Friday, 2010-04-30

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madrazrsaviet: ping13:30
savietam here13:30
madrazrsaviet: cool!13:30
madrazrsaviet: ready?13:30
madrazrsaviet: great. so yeah. I was going through your proposal now, to recollect things13:31
madrazrsaviet: anyways before that, how did your exams go?13:31
savietit went well13:31
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madrazrsaviet: nice13:31
saviet2 down and 3 more to go now13:31
madrazrsaviet: Oh! this week should be hard then :)13:32
savietyes, will be done soon13:32
madrazrsaviet: cool!13:32
madrazrsaviet: so yeah, did you get any time to think about the project?13:32
savietwell i too went over my proposal13:32
savietand revised document13:32
madrazrsaviet: Ok, anything other than that?13:33
savietso the main things about the project are the calendar and maps intergration13:33
saviethowever you said that the priorities had been discussed13:33
madrazrsaviet: yeah. One thing I would like to make very clear at this point13:33
savietand changed13:33
madrazrsaviet: not much, but yeah13:33
madrazrsaviet: I would like you to see your project this way13:34
madrazrsaviet: just tell me what you feel about it and if you are comfortable with what we have in mind13:34
savietok sure13:34
madrazrsaviet: all through your proposal submission stage and ranking process, the idea more or less was to make the calendar available and locations of the events to be a layer on top of that13:35
madrazrsaviet: may be like a cherry? :P13:35
madrazron top of icecream13:35
savietyes, you could put it that way13:35
madrazrsaviet: I would like you to see it in reverse way13:35
savietoh you mean the location forms the base13:36
madrazrto put in a very clear way, from what we discussed13:36
savietok, so now we have calendars based on location13:36
madrazrsaviet: let me put it clearly13:36
madrazrfrom what we discussed, this is what we would like to have: 1. Every user(i.e student/mentor/org admin) must know about other users13:37
madrazr2. These users must know who are closer to them a. geographically b. in terms of organization and c. in terms of type of work they are doing13:38
savietok, when you say  know about other users you mean details such as location/profile/roles etc?13:38
madrazr3. In addition they should also be able to know what is happening around them13:38
madrazrsaviet: yeah, basically same as what you have mentioned in your revised proposal13:38
madrazrpoint 1 is almost same13:38
savietso all this information will be created in a single module right13:39
savietas a single feature for the user13:39
madrazrsaviet: what kind of module are you mentioning here? you mean a python module or Melange module?13:39
madrazrMelange module == Melange plugin13:39
savietno i mean in an abstract sense13:40
savietas a user,13:40
madrazryeah it can be a module in that sense13:40
savieti will have one place13:40
savietwhere I can find all this information13:40
savietas well as share information of my own13:40
madrazrwell, that depends. I suggest we will not get into implementation details now13:40
madrazrsaviet: yeah something like that13:40
savietI think i got you idea13:41
madrazrsaviet: great!13:41
savietso for users13:41
madrazrsaviet: I would like to hear from you, what you think about it13:41
madrazrsaviet: sorry, go ahead13:41
savietthe three main categories we are looking at are geographic proximity, organization and type of work proximity13:42
madrazryeah of both people and events13:42
madrazrand the ability to learn about people13:42
savietok so this will then extend onto the user pages feature13:43
madrazrsaviet: yeah13:43
savietso once a user finds out who is geographically close, then the next step would be to go somewhere to learn more about them or their work13:43
madrazrsaviet: that should be possible, also learning about people in general as you have suggested should also be possible13:44
madrazrsaviet: the one you have suggested in your proposal like, a list containing all the people, classified upon organizations13:44
savieti think this is a good idea because as I was reading the gsoc students list13:45
savietthe past few days13:45
savietmails have been all about students and where they are from13:45
savietthis shows that people are very interested in finding out about fellow gsocers13:45
savieti was myself also thinking of something like what you just suggested13:46
madrazrsaviet: Exactly. Awesomeness! I like it :) Thats exactly where the idea of this project stemmed out from13:46
madrazrsaviet: you have learnt it quick and now since you have first hand experience you can fabricate things better :)13:46
savietyes true13:47
savietin fact, i was also thinking that we could have a global map13:47
savietwhere at the very beginning of the program13:47
savietaccepted students can go and tag their locations there13:47
savietso everyone can get an idea of who is in13:48
madrazrsaviet: well yeah, we already have that information actually :P13:48
madrazrsaviet: yeah, that is the plan13:48
saviettat would make it easier i suppose13:49
madrazrsaviet: remember when you filled in your student profile, you specified your location and you had an option to make your location public?13:49
madrazrsaviet: yeah, there you go. We have that information there13:49
savietoh ok13:49
savietso those who choose not tomake it public13:50
savietwill not have their locations published on the map13:50
madrazrsaviet: yes13:50
saviethm ok13:50
saviethow about the user pages?13:50
savietwould that also have restrictions such as13:50
madrazrsaviet: what about it?13:50
savietvisible to all or visible to only some13:50
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madrazrsaviet: think of a design with that option, because it will be hard to redesign later if some one wants it13:51
madrazrsaviet: we can get a word from Lennard/Sverre and Carol about it13:51
madrazrsaviet: ultimately Google should decide what they want for GSoC programme13:52
madrazrsaviet: so think of a design with that option13:52
savietyes ok will do13:52
savietbut if we make the user pages less personal13:52
savietand more related to the program itself13:52
madrazrsaviet: like?13:53
savietsome thing like a project wiki13:53
savietof course users could share other things13:53
savietbut the minimal thing they SHOULD share could be their project13:53
savietand other things they are doing13:54
savietwhich could be of interest to the rest of the community13:54
savietits just an idea13:54
madrazrsaviet: yeah sure, it should be personalized too along with that13:54
madrazrsaviet: but there should be no restriction on that personal data13:54
madrazrsaviet: they can provide only if they want to13:54
madrazrsaviet: what do you think?13:54
madrazrsaviet: cool13:54
savieti think so too13:55
savietproject data could be a required field while13:55
savietpersonal data can be optional13:55
madrazrwell, we can think about what fields to make optional and mandatory later13:55
savietok :)13:56
madrazrsaviet: just trying to keep this meeting short, considering your exams :P13:56
savietanother thing i wanted to ask you, just advice13:56
madrazrsaviet: definitely, go ahead13:56
savieti kind of looked through the code base for melange13:56
savietand made some changes here and there to see how things worked13:57
savietbut the code is massive13:57
saviethow to i get familiar with it?13:57
savietany tips on where i could start exploring the code?13:57
madrazrsaviet: yeah I agree, we have a decently big code base, but it is not as big as Linux kernel or KDE project I guess? :P13:57
savietyes of course :)13:58
madrazrsaviet: anyways, jokes apart, on a very serious note. Just keep in mind that we all started at the same point where you are now13:58
madrazrsaviet: around 1 and half years ago, I too was asking Lennard and Sverre same questions13:58
madrazrsaviet: I will give you same answer they gave me :P13:58
madrazrsaviet: don't read code. Code reading without doing won't do much help13:59
madrazrsaviet: it will make as much help as to scare you the most13:59
madrazrsaviet: it will be overwhelming to you13:59
savietok :)13:59
madrazrsaviet: just take up an issue in Melange13:59
madrazrsaviet: fix it13:59
madrazrsaviet: submit the patch13:59
madrazrsaviet: in the process you will learn a lot14:00
savieti will14:00
savieti understand what ur saying tat if i do the patch14:00
savieti will definetely get to know the code better14:00
madrazrsaviet: exactly14:01
madrazrsaviet: take up some small patches14:01
savietok then, will get to that as soon as exams end this wed14:01
madrazrsaviet: we are anyways thinking of giving you some home works for Community Bonding period14:01
savietoh ok14:01
savietwhen are you releasing the home work?14:02
madrazrsaviet: sure, I will ask Lennard or Sverre to assign some bugs to you, so you can fix them and send the patches14:02
madrazrsaviet: there is no question of releasing and all :P14:02
savietoh ok14:02
madrazrsaviet: you can tell us when you have time, i.e once you are done with exams14:02
madrazrsaviet: then we can start assigning you work14:02
savietok sure14:02
savietthen i will ping you on coming wednesday or thursday regarding this14:03
madrazryeah sure14:03
madrazrsaviet: and are you attending the conference call this Monday?14:03
savietand you can advice me as to which patch/bug-fix i could take up14:03
savietyes I am although I am not sure14:04
savietwhat exactly I am supposed to do in the form of contribution14:04
madrazrsaviet: definitely, I am here to help you. Will help you with patches14:04
savietok, but the conference call14:04
madrazrsaviet: did not get you, what do you mean?14:04
savietshould we prepare something in advance14:05
savietwhat will it be about?14:05
madrazrsaviet: not really. Not at least for the next call14:05
madrazrsaviet: since you don't have much to talk about14:05
madrazrsaviet: but usually conference calls will have all the developers talking about what they worked on previous week and what they will be working on next week14:05
savietoh ok14:05
madrazrand discuss major issues they are facing, which involves community involvement14:06
savietok cool14:06
savieti'll be there Monday14:06
madrazrsaviet: you can attend the call this week to get a feel of it, if you have time14:06
madrazrsaviet: great14:06
savietI think it is in the night right14:06
madrazrjust add Lennard and me on Skype, we will call you in14:06
madrazrsaviet: Oh yeah14:06
madrazrsaviet: it is at a very bad time for you I guess14:07
savietshould be Sunday Night for us on this side of the globe14:07
madrazrsaviet: it is at 2AM for you14:07
madrazrsaviet: no14:07
madrazrit is Tuesday morning 2AM14:07
madrazri.e Monday night14:07
saviettats better actually14:07
savietcos i have an exam on Monday morning14:08
madrazrby date it is 3rd May 20:00 Central European Summer Time. You can check the date and time for yourself14:08
madrazrsaviet: great!14:08
madrazrsaviet: but don't kill yourself, if you are too close to the exam. This time take an exemption. Make it only if you have time14:08
savietok thanks14:09
madrazrsaviet: but after exams, I would strongly suggest you to attend conference calls14:09
savietbut I think i will attend14:09
madrazrsaviet: great114:09
savietas I cannot be studying all the time right :)14:09
madrazrsaviet: yeah true :)14:09
savietthis will be nice change from the studying14:09
savietok I think i have got a better idea of the project now14:10
madrazrsaviet: it will be an awesome experience. Meeting and talking to people who are spread all around the world14:10
madrazrsaviet: good14:10
savietand will def think more about it in terms of design and implementation probably14:10
madrazrsaviet: we will have to meet to talk in more detail about the requirements of your project14:10
madrazrsaviet: when can we meet next?14:10
savietwednesday will be great14:11
madrazrsaviet: Ok sure, time?14:11
savietsame time as now?14:11
madrazrsaviet: works for me I think. If there is any change I will let you know14:11
madrazrsaviet: Oh one more thing14:11
madrazrsaviet: I am extremely sorry, slap me14:12
saviethuh, y?14:12
madrazrI thought of telling you at the beginning of the meeting itself, but forgot14:12
madrazrfor every meeting we need to make notes and post it somewhere14:12
madrazreither on the Google Code SoC wiki or dev list14:12
madrazrsaviet: will it be possible for you to post the notes of this meeting? you can get the logs of this channel here:
tpbTitle: IRC logs (at
savietthe wiki sounds better14:13
madrazrsaviet: great14:13
savietyes i will post it14:13
madrazrsaviet: when will you make the meeting notes available?14:13
savietby tomorrow?14:14
madrazrsaviet: is that fine, because of your exams or you want more time?14:14
savietmeetings notes should basically include what we discusses right14:14
madrazrsaviet: thats so all. It should be a summary for others to read14:15
madrazrsaviet: let me know before posting. I will tell you where to post14:15
savietok sure14:15
madrazrsaviet: we will discuss about the requirements of this project in detail in the next week meeting. Be prepared for that based on whatever we discussed today14:16
savietwill ping u when i am done preparing the notes.14:16
madrazrsaviet: sure14:17
savietyes i will prepare :)14:17
madrazrsaviet: shall we call this meeting formally off then?14:17
madrazrsaviet: good. Feel free to ping me or ask me any questions or help you want, any time either through IRC or GTalk or mail14:18
savietits a great start and am looking forward to working on this project :)14:18
madrazrsaviet: nice :)14:18
savietok will do, bye then.14:18
madrazrsaviet: sure. bye. Good Luck for rest of your exams14:18
savietthanks. bye.14:19
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