Saturday, 2009-07-25

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Meriodhans: ping :)10:34
dhansMerio: pong10:34
Meriodhans: I'm going to work on generalization to choose the wanted visualization dynamically in the dashboard10:35
Meriodhans: so to export also images using google chart api10:35
dhansMerio: great :-)10:36
dhansMerio: I am still working on preparing data_table objects10:36
Meriodhans: is there a problem of my own local repository or you didn't upload the images for widget collapsing/closing? :P10:37
dhansMerio: maybe I did not ;-/10:37
MerioI couldn't see them :P10:37
Merioehehe np wanted just to be sure, I'm porting all my stuff to new computer so I was wondering if I had had issues10:38
dhansMerio: added them and pushed now10:39
Meriodhans: however... gratz, you did great work while I was idling for exam10:40
Meriothx :)10:40
dhansMerio: thanks :)10:40
dhansMerio: now I am also changing statistics so that all three options (i.e. all Students Per degree, Students with projects per degree, Students without projects per degree) will be stored in the same entity10:41
dhansMerio so they will be visualized in the same chart10:42
Meriodhans: what do you mean?10:42
dhansMerio: you read the meeting summary mail with final goals, did you?10:44
dhansMerio: so there are some statistics like  Students (with/without project/all) by degree10:44
Meriodhans: yes I read it10:45
dhansnow there are three entities for them and I want to put them all in one10:45
Meriodhans: yep the part I didn't understand is about having them all in the same chart10:45
dhansthe json will be like {"master": ["1000", "600", "400"], ... }10:46
dhansand all three stats will be in the same chart10:46
Meriohmm understood :)10:48
Meriodhans: just to know, have you solved the scope path problem?10:48
dhanswhich scope path problem? :)10:49
Meriothe gsoc/gsoc2009 thing10:49
dhansMerio: that it is hardcoded in some .js files?10:50
Meriodhans: yep10:51
Meriodhans: yep, we should have something from the statistic entity that lists available statistics (and their link_ids) per program10:51
Meriodhans: and for each statistic their full link_id, or the link_id of the program and then the link_id of the statistics10:51
Meriodhans: something like that10:51
dhansMerio: hmm yes10:53
dhansMerio: _getJsonResponseForAllStats gives link_ids10:54
Meriodhans: great, I'll have a look at that then10:56
dhansMerio: but I suppose you would want also scope path for each statistic?10:57
Meriodhans: yes, that was what I was meaning10:57
MerioI mean, we don't want to have "google/gsoc2009" hard coded10:58
MerioSo something that comes from backend with the scope path is needed10:58
dhansMerio: ok pushed. _getJsonResponseForAllStats returns now also scope_path11:01
Meriodhans: in scope_path?11:02
dhansMerio: no, in name :P I wanted it to be to be tricky :)11:04
dhansMerio: but yes, it scope_path :)11:04
Meriodhans: :P11:04
Meriodhans: only problems remains in "list of all available statistics"11:09
Meriodhans: to get it I use "/statistic/get_json_response/google/gsoc2009"11:09
dhansMerio: ok I will work on it, but late in the evening. I am going running and will be back at about 10 PM11:13
Meriodhans: absolutely no problems, it's just to remind ourselves this issue, so to not forget it :D11:13
Meriodhans: have a nice running (Envying you, I cannot run more than half an hour :P)11:14
dhansMerio: thanks, but I am not going to run for all the time :P it a run contest which starts at about 8 PM and it is just 10 km, so it is less than one hour :)11:16
MerioOh well, so I could participate for the 1st km :D11:16
dhansMerio: :)11:16
Meriodhans: enjoy :)11:17
dhansMerio: thanks :) see you11:18
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