Saturday, 2009-08-01

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dhansMerio1: ping?10:27
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Merio1dhans: pong11:53
dhansMerio1: hey :-)11:53
dhansMerio1: just a silly js question11:54
Merio1dhans: yep tell me11:54
dhansMerio1: is this possible to get a number of items in a dictionary?11:55
dhansMerio1: I know that dicts are more like Objects, but it would be nice if I didn't have to use jQuery.each() :P11:56
Merio1dhans: what do you want to achieve?11:58
Merio1dhans: because JSON objects can't be queried for length. you can just iterate with for (var a in obj)11:58
dhansMerio1: a json is received from server: {'aaa': [bbb], 'ccc': [ddd]} and if there is only one key (only 'aaa') I don't want put <select> in the DOM12:00
dhansMerio1: but ok, I am using each(), but I was just thinking if there is something simpler12:01
Merio1dhans: perhaps there's something built in jQuery12:02
Merio1dhans: but I think what it does is just iterate through the object and see how many subobjects there are12:02
dhansMerio1: I couldn't find anything, but probably you're right12:03
Merio1dhans: try wrapping the object in a jQuery object and ask for size()... like jQuery(json_object).size()12:03
Merio1Otherwise you can used jLinq :)12:04
dhansMerio1: I am ok with jQuery :P12:04
dhansMerio1: thanks, I will try that size :)12:04
Merio1dhans: ok12:05
Merio1dhans: are you doing the selection stuff for visualizations?12:05
Merio1dhans: yesterday I've committed something to include google charts too.. they're actually a little bit of a mess, because the visualization it's only one (ImageChart) and the real chart type is determined by an option12:05
dhansMerio1: yeah, so that you can switch between "Students Per degree", "Students Per degree without project", with projects, etc.12:06
Merio1dhans: So I'm doing a sort of workaround, naming every chart as "ImageChartSomething", with the correct option inside12:06
Merio1dhans: so hard coding all these different statistics in Python?12:06
dhansMerio1: no12:07
dhansMerio1: in chart_options JSON string12:07
Merio1dhans: I mean for the different data to retrieve12:08
dhansMerio1: hmm it is not really hardcoded... now you have something like "udergraduate": [1000, 600, 400] and if someone want only json for students with projects he will get "udergraduate": [600]12:11
Merio1dhans: what I'm asking is if you get it from Python backend, if it's filtered client side, or if you're putting three different "data base" in the same visualization12:12
dhansMerio1: actually I've yet to decide, but I am going for the second option, because it does not require 'half-cooked' jsons :P12:14
dhansMerio1: with the first option I was thinking about filtering somehow the ugly looking json created by gviz, but I don't know...12:15
Merio1dhans: but if you're filtering client side you're doing sort of "half-cooked" json12:15
dhansMerio1: so I misunderstood you: I meant to filter on server side :)12:16
Merio1dhans: so you're creating something like "sub statistics" in statistics12:17
dhansMerio1: right :)12:17
dhansMerio1: but it will not disturb with introducing jLinq one day :)12:18
Merio1dhans: that's not a problem, we'll see in the future how to implement stuff to do better things12:20
Merio1dhans: In my mind if you've time to do such an effort, I would prefer something more flexible, but... well.. it's your time, it's up to you :) It's just that I would like to discuss with you what are your goals now for the end of the GSoC, just to know what are your plans. We're at a good point for final goals12:22
dhansMerio1: imho it is quite flexible. i mean better than having three or four different entities. but as I said, if there is time, we can think about more complicated things with jLinq12:26
Merio1dhans: yes, I was meaning flexible for the user end. No probs :)12:26
Merio1dhans: So, what about your plans for the next two weeks? Because I'm working on the image stuff and I'll work on changing the menu... do you want to do the KML exporting? Or want to change the menu?12:27
Merio1dhans: Or.. whatever... just to know :)12:27
dhansMerio1: I'd prefer exporting, but I'll talk with paweĊ‚ about this12:28
Merio1dhans: ok12:29
dhansMerio1: I mean about the file module that he was talking about12:29
Merio1dhans: yes, I remember12:29
Merio1dhans: so well, I think only thing that remains really open is the user rights, am I wrong?12:30
dhansMerio1: hmm probably true12:30
Merio1dhans: do you want to work on those while I'm working on these other stuff?12:31
dhansMerio1: first we need to talk to svere what they had in minds by rights :)12:32
dhansMerio1: but probably it is not very complicated12:32
Merio1dhans: yes, it's just that I would like a list of "TODOs" to divide our work for the final days :)12:33
Merio1dhans: if you think it's useful, too12:34
dhansMerio1: it is useful :)12:34
Merio1dhans: so... my list is something like: image exporting, menu change and then various refinements to Javascript (style and other stuff, useful for the next JS refactoring :))12:38
dhansMerio1: so my is like: finish working on those "with/without/all" statistics, rights, KML12:39
Merio1dhans: great ^__^12:41
Merio1dhans: eheheh funny akregator giving me the content of one of your latest commits says "Current visualization type is remembered in" ... and then shows a void select box :P12:46
dhansMerio1: yeah I hope mentors have not seen that :P12:47
Merio1dhans: P.S.: don't forget the scope_path thing :P12:47
dhansMerio1: ok :)12:47
Merio1dhans: no, that's not a problem of you, is akregator who is funny :P12:47
dhansMerio1: it is a problem that I am too lazy to update chart_options fields :P12:48
Merio1dhans: :P12:54
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