Thursday, 2010-01-28

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dionesErant: hi!21:36
dionesErant: what is a issue owner?21:39
ErantEh, context?21:41
dionesErant: in a open source project21:42
ErantThe person that an issue is assigned to?21:43
dionesErant: yes!!21:48
dioneswhat does it means?21:48
dionesin melange at least21:49
ErantEuhm, means you're the poor sap who has to fix it :P21:50
dionesoh I see21:52
dionesErant: can someone else drop by and ask to fix it too?21:53
ErantWhich issue is this?21:55
tpb<> (at
ErantOh, poke Sverre or Len to reassign it21:56
ErantI'm not the guy to ask, I just break things.21:57
ErantWell, on melange anyway21:57
dionesthanks erant22:05
dionesErant: you work on other open source projects?22:06
ErantFrom time to time.22:06
Erantlibogc (Development library for Gamecube and Wii), I started libspmp3050, development library for SPMP3050 based mediaplayers, and I do bits and pieces here and there ;)22:07
dionescool :D22:11
ErantI don't usually work on projects, I'm more a 'hacker' or embedded engineer: and
tpb<> (at
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