Tuesday, 2010-04-13

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antarus|smtpwhy can't I invite an admin from [email protected] ?05:18
antarus|smtpwhen I invite userid: [email protected] I get "This link ID is in wrong format."05:18
antarus|smtpaha I have to make a user account first05:21
antarus|smtphow unexpected05:21
* antarus|smtp stabs google accounts05:21
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LennieMichelangelo, ping21:02
MichelangeloLennie: pong21:02
MichelangeloI assume you've read my last comments:)21:02
LennieI did21:02
MichelangeloWhat feedbacks?21:03
LennieMost testing is locally on fake data yes21:03
Lenniebut we also like it to work online, because online performance is completely different21:03
MichelangeloSure, indeed.:)21:04
MichelangeloThose questions were related to the fact that my aim is to get up something very reliable.21:05
MichelangeloI've stressed up the comment purposely.:)21:05
LennieMost important for us is to be able to define test sets very easily21:05
Lenniebased on items in teh workflow21:05
MichelangeloI agree.21:05
Lenniesuch as now we would like to have a test dataset for reviewing proposal period21:05
MichelangeloFor such needs I tought that some sort of "meta dependency" among entities could be put up to work.21:06
MichelangeloEg: entity student depends on a "temporal" entity21:06
Michelangelowhich, again, depends on entity X, Y and Z to be in a specific state.21:06
MichelangeloOn one side we could have "structural entities definitions" (eg: "Student" and its related attributes), on the other "abstract entities" (for the timeline)21:07
Lenniemight be nice21:08
Lenniealmost all data has dependencies21:08
Lennieand we really want to make sure we can have effective test sets for items in the workflow21:09
Lennieit would really help development :)21:09
Lennieand make SRabbelier's life easier :p21:09
Lenniewith less cursing :D21:09
Lennieright ;)?21:09
MichelangeloWe all want SRabbelier's life to be a piece of cake21:09
SRabbelierMichelangelo: also21:10
Lenniehe rather has a steak :p21:10
SRabbelierLennie: +121:10
Lennieor spare ribs :)21:10
Lenniebut I get the point :P21:10
MichelangeloIn my evil plans he/she (I don't have the honour to know him/her) would just have to define data schemes21:10
Lenniethe cake is a lie :)21:10
SRabbelierMichelangelo: I was talking to Augie about the timeline in testing21:10
SRabbelierMichelangelo: that we should have symbolic dates21:10
Michelangeloand then something such as "data_seeder generate Students <options>" or something like that21:10
SRabbelierMichelangelo: and refactor the timeline module so that it takes an optional "current time" argument21:10
MichelangeloMost of the pain in my ass:) is the fact that I've to practice with Python "just in time":D21:11
MichelangeloPythonizing life should be interesting, anyway.21:12
SRabbelierMichelangelo: you've not used python before? :)21:12
MichelangeloSRabbelier: yep, I did but almost for passion in my spare time a year ago or so. I build a small Django webapp for an academic project.21:13
SRabbelierMichelangelo: ah, ok, :)21:14
MichelangeloWith my actual rectilian experties I'm barely a good "code translator", far away from being a pythonizer.:)21:15
Michelangelo:-D :-D21:15
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Lenniefou fou :)21:26
Lennieit is our star wars fan :D21:26
LennieNo response :(21:29
Lennietoo bad Leo is not here today21:29
MichelangeloThis might sound as a dumb question and, as a matter of fact, it is.:) Is there any Python developer who, at the same time, is a Mac weenie here?:)21:37
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Michelangeloyep, a Mac entusiast:)21:49
MichelangeloI'm looking for good python development tools on the Mac21:49
MichelangeloI've been getting up to speed with Eclipse+PyDev but it lacks "personality":-D21:50
LennieI'm using pydev on my mac21:55
LennieI've seen Googlers do it in XCode21:55
LennieBut I'm sticking with Eclipse ^^21:55
Lennieeasy to switch to Java with a press of a button21:55
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MichelangeloTIme to go to sleep22:14
Michelangelo'night guys!22:14
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General_Fou_FouLennie: sorry, I was busy22:40
General_Fou_FouYup, kinda a star wars dork22:40
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