Monday, 2010-03-29

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asmeurerhey, there is a typo on this page:
tpb<> (at
asmeurer"List of Applications for which your are Backup Admin."17:08
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ajuonlinesomeone tell me if there is a word limit in the students app :P18:19
dhaunajuonline: think of the poor mentors :P18:20
ajuonline2008 we had 7500 as character limit?18:20
ajuonline2009 melange let us put as much as possible, isnt it?18:20
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MatthewWilkeswow, it's suddenly got busy18:43
MatthewWilkesevenin' Lennie, SRabbelier|Uni, lh!18:43
Lenniehi MatthewWilkes18:44
Lennieyeah :)18:44
Lenniejust checking in to see how things are going18:44
Lenniepretty busy with uni18:44
Lennieexams incoming :)18:44
SRabbelier|UniMatthewWilkes: evening!18:44
lhMatthewWilkes: hello dear18:44
MatthewWilkesLennie: You want to remove that filter from the HTML filtering so I can author content though, right? :)18:44
LennieWhy can't you remove it :P?18:45
LennieI still have to look into it :(18:45
MatthewWilkesLennie: I can make a patch up for you if you like18:45
MatthewWilkesI don't have commit, though, so I can't remove it :P18:45
LennieI can commit the patch for you18:46
Lennieif you feel it works locally :)18:46
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Lennieor I can even test it18:46
Lenniejust go a lot on my mind18:46
Lenniefirst up, doing dishes :D18:46
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Lennieback :)19:02
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Merioback too :)19:05
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lhokay seriously, i am a bit worried that my sidebar has yet to update. suggestions?19:06
SRabbelier|lappylh: *goes look at teh code*19:07
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SRabbelier|lappylh: oh, only shows up for logged-in users :P19:08
Lennieare you logged in?19:08
Lennieno it doesn't sverre :P19:08
Lenniethinking about other stuff, you won't see it if you are already a mentor/org admin19:08
SRabbelier|lappyLennie: oh? where is it added to the sidebar?19:08
lhi am not signed in19:08
lhno one should need to be signed in to see that url19:08
lhso can we get that fixed if it needs to be fixed please?19:09
LennieSverre can you cherry pick the change?19:09
Lenniesince the current list JS is not working19:09
Merioworking on that :)19:09
lhso let me confirm quickly19:09
SRabbelier|lappyLennie: yes we can :P19:09
lhcurrently the link is only showing up to signed in users19:10
lhthat is bad19:10
lhhowever, the link
tpb<> (at
lhis functional19:10
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LennieYes I just misread it the last time we checked19:10
lhso i can update the front page description while we wait for the sidebar changes to occur19:10
lhis that correcT?19:10
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SRabbelier|lappylh: of course that will tell non-logged-in users to long in first :)19:11
SRabbelier|lappylh: (the above link)19:11
LennieSRabbelier, pushed the fi19:12
LennieSRabbelier, pushed the fix19:12
SRabbelier|lappyLennie: tnx19:12
lhSRabbelier|lappy: that's fine.19:12
SRabbelier|lappyLennie: v0-7-20100322p1 coming up19:13
Lennieyou scared me for a sec :P19:13
SRabbelier|lappyLennie: not cutting a release though19:13
SRabbelier|lappyLennie: scared you how?19:14
Lennieversion :)19:14
SRabbelier|lappyLennie: what about it?19:14
SRabbelier|lappyLennie: deployinating the peasants19:15
Lenniewas on phone19:16
Lenniejust scared that it was the borked JS release :P19:16
SRabbelier|lappyLennie: btw, did you try out the 28 release by actually switching versions?19:16
Lennieno :P19:16
SRabbelier|lappyLennie: cos you do realise that static content is not updatedif you try the .latest.... url19:16
SRabbelier|lappyLennie: you know that right? ;)19:16
LennieI did change it19:17
Lenniethe JS changed :D19:17
SRabbelier|lappyLennie: ok, it was just borked19:17
Lennieafter batch 1 it dies19:17
SRabbelier|lappyLennie: awesome19:17
Lenniesee also admin logs19:17
LennieI changed it :)19:17
Lennieseveral times19:17
SRabbelier|lappyok :P19:18
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SRabbelier|lappyLennie: deployed, but I see no difference19:22
LennieI do19:22
LennieI'm logged out and seeing it :)19:22
MerioLennie: do you have an example of more than 1 batch in one of the datastores you sent by mail?19:23
Lennienope Merio19:23
SRabbelier|lappyLennie: ah, nvm, home page document caching :)19:23
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MerioLennie: no live example for 1 batch bug too?19:29
Lenniehmm nope19:29
MerioGreat :P19:29
Lennieuse seed_db?19:30
Lennieor lower the batch size19:31
LennieI 'm sure there are more then 10 projects in that datatsore19:31
ajuonlinedoes melange lets one apply both as student and mentor?19:31
nubaheh, you could throw a '.. and mentor yourself" while you're at it :)19:34
Lennieajuonline: no19:37
ajuonlinegreat thing :P19:38
madrazrajuonline: I know you had plans of doing it :D19:38
ajuonlinecoz I can see both, now.. Apply as a mentor19:38
LennieSRabbelier: ping19:38
madrazrajuonline: apply as a mentor and then apply as a student for the same project and accept it ;-)19:38
ajuonlineand the student link too. so didnt want to click any yet :P19:38
ajuonlinemadrazr: blah :P19:38
madrazrajuonline: mocking dude19:38
Lennietoo bad that once you register as a student you cant register as a mentor19:38
Lennieunless you are special :p19:39
SRabbelier|lappyLennie: pong?19:39
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MerioLennie: think I've solved 1 batch bug, may I push it?19:39
ajuonlineLennie: nad it works vice versa as well?19:39
MerioLennie: simpler than I thought :P19:39
LennieMerio: nice19:39
LennieSRabbelier|lappy:  would you mind cutting a release when mario has finished his fixes?19:39
LennieI also fixed the "I want to mentor button"19:39
Lennienote to self, do not code in a bus :P19:40
SRabbelier|lappyLennie: no problem19:40
Lennieok MatthewWilkes19:40
Lennieyou still alive?19:40
ajuonlinemadrazr: mentoring this year?19:40
SRabbelier|lappyMerio: let me know when you commit it19:40
SRabbelier|lappyvery smooth Lennie :P @ mentor button19:41
SRabbelier|lappyLennie: did you not test it? :P19:42
LennieSRabbelier|lappy: I did, but I changed it :P19:43
SRabbelier|lappyLennie: "caveat deployor"? :P19:43
MerioSRabbelier|lappy: committed19:43
LennieDon't get me started :D19:43
madrazrajuonline: want to :)19:43
SRabbelier|lappyMerio: sweet19:43
MerioSRabbelier|lappy: have a test locally though19:43
Lennieempty list problem still there :P19:43
SRabbelier|lappyLennie: they have coca Cola Vanilla Zero here19:44
Lenniein that local datastore19:44
SRabbelier|lappyLennie: it's actually pretty good19:44
LennieSRabbelier|lappy:  no thanks :)19:44
SRabbelier|lappyLennie: no?19:44
LennieSRabbelier|lappy:  Vanilla ice cream yes please19:44
LennieCoke no thanks :P19:44
MerioLennie: I've committed fix for 1 batch, other fixes are still waiting. Going to check that bug now though19:44
SRabbelier|lappyMerio: LOL, you forgot to uncomment something?19:44
MerioSRabbelier|lappy: something like ^_^19:45
Lenniebrilliant ;D19:45
SRabbelier|lappyMerio: tsk ts19:45
Lenniecould you wait with the release?19:45
SRabbelier|lappywho that?19:46
LennieMatthewWilkes: !19:46
SRabbelier|lappyMatthewWilkes: ah, you want Matthew's fix in there? :P19:46
LennieI removed wrap_string19:46
Lennieand it fixes the double line endings19:46
Lenniejust wondering if there is more to it19:46
SRabbelier|lappyLennie: ah, right :)19:47
Lennieand yes I'm not logged in as dev locally :p19:47
Lenniewhich would bypass that :D19:47
Lennieah well19:49
Lennielets just go for it19:49
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MatthewWilkesLennie, SRabbelier|lappy: Sorry, am watching the election debate here19:49
Lenniepushed :)19:49
MatthewWilkeswrap_string is badly written, imho19:49
Lenniehi MatthewWilkes , I removed wrap_string for now19:49
Lennieit seems to at least solve the problem with the line endings19:50
MatthewWilkesIt seems to not understand how beautifulsoup works and is barely tested19:50
LennieSRabbelier|lappy:  go ahead19:51
Lennieif it pleases the king :p19:51
SRabbelier|lappyLennie: will do, give me a sec19:52
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MatthewWilkesLennie: Thank you so much!19:59
LennieMatthewWilkes: np19:59
MatthewWilkesLennie: You don't realise how annoying it was to have all my edits fail as developers don't have their HTML filtered ;)19:59
LennieI'm off20:15
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SRabbelier|lappyMatthewWilkes: deployed20:33
SRabbelier|lappyMatthewWilkes: please give it a shot20:33
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munknexHi, guys. I can not register as a student. I fill all necessary fields but get this error
SRabbelier|lappymunknex: mhhh, what's your link_id?20:46
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SRabbelier|lappymunknex: can you try  applying again?20:51
SRabbelier|lappymunknex: since it still sayus "register as a student"?20:51
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tpb<> (at
SRabbelier|lappyMatthewWilkes: could you check if it works for you? you have one of them proposals and stuff :P20:55
MatthewWilkesok, looking now20:56
SRabbelier|lappyMatthewWilkes: thank you20:57
MatthewWilkesSRabbelier|lappy: Works perfectly for me now20:58
MatthewWilkesThe things being left at the end/omitted have stopped, no issues with missing newlines for me20:59
SRabbelier|lappyMatthewWilkes: cool20:59
SRabbelier|lappyMatthewWilkes: will leave the current release up then20:59
munknexSRabbelier|lappy: the same20:59
MatthewWilkesSRabbelier|lappy: Well, worth making sure with other people, could be browser related20:59
Merio1SRabbelier|lappy: please check that more-than-1-batch tables work now :)21:00
SRabbelier|lappyMerio1: I did21:01
SRabbelier|lappyMerio1: fetched a few k's worth of Users :P21:01
SRabbelier|lappyMerio1: works like a charm21:01
Merio1great :)21:01
munknexSRabbelier|lappy: I still can not register21:03
SRabbelier|lappymunknex: oh?21:03
munknexSRabbelier|lappy: what does it mean? (I'm not english :))21:04
SRabbelier|lappymunknex: I'm just surprised21:04
SRabbelier|lappylet me check the logs21:04
SRabbelier|lappymunknex: looks like you ran into a timeout21:10
SRabbelier|lappymunknex: but only once21:10
Merio1SRabbelier|lappy: fixed the "always loading bug" in
tpb<$> (at
Merio1SRabbelier|lappy: that is http://localhost:8080/gsoc/org/list_proposals/google/gsoc2009/org_1 in our test datastore21:16
SRabbelier|lappyMerio1: woot woot21:19
Merio1SRabbelier|lappy: now going to bed :) see you tomorrow :)21:20
SRabbelier|lappyMerio1: g'night21:24
SRabbelier|lappyMerio1: and thanks!21:24
Merio1SRabbelier|lappy: yo, always fun :) g'night! :)21:25
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munknexSRabbelier|lappy: Maybe you can remove my gsoc account and I'll try to register it again?21:34
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pygiis there a known bug where notifications of public review gets sent out but there are no reviews on the application?21:39
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pygiok its there :D21:40
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munknexSRabbelier|lappy: ping22:18
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MatthewWilkesSRabbelier|lappy: ping also, see melange-soc-dev for an updated patch and tests23:47

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