Wednesday, 2010-03-17

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SylvestreOne of my bugs on melange closed... You are doing a great work guys!15:53
MatthewWilkeshear, hear!15:59
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neo7suppose i have uploaded my instance on appengine server, do I always have to upload the build (using ./ first) for any changes that I make in the code.20:52
SRabbelierneo7: yes20:58
SRabbelierSylvestre: yay, which one was it? :)20:58
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neo7SRabbelier, how much time does it take to make the build?20:59
SRabbelierneo7: see for yourself20:59
neo7SRabbelier, Yes I am seeing it. its on Exception RuntimeError: 'maximum recursion depth exceeded in __subclasscheck__' in <type 'exceptions.AttributeError'> ignored21:00
SRabbelierneo7: where exactly are you seeing that?21:00
neo7on the command line.21:00
neo7on the terminal21:00
neo7SRabbelier, though its still working.21:01
SRabbelierneo7: I can't do anything with that information.21:01
neo7ok, on an average, how long does it take to create the full zipserve21:01
neo7more info on
tpbTitle: ************* Module soc.modul - Anonymous - CSqdGaK6 - (at
SRabbelierneo7: please figure out trivial stuff like that on your own, I have limited time21:04
neo7SRabbelier, ok, no worries. :)21:04
SRabbelierneo7: please pastebin the full output21:04
neo7SRabbelier, full output
tpbTitle: [[email protected] scripts]$ ./bu - Anonymous - Kvb8m7Tf - (at
SRabbelierneo7: looks like pylint blows up, not sure why21:07
neo7SRabbelier, any other method to upload to AppEngine?21:08
SRabbelierneo7: you can ignore pylint failing21:08
neo7SRabbelier, I just pressed ctrl + c :( restarting the build.sh21:09
SRabbelierneo7: you could even run ./ --skip-pylint21:10
neo7SRabbelier, While I pressed ctrl + c , it continued and I feel that it skipped the error the new output is here
tpbTitle: Exception RuntimeError: 'maxim - Anonymous - fuE4vV5S - (at
neo7SRabbelier, shall i upload it?21:16
SRabbelierneo7: looks fine21:16
neo7SRabbelier, new error, now its because of appengine I suppose. while uploading I got this
tpbTitle: [[email protected] melange]$ thir - Anonymous - gxkuv2su - (at
neo7its a urlopen error21:25
SRabbelierneo7: I noticed21:26
SRabbelierneo7: can't help you there, your connection is probably foobared21:26
neo7and how to resolve this issue?21:26
SRabbelierneo7: iunno?21:28
SRabbelierask #appengine21:29
neo7yes, I am already there.21:29
neo7perhaps i should go for the mailing list too.21:29
neo7SRabbelier, I think it is some problem regarding the firewall, I disabled the firewall and its cloning and uploading now. I thought this to be usefully archived in thousandparsec's IRC log :)21:43
SRabbelierneo7: excellent, thanks21:43
neo7SRabbelier, uploaded and its showing 500 server error.21:58
SRabbelierneo7: k21:58
neo7SRabbelier, the new link is here
tpbTitle: [[email protected] melange]$ thir - Appengine_error - 3MGMjY3f - (at
SRabbelierneo7: update to a newer version22:02
SRabbelierI fixed that bug already22:02
neo7update app engine22:02
SRabbelierneo7: no, update to the latest version of Melange22:13
neo7SRabbelier, updating22:14
neo7SRabbelier, did you fix this bug an hour ago?22:15
neo7SRabbelier, I already had it updated today.22:16
SRabbelierneo7: then no22:17
SRabbelierneo7: just tested, works for me22:22
neo7SRabbelier, I am running again22:22
neo7and then trying it once more.22:23
neo7SRabbelier, I also tried with the new AppEngine, which I added in /thirdparty/app_engine22:35
neo7SRabbelier, Same results, at times it uploads the data, and sometimes it says urlopen error22:36
SRabbelierneo7: try on #appengine I guess22:36
neo7I am already on it. nobody replying, I have added this issue on the appengine group. I hope it gets answered soon.22:37
neo7SRabbelier, the new version of App Engine has some ssl module, is that required by melange during upload22:38
SRabbelierneo7: no22:38
SRabbelierneo7: not that I know of at least22:38
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