Monday, 2010-01-25

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dionesLennie: hi lennie21:15
Lennieo hi21:15
dionesLennie: I have copy pasted a link to a task21:15
dionesas a admin21:16
dionesand then tried to access it as a user21:16
Lennieand it failed :D21:16
dionesit 404'd21:16
LennieI noticed that one this morning when trying it myself21:16
dioneshow did erant accessed that page?21:17
LennieI guess it worked in that revision21:17
dionesErant: explain yourself :D21:17
ErantWhat page21:17
LennieErant you haczors :D21:17
dionesthe task list page21:17
Lenniediones is fixing your XSS exploit :P21:17
Lenniehe could just access it because back then it worked :P21:17
Lennieapparently something fails now21:18
dionesI see21:18
ErantRegression tests ftw.21:18
dioneswell the problem solved it self xD21:18
Lennieit did? :P21:18
Erant"Impossible to perform XSS attack now"21:18
Lennieno :p21:19
Lennienearly impossible to do POST request forgery yes :021:19
dioneswell we need to fix the access to tasks right?21:19
Lennieyou could login as an org admin right?21:19
Lennieand view the task?21:19
Lenniethat should be enough for this purpose21:20
dioneswell it seems like a feature to me21:21
dionesin some sense21:21
dionesthe cleaner was built in a way to ignore checking if the user is logged as an administrator21:22
dionesdisabling that could result in unforeseeable consequences21:22
Erantorly. How exactly is this checked...21:23
tpb<> (at
Lenniewas talking about org admin21:26
Lennienot developer21:26
Lenniewhich is what it skips21:26
Erantk. Looks fine.21:27
ErantJust checking. I'll probably go do more poking when there's a bit more to poke at. Not that I expect to find anything with the new security dude.21:28
Lenniediones, are you able to visit the task page purely as mentor or org admin?21:30
Lennienot as a developer21:30
dionesLennie: I'll look into it21:49
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Lenniemost kind diones :)22:16
LennieI'm off22:16
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