Saturday, 2009-06-13

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ajaksuSRabbelier: morning :)07:03
SRabbelierajaksu: morning indeed :)07:04
* SRabbelier will brb07:06
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ajaksuMerio: hi :)07:18
Merioajaksu: heya!!!07:22
Merioajaksu: how do you do? :)07:22
Merioajaksu: Sorry I was drinking my coffee... woke up late this morning :)07:23
ajaksuMerio: I'm fine, thanks, how about you? :)07:23
Merioajaksu: all ok, for the first time in 5 days I've slept a right amount of hours (well... more than a "right" amount indeed :P)07:23
ajaksuMerio: that's good, sleeping well makes wonders :)07:24
Merioajaksu: yeah ^__^07:25
Merioajaksu: how about the survey module? All ok? I'm going away for about 10 minutes, bbs :)07:27
ajaksuMerio: things are moving forward fast, I'll have a demo instance online later today and I've just forked statistic-module-for-melange to see if we can generate easier to consume survey results :)07:29
Merioajasku: back :) I don't know if statistic-module is working at the moment, yesterday I've tried it with James Crook and I couldn't get it to work, perhaps Daniel is doing some work in progress in this very moment.07:41
ajaksuthat's ok :)07:43
ajaksugreat to see you're adding shrinksafe :)07:44
Merioajaksu: have you seen my proposal for JS refactoring? Do you feel it'll be easy to be compliant to that in a later stage with that? Maybe you can read my code for melange.js and melange.graph.js to see what I'm meaning07:44
Merioajaksu: Yes, it's a must have in the future :)07:45
ajaksuMerio: yes, I've seen it and I support it 200%, I just have to learn how to put the necessary HTML in templates :)07:46
Merioajaksu: what do you mean?07:46
* SRabbelier is back07:48
ajaksuMerio: "To put HTML strings outside Javascript code," -> I fail at this: (btw, I've supposedly refactored this one, feel free to complain about it :)07:48
tpb<> (at
MerioAh ok for that thing to happen I'll be posting on my blog update on Monday, I've seen many ways to do it and the most promising it's... let me find the pages one sec07:52
ajaksuSRabbelier: wb :)07:52
Merioajaksu: well for example this =>
tpbTitle: Ajax Pages (at
Merioajaksu: we will probably end up using a sort of "client side django"07:53
Merioajaksu: there are many efforts on this, but I was looking for something that doesn't need to us to learn a new language (as Django does)07:53
ajaksuMerio: something like ?07:53
tpb<> (at
Merioajaksu: for example ajax pages uses common javascript07:54
Merioajaksu: yes, it's a good way, but I would like to keep those stuff outside the logic07:54
ajaksuMerio: the .ajp way or something similar seems very neat :)07:56
Merioajaksu: there is also another way, which is good for unobstrusive javascript, which is this ==>
tpbTitle: PURE - JavaScript Template Engine (at
Merioajaksu: but I don't know how well it behaves on separating logic, need to explore it better, but it's low priority in this very moment07:58
Merioajaksu: otherwise I'll be stuck on design and not doing code for stats module :D07:59
ajaksuMerio: yeah, again I've avoided pinging you for JS advice because you have to work on your project AND you're already doing the JS consultant thing for many things, thanks a *huge* lot :)08:02
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Merioajaksu: well, no worries about that, feel free to ping me whenever you want, if it comes to be a good sync for all of us to do things better and better... well, .... eheheheh... it's... better :D08:04
ajaksuMerio: I should've sent a mail to the list about updating jquery-ui.core.js from @VERSION to 1.6 and adding ui.draggable, ui.sortable (we can reorder choice field options) and jquery.editable (we can edit option values inline) :)08:07
Merioajaksu: that's great, when I need to work on the jQueryUI dashboard your work would probably shorten mine, because I need to integrate draggable as well :D08:15
Merioajaksu: so... thank you ^__^08:15
ajaksuyw :)08:17
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jamtodayajaksu: ping10:33
ajaksujamtoday: pong! :)10:33
ajaksujamtoday: neat fixes, thanks10:34
ajaksujamtoday: our JS now passes jslint and is only a few long lines, comments and html bits away from meeting JS style-guide... can we please keep it like that? :)10:54
Lennieso ajaksu, how is the core survey stuff coming along :D?10:58
ajaksuLennie: pretty good, I should have a demo instance up in a couple of hours... I'll need lots of criticism :)10:59
Lennieajaksu, sure11:09
Lennieajaksu, lemme know when :D11:09
ajaksuLennie: if you have a spare app engine instance, we could cut the 'trying to reach the one friend that has a supported cell phone for app engine activation' delay :)11:10
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Lennieajaksu, yeah11:22
Lenniepm me your account mail11:23
ajaksujamtoday: you broke my real app :(11:58
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ajaksunice people of the channel: can anyone log into to see if the demo works? :)12:05
tpbTitle: Sign In Required (at
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Merioajaksu: it's giving me "You need to be in the user group to read documents in the program prefix", need I to create profile?12:20
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ajaksuMerio: yep, you have to create a profile, I'll see if I can even add you as a developer :)12:29
Merioajaksu: sorry I really need to have a broader knowledge of the backend, next week I'll go deeper, perhaps I'll pinging you a bit ^__^. Going to create the profile12:30
ajaksuMerio: no strings attached, it's just that if you want to test something... :)12:32
Merioajaksu: :D great the autogrowing textarea too12:33
Merioajaksu: seems all working here, don't know if there's something more precise to test12:35
ajaksuyou can test the edit UI in the editable one, once you're a developer you'll  be able to create new ones12:35
Merioin this very moment the editable one just give me a common textarea (no auto-growing), a dropdown and three checkboxes, is it ok with it?12:37
ajaksuhmm, should be autogrowing, proably a js packing issue...12:40
ajaksuoh, silly me, the edit interface is
tpb<> (at
MerioI'm already there12:41
MerioIt seems to load only ui-core (don't know if it's enough)12:42
Meriooh probably this is => /soc/content/js/jquery.growfield.packed-trunk.js12:42
ajaksuno, it should load lots of other things and seems to work here, in the edit interface at least... sorting options also seems work, but using /edit/ instead of /show/12:43
Merioajaksu: didn't notice the "edit" instead of "show" ^__^ ehehe12:44
ajaksuunfortunately I have to leave now for a family meeting, I'll be back in a couple of hours, hope things don't crash and burn :)12:44
Merioajaksu: eheheheh :) see you later :D12:44
ajaksucool, so it's a survey-taking template bug regarding js includes12:44
ajaksusee ya ;)12:44
Merioajaksu: seeing now.. great work men!12:45
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LennieMerio, they rule indeed :P15:48
jamtodayajaksu: understood about the JS styles. Did I break something in the survey taking templates?15:50
jamtodayajaksu: in the survey view model it should specify a create_template HTML file15:51
MerioLennie: they really do ^__^15:53
jamtodayThere's also a backwards-incompatibility with any documents and surveys that don't already have a scope...a couple different ways to solve it15:56
jamtodayajaksu: fixed the bug I introduced, after it reared its ugly head16:15
SRabbelierjamtoday: I'm hoping we'll have Tasks in labs this week :D16:21
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jamtodaySRabbelier: perfect timing16:23
SRabbelierjamtoday: mhh? :)16:23
jamtodaySRabbelier: Because 500s are fun for no one, I'm hardcoding a check in addition to using tasks to upgrade old docs16:24
jamtodaySRabbelier: I'm referring to a backwards incompatibility introduced with documents and surveys16:24
SRabbelierjamtoday: hehe, why not :)16:24
jamtodayand newsfeed will also need garbage collection16:24
SRabbelierjamtoday: why do they?16:24
SRabbelierjamtoday: do you want to prevent people from going back to say, last month's news?16:24
jamtodaySRabbelier: they didn't have scope before now they do16:24
jamtodaywhen you make a newsfeed item, it expects a scope16:25
SRabbelierjamtoday: no right, I get that part16:25
SRabbelierjamtoday: was talking about GC16:25
jamtodayand if it doesn't get one it barfs....but I put in a check just for the older entities16:25
jamtodayit doesn't need garbage collection...16:25
jamtodayI just assumed it would be desired16:25
jamtodayIt probably won't be an issue for a while16:26
jamtodaybut I'd like to try out the Task API anyways :)16:26
SRabbelierjamtoday: aaah, like so :)16:26
SRabbelierjamtoday: the snippets in the newsfeeds won't be that big will they?16:27
jamtodayThe model allows for a payload for each item16:28
jamtodaywhich is basically any kind of HTML or text16:28
jamtodaybut I wasn't sure what if anything would be it's a very simple update message with a link16:28
SRabbelierjamtoday: a major request was for the 'there is an update' notifications to include enough information to decide whether or not action is needeed16:29
jamtodayAnd then that makes all of the security issues somewhat less pressing, since the updates don't contain any private information...other than the fact that something was updated16:29
jamtodayOkay that can be accomplished. But what that information is, I'm still not sure about16:30
SRabbelierjamtoday: ack16:30
SRabbelieragreed it makes security less pressing, :)16:30
jamtodayIt could be hard-coded for each entity type16:30
jamtodayI'll at least start by commenting and writing in the wiki exactly how this payload information can be added16:31
jamtodayor maybe would be useful to get feedback about what this information would consist of16:31
jamtodayBut the cost of clicking on a link does seem to be fairly low against the cost of a granular security implementation and the limits it would produce on things like exporting XML16:33
SRabbelierjamtoday: cost of clicking a link is high for some users16:33
SRabbelierjamtoday: not everybody has broadband ;)16:33
jamtodaySRabbelier: true16:34
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