Saturday, 2009-06-06

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durin42MatthewWilkes: you awake?11:35
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MatthewWilkesdurin42: Ah, hi!12:20
durin42MatthewWilkes: did you look at the buildout patch at all?12:40
durin42I want to make sure I'm not totally failing at buildout somehow12:40
MatthewWilkesYep, I've cloned your queue, going to have a bit of a play.  The has some slight issues re deps and testing, and I'm not sure the best way to handle the 3rd party stuff12:41
MatthewWilkesDoes it need to live there for GAE?12:41
MatthewWilkesI've never deployed to the cloud, so don't know what it needs12:42
durin42My theory was that the buildout would be useful largely for testing, since the in-tree django and so on are what need to be there for deployment.12:42
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durin42What kind of issues in the
durin42I didn't use test_depends out of lazyness :P12:42
MatthewWilkesyeah, tests_require was one of them12:43
MatthewWilkesThe other is you didn't set the test suite, you used a console script12:44
durin42Oh, I forgot that feature exists12:44
durin42As long as that can use the custom wrapper around nose that I built, it'll work fine12:45
MatthewWilkesWhat is the point of that wrapper, anyway?12:45
* MatthewWilkes doesn't understand the magic12:45
durin42It installs a plugin into nose that resets the datastore between each test12:46
durin42and sets up the appengine mocks12:46
MatthewWilkesRight, why wasn't that a new testcase, rather than a nose plugin?12:46
durin42Doing it as a nose plugin means you don't have to remember to call super() on setup/teardown12:47
durin42it's just a ton less work in the long term12:47
durin42Plus, setting up the mocks as a whole has to happen only once12:52
durin42so it's much easier to just do it before entering nose.main12:52
MatthewWilkesok, I'll have a quick fiddle…12:55
durin42Sure. Oh, did you see my patch for gaeftest?12:55
MatthewWilkesNope, but have now12:56
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durin42BTW, I like how gaeftest makes functional testing stupid simple12:57
durin42I've got some other suggestions if you're interested, mostly making the port randomized and then having the url be a property on self12:58
MatthewWilkesdurin42: Pushed12:58
durin42MatthewWilkes: shiny :)12:59
MatthewWilkesdurin42: My other thought on how to improve it got scuppered slightly by how BaseHTTPServer is called in GAE12:59
MatthewWilkesI would like to make it use an AF_UNIX port so it doesn't risk anyone listening to it12:59
durin42I just was getting really confused when I first had the buildout up why the tests continued to fail12:59
MatthewWilkesSorry about that!12:59
MatthewWilkesdurin42: Do you want write to the gaeftest master repo?  I've got no interest in blocking you13:00
durin42Hm, if you explicitly bind to it shouldn't be visible to outside the machine13:00
durin42MatthewWilkes: nah, it makes sense to have the review on stuff :)13:00
MatthewWilkesdurin42: Yes, but not all machines have a
MatthewWilkesfreebsd jails, for example ;)13:00
durin42They don't?13:01
MatthewWilkesFucks me right off13:01
durin42Weird, didn't know that.13:01
* durin42 hasn't played with jails yet13:01
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MatthewWilkesdurin42: Got to run, sorry, still fiddling with and buildout to make it act correctly, having some issues due to the tests not being inside the package being tested13:38
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MatthewWilkesI love the andy17:00
MatthewWilkesI just pushed a new version of an app onto the app store, looked at my phone and it had an "Update available" notice17:01
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durin42MatthewWilkes: for what it's worth the way I have run-tests set up as an entry point does work correctly17:39
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MatthewWilkesdurin42: I'm sure it does, the layout of the project is very unusual though, I'd like to investigate if it can be adapted easily to working like a normal python package17:48
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