Sunday, 2010-04-18

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binghi there, i'm trying to unregister from the gsoc app08:58
bingis it possible to unregister or cancel my profile08:58
robbyoconnorbing: also note: it's late and it's sunday :P08:58
robbyoconnorwell early lol08:59
bingearly for europeans08:59
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robbyoconnorbing: you sure you dont wanan hang onto it?09:03
robbyoconnorperhaps you'll partake in a future instance of GSoC?09:03
bingwell i still have to review an application to see if i want to be a mentor09:04
robbyoconnorso dont remove your profile just yet then!09:04
bingbut it's likely that i won't be a mentor, and i was disturbed that there was no way to remove my profile09:04
robbyoconnorI'm not gonna judge you... to your face :)09:05
bingas a user of the service, it feels like i'm trapped in the system09:05
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robbyoconnoryou can resign your role09:05
bingi wouldn't have signed up if i had known i couldn't un-sign up09:05
robbyoconnoras a user you have a role09:05
bingoh let me look at roles09:05
robbyoconnorfor students it's 'Resign as a student"09:05
bingi'm neither a student, or a mentor.09:06
robbyoconnorwhat role do you have?09:06
bingi don't have any roles at all09:06
robbyoconnorthen you have no profile (technically)09:06
bingyet i still have an account09:06
bingi have a profile page09:06
bingthat's a profile09:06
robbyoconnoryour *GOOGLE* account09:06
bingwhen i set my public name, that's gsoc thing09:07
bingand my linkid is a gsoc thing09:07
robbyoconnoryou should be able to do that -- but leaving it isn't a bad thing09:07
robbyoconnorto each his own i suppose09:07
bingrobbyoconnor: that's a judgement call09:07
bingthere aren't many services i can't unregister from09:07
robbyoconnorI'd add a third button "Delete Profile"09:08
bingyeah, under "edit profile"09:08
robbyoconnoryup exactly09:08
robbyoconnorSave Changes, Cancel, Delete Profile09:08
bingrobbyoconnor: thanks.  i guess i'll bring it up during normal working hours.09:08
tpbTitle: soc - Project Hosting on Google Code (at
robbyoconnorfile a feature request09:08
bingah thanks09:08
bingi'll go through the bug/feature enhancement list09:09
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robbyoconnoruntil then i dont see a way as you can't resign a role as you have no role..09:09
bingyeah resigning is something that is done with roles09:10
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ArthurLiuwhen would be the deadline for transferring a project (mentor+student) from one org to another?12:21
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ihalipafter 21st i think12:31
ihalipand before 26th, of course12:31
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dmitrig01we're having a big problem - we have someone who wants to mentor (and who we need to mentor) but can't because he's blind and the interface isn't accessible to him16:06
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dmitrig01coincidentally, the project is about making drupal more accessible16:07
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Ophiuchigood evening22:28
Ophiuchishould the 'disable scoring' tag work?22:28
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Ophiuchieverybody's asleep I guess. Sweet dreams :)22:36
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