Friday, 2009-12-25

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madrazrMatthewWilkes: Heya!07:46
MatthewWilkeshi madrazr07:50
MatthewWilkesmerry christmas07:50
madrazrMatthewWilkes: Thank you so much! Same to you too!07:50
MatthewWilkesHaving a good day?07:58
madrazrMatthewWilkes: yeah :)07:59
madrazrMatthewWilkes: how are things going on your end?07:59
MatthewWilkesGood good, trying to pick something to hack on08:03
madrazrMatthewWilkes: hacking in holidays? :P08:07
madrazrMatthewWilkes: I have a question for you then :)08:08
MatthewWilkesOf course, christmas is for hacking!08:08
MatthewWilkesWhat's up?08:08
madrazrMatthewWilkes: he he, cool!08:09
madrazrMatthewWilkes: when I run tests for Melange, I get the "URLError: <urlopen error (111, 'Connection refused')>" error, (I am not running the
madrazris it because I am not running the server?08:10
madrazrMatthewWilkes: If I run the server, I get "socket.error: (98, 'Address already in use')" error08:11
madrazrMatthewWilkes: how to solve this problem08:11
MatthewWilkesThe dev_appserver is _really_ badly written and each change screws up my hooks, I've got some patches pending to fix things but they're being very slow at approving them08:12
MatthewWilkesIt might be fixed by adding a longer artificial delay08:12
MatthewWilkeshold on a sec08:13
MatthewWilkesmadrazr: If you look at
madrazrMatthewWilkes: sure08:13
tpb<> (at
MatthewWilkestry upping that number on your local code to, say, 508:13
madrazrMatthewWilkes: sure, I will do that08:15
MatthewWilkesmadrazr: This is the one that's REALLY annoying me:
MatthewWilkesIt prevents me from starting melange (or any GAE) application locally08:16
madrazrMatthewWilkes: ouch08:19
madrazrthats bad08:19
madrazrMatthewWilkes: brb08:20
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