Monday, 2010-02-22

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*** Lennie changes topic to "Melange powers the Google Summer of Code site - Help out for GSoC 2010 Testing @ - Demo is running at - Logs at"10:40
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k0phello guys.21:06
Lenniematthew is a bastard :P21:09
Lenniewith his chinese characters21:09
LennieSRabbelier: any idea when he was on IRC :)?21:09
durin42Y'all should fix tests21:09
tpbTitle: BuildBot: Melange (at
SRabbelierLennie: not really21:10
Lenniedurin42:  ^^21:10
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thorstenhey ho21:19
durin42Lennie SRabbelier: I'm your semi-automated human nagbot21:22
Lenniehehe thanks durin42  :P21:22
thorstenrandom glitches when playing with test instance: multi-line edit gets me random linebreaks, and csv export is no-op. worth filing?21:23
Lenniecan you give a link thorsten ?21:24
thorstenLennie: to what exactly? ;)21:24
Lenniethe page where you get the random linebreaks :P21:24
Lennieand what is wrong with the csv export?21:24
thorstenLennie: the question 221:25
tpb<> (at
LennieI guess you didn't do the <p> stuff right :D?21:26
Lennieor what is wrong with the line breaks?21:26
thorstenthat's the line breaks of stuff longer than some 40 chars or something,21:26
thorstenI was initially just putting raw ascii into that,21:27
thorstenand went for markup after I got those broken lines ;)21:27
thorstenre csv export: had that21:28
tpb<> (at
Lenniewhat happens there?21:28
thorstennothing :)21:28
Lenniethat one you should report21:28
Lenniefor sure21:28
Lennieour JS expert is not online now21:28
tpbTitle: Issues - soc - Project Hosting on Google Code (at
Lenniecan you try to explain what is wrong with the linebreaks :)?21:30
thorstenLennie: eh - maybe it's just my weird expectations, but I'd thought my un-marked-up lines wouldn't break after save/reload after only some 40 chars ;)21:34
thorsten(anyways, this one is clearly just a glitch, if at all)21:35
Lenniethat is weird21:35
Lennieby glitch you mean it only happened once :P?21:36
thorstenin terms of minor annoyance21:36
Lenniethanks for issue 709 :)21:37
thorstenthank you folks for doing all the heavy lifting with melange!!21:38
thorstenfwiw, it's repeatable, and breaks after _exactly_ 40 chars21:39
LennieI seem to remember there was some JS there that broke your line in some cases21:39
Lenniebut just so you could keep typing21:39
thorstennice. I love JS.21:40
Lennieotherwise it would have srolled to the far end :P21:40
thorstenjust that it does not happen live, but only after save/reload21:40
Lennieso after the 3 there orginally was no line break right?21:41
Lennie(I'm looking at the link you posted earlier)21:41
Lennielet me check how it looks on the non-editing side :P21:41
Lennieit breaks there as well21:42
Lenniemight be CSS then21:42
Lenniehowever in the datastore there is no sign of \n or <br>21:42
Lenniewee display bugs :p21:44
Lennie"<textarea wrap='hard' cols='40' rows='", MIN_ROWS,21:45
Lenniejs it is21:46
thorsteneh. sorry for the noise then ...21:47
Lennieno problem21:47
LennieI think you should report it :D21:47
LennieI can get our JS person to give it a proper once over21:47
Lenniehopefully get rid of the hard wrapping21:47
thorstensure sure21:47
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lresendei see some heavy pages at (, is there a particular reason why pages like "list of my organization applications" have to use widgets... they seem to be the piece that makes the page more heavier...22:03
lresendeat least on the admin view, the number of org should be very minimal, no ?22:03
SRabbelierlresende: widgets?22:04
lresendewhat is used to display the table with the current  List of Applications for which you are Main Admin (e.g
lresendeisn't that a widget ?22:06
Lenniebecause it is the only way to search/sort/show more then 1000 entities22:06
Lenniefor the latter it was until a SDK update not more then 2 weeks ago22:06
lresendeso, is the issue that, based on the role, you will see a huge list there... ? (e.g. LH will see the 1000 entries there...  ) ?22:07
LennieLH will get a huge "paginated" list yes22:07
Lenniewhich she can fully search22:07
lresendeok, got it...22:07
Lennieit is not a light decision22:08
Lenniehowever it was one we had to take to scale22:08
Lennieat least past the AppEngine 1000 entities limit22:08
lresendeas an org admin... most of us will see a small set of items there.. but the page is a little heavy for that...22:08
Lenniewe still have to ensure that we only load the JS u need22:09
lresendebut agreed22:09
Lenniehowever there is not much we can do about it22:09
Lenniethis lists gives us certain freedom at the backend22:09
Lennieand allows for easy extension22:09
Lennieother then the old ones which were HTML templates22:09
ArthurLiudid you consider using something Closure-based? :)22:10
Lenniewe are using closure :D22:11
Lennie50% reduction22:11
ArthurLiuI filled erant as backup admin but the page at is telling me my backup admin is '<>"'-- \00'22:12
tpb<> (at
ArthurLiulet's see if there's already a report22:12
Lennieno that's right22:12
Lenniethat is his public name :P22:12
lresendei see the same issue as well22:12
lresendechanging subject... how do I go about deploying melange for my own org ?22:13
LennieIn case you are reading this Erant , yes you will be spammed with mail :)22:13
Lennieyou register an App Engine instance on, you download a tagged version from our repository, you change the app.yaml file to point to your appspot instance and run the AppEngine SDK deploy module called appcfg22:14
Lenniebasically :p22:14
ArthurLiuwell, I created the Debian org application without any trouble, anything else I should try?22:15
Lennietry editing it?22:15
Lennietry to fill yourself in as backup admin?22:15
Lenniewhich should fail22:15
Lennieand otherwise be patient22:15
Lennieyou will be accepted at the end of this week :)22:15
Lennielresende: is that what you were looking for?22:15
Lennielresende: I have to head out, SRabbelier might be able to give you more directions on what Melange can do22:16
Lennieotherwise we can talk later :)22:16
ArthurLiuit does indeed fail22:16
ArthurLiu'Main organization license', that's new right?22:17
ArthurLiuit's rather pointless for Debian :)22:17
Lennieit is rephrased22:17
Lenniethere was a license question last time22:17
Lenniehowever there were issues with OMG we are using multiple licenses22:17
Lennieif you have suggestions please do22:18
LennieI gotta run22:18
Lenniettyl :)22:18
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Wolf_OSGeois the Error: Server Error page a known problem?23:12
Wolf_OSGeoabout every third page load in the test instance gives my that error page... :S23:12
ErantI'll get emails w0t? :P23:46

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