g. I can output the same images that you did in my own instance during evolution of the data model08:28
sttwisteryep, I just need to beautify the code a bit and add some command line options, everything is a bit hardcoded right now08:29
MerioJust a question, this is not mandatory: is it easy to code some way to output the diff between generated images? Either in the image or in a simple text file?08:29
MerioI understand :)08:29
sttwisteralso, I found that there is in fact a script that draws diagrams already in the codebase, but doesn't really seem as pretty08:29
MerioThat's awesome then, as another action item we can ask Sverre (as I think he committed the former script) whether to leave it as another option in the code base or just remove that script and use yours instead08:30
sttwisterthe way I do it is to generate a text .dot file before transforming it into an image which can then be diffed with other versions08:31
MerioThat's good, just name the dot file with a sort of date in YYYYMMDDHHIISS format08:31
Merio(if you didn't do that already :))08:32
MerioSo *maybe* (another thing to ask, please take note of everything ^__^) we can leave those in the code base as well, as they're simple little text files08:32
MerioShowing differences between data models would be great to me, but maybe that's not so interesting/useful for the rest of the community :)08:33
sttwisterok, noted08:33
sttwistershowing diffs in a graphical manner might prove a bit more difficult though08:34
MerioWhen you finish to polish your code I'd suggest you post it in rietveld so the others can post comments on your code before committing08:34
Meriothat would be good before next conference call, so we can announce it in the DEV list (if you do that before Monday) or during conference call08:34
Meriono need for that (diffs in image), we can do that later, if we want, based on the text files I guess08:35
Meriowe can also build a script to generate an animation from the very first commit to the end, but this is waaaay too much for the moment :D08:36
MerioLike code swarm for commits, you know that project?08:36
sttwistersounds interesting, I'm not familiar with that project though08:36
MerioIt builds an animation based on commits and commits name08:37
MerioYou can see some posted on youtube by myself, they're linked in my last blog post for last year, I think it's just before Savitha's post08:37
sttwisteroh, actually I think I've seen that kind of animations08:37
sttwisteryes indeed, I've saw them :)08:38
MerioHowever, anything you did in these days/plans for the next days?08:38
sttwisterwell, I was thinking on starting to work on the design documents, now that I have a pretty clear image of the entities model08:39
sttwistershould I instead focus on merging the script first ?08:39
MerioI'd suggest to post in the wiki a schedule for your project till the end of GSoC, and to set weekly milestones (with particular care on midterm and final evaluations) associated with issues in your cloned code08:40
MerioHmm I think it's better if you work on design documents, keeping track with what we decided in the first meeting08:41
MerioCommunity bonding is going to end in 12 days, so it's better that you've and give the community clear ideas on what you're going to do, so we can discuss it08:41
MerioThan we can ask during Monday meeting if we're going to merge your script now or not.08:42
sttwisteryep, that's what I was thinking too :)08:42
MerioDo you think you can explore the local/remote and the XML/YaML/Fixtures thing before Monday?08:43
MerioSo you can focus on designing a solution for the interface and eventually prototype something in the last week of community bonding08:43
MerioBut on Monday we can discuss with the community the core solution in the backend08:44
sttwisteryes, that sounds reasonable08:44
MerioAlong with the short-term destiny of your script ^_^08:44
MerioIn the meantime I would focus on some thoughts about the interface and we can discuss during our Monday meeting after the conference call08:44
Merio(action item for me, too ;))08:45
sttwisterok, we'll see how the interface and the configuration file that I'll be working on will integrate08:46
Meriofine with me08:47
MerioWe really have few time so push as much as you can ^_^08:47
sttwisteryes indeed, I'll do my best08:48
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sttwisterI have signed the CLA online btw, anything else I need to do about that ?08:49
MerioGreat, so we don't have to follow this step when we're going to commit your script08:49
MerioNo you don't have to do anything else08:49
MerioIs there something not clear about your project? I mean about the different situations of seeding data08:51
MerioThe seeding reflecting timeline is very interesting to me, but I don't know if it's clear enough on the wiki idea I've written08:52
sttwisterwhat do you mean by interesting ?08:53
MerioI mean that I don't know if it's critical for the community, but it would be very useful to me when testing JavaScript08:53
MerioSo it would ease my work if I have to test the JavaScript used for midterm evaluations08:54
Meriofor example08:54
sttwisterI don't think I understand what you mean08:56
MerioI mean that there should be a way to configure the data seeder to make Melange having a predefined state08:57
MerioYou know that Melange shows different interfaces depending on the user access level08:57
Merioand depending on the timeline08:57
MerioFor example midterm surveys appear only ... well.. when the time for midterm survey is encountered08:57
sttwisterohh I see08:58
MerioSo I would like not to care about what to seed to reach that state08:58
MerioSo there should be a sort of configuration file that drives the data seeder to seed the data to reach that state08:59
sttwisteror maybe some kind of option to manually switch to a specific state by force, after the data has been seeded ?09:00
sttwisteri.e.: seed data, then see how it looks like in the proposal phase, then jump to the midterm phase with the exact same seeded data, etc09:00
sttwisternot sure how easy this is to achieve though09:01
MerioWell, if to you it's not so difficult to code yes, but even from scratch it could be enough. Obviously if you can track the current state of the DB that would be awesome (so we can show it on the web GUI too) but I remember that the others told me that it's not so easy to get from AppEngine09:01
MerioSo well, action item for Monday conference call... ask it :)09:02
sttwisterwell, I haven't studied the code internals so I don't know if it's easy or not09:03
sttwisterwe'll see about that09:03
Merioactually it some that you should see in appengine documentation I guess09:04
MerioBecause you have to get that data from the datastore, as something can be seeded without the seeder, but just manually09:05
MerioBut I think it could be something to add if there's time09:05
sttwisterhow does Melange track the current phase of a program? is it solely by date or are there any switches in the DB to reflect that ?09:05
MerioLet's keep it simple at the beginning, doing everything from scratch09:05
MerioAFAIK it should be timeline based, but there are some changes in the models too: for example a student proposal object becomes a student project object when acceptance date is passed09:06
MerioAction item, ask on Monday :)09:07
MerioOr maybe madrazr is online to respond ;)09:07
MerioWell, I think not :)09:08
sttwisterisn't a NEW model (the student project) created when acceptance date is passed ?09:08
sttwisterrather than converted I mean09:08
madrazrMerio: yes?09:08
sttwistermadrazr, how does Melange track the current phase of a program? is it solely by date or are there any switches in the DB to reflect that ?09:08
MerioHi, good morning Madhusudan :)09:09
madrazrMerio: good morning09:09
Meriosttwister: you can collect some questions for the community we identified during this meeting and post them in the dev list so you can get a response before Monday too :)09:09
madrazrsttwister: I did not get your question09:10
madrazrcan you explain it a bit more?09:10
Meriomadrazr: e.g. how Melange knows that it has to show midterm surveys?09:10
sttwisterMerio, will do, I'll also ask about the many-to-many relations issue09:10
madrazrMerio: Oh it is all very simple09:10
Meriomadrazr: is there some check on the timeline or is there some other "magic button" to press?09:10
madrazrMerio: sttwister: we have a model called Timeline which is associated with the programme09:10
madrazrMerio: former is correct09:11
Meriomadrazr: fine then, maybe you can point sttwister to some code line that does this check?09:11
madrazrMerio: all through the code there are access checks and other kind of conditionals which include checks on timeline09:11
sttwistermadrazr, so this check happens each time a request is made ?09:11
madrazrMerio: yeah sure, give me a moment, I will navigate through the code and point out09:11
madrazrsttwister: yes09:11
Meriomadrazr: thanks09:11
madrazrMerio: NP09:12
sttwistermadrazr, cool, thanks ;)09:12
madrazrsttwister: to begin with very important file to look at is ./app/soc/logic/helper/timeline.py09:13
madrazrsttwister: and if you go to app/soc/views/helper/ you can see many usage of timeline_helper.isActivePeriod(survey, 'survey') or timeline_helper.isAfterEvent or something like that09:14
sttwistermadrazr: thanks, checking it out right now09:14
madrazrsttwister: NP09:14
madrazrsttwister: and with it I think you can navigate through the code and figure out where all it is used and how it is used09:14
madrazrMerio: That information would be helpful I suppose?09:15
Meriomadrazr: I think for this question yes, I don't know whether sttwister has additional questions about this topic for the moment without having to wait responses on Dev List/on conference call on Monday09:17
madrazrsttwister: app/soc/modules/gsoc/views/models/ method _getTimeDependentEntries() at line 25709:17
madrazryou have some really useful information there as to how time dependent items are built for sidebar and stuff09:17
madrazrMerio: sttwister: if you want some help regarding timeline or some stuff you can ping me any time I am here. I will be more than happy to tell you whatever I know09:18
madrazrsaves time I guess09:18
sttwistermadrazr: thanks, that code really helped, will definitely ask in the future if I have any other questions ;)09:19
madrazrsttwister: cool!09:19
Meriothanks madrazr, you're awesome as always ^_^09:19
madrazrMerio: No problem at all :) as always WE (Melange team) is awesome :D09:20
Meriomadrazr: sure :)09:22
sttwisterMerio: so, anything else on the agenda for today ?09:23
Meriosttwister: I think not, just post in the wiki action items (identified explicitly by me or implicitly during the discussion) and references to the logs... and don't forget the schedule (but this can be postponed for the very beginning of coding phase, so you have clearer ideas on what you have to do)09:26
sttwisterI've already written notes as we spoke09:27
sttwisterwell then, I'll see you later I guess :)09:27
Meriosttwister: awesome! :) I'll be online on GTalk also on my mobile as last week, so everything you need you'll get :D09:28
Meriosttwister: keep up the good work and have a nice day! :)09:28
sttwisterMerio: thanks, you too, bye!09:29
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