Saturday, 2010-02-06

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neo7hello everyone, I am interested in melange development in google summer of coding 2010. May I have some help from any mentor or project administrator?19:12
neo7It runs on Google app Engine Framework, how to deploy melange on localhost19:13
neo7anyone, sir?19:16
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neo7ArthurLiu: sir..19:19
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dionesSRabbelier: ahem!21:31
dionesneo7:  Seems like our overlords are way. Post a msg at the mailing list introducing yourself21:32
SRabbelierdiones: hi21:43
SRabbelierneo7: you still around? :)21:43
dionesSRabbelier: Hi sir21:43
neo7SRabbelier, yes sir21:44
neo7I am still here21:44
SRabbelierneo7: no need to call me sir, I'm 21 for pete's sake :P21:44
neo7I am 19, Perhaps your junior.21:45
SRabbelierneo7: in European and American culture you don't call someone 'sir' unless they're a lot older than you, or in a significant higher rank, so feel free to just use 'you' :)21:46
dionespatch for windows suck :(21:46
neo7SRabbelier, yea, ok.21:47
neo7I will have to use python SDK to deploy melange.21:47
neo7how to run it on localhost21:47
SRabbelierdiones: ugh, developing on Windows is a PITA regardless21:47
SRabbelierneo7: what platform are you on?21:47
neo7SRabbelier, FEDORA 12,21:48
dionesyeah but I have no luck with linux either21:48
dionesand mac is out of question :|21:48
SRabbelierdiones: linux has patch at least :)21:48
neo7SRabbelier, I am comfortable with any OS,21:48
SRabbelierneo7: ok, in that case you should be able to just do21:49
SRabbelierneo7: cd scripts && ./ neo-melange && ./build.sh21:49
neo7first I will download from svn21:49
SRabbelierneo7: after that run thirdparty/google_appengine/ build/21:49
SRabbelierneo7: let me know if that works :)21:50
dionesSRabbelier: yeah linux is fine but it the only distro I know that gives a neat support to dell21:52
dionesdell's notebooks is ubuntu21:52
SRabbelierdiones: Linux has a lot of support actually, although not in the on-the-phone kind, but #debian or #ubuntu is always full of people that are willing to help you21:53
SRabbeliersame for #fedora etc. of course21:53
dionesand after I updated it to the newest version, my notebook's sleep function stopped working21:54
dionesand I use that a lot21:54
SRabbelierdiones: ah, you could always dual boot :)21:54
SRabbelierdiones: but regardless, ask #ubuntu then21:55
SRabbelierdiones: someone might be able to help you fix it21:55
dionesSRabbelier: I rather stick with one OS :|21:55
dionesI haven't tried that but there is was a ticket for that in their bug tracking system21:56
dionesafter 3 months of no replies neither in the forums neither in at the tracker I gave up ubuntu.21:57
SRabbelierdiones: sure, whatever works for you, but I don't develop under windows, and Lennie has long since switched to developing under Mac OSX, so there's not much support you can get from us on windows development21:57
dionessure sure21:57
SRabbelierneo7: how's it going?22:06
neo7yes its working22:07
neo7thanks a lot22:07
SRabbelierneo7: oh awesome! :)22:08
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dionesSRabbelier: hmm, eclipse has a tool to apply diff's in a graphical way22:24
dioneswell life is good!22:24
SRabbelierdiones: nice22:24
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dionesthere is json all over the page22:29
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