Sunday, 2010-03-14

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neo7SRabbelier: Greetings, any news on the selection of projects?12:54
neo7This is a personal query12:54
SRabbelierif this was #gsoc I'd !timeline you12:54
SRabbelierinstead, I'll copy paste it for you12:55
SRabbelier(1:55:00 PM) socinfo: "timeline" is
tpb<> (at
neo7SRabbelier: No, Actually you have submitted the application so you must have at least a hint about the potential projects12:55
neo7The Editor is likely to get selected.12:56
neo7because its a primary need of Melange12:56
SRabbelierWe were accepted last year, but results achieved in the past offer no guarantee for the future12:56
neo7Testing may also get approved.12:56
neo7SRabbelier: weren't the results for the Organization satisfactory12:57
SRabbelierneo7: all students last year passed if that's what your asking12:57
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neo7SRabbelier: Perhaps its more likely to be about the student performa12:58
neo7and not concerning about the organizational performance.12:58
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neo7SRabbelier, SRabbelier: Perhaps its more likely to be about the student performaand not concerning about the organizational performance.13:03
neo7SRabbelier, I was creating the autosave feature.13:04
neo7I wanted to have some information about the basic architecture of melange.13:04
neo7I also talked to Mario Ferrero on this matter.13:05
SRabbelierneo7: read the code? :)13:06
neo7yes i read it. and I am feeling that I need to revise it.13:07
neo7SRabbelier, the main thing about the autosave feature that I was thinking of was that, The autosaved thing should get saved somewhere else13:07
SRabbelierneo7: obviously, which is why we haven't implemented it so far13:08
neo7Earlier I was planning to had the ajax acript which publishes the posts but later I realized that it won't be good.13:09
neo7So the new problem that arises is where to save it now.13:09
neo7Mario told me that he doesn't have so much of internal knowledge about melange and asked me to have some suggestions from you13:09
neo71. Should I create a different point where my edited data gets saved. and later it can be invoked to be published13:11
neo7or should I change it in such a way that it has an "unpublish" tag13:11
neo7and later on the post gets published.13:11
SRabbelierneo7: you can't do the latter, since the model validation won't allow it13:11
neo7you mean to say that 1st option is feasible while the second is not.13:12
neo7Am i right13:12
SRabbelierneo7: the first option would mean you'd have to duplicate nearly every model we have, which isn't feasible either13:14
neo7ok, then what else can be done?13:15
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neo7SRabbelier, should I search for more ideas or is there any idea that you have already thought of?13:15
SRabbelierneo7: you could store the data as a json string instead,13:16
SRabbelierand then use JS to store/load that data13:16
neo7yes, storing the data as a json string, and it will be displayed among the list of unpublished posts, unless someone presses the publish button.13:18
SRabbelierneo7: no, it shouldn't be displayed at all13:18
SRabbelierneo7: it should just be a generic way to load and store form data on a per-user per-form basis13:18
neo7ok, I got this.13:19
neo7suppose I was writing something, and the browser crashes, then the same post should be loaded from the point it was last autosaved13:20
neo7SRabbelier, is this what you mean in here?13:21
SRabbelierneo7: an autosave feature is fine, as long as the stored data is automatically deleted when the form is submitted13:22
neo7ok, yes that will be deleted of course, when the form is submitted.13:24
neo7is there any thing else that I have to keep in mind before i actually start to code this feature?13:28
neo7SRabbelier, ?13:28
SRabbelierneo7: try to keep your change small, you should only need to create a new model, logic, and view, and hook up some JS to use it13:28
neo7ok, thanks a lot.13:29
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