Friday, 2009-09-18

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perciousanyone know what time the meeting is in MDT?11:30
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Lenniedr__house: :)13:39
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Lenniehow's your buddy doing :P?13:39
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dr__houseLennie: he's doing fine, he's here.. How are you doing madrazr? :P13:49
LennieI know he's here :D13:50
Lenniejust wanted your opinion13:50
dr__houseLennie: on what?13:50
Lennieon how he's doing :P13:50
dr__housesorry, not getting your point13:50
Lenniedr__house: Ready for the new season of House next Monday :)?13:51
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dr__houseLennie: he seems to be doing well. The last I checked he was pretty healthy13:51
dr__houseLennie: hell yeah!13:51
Lenniegood :D13:51
madrazrthu! House here too :(13:51 if I remember correctly13:51
madrazrdr__house: you must be banished :P13:51
dr__houseLennie: can't wait. Hugh Laurie shortened hair and in an asylum13:52
dr__houseLennie: the trailers look very interesting!13:52
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Lenniewowness :)13:56
tpb<> (at
Lennie9.1k for charity13:56
dr__houseLennie: WOW!13:57
madrazrLennie: wowow! I did not know there was so much fan following ;-)13:57
dr__housemadrazr: you greatly underestimate dr__house's powers!13:58
madrazrSRabbelier: Heya!13:58
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madrazr18:00 UTC I guess :P13:59
madrazrsolydzajs: Lennie: SRabbelier: ping13:59
SRabbelierpong :)13:59
Lenniewaiting on LH :)13:59
SRabbeliershe'll be a little late13:59
SRabbelieras she's waiting to get through security13:59
SRabbeliershe's going to get online from the airport hallway apparently :P14:00
Lennielovely planning :D14:01
Lenniewho's here for GHOP :)?14:02
LennieI know I am :p14:02
* Corydon76-dig raises hand14:02
* madrazr raises his hand too 14:03
Corydon76-dig(Asterisk project)14:03
madrazrCorydon76-dig: welcome!14:03
LennieCorydon76-dig: what brought you here :D?14:04
durin42SRabbelier: SJC has really good wireless14:04
Lennie(since you are the only one raising your hand I'm ging to question you :D)14:04
Corydon76-digLH's email to the gsoc mentors list14:04
gertvI'm here for the GHOP meeting too, from the asf14:04
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LennieGert, sounds dutch14:05
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Lennieoh look14:05
Lenniehi LH :)14:05
Corydon76-diglh: yay!14:05
madrazrlh: heya!14:05
lhhello folks, sorry i am late14:05
lhhow are all of you?14:05
Corydon76-digIt's open source time!14:05
*** lh changes topic to "Changes to Melange Needed to Make GHOP Happen in 2009"14:06
Lenniebusy, but okay ^^14:06
madrazrlh: doing good!14:06
lhLennie: i hear you14:06
gertvLennie, from Belgium actually, but close enough ;)14:06
lhmadrazr: great!14:06
lhok let's get down to business14:06
LennieSamson en Gert ftw :P14:06
lhwould someone please log this meeting?14:06
Lenniechannel is logged afaik14:06
lhand can we also get a volunteer to send out notes to the melange-soc list14:06
durin42I can post my irssi logs if you want.14:06
lhgreat, then can someone volunteer to post logs14:06
lhdurin42: awesome thank you14:07
lhnotes, anyone?14:07
madrazrlh: me14:07
* durin42 glad to be of assistance (AUGIE: LOGS START HERE)14:07
lhmadrazr: wonderful thank you14:07
lhso folks, welcome, we're here to discuss what needs to happen with melange in order to make it possible for us to run our open source for pre-university students program again, GHOP14:07
lhi believe that lennie is working on getting a test instance together for folks, but that is still in process.14:08
solydzajsinstance is live right ?14:08
Lennieyeah it is ^^14:08
Lenniemail has gone out 15 min ago14:08
lhLennie: rock. we talked yesterday and it wasn't ready. can you explain what the issues are?14:08
lhLennie: ah, cool. 15 minutes ago i was in the security line at sfo.14:08
lhLennie: so test instance is ready. what are the particular areas that need testing first?14:08
LennieIssues related to organizatoin home pages14:08
Lenniestill hard to see which tasks are open, therefore testing the Organization side first14:09
lhLennie: are these documented and you have a pointer to those docs or can you explain now14:09
Lennielh: no they are not documented, but should have been fixed by SRabbelier like 5 min ago :P14:09
Lenniestill have to test/push them14:09
lhLennie: ok. so how do folks go about getting an account, creating tasks, etc. - can't see if they are open if they aren't any tasks in there right?14:10
Lennieanyhow a new thread will appear on the melange-dev Google Groups list where you can ask for mentor access after you've created your account14:10
lhLennie: ah lovely. SRabbelier thanks!14:10
Lenniefor a standard account they can register on the same way most of them did for GSoC200914:10
lhLennie: ok. so folks create an account and get mentor access. at that point is it visible in the UI how they begin to create tasks or is that still hidden?14:10
LennieFor mentor access they need to drop a mail on the mailing list14:11
Lennieat that point onward14:11
Lenniethey should be able to see the UI for suggesting a new task14:11
Lennieand viewing the tasks of their organziation14:11
Lennieand do the actions with those Tasks they need to do14:11
lhLennie: that's terrific and newly fixed right? fantastic.14:11
Lenniepost comments etc14:11
lhLennie: are we far enough along for folks to be able to view things from the student perspective, or not there yet?14:12
Lennieonce a task they created or others14:12
lhe.g. if i create a task list, can i then have a student account and go claim that task, then log back in as a mentor and comment, etc.?14:12
Lenniehas been published by an org admin14:12
Lenniethey can give that link to a buddy14:12
Lennieor have a 2nd account14:12
Lennieand then do whatever a student does with that task14:12
Lenniea list of all task is not yet up14:12
Lenniebut we're getting closer due to SRabbelier fixes on the document system14:13
lhOk. So it sounds like that's a pretty important action item. Is that something you folks could get help with?14:13
SRabbelierLennie: lol, my fixes weren't that impressive :P14:13
Lennieone TODO for GHOP is still a big list of tasks which is at least partly searchable14:13
LennieSRabbelier: but they sure helped :P14:13
Lennieatleast I hope so14:13
LennieIt is an item on the TODO list so yes14:13
SRabbelierLennie: I haven't tested the GHOP side as I didn't know how, but the old access code still works14:13
lhLennie: link to the to do list?14:14
SRabbelierLennie: and the GHOP code should work, :P14:14
Lenniesome info on test instance:
tpb<> (at
tpbTitle: GHOPTODO - soc - This page lists all the TODOs for running GHOP program. - Project Hosting on Google Code (at
Lenniethat's the TODO list :)14:14
madrazrLennie: you beat me :P14:14
lhfabulous, and the instructions look great.14:15
Lennieit is an Open wiki14:15
Lennieso anybody who wants to document anything can do it14:15
lhyou mention you want people to file bugs, is there a wiki page to discuss who wants to sign up for particular work?14:15
lhi assume then it's the GHOPTODO page?14:15
dreimarkcan it be an issue list in melange too? so that this all the time tested by everyone?14:16
Lenniedreimark: What do you mean by that?14:16
dreimarksimiliar to a student task list14:16
SRabbelierhehe, nice idea14:17
SRabbelierconvert the TODO list into Melange GHOP task items14:17
Lenniewould be nice to move it there some day14:17
Lenniethe data on melange-demo might be wiped at any time14:17
Lennieand those items aren't editable by everyone14:18
madrazrSRabbelier: but I guess most of them must be fixed before GHOP? :P14:18
Lennieso really the wiki is the best place14:18
lhSo Lennie who can walk us through the to do list, explain a bit more about each TODO item?14:18
SRabbeliermadrazr: yes, but it would be good for testing :)14:18
madrazrSRabbelier: ah yeah14:18
lhWe may be able to find owners for some of these tasks now, and if not we have notes later for folks who take up the charge.14:18
Lennieone sec14:19
LennieI think Madhu wants to run to the TODO list14:19
madrazrlh: I will explain them14:19
Lenniesince he has been the one to update it14:19
lhmadrazr: that's fabulous, go for it14:20
madrazrto start with we have 2 items for GHOP as the extremely high priority items, (both of which were my tasks for GSoC 2009)14:20
madrazrbut I could not finish it because of time shortage14:20
madrazrwe want User Documents for all the 5 roles we allow through the system14:21
madrazrProgram Admin, Org Admins, Mentors, Students and General Public (people with or without login) on how to use the system14:21
madrazrhope that should be clear?14:21
madrazrplease stop me if something is not clear14:21
SRabbeliermadrazr: yes14:21
lhmadrazr: if we don't get any luck here, i can ask my friend noirin shirley - she wanted to help with documentation previously and was a ghop mentor last year14:21
SRabbeliermadrazr: do you meant soc.models.document, or documentation?14:21
lhAny documentation experts in the house?14:22
solydzajsbasically we need to write documentation :-)14:22
madrazrlh: that would be awesome!14:22
madrazrSRabbelier: documentation14:22
madrazrit has nothing to do with Melange code14:22
SRabbeliermadrazr: ok, :)14:22
lhi think right now mostly coders are among us. :)14:22
madrazrlh: Ok :)14:23
lhso let's table documentation for the moment, i will follow up with Noirin to see if she has time.14:23
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madrazrSRabbelier: secondly (this item will go on that TODO list soonish, but not there now). We want tests to be written. Especially Unit tests for logic and views14:23
lhIf someone isn't a coder is it going to be obvious enough to them how to use the system so they can actually create documentation?14:23
madrazrlh: sure14:23
* schmrz hopes he's not too late :D14:23
madrazrlh: yeah14:23
SRabbelierschmrz: you're not :)14:23
madrazrouch above one related to tests was for all14:23
madrazrnot just to SRabbelier14:23
schmrzgood :)14:23
lhmadrazr: ok good to know. if need be i will take that one once performance reviews are done at the big-G14:24
lhtesting mercenaries anyone?14:24
madrazrlh: Ok14:24
durin42I'll allocate some of my time to Fix Buildbot Again14:24
madrazrlh: did not get you14:24
durin42to at least make the state of whatever tests there are easier to verify14:24
SRabbelierdurin42: thanks :)14:25
lhmadrazr: I mean folks who are expert at testing or love testing?14:25
madrazrlh: Oh Ok14:25
lhschmrz: Is there a Python group for testing experts where we can find help with this task?14:25
schmrzIh: I don't really know.14:26
lhschmrz: ok noted. i will ask titus.14:26
durin42Titus runs a testing-in-python list.14:26
lhthat sounds like just the place14:26
durin42That's where I'd start14:26
schmrzAnd as much as I noticed he said he can get some expert help on that field :)14:27
*** sandy|lurk has joined #melange14:27
lhsounds like we have some ideas on where to start.14:27
lhso madrazr who's the expert on what tests are needed so we can tell folks who to ping?14:28
madrazrlh: did not get you14:29
lhmadrazr: if someone wants to write tests but has questions, who should they ask?14:29
LennieSRabbelier:  would you mind :P?14:29
madrazrlh: they can ask me, but I am not an expert, but if SRabbelier and Lennie can volunteer14:29
SRabbelierLennie: no problem :)14:30
lhokey dokey that helps a lot14:30
solydzajsThey can ask on melange-dev14:30
solydzajsand Lennie, SRabbelier and me will try to reply asap14:30
lhsolydzajs: sure, but it helps to hand out an irc handle14:30
madrazrlh: that is best, or on this channel14:30
lhmadrazr: what's next?14:30
solydzajsI will be on IRC too14:31
madrazrlh: the next item on the list is Task Subscription thingie14:31
madrazrbut Lennie has fixed it a couple hours back I think14:31
madrazrso we can skip that for now14:31
Lennierefresh your wiki page :P?14:31
schmrzWhere are the irc logs again ? (the ones at thousandparsec)14:31
LennieI moved it to done :D14:31
tpbTitle: IRC logs (at
Lenniesome intereseting todo is blocking certain actions14:32
Lenniebased on the timeline of a program14:32
lhLennie: what's the blocking to do14:32
lhThomasWaldmann: hi14:32
Lenniesuch as making sure that a task cannot be claimed after a certain data/time14:32
Lenniethat no solution to a Task can be submitted after the date/time set in the settings of a program14:33
madrazrand student should not allowed to submit work post STOP ALL WORK deadline etc14:33
LennieA very big TODO is some kind of searchable list of tasks14:34
lhyeah that's a pretty big blocker14:34
* ThomasWaldmann .oO(at moin we use py.test for unit tests)14:34
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lhOk, one to do at a time.14:34
lhIs anyone excited about the timeline stuff?14:34
Lennieok ^^14:34
lhsolydzajs: you did all the work on the timeline back end before right? is this something that you can take on?14:34
Lennieactually that was mostly me :P14:35
solydzajsI can work on that, I can discuss it with Lennie and Madhu in more details14:35
solydzajsafter the meeting14:35
lhLennie: sorry14:36
lhso we have an owner for timeline stuff14:36
madrazrlh: cool!14:36
lhSearchable list of all tasks.14:36
madrazrsolydzajs: cool! thanks14:36
lhThat one is *really* important or students can't really do work.14:36
Lenniewe want to keep that one pretty simple14:36
lhCan we break down a bit more what needs to happen with this?14:36
Lenniesince we hope to replace it by a fully searchable list before GHOP starts14:37
lhLennie: Certainly, but it needs to be there.14:37
lhLennie: i am not betting on anything being replaced by anything. at the very least, a list of all tasks per org. if students have to search through it that sucks, but then again they want the t-shirt14:37
Lennieat least some form of searching on tags14:37
Lennieand listing all claimable tasks for that tag14:37
Lennielh: that list14:37
Lennieis on their home page14:38
Lennieas soon as the documents are working :)14:38
Lenniewhich might be today if all turns out to be okay :)14:38
lhLennie: ah, so this is a contest wide list of tasks, like show me all user interface tasks for ghop14:38
lhthat would be awesome.14:39
lhSo can you break down a bit more what needs to be done there?14:40
madrazrlh: we also have pointers for it14:40
LennieI believe Madhu has something14:40
lhmadrazr: pointer?14:40
madrazrLennie: and I had discussed this task during my GSoC project. I have also have some code to start with on which any one who claims this task can build upon14:40
lhmadrazr: ah ha. work in progress! :)14:40
madrazrlh: yes, this will be an interesting task and also have some starting point for it14:41
lhwill any of this be helped by the work that mario was going to do on ajaxy list search?14:41
Lenniethat will replace the need for this14:41
LennieI have no idea when that will be done14:41
Lenniesince it will require a lot of work to integrate a new solution14:42
LennieAs said a somewhat simpler solution is fine by me14:42
Lenniesearching on one tag14:42
Lenniewhich seems to be doable14:42
lhSince I don't see anyone jumping up and down screaming oh goodness yes I want to do that!!14:43
lhWhat are the other tasks?14:43
LennieMadhu :)14:44
madrazrLennie: typing...14:44
madrazrwe want to be able to see for each participating student, the number of tasks he failed to complete14:44
madrazri.e the number of tasks that were reopened, by claimed by a particular student14:45
Lenniesorry can we table that one for now :D14:45
lhyeah i think that one is less important. reporting is for after the contest, right now we want to make the contest happen.14:45
lhAre there any other items gating GHOP happening?14:46
lhAs I see it14:46
lhtesting is not gating the contest running, though we certainly need tests14:46
madrazrlh: yeah14:46
lhlisting tasks on org home pages *is* gating the contest, but SRabbelier has some fixes for that in14:46
Lennieactually testing will help the contest run more smoothly in the face of changes :P14:46
lhdocumentation is gating the contest, but that can be created.14:46
Lenniebut that's a software engineering view on life :)14:46
* madrazr seconds Lennie14:47
lhLennie: there's happening and happening smoothly. i want it to happen period. smoothly would be terrific.14:47
lhtest mercenaries needed.14:47
Lenniewe have the task quota assignment for each org14:47
Lenniewhich need to be done by the Google Task API14:47
lhthere's the timeline blocker, but solydzajs has offered to do that14:47
Lennieinstead of the loop in the POST request we have now14:47
* ThomasWaldmann currently thinks about whether there will be some automated ghop task pushing interface this time.14:47
* lh notes that solydzajs did the calendar picker widget, not timeline, no wonder she was confused14:47
madrazrThomasWaldmann: automatic pushing?14:48
solydzajsI think we should ask a question who would like to help with tests who with documentation, who with coding, it's a question to all meeting participants14:48
LennieThomasWaldmann: is on the wishlist14:48
solydzajsthat way we will have an idea who to talk with regarding those 314:48
ThomasWaldmanne.g. if you prepare tasks on your wiki and then want to transfer them14:48
Lenniemadrazr: CSV upload14:48
madrazrThomasWaldmann: Lennie: Ok14:48
madrazrThomasWaldmann: we want that AFAIK, thats one item on TODO, not appearing on Wiki right now14:49
schmrzsolydzajs: I hope to help with coding and documenting the process of finding a way around in the codebase.14:49
solydzajsso for example I want to help with coding mostly and testing UI and functionality (not writing tests).14:49
madrazrthere were a lot of people who asked this before GSoC started, when we were in design phase14:49
solydzajsschmrz: ok awesome14:49
LennieThomasWaldmann: the biggest problem is that afaik we can't really store too large CSV's14:49
Lennieand that we need some way of processing it correctly of course14:50
Lenniesome easy to parse format14:50
Lennieyou can't just upload your wiki :P14:50
Lennienot everyone uses the same wiki format14:50
ThomasWaldmannhow about xmlrpc?14:50
Lenniewe don't use wiki format14:51
schmrzLennie: But we might be :)14:51
ThomasWaldmanni am not talking about using wiki pages as is, but about SOME automated way to get data into melange without mimicking a human user14:51
solydzajsThomasWaldmann: we want to keep it simple, we don't want to write xmlrpc API just for task upload14:51
Lennieschmrz: yes, depends on your progress :D14:51
SRabbelierThomasWaldmann: JSON? :)14:52
Corydon76-digI've always preferred tab-delimited, but then again, I'm a database guy14:52
Lennielets continue :P14:52
Lennieif you want to do this ThomasWaldmann we can discuss how to later14:52
Lennieor on the list14:52
ThomasWaldmannSRabbelier: whatever. xmlrpclib is in py stdlib. :)14:52
madrazrCorydon76-dig: I was about to use the same word :P14:53
Lenniemadrazr: other TODO's?14:53
Corydon76-digRed.  Definitely red.14:53
madrazrnext, one easy task, but of high priority. We allow Org Admins to Approve the tasks created by mentors and Publish tasks created by himself or other mentors which opens the task for public view14:54
madrazri.e for students to be claimed14:54
madrazrwe have GMail like interface to approve and publish the tasks in one go, i.e a list of tasks with check box and a button, "Approve and Publish"14:55
madrazrthis does  approve and publish in one go14:55
schmrzAre there any other requirements for the document system except revisioning ?14:55
madrazrthis single button must be separated into 2 separate buttons14:55
madrazrfairly simple14:55
Lennieschmrz: other time, maybe other place :P14:55
Lennieactually two buttons must be added :D14:55
madrazrah right :D14:56
Lennieand it must also make use of the Google Task API14:56
Lennieinstead of eating the users time :)14:56
lheveryone, sorry i have to go and board a plane.14:57
lhbut this discussion is good, keep it up14:57
lhi'll reach out to noirin and titus - i would suggest trying to find folks to work on specific tasks on the mailing list for things that aren't assigned in this meeting14:58
madrazrLennie: we are almost done with the current list of TODO we have right?14:58
lhbe well!14:58
*** lh has quit IRC14:58
*** diones has joined #melange14:59
Lenniemadrazr: almost not quite14:59
Lennieanyone wants to work on the publish/accept functionality?14:59
Lenniemadrazr: would you mind :)? Since it is closely related to notifications deletion anyway :D15:01
madrazrLennie: NP at all15:01
madrazrI am doing it15:01
Lennielets do this the other way around ^_^15:03
Lennieis there anyone who thinks he has time to help out :D?15:03
Lenniespencer_davis: what are your areas of interest :D?15:03
spencer_davisI'm not really sure15:04
spencer_davisI have been doing a lot of django stuff so I could possibly help with something there15:05
madrazrspencer_davis: at least coding, tests, documentation and if coding is it Python or CSS or AJAX and JS?15:05
dionesDEM smiles15:05
Lenniedjango is nice :)15:05
spencer_daviscoding, (python/django)15:05
* ThomasWaldmann is rather busy with moin, but if someone wants coding style comments, I can do that. :D15:05
spencer_davisand I have done some app engine but not much15:06
*** mpedersen has joined #melange15:07
SRabbelierdiones: DEM?15:07
dionesthem :D15:07
dionesIt doesn't work with those though15:08
Lenniespencer_davis: you can always look around on the demo site or see if a TODO item is something for you :D15:08
spencer_davisI am looking through the todo list now15:08
durin42(someone please be sure to tell me when the meeting is done, so I can be sure to stop the log at the right time)15:08
solydzajsdurin42: +115:09
Lenniespencer_davis: We must be able to display number of tasks that an organization can set out for contestants on Organization home page or public page or both.15:09
Lennieseems to be clearly a template issue15:09
LennieSRabbelier: Do you know any Django specific issues?15:09
LennieSRabbelier: If he really wants something interesting there is stuff like URL registration, proper form validation15:10
Lenniealthough not really easy15:10
SRabbelierLennie: hmmm, nothing truly Django specific, since everything ties in with our own code; but as you said, URL registration and form validation is at least Django related :)15:11
ThomasWaldmann(also, if some "internal" task CRUD interface exists, I could do a xmlrpc interface for it)15:11
Lenniethere is some form of CRUD there15:14
schmrzI need to go now, see you all later ;)15:14
Lennielater schmrz15:15
madrazrschmrz: see you.15:15
*** schmrz has quit IRC15:15
Lenniesandy|lurk: I'll fix the bug you reported today15:15
Lenniereally stupid :P15:15
madrazrLennie: he he :D15:15
LennieIs there anyone who has questions about GHOP? Or where he/she can help out?15:15
madrazrLennie: JIT? :P15:15
LennieJTL :P15:16
LennieI guess it is late in some parts of the world :D15:17
Lennieplease visit and break it :)15:17
Lennieand fix it :D15:17
LennieIt will make GHOP happen :)15:17
Lennie(can someone change the topic back to what it was?)15:17
Lenniedurin42: YOU CAN STOP LOGGING :P15:17
madrazrthanks everyone for joining :)15:18
durin42Lennie: Thanks!15:18
*** Corydon76-dig has left #melange15:18
Lennieyeah thakns :D15:18
durin42Lennie: where should I put the log?15:18
Lenniemailing list should be fine15:19
madrazrdr__house: any help with testing? :P15:19
*** SRabbelier changes topic to "Melange powers the Google Summer of Code 2009 site - Want to contribute? Start here: - GHOP Meeting on the 18th, 18:00 UTC - Demo is running at - Logs at"15:19
madrazrdr__house: I know you are good at breaking things :D15:19
madrazrdr__house: so please break our code, it is an open challenge to you :D15:19
*** Lennie changes topic to "Melange powers the Google Summer of Code 2009 site - Want to contribute? Start here: - Demo is running at - Logs at"15:19
dr__housemadrazr: well, if you want to get help. Then that is certainly not a way to do it :P15:19
*** thatdavidmiller1 has left #melange15:20
madrazrdr__house: to fix the bug, we first need to know what the bug is(and thats what I am referring to as breaking) :P15:20
* dr__house gives madrazr a suspicious look.15:21
dr__housefine will do it15:21
*** spencer_davis has quit IRC15:22
*** gertv has quit IRC15:23
Lennieyou wanted to discuss something?15:29
*** spencer_davis has joined #melange15:29
durin42Lennie: upload a file to the list, or just email the log inline to the list?15:31
Lenniewhatever you feel comfortable with15:33
Lenniesolydzajs: :)15:36
solydzajsLennie: yes ?15:36
LennieYou wanted to discuss something?15:37
solydzajsLennie: I will check the timeline issue and if I have any questions will ping you15:37
Lenniemadrazr: is it Saturday?15:42
madrazrLennie: yes15:42
Lennieyou know15:42
Lennie"Talk like a pirate day"15:42
madrazrLennie: what does that mean? :P15:43
Lenniegoogle it :P15:43
madrazrLennie: doing the same :P15:43
madrazrthere is a website also :P15:43
*** diones has quit IRC15:44
*** spencer_davis has quit IRC15:44
madrazrLennie: interesting15:45
madrazrreading their website15:45
Lenniesandy|lurk: you can try and suggest a task again :p15:47
Lenniethere is a new version online15:47
madrazrLennie: so are we observing/celebrating Talk Like a Pirate day? ;-)15:50
* madrazr votes up :P15:51
LennieI am15:51
Lennieyou can download Monkey Island Chapter 1 for free :)15:51
madrazrLennie: Oh Ok. I am doing it right away :P15:52
madrazrdr__house: you must see this :P15:52
dr__housemadrazr: seeing :P15:52
madrazrdr__house: thats awefome right? :P15:53
LennieAye, me parrot concurs15:53
* dr__house wants a bottle of rum to get started!15:53
LennieI still have to wait 2 hours :15:53
madrazrLennie: he he he, you already have learnt so many words :P15:53
LennieArrr, it takes a lot o' training :)15:54
madrazrLennie: Aye!15:55
* durin42 is glad TLaPD is on a saturday, so no work15:58
Lenniedurin42: :D16:00
*** andialbrecht has quit IRC16:01
durin42Lennie: meeting log sent16:02
Lenniedurin42: are you doing anything special tomorrow for TLaPD :P?16:02
Lenniedurin42: thanks16:02
durin42Lennie: staying at home, avoiding talking to any geeks ;)16:02
madrazrLennie: tomorrow is also Software Freedom Day, I am feeling like TLP there :P16:02
Lenniehehe :D16:02
Lenniemadrazr: you should !16:02
madrazrLennie: :)16:02
Lenniemakes you one of the awesome people!16:03
* durin42 must be Old now, since he's not excited by TLaPD16:05
LenniePity on thee16:05
durin42Hey you kids, get off the lawn!16:05
durin42(was that convincing?)16:05
Lennieor I'll shoot you16:06
Lenniethen it might be :)16:06
* Erant shoots Lennie16:06
LennieErant: shoo16:06
madrazrLennie: I killa ya >_< ? :P16:06
madrazrAchmed style :D16:06
Lennieyou are missing an awesome party on Tuesday Erant16:06
LennieI killl u :P16:06
ErantLennie: You're missing an awesome party tonight. And tomorrow.16:06
Lenniethat achmed :)?16:06
madrazrLennie: yeah :D16:06
LennieErant: lame :P16:07
ErantLennie: And the Delft convoy is coming here in 45 mins. :P16:07
ErantI gave them a reference.16:08
Lenniethey must like you :P16:08
Lenniethey're going to tour Apple ;D?16:08
ErantThey do. Ofcourse, they're not going to be able to get anywhere near my office.16:08
Lenniemister special :p16:08
ErantYou can't really 'tour' Apple.16:08
ErantBut yah.16:09
Lenniedon't go all Apple is all arround you on me!16:09
ErantI'm not special, I'm just in 3 layers of lockdown16:09
ErantNo, it's just that half of Apple is locked down16:09
durin42The Apple "campus" was very intelligence-agency feeling.16:09
durin42An air of suspicion kind of abounded.16:09
Erantdurin42: Yup. You have to badge in to just about anything16:09
durin42You have to badge in at Google too, but once you're inside, that's largely it.16:10
LennieErant: will you see some of the CH convoy :p?16:20
LennieErant: plix show off that you are awesome :P16:20
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*** madrazr has quit IRC16:49
*** Lennie has quit IRC16:54
*** gutworth has quit IRC17:02
*** gutworth_ is now known as gutworth17:07
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*** Toba has joined #melange18:16
TobaI missed it didn't I.18:16
*** [joeedh] has joined #melange18:21
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