Monday, 2009-08-24

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xueqiangping, i got some problem whening using melange. I clicked the resign button, can anyone help me to rollback it?07:17
xueqiangSeveral hour ago, I let my student to check the final evaluation for me, then the unexpected misoperation occured. He resigned my GSoC role. I don't know when the resign link was added on that page and we wanted to recover my account but failed.07:21
MatthewWilkesthe resign link was added before the programme started, iirc.  If you don't have any luck here, email the mailing list07:22
xueqiangI have posted a message on mailing list, but haven't got any reply. Then I come here for help.07:25
xueqiangbut i don't know who can fix it. is there anyone who can give some suggestion?07:26
MatthewWilkesA melange developer with access to the socghop instance.  There aren't many of them07:27
MatthewWilkesyou'll have to wait, I'm afraid07:27
dhaunxueqiang: sounds like this issue?
tpb<> (at
dhaunso I guess Lennie can help, once he comes online07:28
MatthewWilkesdhaun: The problem is that people keep resigning from the programme for no reason :)07:29
dhaunyeah, give them a button reading "don't push this button" - and they'll push it ;-)07:30
xueqiangLennie is comming?07:30
MatthewWilkesxueqiang: There are few people who can fix this for you.  They're all volunteers and very busy.  Please wait patiently.07:30
xueqiangall right then07:31
xueqiangi am just worried about the final evaluation07:31
xueqiangif they won't read the final evaluation from resigned guys07:32
dhaunthere are a few hours left until the deadline - someone from the Melange team will surely show up in time07:33
xueqiang:) someone reply me on the mailing list07:34
xueqiangthanks for all of you ;)07:35
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xueqiangPaweł Sołyga have fixed it for me. :)07:47
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hypa7iaLennie: I emailed you from my other account09:41
MatthewWilkesmoin Lennie10:01
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ArthurLiuanyone knows why my melange page shows me Mono under organizations ?11:29
ArthurLiuI'm admin at debian and have nothing to do with Mono..11:29
ArthurLiuand Debian isn't here11:29
Lenniebecause somehow the memcache likes to screw with people ^^11:29
Lennieclick a Mono link and tell me if you get an error11:29
Lennieif so hurray11:29
Lennieif not omg problems :)11:29
tpb<> (at
ArthurLiuThis entity does not belong to you.11:30
Lenniegood to know11:30
ArthurLiuwe're almost safe11:30
Lennieyour normal menu should be back in 5 min or so11:30
Lenniewhen the cache refreshes it :)11:30
Lennieanything you want a link to :)?11:32
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