Saturday, 2009-10-17

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* Erant prods SRabbelier19:32
SRabbelierErant: mhhyes?19:32
ErantWhy does "Register as a student" tell me "OHMAHGODNO"19:33
Erant"You have not completed your first task to register as a student." <-- wut?19:33
ErantAndeuh, you sure you want to be implementing your task subscription the way you are right now? :P19:42
SRabbelierErant: because you can't register as student (for GHOP) until you completed a task19:56
SRabbelierErant: and, erm, no, why do you ask? :P19:56
Erantjus' wondering. I noticed javascript and GET operations.19:57
SRabbelierErant: yeah, someone from Google is going to help us with that19:57
SRabbelierErant: at some point :P19:57
ErantYour server barfs on me posting </p></p><p><p> btw19:57
ErantRight. Define 'that'?19:57
ErantSomeone did an epic fail.20:21
SRabbelierErant: 'that' == the GET operations that should be POST with tokens20:26
SRabbelierErant: posting that where btw?20:27
ErantI think you'd better fix issue 699 before GHOP goes live.20:28
ErantIn a comment, think it might be feedparser blowing up.20:28
ErantI 'unno who did the epic fail in 699, but I laughed.20:29
SRabbelierErant: lol, wait... what?!20:31
SRabbelierthat's epic fail indeed20:31
ErantYuh. I dunno why you'd ever want to do this either.20:31
SRabbelierErant: I don't think it's intentional20:32
ErantI'd personally go bitchslap the person who intentionally implemented this. ;)20:33
ErantAnyway, moar work for you. :)20:34
* Erant hobbles off to bed20:37
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