Friday, 2009-06-19

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Meriodhans: I'll be 5/10 minutes late today, too (sorry about that :)). This morning I've set up the issue tracker in our bitbucket repository, in the meantime you can fill your side current issues and enhancements. You can also label 20090629 the issues/enhancements that you think can be ready for Monday 29. ttyl :)09:59
dhansMerio: ok thanks for letting me know10:00
Meriodhans: also posted the link of the issue tracker in melange demos wiki page and in the dev list, so we're all in sync10:03
dhansMerio: ok I will fill it today10:04
Meriodhans: great.. well I think it would be better if we come up with a list today so we can submit it to our mentors to plan the next week. So we can save time instead of having a meeting for that in Sat/Sun just fill the issue tracker10:05
Meriodhans: for today I mean now for the meeting10:05
dhansok, but probably I will forget about something and put it in the tracker later :P10:06
MerioYeah, that's no problem... I've thought about it so I don't need to save a separate text file with all my tasks not to forget anything... it come up really useful for these kind of things, apart from communication with the community/mentors. In the meantime while I'm leaving for 5/6 minutes if you can give me your status update, too :)10:07
Merio(and I'll give you mine when I'll be back :))10:07
dhansok so I added some new statistics that take data from more than one model and tried to made it more generic (I did not put params in the model since sverre has not responded yet)10:12
Meriodhans: leaving for 5 minutes, bbs :)10:12
dhansMerio: ok10:12
dhansand started to work on searching for possible choices before collecting data as we talked yesterday10:14
dhansit will be ready like tomorrow in the morning or in today in the evening10:14
Meriodhans: back10:23
Merioif it doesn't break things can you commit it?10:24
Meriooh well.. "push" it... still stuck with svn language :P10:25
dhansi'll commit in a moment. just want to purify some code10:26
MerioSo, one thing we're going to need (and I would like to make it happen this week) is to retrieve the data for dashboards in a kind of RESTful way. So I ask for the JSON and statistic logic reply me with the JSON, instead of having it pushed in a context variable10:27
MerioAnd to do that also we need to set up a page for the dashboards10:28
MerioSo we can integrate the ajaxy dashboard (as you can see in issue #15)10:28
dhansI saw it10:29
MerioI would like to come in 29 with something that sounds already working, even if not (obviously) with full functionalities and then refine it for the midterm10:29
Merio16 days left, sounds reasonable10:30
Merio(I mean for the midterm)10:30
dhansyes, but it still seems to be a lot of work10:31
dhansbut we're gonna do it:)10:31
Meriowell, not too much. For Python code we need to setup the dashboard page and to have a JSON response from the server with the data, and JS side we need to integrate the dashboard and do some abstraction in the layer we already have10:32
MerioWe can come up with one or more statistics to be seen, in the dashboard and dynamically changed (so switch between more than one visualization with the same data)10:33
dhansso about this dashboard. will it look similary to the page you sent me some time ago where you can add/remove/modify some widgets?10:33
MerioYes, links are in issue #1510:33
Meriothere are link to the demo and to the tutorial10:34
MerioIf you're not doing anything in the issue tracker I'm going to insert some of these tasks10:35
Merioto happen not after 29, for Python end10:36
MerioThen we can have a look at it together and decide who does what and priorities10:36
MerioOk, going to do10:36
Meriodhans: ok, so here we are. I've also added all "versions", once a week till the final pencil down date10:49
Meriodhans: you can see in the issue tracker the tasks (open) for June 2910:49
MerioPlease add something now if there's something missing (for example tasks that you're doing)10:50
Merio(or want to do in a future)10:50
MerioSo we can decide now who's going to do what for next week and submit it in the dev list for our mentors to decide10:51
Merioif they're good or not10:51
dhansok going to take a look10:51
Meriodhans: About my status update (I forgot): This morning I've set up the issue tracker (I've lost many times looking for other solutions like hosted project management but then I've got to known bitbucket has one :P). Yesterday I've looked into jquery inheritance plugin, but I think now it's not worthy, we'll explore another time if we come up with something wrong with the current implementation. And then10:52
MerioI've explored how to unit test ajax stuff in JsUnit and found it's a common problem that has not a solution with the current code. So found YUITest, I've integrated it also with JSCoverage (not yet pushed, need some refinement, issue #5) and I'm going to port JSUnit tests already in place to YUITest (issue #14)10:54
MerioAh.. I've also made an example of transclusion in the demo instance (as you've seen in the mail I've sent to the dev list)10:57
dhansok thank you11:00
MerioSo just ping me when you've finished putting your tasks in the issue tracker so we can talk about our tasks and declare meeting end :P11:01
Meriodhans: ^^11:01
dhansMerio: yes, ok - I just added this support for collecting choices11:03
dhansI don't feel like adding sometjing else now, because I am having a strange headache and cant really focus on anything ;-/11:05
dhansI will think about it in the evening11:05
MerioOk no problems, if you can just ping me in the evening then11:05
MerioOtherwise send me an email tomorrow11:05
MerioI will be away, so next meeting for Sunday ^__^11:05
Merio(or this evening if you feel better)11:06
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ajaksujamtoday: ping :)17:34
jamtodayajaksu: pong17:35
ajaksujamtoday: I'm submitting views.helper.surveys for review, along with all our surveys JS and CSS... I think I can make the view.survey reviewable in a couple of hours, but I'd like to know what you're planning for the permissions/project link part17:37
jamtodayI'll move the grade activation to the logic layer17:39
jamtodaySo the view can be submitted now17:39
ajaksuOK, and btw do you think the grading in the tabular results should stay in the view?17:40
ajaksuI mean, the per record grading in View.grade?17:41
jamtodayIt looks like the per record grading is a way for the administrator to override the grade for a survey17:42
ajaksujamtoday: I added it in with the 'a mentor or admin will grade many surveys at once' mindset, but it's not a reality for midterms, right?17:43
jamtodaygetting 500s now...17:43
jamtodaythe schema method is breaking17:43
ajaksu(for the record, melange benefits a lot more from a smart IDE (wing here, team likes eclipse?) than any other project I've worked on, jump-to-exception-line and code intelligence do wonders :))17:44
jamtodayMedium-priority, it would be nice to get the basic activation working first17:44
jamtodayYes, it get's complicated sometimes17:44
jamtodaywhen you dive into the internals17:44
ajaksujamtoday: the basic activation you talk about is the one where a mentor in his survey grades a student's survey, right?17:47
ajaksuactivation and recording worked in the tabular view but Lennie explained how the linked surveys are our midterm target, now you fetch projects you have that link working IIUC17:48
jamtodayyes, linking surveys should be easy using the common project for the lookup17:53
ajaksurecording as in adding to respective survey records :)17:53
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jamtodayah yes17:59
jamtodayIt was throwing errors for me :(17:59
jamtodayanyways, I'm refactoring it anyways...ill make sure it works and commit17:59
jamtodayI've started drafting user documentation, and a walkthrough step by step for how the midterms will be administered.18:04
jamtodayand found a new bug...we should be using django templates to autoselect all of the saved options18:05
jamtodayfor project, grade, or a survey choice field18:05
jamtodayand option field order isn't saved18:07
jamtodayor isn't rendered18:08
jamtodayto get the student survey, the most user friendly method would surely be ajax, since the mentor could switch from one project to another without a page refresh18:10
jamtodayAnd could be reused for a page where an admin could see all surveys linked to a project18:10
jamtodaycreate a ticket for this feature simplified, sans ajax or anything fancy --
tpb<> (at
ajaksujamtoday: sorry got busy... have you seen the current ajaxy result display (read-only taking UI)? maybe we could use that with added widgets?18:39
jamtodayI haven't seen that...18:40
ajaksutake a survey, then click on the 'view' link in the results list18:40
ajaksuit opens the taking UI (in a very hard to read gray-on-light-gray text, but fixable) in a read-only fashion18:41
ajaksuthat is similar to the UI a user sees when he has answered a survey but it's past the deadline18:41
ajaksuand if it's past the deadline but he hasn't records for that survey, nothing is shown18:42
ajaksualso, before the opening, nothing is shown... unless the user has edit rights *and* is looking at his own taking UI (as the read only view boils down to one user viewing another one's results)18:43
ajaksuso admins/editors can work with the survey taking UI before the survey is available for other users :)18:43
ajaksujamtoday: so, if a mentor had lots of survey records to grade, the ajaxy display along with the tabular grading would speed things up, specially if we filtered the records shown to those a given mentor can grade18:47
ajaksuand this fits nicely if the results page idea18:47
jamtodaywell there's a choice between an ajaxy way and a more resource-focused method18:48
jamtodaywhere we'd point back to a URL for a project18:48
jamtodayand that URL checks for permissions and shows any survey for a project along with vital project stats, such as it's status18:48
jamtodayI think this second method would be more in sync with how Melange typically works18:49
ajaksuthat makes a lot more sense, I'd never see by myself it because I'm lacking the project/midterm vision but yes, it fits much better :)18:50
ajaksuwe may eventually want a few 'listing' pages, as "surveys I've taken" and "surveys taken by my students", but since we already have project listings, the survey lists are  not a priority18:53
jamtodayI see....then an ajaxy method would be nice because we could just filters on the page18:54
ajaksujamtoday: except for the notifications crude code, I'm ready to work through a review of the view code too... so I'll have the JS, helpers and view to work on. model is almost done (pending more survey taking permissions). I should review the templates now, then go back to notifications... do you think it should move to logic?19:00
jamtodayyes i think so19:01
ajaksuOK, let me do it19:02
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ajaksuand merged and pushed19:12
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ajaksujamtoday: our JS just got out of style again, should I fix it or are you still working on it?19:14
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jamtodayI'm working on restoring saved options19:39
jamtodayI'll fix the JS styles19:43
ajaksuok, I'll hold sending our JS for review, have just sent the view and the JS and CSS we brought in19:52
ajaksuwill send the helper now19:53
jamtodayI just pushed the updated getRoleSpecificFields20:06
jamtodayas i note in the commit msg, it was moved to the views helper because it renders form fields, so I felt it belong in a view while the getProjects belongs in logic20:06
jamtodayThe only thing that isn't being properly auto-saved now is the options within the surveycontent schema20:07
jamtodaybut there's an easy fix im implementing...20:09
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ajaksujamtoday: ah, you had a comment about that... we don't need to move a logic function into a view helper just because it has effects on form fields: the fields can exist in a template (or form) and be rendered accordingly to a variable set by the logic20:22
ajaksui.e., we don't have to couple checking for rights and retrieving db information with actually outputting this information, unless we want to20:23
ajaksuand now that I think of it, the whole read_only and is_editing code i added to views or helpers falls into the same category of 'could be uncoupled for a more modular design' :D20:25
ajaksujamtoday: but say 'push' and I upload the updated version of helpers.views to Rietveld :)20:27
jamtodayyes i agree20:29
jamtodayI started to implement a method for checking all checked boxes in pick_multi and then realized it was too hackish20:31
jamtodayI'd like to modify the addMultiField method to do this20:31
jamtodayand same for addSingleField20:31
ajaksuunconditionally checking? anyway, the "is_checked = lambda value: value in str_values" around line 350 in surveys.PickManyCheckbox seems to offer a neat way of doing this, we'd just have to make it check want you want20:35
ajaksuI even had a todo about this, but never thought of using that function for making it easier :)20:35
jamtodayjust checking the values you've already submitted20:38
jamtodayso when reloading the survey it defaults to your saved state20:38
ajaksujamtoday: on the survey taking UI? if so, that should already work (and did recently), is it broken? :(20:42
ajaksuprobably not in the survey taking UI, as it wfm, so where?20:44
* ajaksu realizes he broke the short_answer button20:45
ajaksuspurious comma :)20:47

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