Monday, 2009-09-14

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ErantSRabbelier: Ah great01:48
ErantSRabbelier: I broke my account on the demo site.01:48
ErantI apparently managed to change my LinkID somehow.02:03
ErantOh, really? Again?02:14
ErantSRabbelier: Security fail.02:14
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Erantk, pushed some moar bugs your way.02:50
SRabbelierErant: you bastid :P03:37
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schmrzGood mornin' everyone :)04:17
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schmrzSRabbelier: Can I get the "melange tour" now or shall we do it tonight ? :-)04:29
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* SRabbelier is back10:41
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schmrzSRabbelier: busy ?13:52
SRabbelierschmrz: mhh, yes, Melange conference call in 813:52
schmrzSRabbelier: hmm that's in 5 minutes? :D13:53
SRabbelierschmrz: 7 on my clock :P13:53
SRabbelierschmrz: if you want to attend, all are welcome13:56
schmrzSRabbelier: Skype?13:56
SRabbelierschmrz: yup13:56
schmrzSRabbelier: I have no microphone13:56
SRabbelierschmrz: that's ok13:57
schmrzSRabbelier: But I can listen :D13:57
SRabbelierschmrz: you can type in the chat window if you have questions13:57
SRabbelierschmrz: and you can listen indeed13:57
SRabbelierschmrz: if you pm me your skype handle I'll ask Lennie to add you13:57
schmrzSRabbelier: Ah yes, there's chat also :)13:57
schmrzSRabbelier: kk13:57
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SRabbelierschmrz: so did you find our conference call interesting? should we invite people to listen in more often, or was it really boring?14:35
schmrzSRabbelier: It wasn't boring and I really like the idea of notfiying other possible contributers as soon as possible14:36
SRabbelierschmrz: ok, cool!14:36
schmrzSRabbelier: melange is not so small to grasp in few moments so contributers should start exploring it as soon as possible :)14:36
SRabbelierschmrz: very true :)14:37
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schmrzSRabbelier: for example I have no problems with the actual revisioning system implementation but I still don't have a clear understanding on how to implement one in melange. It's getting clearer tough14:38
* SRabbelier nods14:38
tlarsenWhy is down for "unexpected maintenance"?14:38
LennieHi Todd, how's life :D?14:38
SRabbeliertlarsen: Erant found a security issue :P14:38
LennieFixed it, new release up in an hour or so :)14:39
SRabbelierprobably sooner :)14:39
SRabbelieras in, now :)14:41
SRabbeliertlarsen: all fixed14:41
Lenniethanks SRabbelier  ^^_14:41
tlarsenLife is OK, I suppose.14:43
Lenniegood :D14:43
tlarsenI wish my house was done.  :(14:43
Lenniestill not done?14:43
tlarsenYeah, it is one big cluster-fuck.14:43
tlarsenIt is looking like I'm going to need to take another long leave from Google to get it finished.14:44
Lenniewell, if you can take those days off working with wood :D14:44
tlarsenDoes anyone have a URL for the Melange continuous build at OSU OSL?14:45
durin42sec, finding port number14:46
durin42(it's red all the time right now, I know the issue and just need to allocate cycles to fix it)14:46
SRabbeliertlarsen: the build is broken atm, due to the functional tests not working, something broke (I think during a recent GAE release), but not sure why or how; asked Matthew Willekes to have a look at it if he has time14:47
durin42SRabbelier: no, it's not broken because of anything in GAE14:47
durin42SRabbelier: the problem is there's something already running on port 8080 on the builder14:47
SRabbelierdurin42: well _on top of that_ :P14:47
SRabbelierdurin42: cos it's broken locally too14:48
durin42tlarsen: the machine appears to not be responding on any ports atm14:48
tlarsenStill would be nice to have a URL, for later.14:49
durin42tlarsen: attempting to find the URL14:50
SRabbeliertlarsen: what brings you back in #melange?14:50
LennieI missed you Todd :D14:50
durin42tlarsen: I'll email it to you tonight (and get the builder back up), as my machine with the right SSH keys is currently off.14:51
tlarsendurin42: OK, thanks.14:53
tlarsenSRabbelier: something not very fun at all, that happens each year at Google.  :(14:53
Lenniethat thing :)14:53
SRabbeliertlarsen: ah, I see :)14:53
SRabbeliertlarsen: yes, I guess it's that time of the year :)14:53
LennieI'm glad I don't have that :D14:53
Lennieyet :P14:54
tlarsenSo, is Melange now starting to focus on GHOP functionality?14:57
Lenniekinda yeah14:57
SRabbeliertlarsen: yes, almost ready to rock14:57
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tlarsenBTW, I did some code reviews for Dan Bentley's GSoC project creator, so I've still been at least peripherally involved in Melange.  :)14:59
*** Lennie changes topic to "Melange powers the Google Summer of Code 2009 site - Want to contribute? Start here: - GHOP Meeting on the 18th, 18:00 UTC - Demo is running at - Logs at"14:59
SRabbeliertlarsen: yeah, thanks for that, it got done well :)14:59
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LennieHi dbentley15:05
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schmrzSRabbelier: Where should the markdown conversion happen ? In views.models.Document ? If so, should the entity content be "intercepted" and converted in _public() ?15:06
Lennieare we talking about moving it all to markdown?15:07
SRabbelierschmrz: yes, I think the content should be markdown15:07
LennieIs markdown gonna fit our needs :P15:07
SRabbelierLennie: not really, about moving to a revisioned document system15:07
Lennieok ^_^15:07
schmrzSRabbelier: umm, you didn't understand the question (my english sucks I know) or you'r still typing ? :)15:09
SRabbelierschmrz: I think it'd be more readable to have a diff of a markdown file than of a generated html15:09
SRabbelierschmrz: I think the conversion from markdown->html should be done in the showing part15:09
SRabbelierschmrz: so, yes, I think _public is a good place to do it, or perhaps public() itself15:09
schmrzSRabbelier: The showing part is what bugs me ... Where is it ? :D15:09
schmrzSRabbelier: aha15:09
schmrzSRabbelier: What is the diff. betwen _public() and public() ?15:10
SRabbelierschmrz: /document/show/ is handled by soc.views.models.document.public15:10
SRabbelierschmrz: public() calls public_, see soc.views.models.base15:10
schmrzSRabbelier: Should I write a wiki document about diferent ways of revisioning the files or should we discuss them here ?15:15
SRabbelierschmrz: btw, there's possibly a way to make the markdown->html process a template tag15:15
SRabbelierschmrz: that way we can use it everywhere, not just for documents15:15
Lennie(Lennie like the template tag idea)15:15
schmrzThat requires changing the templating system ? Basicaly adding a plugin as much as I know about django templates :)15:16
SRabbelierschmrz: adding a new template tag is not that hard, we've done it aplenty in melange15:17
SRabbelierschmrz: it's a few lines of code15:17
tpb<> (at
Lenniecheck that link :)15:18
schmrzI know. That's really not that much of a problem. The conversion is a one-step (also one-line) process... It's more important to decide how to revision the files. So should we do it here or should I post the possible options on a wiki page ?15:18
* durin42 mumbles something about replacing django templates with jinja2 being the best idea since templating itself15:18
schmrzSRabbelier: .15:18
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LennieI gotta leave you guys alone :)15:20
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dbentleyI'm sorry, I'm coming late: version which files?15:21
schmrzdbentley: documents15:21
schmrzUmm yeah, I didn't want to write files, I meant documents :D15:22
dbentleyWhich documents?15:22
schmrzdbentley: umm soc.models.Document15:23
dbentleyOK. Let's assume I'm an idiot.15:24
dbentleyWhy is versioning them awesome?15:24
schmrzBecause it allows you to revert the document to any point in its history. It also allows you to view diffs betwen revisions.15:25
schmrzIt allows yout to recover the document if someone *accidentaly* deletes it.15:26
schmrzdbentley: <-- And it's in the editing requirements :-)15:27
tpb<> (at
dbentleyHuh; interesting.15:28
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durin42SRabbelier: have you guys evaluated wikicreole at all?16:15
SRabbelierdurin42: no, wha'ts that?16:16
tpbTitle: WikiCreole: Home (at
SRabbelierdurin42: it's a formatting style?16:17
durin42It's the nicest wiki markup I've ever used.16:17
durin42There's implementations for bunches of languages too16:17
SRabbelierdurin42: looks pretty standard, what's so special about it?16:18
durin42I'm on a personal mission to end proliferation of custom wiki markup languages.16:18
durin42SRabbelier: It incorporates the best parts of the other languages, and encourages nonproliferation of custom wiki markup systems.16:19
durin42So you don't have to know a markup for each of {Wikipedia,MoinMoin,Confluence,....}16:19
SRabbelierdurin42: except mediawiki hasn't adopted the creaole standard :P16:20
durin42Sure, but unless you're actually going to use the mediawiki syntax, this is probably worth considering16:20
durin42oh, that's what wikimarkup is, isn't it?16:21
durin42(whatever you do, please don't go reinvent the wheel tho, that's just silly)16:21
SRabbelierdurin42: not planning to :P16:23
SRabbelierdurin42: but yes, creole looks like a good idea16:23
durin42I really find the syntax cleans up a lot that I hate in other wiki languages too16:26
SRabbelierdurin42: anything in specif?16:34
durin42I don't recall offhand, but I do remember thinking "ugh, yet another wiki syntax" followed by "oh, this is awesome!"16:37
SRabbelierhehehe :)16:46
durin42also: wtf with git having merge conflicts in stuff I didn't edit?16:47
SRabbelierdurin42: scuseme?16:48
durin42It totally did, honest.16:48
durin42Something about a symlink turning into a directory, or vice versa, and git asplode.16:49
SRabbelierdurin42: could be a bug, I think I remember something about symlinks to directories16:50
durin42I'm just learning the gymnastics to do the merge, then back out the crap I got wrong.16:53
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