Friday, 2010-03-19

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emchohey folks. I am getting some strange behaviour when I click on an org in the list on socghop. is this a good place to describe it?00:16
emchobasically, it sometimes forwards to the org home page and sometimes to its profile, and I can't quite figure out why (org name is SIP Communicator)00:17
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emchooh well, I guess I'll simply remove the home page document link ID from our profile.00:43
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feraserhello everyone14:09
feraserI am a third year computer science graduate and a gsoc enthusiast...14:09
feraserI would like to discuss some queries regarding the summer of code, is there someone who can please help me out?14:10
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MerioHi feraser :)14:12
feraserMerio: hello :)14:12
MerioPlease ask :)14:12
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feraserMerio: I was going through the idea proposals on melange's gsoc profile page, when I came across some very fascinating prospects...14:13
feraserso i wanted to know if it is completely essential to have a background of Ajax, for me to participate in one of the projects?14:14
feraseri am fluent with python, django framework and the frontend technologies like javascript, css etc.14:14
feraseri just haven't had a lot of exposure to ajax :(14:15
Merioferaser: it depends on the project, if you look through the project ideas page, at the end of each idea there is a list of needed skills14:15
feraseryes, and i would like to be considered for the Testing, Code Guru, Code Quality Assurance section14:15
MerioHowever even if you don't have a strong background on something just let us know and depending on the project that should not be a problem if you have good ideas, a good project proposal, have background in almost all the others skills needed and willing to learn :)14:16
Merioferaser: well then Ajax is not needed for that particular project if you look into the "skills" section14:16
feraseri am very much willing to learn any other technologies mentioned on the page...14:16
feraserMerio: I have been working on a pet django project of my own, which is essentially a location based classifieds search service...14:17
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feraseri would therefore like to know more about the requirements for the position of a tester and code quality assurance...14:20
Merioferaser: well, obviously you need to know Python, willing to learn our codebase and have some strong background in testing, as the unit tests you should write should be also a sort of path for us to begin working in a TDD way14:22
Merioferaser: however I strongly suggest to send a mail to our dev list, so all the other developers can join and help you better than me alone (also because I normally focus on the Javascript/Ajax side rather than on the Python code)14:23
Meriomadrazr: something more to tell to feraser?14:23
feraserMerio: hmm...okay. could you give me a link to the dev list?14:23
madrazrMerio: just minute seeing last part of the conversation14:24
tpbTitle: melange-soc-dev | Google Groups (at
feraserthank you very much :). Is there anything else I should know before applying for an intern position?14:25
madrazrferaser: Merio has said most of the things, good skills in Python is needed. And good knowledge of writing unit tests is plus14:26
madrazrferaser: also you may have to look at some functional tests and other things. It will be great if you look at all the tests we have in <Melange>/tests directory14:26
madrazrat the moment we don't have many, so you click with this project, you will become a superstar amongst us :P14:27
Merioferaser: well, yes... that's not properly an "intern" position ^_^14:27
ferasermadrazr: okay :). so how do i present my skills to the other developers? or is there going to be some kind of an interview or something?14:28
feraserMerio: Oh :-)14:29
madrazrferaser: well there won't be any interview :)14:29
Merioferaser: you should submit your project proposal through http://socghop.appspot.com14:30
tpbTitle: Google Open Source Programs (at
madrazrferaser: you need read a bit more about GSoC from its FAQ page:
tpb<> (at
MerioBut you might want to discuss with us in the dev list before submitting it14:30
MerioAlso I suggest to read what madrazr had just linked14:30
MerioAnd to look around informations about what summer of code is and how to write a good project proposal and what to do before submitting it (talking about your project in the dev list, etc)14:31
madrazrMerio: also about how to go about during GSoC, reading our blog posts on melange-dev.blogspot.com14:32
* madrazr ducks trying to publicize the Melange dev blog :D14:32
feraserThank you very much for all the time :). I have already joined the dev list and will checkout the code now....14:32
Merioferaser: some links you might want to check out14:32
tpb<> (at
* feraser cant thank enough14:33
tpbTitle: Google's Summer of Code 2005: Experience of One Mentor (at
tpb<> (at
MerioThese are some suggestions on how to write project proposals written by other communities and some years ago14:33
MerioObviously this is not exactly what we expect, but some suggestions around the Net to show you the feeling of what you're expected to write in the project proposal14:34
Merioferaser: you welcome :)14:34
Meriomadrazr: you're right :) feraser, in you can see what it's expected from you if you get accepted by Melange community, e.g. writing every week about the status of your project14:35
tpbTitle: Melange Development Blog (at
feraseralright, then I'll keep hanging out at the channel for a long time, and I hope to see you guys around :)14:35
* feraser grabs at the closest notepad14:36
Merioferaser: great :)14:36
feraserlater then guys :)...14:40
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* dr__house is away: heading out for dinner. BBL15:34
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ajuonlinedr__house: o.O16:33
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dr__houseajuonline: whats up?17:03
ajuonlinedr__house: howdy? :)17:04
* dr__house is back.17:04
dr__houseajuonline: doing fine. how about you?17:04
ajuonlinegreat :)17:04
ajuonlinedr__house: you never sent me that hoodie!17:04
dr__houseajuonline: dude, I don't have any left. One of my juniors had picked up the stuff from my home already :P17:05
ajuonlineok :)17:05
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mlankhorsterm.. melange still has student proposals from last year visible?17:27
madrazrajuonline: trust me I myself did not get one :(17:28
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ajuonlinemadrazr: we should both make sure to kick dr__house next time we meet :P17:29
madrazrajuonline: rather I myself don't have one17:29
madrazrajuonline: I can do it right away :D17:29
ajuonlinemadrazr: one from my side as well :D17:29
madrazrajuonline: tell me if you want? and also tell me what you will give me if I do that? :D17:30
* dr__house frantically tries to hide himself17:30
neo7what did dr__house do?17:33
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ajuonlineneo7: he stole trinity from us.17:38
neo7ajuonline, and whois trinity here referred to17:39
ajuonlinenah. the trinity from the matrix17:39
dr__houseneo7: I wish17:41
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LetterRiphi I've filed a bug report but will mention it here - I get a server error on attempts to save changes to our google organization page17:50
LetterRipwhich started happening after updating our tags field17:50
LetterRipwith the additional tag of python17:50
LetterRipthen tried to add C unsuccessfully17:50
LetterRipand now it doesn't save17:51
LetterRipwith any change to any field17:51
LetterRip is our page and here is the report
tpb<> (at
madrazrLetterRip: Ouch17:56
madrazrLetterRip: this defect has nothing to do with appengine17:57
LetterRipthat is the page it took me too on saving17:57
LetterRipand told me to report it there17:57
madrazrappengine project is distinctly different from Melange project which is just another app which runs on the appengine cloud17:57
LetterRipmeadrazr - i thought that might be the case17:57
LetterRipbut given that i was given that page to report the bug in17:57
LetterRipi followed directions :)17:57
madrazrLetterRip: is that on socghop the link to file a bug report there existed?17:58
LetterRipno wait17:58
LetterRipwhen i tried to save17:58
LetterRipit gives me the error page17:58
LetterRipand the error page links to17:58
madrazrLetterRip: please file your bug here
tpbTitle: Project hosting on Google Code (at
madrazrthis is the bug tracker for Melange17:59
madrazrthe one where you submitted is for appengine who have nothing to do with the error you are getting17:59
madrazrLetterRip: Also can you please tell me where you got the link to submit an issue there so that I can fix it17:59
LetterRipmadrazr - it is the page i'm redirected to when i attemp to save changes18:00
LetterRipit keeps the same page name at the top18:00
LetterRipso no idea where it is18:00
madrazrLetterRip: not sure if I understand why it is so18:00
madrazrLetterRip: but as far as your problem is concerned it is good to file a bug at the place where I linked above18:01
tpbTitle: Project hosting on Google Code (at
LetterRipyeah will do18:01
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madrazrLennie or Sverre have the permissions to look at the logs and fix the problem18:01
madrazrLetterRip: unfortunately I don't have access to those logs :(18:01
LetterRipwell as long as no one tries and calls the blender foundation we are good :) since the number i used was our old number18:02
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madrazrLetterRip: I did not get you18:04
LetterRipI meant while it is inconvnient the bug - its negative impact for blender foundation won't be immediate unless someone trys to call us since the change i was attempting to make was the phone number field :)18:06
madrazrLetterRip: Oh Ok18:09
madrazrLetterRip: hope your bug will be fixed soon18:09
LetterRipme too :)18:09
LetterRipme too :)18:14
LetterRiphere is the bug report in melange tracker -
tpb<> (at
madrazrLetterRip: thanks, we will look at it soon18:14
SRabbelierLetterRip: try using the 'html' edit mode of tinymce18:24
SRabbelierstrip all the html crap18:24
LetterRipwill do18:24
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LetterRipstripping out the massive amount of <p>&nbsp</p> allowed it to save18:27
LetterRipnow i'm just curious how they all were created :)18:28
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SRabbelierLetterRip: copy/pasting any content to TinyMCE is a recipe for fail18:30
LetterRipSRabbelier: heh well good to know that now18:30
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neo7SRabbelier, Copy pasting to TinyMCE, does that mean including the autosave javascript in the form would also fail?18:44
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Lenniehi :)18:45
neo7Lennie, hi, seems as if you got freedom after a very long time.18:47
neo7Lennie, still busy ?18:47
Lenniehow come :D?18:47
* mlankhorst ties Lennie up to the free couch18:47
LennieI'm always busy :)18:47
Lenniefixing some issues18:47
Lenniebut Google code itself is being bitchy today :)18:48
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Lennieneo7: anything you need me for :)?18:49
neo7Lennie, ok. cool. App Engine for me seems to be bitchy for me now, I am into the urlopen error and now its not even being answered in the channel as well as the mailing list.18:49
neo7I was looking at the django used in melange, what dbms is actually used in melange, I can see, mysql and oracle as well.18:52
neo7Lennie, I was looking at the django used in melange, what dbms is actually used in melange, I can see, mysql and oracle as well.18:53
LennieIt runs on Google Appengine18:53
Lenniewhich has its own datastore18:53
Lenniewe only use django for forms and templating18:53
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neo7Lennie, I was hoping so, If somebody tries not to use google app engine then does that mean they will not be able to run melange?19:01
neo7Lennie, is there any work around for using melange without appengine?19:01
Lenniecurrently no19:02
Lenniebut you might be able to :)19:02
*** neo7_ has joined #melange19:02
neo7Lennie, ok. :)19:02
Lenniea few problems are19:03
Lennieother login system19:03
Lenniesince you are not using Google's19:03
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Lennieand of course you need to construct proper queries :)19:03
Lenniefor whatever DBMS you are using19:04
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tansell-laptopSRabbelier, ping?23:32
SRabbeliertansell-laptop: pong-ish23:34
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tansell-laptopSRabbelier, was it you who did git-stats ?23:34
SRabbeliertansell-laptop: depends... who's asking?23:35
tansell-laptopme :)23:35
tansell-laptopbasically I want something which I can get me summary information about a git repository23:36
SRabbeliertansell-laptop: git-stats could do that for you :P23:37
SRabbeliertansell-laptop: provided that the summary information you want is not that fancy :D23:37
tansell-laptopSRabbelier, I want it in a format I can easy turn into a webpage23:37
tansell-laptopI want things like number of commits23:38
tansell-laptop(in say the last month)23:38
SRabbeliertansell-laptop: hmmmm, I don't think I wrote anything to deal with date ranges23:39
SRabbeliersorry :(23:39
tansell-laptopdo you know anything about you competitors?23:40
SRabbeliertansell-laptop: heh, you might be off faster just using git-python directly23:41
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SRabbeliertansell-laptop: also, the other git stats might be relevant to your interests, since I think it generates html23:42
tansell-laptopSRabbelier, the problem is it generates butt ugly HTML which is hard to parse or theme23:42
SRabbeliertansell-laptop: mightn't it be easier to modify the way it outputs the html?23:43
tansell-laptopthen I have to have a custom fork :/23:44
SRabbeliertansell-laptop: it's not maintained anyway is it?23:44
tansell-laptopDate:   Sat Feb 27 00:26:14 2010 +010023:45
tansell-laptopthat was the last commit23:46
SRabbeliertansell-laptop: oh, then maybe it is23:47
SRabbeliertansell-laptop: poke the maintainer to make it less ugly instead? :D23:47
tansell-laptopI'm trying to do as little work as possible here :P23:47
SRabbeliertansell-laptop: ah, of course ;P23:48
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