Sunday, 2010-01-17

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dionesSRabbelier: busy?11:12
SRabbelierdiones: not yet :)11:15
dionesSRabbelier: how does melange registers the site urls?11:16
SRabbelierdiones: soc.modules.soc_core.callback11:16
SRabbelierdiones: there are calls to registerDjangoUrlPattern in there11:16
dionesSRabbelier: ahh11:17
dionesI thought there was some magic in there11:17
dionescause' I was looking at and couldn't find it11:17
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SRabbelierah :)11:22
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diones_SRabbelier: do you use any mercurial plug-ins with eclipse?12:29
SRabbelierdiones_: no, I don't use hg12:30
diones_oh, svn?12:30
SRabbelierdiones_: seriously? :P12:31
SRabbelierdiones_: git ofcourse :D12:31
diones_SRabbelier: is that even possible?12:32
SRabbelierdiones_: why wouldn't it be?12:33
diones_SRabbelier: are there any benefits in using it?12:34
SRabbelierdiones_: in using git? sure there are :)12:34
diones_SRabbelier: could you elaborate  ._.12:35
tpbTitle: Why Git is Better Than X (at
diones_SRabbelier: it would be cool to have some sort of content bundling in melange12:55
SRabbelierdiones_: content bundling?12:55
SRabbelierplease explain12:55
diones_SRabbelier: sorry, client bundling12:57
SRabbelierdiones_: what is client bundling then?12:57
diones_SRabbelier: that is, putting many resources in one single get request12:58
SRabbelierdiones_: ah, I see12:58
diones_SRabbelier: that exists in gwt, I don't know how we could use something similar but we would surely benefit from it12:59
SRabbelierdiones_: I hope we can make that a GSoC project this year, to do some profiling on Melange and fix that kind of stuf13:01
ErantWho's the dude doing epic security fixes btw?14:06
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