Wednesday, 2009-06-17

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Merioajaksu: ping08:16
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Meriodhans: ping :)09:21
dhansMerio: pong!10:00
Meriodhans: great ^__^ So, what are you doing right now? I'm solving a problem to use jsunit for asynchronous code, which is actually a pain (the problem I had yesterday). I was waiting for you to get into Python because I couldn't get anything to work in my local instance and I need to ask some questions ^__^10:01
dhansnow I am adding support for stats that takes data from more than one model10:06
dhansand trying to find a good irc client for mac os ;-/10:06
dhansbut of course I can answer your questions :)10:07
Meriogreat :) So, I've started my local instance, loaded simple seed_db data.. and then I come up only with a "Collect statistics" as a sublink of User profile... which actually doesn't work (it points to "test" or something). What can I do to get the same result we have in the demo instance? In that way I can work better and do sensible testing. If we need something in the seed_db which is not there at the moment I think we should add it10:10
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dhansabout the Collect Statistic link in User: as I wrote on our blog, I tried a few ways on how to deal with stats that depend on more than one program (for example Applications Per Program, etc.) and this link is a remainder from one of my attempts10:14
dhansI just haven't removed it yet10:14
Meriook, so what can I do to show the collect statistics inside the programs?10:15
dhansand about testing: if I understand correctly, you have to create a new program owner and then a new program10:15
dhansand then add statistic10:15
Meriothey're created from seed_db AFAIK10:15
dhansto add statistics I wrote a simple script10:16 or something like this10:16
dhansthe usage is quite simple like ./ dhansmelange localhost:808010:17
dhansand then addStat()10:17
dhansthen you just have to give statistic name (like Students Per Degree) and link_id of program in scope10:18
Meriodhans: a friend of mine gave me these links =>
tpb<> (at
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Merio(about IRC clients)10:18
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dhansMerio: great! thank you:)10:19
Meriodhans: is it a temporary solution?10:20
dhansanyway, I think it'd be a good idea to extend seed by creating stat entities10:20
Merioah ok so I can just work with it and then help on giving it a GUI ^__^10:20
MerioYep that should be great10:21
dhansok, so I'll work on it10:21
dhansunless you want:)10:22
Merioactually it can be useful for me10:22
Merioit's pretty simple and can give me something simpler to work on before generalizing the functions we talked about yesterday10:22
MerioAlso I need to work on seed_db in the future, so ... it should help a lot :)10:23
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MerioI've just found a solution to test async stuff with jsUnit (it's very important for the future :)), will give a try later, now I'll work on seed_db10:24
Merioah I was forgetting10:24
MerioCan we merge our repository with the main one?10:25
dhansit is a good question10:25
MerioBecause I think there is some new work on seed_db (not sure)10:25
MerioI mean to put the new stuff in our repository, not touching the main one, just merging with it10:26
MerioDidn't you have done something like that time ago?10:26
dhansyes, but I remember that I screwed up something and eventually merged it more like manually by applying some patches10:27
Meriohmmm not so exciting :)10:27
dhansI think we should ask someone who better know mercurial10:28
Meriook :)10:30
MerioWell... 10 minutes stop and then... seed_db ^__^10:31
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Meriodhans: yup nearly done11:04
Meriodhans: ping11:21
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Meriodhans_: wb :)11:22
Meriodhans_: was pinging you right now :)11:22
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dhans_Merio: pong:)11:22
Meriodhans_: eheh ^_^ well, seed_db is working, I'm going to commit it. Your actual code for visualization needs all data to be collected before working, is it true?11:23
Meriodhans_: just to know if there's something I'm missing11:24
dhans_yes, because it uses final_json_string11:24
Meriogreat, but every time we push to "collect" it just uses BATCH_SIZE, so if I have 200 students now I have to push collect 100 times?11:24
Meriojust to know11:25
dhans_I'd increase BATCH_SIZE... :)11:25
dhans_I set it to be 2, because our instance has 10 students...11:27
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MerioNo problems, it's just to know if I've understood all things correctly :)11:28
MerioI've committed the changes, added also a global list for the available stats11:29
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Meriodhans: what if we go for something more abstract to collect these statistics? I can easily go wrong, but it seems to me we can handle all stuff with only a single function and some parameters11:46
dhansyou mean you do not want a signle function to collect each stat?11:48
dhansacutally each of these functions just give some parameters and calls some kind of more generic function11:50
MerioThis is the reason why I was thinking about it11:51
MerioI mean, why just insert those options into the statistic entity modle11:51
MerioAnd then have a function that retrieves those options and go fetching the right data from the right model11:52
dhansthose parameters, like choices etc?11:52
Merioyes, I need to have a deeper look into it but it seems to be possible11:52
dhansok. it could be done, but (1) I have not seen in melange code any similar solution, so it would be better to ask for example pawel if it's ok;11:54
dhans(2) for more complicated statistics I do know if the one generic function that we have now will be sufficient11:55
MerioFor point (1): ok, that's sensible, we should ask. (2) yes but still we come up doing all "EntityPerField" statistics with only one function... and with more flexibility11:56
dhans(3) those choiceSelectors still have to be for each statistic11:56
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Merio(3) it seems to me for each "field" or something11:56
MeriostudentsPerAgeChoiceSelector: for example this function is related to every entity which has a birth date field11:57
MerioNot just students11:57
MerioMaybe I'm wrong, just tell me :)11:58
MerioLennie: ping :)11:58
dhansprobably right11:58
MerioSo we might end with a function that gathers data having "entity" and "field" as input, that will call the right functions depending on the type of field it encounters11:59
MerioAnd/or some options, we can define it at a later stage11:59
Lenniehi Merio12:00
MerioIn this way we will come up with default statistics (which are those defined in seed_db for example) and then the host can gather other statistics with all the flexibility12:00
MerioLennie: hi ^__^ I was asking Daniel if can be achievable to have a single function in the statistic logic which should handle all "EntityPerField" stats12:01
MerioLennie: instead of having multiple functions like "StudentsPerAge", "StudentsPerDegree" and so on12:01
MerioLennie: I think it can be easily built giving some options in the statistic entity model12:02
LennieI don't get it :)12:02
MerioLennie: but Daniel told me he haven't seen anything similar in the already made code, so ... well, it was better to ask for :)12:02
madrazrLennie: w00t! I finally see you on IRC :P12:02
Lenniemy instinct tell me more methods are better12:02
Lenniemadrazr, go study :P12:02
Meriomadrazr: how's going ^__^?12:03
madrazrLennie: he he, have gone mad already. Got screwed properly today. So came to relax :D12:03
Lenniemadrazr cool :)12:03
Lenniemadrazr, I had no time to really review your patches but that doesn't mean you can't continue working on organization views for tasks on Friday12:03
MerioLennie: I mean, why should we have more methods while the things we're gathering are similar? I mean, if we forget to create a method for "students by age" than, you can't gather these statistics12:03
dhansit is achievable i think, but the question is, if we can (should) store names of for example other function that will be called by one generic function12:04
madrazrLennie: I have already booted Eclipse, getting back to the pace of the code I have written12:04
Lenniewhere do these functions play a role?12:04
MerioLennie: now that statistic is in place, but the host might want to gather data from other entity fields that we might didn't think about beforehand12:04
madrazrLennie: will break tomo again and resume day after12:04
Lenniemadrazr cool12:04
Lenniemadrazr, full time then :)12:04
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madrazrLennie: 120% :D12:04
Lenniehi MatthewWilkes12:05
madrazrfull time + 20% :P12:05
Lenniehow's life?12:05
Meriodhans: we don't need to store function names12:05
LennieMerio: What are these functions you are talking about, I don't know where these come in to play12:05
MatthewWilkesGood, good, rainy here, but that'll pass12:05
MatthewWilkesHow're you?12:05
Lennieis it something the host can tell the system to execute?12:05
LennieIs it something internal?12:05
LennieMatthewWilkes: freakishly busy, finishing bachelor thesis12:06
LennieMatthewWilkes: 1st of July I'm done :)12:06
MatthewWilkesLennie: Ah :)12:06
MatthewWilkesNice, big party after that then?12:06
MerioLennie: are the functions that are called from the host's panel to collect statistics12:06
MerioFor example we have:12:06
Meriodef updateStudentsPerDegree(self, statistic):12:07
Meriowhich goes like this (beside logic):12:07
Merio    choices =
Merio    params = { 'field': 'degree' }12:07
Merioand then calls a generic function12:07
Merio  def updateStudentsPerAge(self, statistic):12:08
Meriowith this12:08
Merio    choices = [str(i) for i in range(0, 100)]12:08
LennieMatthewWilkes: hehe, not really12:08
LennieMatthewWilkes: I might go out :D12:08
Merioand then again the generic function12:08
Lenniecalled frome the hosts panel12:08
Lennieto python code?12:08
MerioI think those things might be well stored in the statistic entity model, then fetched and, depending on the fields to read just gathering the right data from the right field of the right entity12:08
MerioLennie: yep12:09
dhansand for example I haven't seen in existing data model fields that store python code12:10
MatthewWilkesLennie: The big night for me was graduation, not end of exams.  We just sat in the park with a few bottles of vodka, gin, rum, absinthe, etc, and a load of spliffs and smiled for hours at being done12:10
MatthewWilkesGraduation was messy.12:10
MatthewWilkesThat involved far more booze12:10
LennieMatthewWilkes: Graduation is in October12:10
LennieMatthewWilkes: If I'm unlucky I might not even be there héhé12:10
MatthewWilkesThis year's CS grads finish on 10th July12:11
MatthewWilkesI had a choice between graduation or the GHOP prize ceremony :(12:11
MatthewWilkeswas a tough call12:11
Lenniementor summit should be somewhere in that period :P12:11
Meriodhans: I don't want to store python code, just say a json or some other construct that says:12:11
LennieGHOP ftw12:11
Lennielet's hope we can run it again end of this year, *point at madrazr, no pressure dude :P*12:11
Meriowhat_to_load{field: "age", selector: "name_of_selector"}12:11
Merioand then what_to_load {field:"degree", selector: "name_of_selector_2_if_any"}12:12
Meriothen again {field: "country", selector: "name_of_selector_3_if_any"}12:12
Merioand so on12:12
MatthewWilkesLennie: It'll run, we trust madrazr's awesomeness!12:12
LennieMerio, I still feel some seperation of functions is needed although maybe not from the outside :)12:12
madrazrLennie: heh, you need to put some pressure on me, if you want to really extract everything out of me. I am the of the lazy types :P12:13
madrazrMatthewWilkes: thank you!12:13
MerioLennie: what do you mean?12:13
LennieMerio, there should be some kind of base statistics for students I guess, everybody is interested in age, location, etc...12:13
Lennieatleast I thought so12:13
Lenniethis is something you should discuss with Sverre12:13
LennieI think he's the most capable person for this :)12:14
Lennieif you two can't decide :P12:14
MerioLennie: yes, but the base statistics can be defined in the seed_db or wherever we build default tuples of the DB12:14
Lenniemadrazr, than you'd better work your arse off before midterm12:14
Lenniemadrazr, I might hit the fail button :)12:14
Lenniewhat does that have to do with it?12:15
MerioWe need to create entities for the statistic model in some way to give the user the default statistics12:16
MerioThat's true even with the current design12:16
dhansMerio: but for example choices = [ str(i) for i in range(0, 10) ] is not a python code?12:16
madrazrLennie: :)12:16
Meriodhans: it can be handled by the selector function. If you have an age field then use str(i) for i in range(0,100) for example12:17
dhansI am still not convinced - let's  just ask sverre12:19
Meriook going to write an email :)12:20
Meriodhans: before that I'm going to integrate some code of mine into the visualization page12:22
Merioso we're going to integrate the code12:23
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Lenniecrash :(?12:28
MerioLennie: about the "__authors__" field, should I fill it even if I'm changing very little code?12:29
MerioThan I forgot doing it since I joined :P12:30
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madrazrMerio: Hi16:07
Meriomadrazr: hi ^__^ how's going with your exams? I'm watching a movie now, be back in a hour or so :)16:09
madrazrMerio: got screwed in 2/3 :)16:09
madrazrah Ok. See you later :)16:09
Meriomadrazr: ttyl :)16:10
madrazrMerio: sure16:10
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Meriomadrazr: ping :)17:12
madrazrMerio: pong!17:12
madrazrMerio: I have jQuery question to you :P17:12
Meriomadrazr: got screwed in 2 of 3 exams? you mean you did not pass? :(17:13
Meriomadrazr: yep tell me17:13
madrazrMerio: I will pass, for sure, but may not get good marks :)17:13
madrazrfor the jquery spinbox function .spin() is it possible to just specify min but not max?17:14
madrazrbecause there is really no max at all, in my situation17:14
Meriomadrazr: ah well.. let's wait for the results then! The important is just pass the exam sometimes ^__^17:14
madrazrMerio: heh of course :)17:14
Meriomadrazr: have you already tried not specifying the max option at all? It should be enough17:15
madrazrI tried it17:15
madrazrbut then the spin button clicks don't seem to work :(17:15
Meriomadrazr: let me have a look at the source one moment then17:17
madrazrMerio: sure17:17
Meriomadrazr: it seems to require a max value... it's strange :)17:22
madrazrMerio: Ok17:22
Meriomadrazr: well I think there is something wrong with the source17:22
madrazrMerio: no issues, I will talk to Lennie and find a work around :)17:22
madrazrMerio: which source?17:22
Meriomadrazr: of the jquery-spin17:22
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LennieI got pinged :P17:22
Meriolines 47-48:17:23
Merio            if(opt.min!=null && val<opt.min) val=opt.min;17:23
Merio            if(opt.min!=null && val>opt.max) val=opt.max;17:23
madrazrMerio: ah Ok17:23
MerioI think the last one should be if(opt.max!=null && val>opt.max) val=opt.max;17:23
madrazrLennie: not exactly :)17:23
MerioTry to change that line in the source17:23
Merio(line 48)17:23
Lenniesounds reasonable Merio17:23
madrazrMerio: ah Ok just a min17:24
MerioLennie: madrazr: I hope so ^__^17:24
madrazrLennie: I am not submitting it as a separate patch though if it works :P17:24
MerioIf changing that fixes it, then I'll go to see if there is a newer version, if not I'll just ping the author17:24
Meriomadrazr: you should ^__^17:25
madrazrMerio: heh :)17:25
madrazrMerio: w00t!17:27
madrazrit works :)17:27
Meriomadrazr: great! :)17:27
Meriomadrazr: I see that they released a new version, going to see the source17:28
madrazrMerio: Ok cool!17:28
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Meriomadrazr: ehehe lines 101/102 of the new version:17:32
Merio            if(opt.min!==null && val<opt.min) val=opt.min;17:32
Merio            if(opt.max!==null && val>opt.max) val=opt.max;17:32
Lennieinteresting :)17:32
Merio^__^ they also used the !== instead of !=, that's good :)17:32
Lenniewhy is htat?17:32
MerioLennie: hehehe :)17:32
Lennieme no JS expert :p17:32
madrazrMerio: whats the significance?17:32
MerioLennie: madrazr: if you use == in JavaScript the do type coercion17:34
MerioSo false == null returns true17:34
Meriopardon false == 0 returns true17:34
Lennietrue == 112 returns true? :)17:35
Merioluckily no ^__^17:35
Lennie1 == true ?17:36
Lennieseriously they must have that :P17:36
Merioyes, 1 == true17:36
Meriobut if you ask 1 === true it returns false17:37
Merioalso undefined == null returns true17:37
madrazrthats cool!17:37
Lennieyes, I get the principle17:37
Lenniepretty good one17:37
MerioYep :) Integrating jsLint tought me something ^__^17:38
Lenniegood :p17:38
Lennieatleast someone is learning17:38
MerioWhy so? :)17:38
Lenniejust joking around with madrazr17:39
Lenniewho should be studying for his exams :D17:39
Merioahahah ^__^17:39
madrazrLennie: heh, to tell you frankly, the next paper is the final one of bachelor degree(Engineering) and FML, it is a paper on Constitution of India and Professional Ethics17:40
madrazrthe target is to score only 35, which is passing marks, nothing more than that :P17:40
madrazrLennie: heh yeah :D17:40
LennieI wrote a paper on that17:40
madrazrLennie: last sem? :P17:40
Lennieprevious sem that is17:41
madrazrLennie: I remember Sverre telling me about that :)17:41
Lenniehe had to write one too :D17:41
Lenniemine was on the ethics of RFID :)17:41
madrazrLennie: heh Ok :)17:41
madrazrLennie: Oh how come it is different?17:41
Lennieand there ubiqity17:42
Lennieor whatever it is in english17:42
Lenniemadrazr, different?17:42
Lennieare we talking about the subject/17:42
madrazrLennie: I thought yes. No?17:42
Meriomadrazr: if it doesn't break something and if it's useful to do so, we can update the spin button then =>
Lennieyou could pick your own as long as it falls within the domain of CS17:42
tpbTitle: Plugins | jQuery Plugins (at
LennieMerio, might not be a bad idea17:43
Lennieyou could even push that yourself :)17:43
Lennieas first commit :P17:43
Lennieif the other view doesn't break17:43
Lenniewhich I doubt it will17:43
MerioWow that's an honor :)17:43
Lenniejust get it done :D17:44
Lennietalking about which17:44
MerioWell, I'll try that tomorrow to test it a bit... I really wouldn't like my first commit to be remembered as one which screwed up all stuff :D :D17:44
madrazrfirst commit ftl! :P I had to treat my no power friend for it :D17:44
Lenniemadrazr, are you stil willing to get the melange cloak for IRC :)?17:44
madrazrLennie: yeah :D :D :D17:44
Lenniego fix it when you have time17:44
madrazrLennie: fix it?17:45
Lenniefirst time I heared it you volunteered to get it :)17:45
madrazrLennie: yes17:45
LennieMerio hehe17:46
Lenniemadrazr, if you are still willing to get it then go for it :D17:47
LennieMerio, commit early commit often17:47
Lenniebreakign stuff is all part of that17:47
madrazrLennie: sure :)17:47
Lennieone sec17:47
Lennielemme get the amazing talk :)17:47
tpbTitle: YouTube - Google I/O 2009 - The Myth of the Genius Programmer (at
MerioLennie: yep, this is what I'm doing in the statistics branch ^__^ But main repository needs respect :P17:48
madrazrLennie: I saw a bit of it few days back17:48
LennieMet those guys17:48
Lennietalked to them17:48
madrazrwill complete seeing the video17:48
Lenniethey rule!17:48
madrazrLennie: Oh Ok17:49
Meriotitle seems really interesting... it's a pity that flash screws up all things in my box... sic!17:49
Lennie"if you have different opinions, please get your talk at your own conference"17:50
Merioahahah great :)17:51
*** dhans has joined #melange17:53
Lenniethis is a must-see for you guys17:57
tpbTitle: YouTube - Google I/O 2009 - Offline Processing on App Engine... (at
LennieTask API17:57
madrazrLennie: w00t! sure17:57
madrazrLennie: thanks a lot for the link17:57
Meriodhans: have a look at it u2!17:57
Lennieall other Google I/O talks are also on youtube17:57
Lenniewe even bugged his demo :D17:57
Lennieas melange we poked his website when he said it failed :P17:58
Meriowhat do you mean? :)17:58
dhansMerio: ok:)17:58
Lenniearound 46:0018:01
Lenniehe fails at his demo18:01
LennieSverre was the one to say it worked18:01
Lenniebut we were too late :p18:02
Lenniebecause he also added MelangeRocks as name18:02
Merioahah gotta see it :)18:03
Lennieyou can't see it :p18:03
Lenniewe thought of that option too late18:03
Lenniebut brett slakin is awesome :p18:03
LennieI haven't really met him :d18:04
MerioNo I mean when he fails :) ^_^18:04
Lennieonly in the toilet of Google I/O lol :D18:04
madrazrLennie: who is brett?18:04
Lenniethe guy doing the Task API presentation18:04
madrazrLennie: Oh Ok18:04
LennieI'd like to have a talk with him some day18:04
Lenniehe seems like a smart guy :)18:04
LennieGAE is situated in SF office18:06
Lennieso shouldn't be too hard :018:06
Lenniethat's just me being crazy :)18:06
LennieI'm off18:06
madrazrLennie: Good Night18:07
madrazrI am noticing something really interesting here, request.POST returns values of text box only if name attribute is defined :P18:07
Lenniethat's how HTML works :)18:09
tpbTitle: HTML Forms and Input (at
Lenniethere ya go18:09
Lenniemake it easy for yourself18:09
Lennieset the name to the org keyname18:09
madrazrLennie: but why not when ID is not defined? I am wonderinf18:09
madrazrLennie: yeah link_id18:09
Lenniethat's how HTML works :p18:09
madrazrset it now18:09
Lenniedon't blame me :D18:09
madrazrLennie: ha ha :D18:10
MerioLennie: good night then :)18:10
madrazrLennie: later :)18:10
*** Lennie has quit IRC18:10
madrazrMerio: I am leaving too18:10
madrazr3:45 here :P18:10
madrazrGood Night18:10
Meriomadrazr: so goodnight to you too!18:10
madrazrthanks a lot for the help18:11
Meriomadrazr: you're always welcome :) sleep tight!18:11
*** madrazr has left #melange18:12
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jamtodayajaksu: is it just me or is the github issues tracker down?18:53
jamtodayoh..there it goes. just took a minute18:53
jamtodayI just merged upstream with you and made one more small change to edit_survey.js so that sortable works for new options in new selection fields18:54
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jamtodayand i should be pushing the updated seed_db soon18:54
ajaksujamtoday: I think a couple of them could be closed :) btw, I'm adding tons of comments and refactoring methods left and right18:54
jamtodayI just closed a few old ones18:54
jamtodayIt's never fun to see a bloated issue tracker18:54
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jamtodayi can fix the pressing enter thing18:55
jamtodaywe'll probably want that to be a universal dialog setting18:55
jamtodayi believe it's keycode 1318:55
ajaksujamtoday: I fixed it already, it's in the issue :)18:55
jamtodaygithub might as well show me the failsquid, its so slow18:56
ajaksujamtoday: sorry about the ul x ol thing18:59
Meriojamtoday:ajaksu: hi guys, someone knows how to "delete" a commit in an hg repository? :P19:04
ajaksuMerio: last one is easy, rollback... earlier, do you want to remove from history? :)19:05
Merioajaksu: I've done rollback, it rollbacked in my own repository, but not in the remote one obviously. Well, yes it could be better as it's unuseful19:05
Merioajaksu: could be better removing from history19:06
ajaksuMerio: (funny thing, starts with "First of all, a disclaimer. You can't do this. " :))19:07
tpb<> (at
Merioajaksu: well.. it could screw up something? :P19:08
ajaksuMerio: if you're using bitbucket, admin/strip/ lets you remove a revision19:09
jamtodayMerio: i know in git you can push -f which can force a non fast-forward19:09
Merioajaksu: I'll try to do with the admin panel then :)19:10
Meriojamtoday: thanks, mercurial is difficult to manage to me :)19:10
Meriook I'll try to then :)19:12
Merioajaksu: it's done :) heya! :) Thx ^__^19:17
ajaksuMerio: yw :)19:17
Merioajaksu: jamtoday: going to bed now, see you tomorrow ^__^ Thanks a lot again, you saved me precious sleep time :P19:19
ajaksuMerio: good night, see ya tomorrow :)19:20
Meriogood night! cya :)19:20
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jamtodayMerio: no problem. gnight19:24
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jamtodayajaksu: a few new'll want to merge from my master, not working22:27
ajaksujamtoday: fixed :)22:27
jamtodayno conflicts?22:28
jamtodaythats always nice22:28
ajaksuconflicts, some hammer time fixing, now I have to test creation :)22:28
tpbTitle: Commit History for ajaksu's Melange - GitHub (at
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ajaksujamtoday: we now have (bad) tooltips in the edit page and a ton of new comments and docstrings22:29
ajaksuheh, creation is broken22:30
ajaksufixed (my mistake), pushed22:37
jamtodayajaksu: win22:45
ajaksujamtoday: trying to figure out the roles issue you posted22:46

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