Monday, 2009-06-01

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Merio1solydzajs: ping :)14:08
solydzajsMerio1: pong ;-)14:08
solydzajsMerio1: I looked at this visualization-api python library14:08
solydzajsit looks good14:08
solydzajsI think we should use it14:08
solydzajsMerio1: would you like me to add it to our repository ?14:08
Merio1Yep, even if we need to integrate it in Daniel's repository14:09
Merio1I'm not an hg ninja, how can I/we keep the repositories in sync?14:09
Merio1I mean for us to commit the patches you commit in the main repository14:10
solydzajsuse hg rebase extension14:10
solydzajsto sync your repo with main repo14:10
Merio1will have a look at it so14:10
solydzajsDo you guys comply to our commit messages style ?14:10
Merio1At the moment I didn't commit anything in the repository, but I'll comply when I'll do14:11
solydzajsok thanks14:11
solydzajsMerio1: I will add it today to gviz folder14:12
solydzajsMerio1: ok what's next :-)14:12
Merio1solydzajs: Ok, I don't know if Daniel was planning to integrate it himself14:13
solydzajsMerio1: ok let him know that it's available on our main repo and that he should use hg rebase extension14:13
Merio1So next14:14
Merio1About JS layer (will work on the Stat wiki page afterwards)14:14
Merio1I'm planning at least to comply with some of my thoughts about JS code guidelines/refactoring, so to divide in packages the layer14:15
Merio1Meaning with "packages" some correctly namespaced functions14:15
Merio1There will be probably 5 distinct "packages"14:16
solydzajsok sounds good, and we can totally use new namespace for google js apis14:16
Merio11) UI interface (found today a very good plugin for jQuery, called livequery, that binds functions also to yet-not-existent-DOM-nodes, sounds good for the architecture)14:16
Merio1yep, already written some code that make use of that namespace14:17
solydzajsMerio1: can you commit the patch to the list ?14:17
Merio1It's not really a patch, is a simple HTML file with jLinq, in which I create random number of students by age and show a visualization out of it14:18
Merio1Being jLinq used only for a little thing, but works ^__^14:18
solydzajsoh ok14:18
Merio1So, as we're already in the topic, I'll write later about JS layer... and ask my question :)14:19
solydzajsMerio1: can you prepare a status update/ work progress report blog post for our Melange blog ?14:19
Merio1I've seen in Daniel's patch how to create edit/public/list for a model like "statistic"14:19
Merio1But I would like to create a distinct page, like "dashboard" in which I want to start working on the integration with JS. And I don't know where to put my hands on :P14:20
solydzajsfocus on one thing at a time ;-)14:20
Merio1solydzajs: yes, probably I can do it tomorrow if it's ok for you14:20
solydzajsMerio1: ok great, thank you14:21
Merio1Yep, but I've worked hard and done no code commit... doesn't sound so good for first Summer of *Code* week :P14:21
solydzajsMerio1: if you can let Daniel know about it that would be great too14:21
solydzajsMerio1: research is also important14:21
Merio1I'll send him an email14:21
solydzajsMerio1: it's not always code, it's also design, research , architecture, wiki etc14:22
solydzajsno worries14:22
Merio1ok, thanks :) Can slow down my heartbeating for a while :D14:22
Merio1So, you want to hear about JS layer architecture current plans?14:23
Merio1Or just wait for the wiki page?14:23
solydzajsI'll wait for the wiki14:24
solydzajsand then we can discuss if I have any questions14:24
Merio1That's ok, so... I'm sending an email to Daniel and then (after meeting) I'm going to prepare wiki page and blog post :)14:25
Merio1solydzajs: mail sent :)14:35
solydzajsMerio1: thank you14:35
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LennieMerio1, registered yet?15:40
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madrazrLennie: of course I will :D15:41
Lennievoice :)15:41
madrazrit is not so easy keep me out of this place :D15:41
madrazrLennie: wow!!! awesome15:42
Lennieso Daniel Merio and James still need it15:42
madrazrLennie: thanks15:42
Lenniebut I don't see them here atm :)15:42
madrazrLennie: Merio1 is here as Merio1 :D15:42
Lennieyeah but not registered :D15:42
madrazrLennie: heh Ok15:43
MatthewWilkesWho on earth doesn't register on IRC?  tut tut tut15:46
madrazrMatthewWilkes: there are a lot of people I know :P15:46
durin42FreeNode won't let you do /msg without registering15:47
Lennieno pm's?15:47
Lenniethat's cool :P15:47
ErantMatthewWilkes: Nigh everyone on EFNet I'd say.15:56
ErantI'm pretty sure noone on EFNet.15:57
ErantI also can't be arsed to register on each and every IRC network I'm on. I just happened to have registered on FreeNode like 3 years ago.15:58
Lenniewhat's the plan tomorrow?15:58
ErantI'm going to do ST4. Then I'm going to help some fail people with RFID. Then I'm going to this M$ thing to let some woman look at my resume. Then, euh. #undefine15:59
Lenniedidn't Bas talk to you?16:00
ErantBut no plans16:00
ErantOr none that I am aware of16:00
Lenniefailer :P16:00
ErantI'm busy. I havn't got time to plan these things. :P16:01
Lennieso am I :p16:01
LennieI missed the M$ one :(16:01
ErantI saw parts of it16:01
ErantThe motiontracking is epic.16:01
ErantAnyway, so we should let the not-so-busy people plan this thing. I'll just host it. :P16:02
LennieI can't host it16:03
LennieI might not be home in time :(16:03
ErantYa, I heard.16:03
Lennieso I should just drop by when I get home?16:03
Lenniereading multiple pings below the grid16:03
LennieSierra 360 ready for combat16:04
LennieHalo Reach sounds cool :P16:04
ErantYashure. I'm not too sure on the timeschedule.16:04
Lennie18.00 Ninty16:04
Lennie20.00 Sony16:05
LennieIGN player is nice :D16:05
LennieI can watch the whole show again16:05
LennieErant, oh hehe16:23
LennieErant, molyneux finally showed some of the secret :P16:23
ErantAh ;)16:23
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ajaksujamtoday_: ping19:16
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jamtoday_ajaksu: pong23:19
ajaksuhey jamtoday_ :)23:20
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jamtodaythere we go23:20
jamtodayajaksu: i just saw your message on melange-soc-dev23:21
ajaksujamtoday: cool, I just commited a newer packed jquery growfield that gets rid of the jitter :)23:21
jamtodayoh awesome23:22
jamtodaywhat did you change?23:22
ajaksujust a newer version downloaded from svn, not sure what the cause of the problem was :)23:22
jamtodayi just merged upstream earlier today23:24
jamtodayi took out the midterm specific code from my remote master23:24
jamtodayits still on a local branch23:24
jamtodayor rather, i took out the midterm specific middleware that won't be necessary23:24
jamtodaywhenever you have time, we should merge and add a survey component to seed_db to make the access controls easier to work with23:26
ajaksuI thought we wouldn't need anything, but was about to start checking if anything needs porting to surveys... IIUC, Survey and friends will grow the midterm features?23:26
ajaksuI just synced (after a rebase) to your repo, will merge anything midterm has that surveys don't and we'd be good to go :)23:27
jamtodayi think lists are still showing stale fields23:35
jamtodaybut i bet adding some automation will make the remaining issues all easier to deal with23:36
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ajaksujamtoday: I've added the grade property to SurveyRecord and will include the whole form in edit.html so we can have a form id (until we get an id upstream or I learn how to add one in the templating way :))23:51

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