Monday, 2009-05-25

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zvoaseHi everyone17:59
zvoaseI'm a developer who'd really like to get involved in Melange devel (I'm also an old GHOPer)18:00
madrazrzvoase: awesome!18:00
madrazrzvoase: welcome!18:00
madrazrWelcome to Melange!18:00
madrazrzvoase: how would you like to contribute?18:00
zvoaseI've got a suggestion for the text markup stuff (i.e. Wiki/TinyMCE)18:00
zvoaseand I'd like to do some coding18:01
zvoasePython's my primary coding language, and I develop with Django every day18:01
zvoasealthough I haven't done much GAE stuff, but I'm familiar with the platform18:01
zvoaseone thing I wanted to talk about was the text markup/HTML sanitization stuff18:02
zvoaseI'm not involved with the project itself, but I have used (and can heartily recommend) the Python Markdown library18:02
madrazrzvoase: that would be cool!18:03
zvoasethey've recently released version 2.0; it's really clean code (and pure Python), plus I've written a couple of extensions for it so far and it's a dream to work with from both an end-user perspective and from the API itself18:04
madrazrzvoase: can you write your thoughts to Melange-dev list if possible? most of the core devels are not around ATM18:04
zvoaseOK, definitely will18:04
madrazrzvoase: great to know!18:05
madrazrzvoase: this will be definitely useful to us18:05
zvoaseno problem18:05
madrazrzvoase: thanks a lot for your involvement, hope to see your mail :)18:05
zvoaseBecause to be honest, using TinyMCE to generate HTML from the client side and then just accepting that as input is *really* insecure (although you guys probably know that already)18:05
zvoaseI'll send it along soon :)18:06
madrazrzvoase: cool!18:06
zvoaseThere's also another thing which I've noticed18:07
zvoasewhich of course I'd like to help out on if possible18:07
zvoaseobviously this will all go in the e-mail to the list18:08
madrazrzvoase: cool! whats that?18:08
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zvoasebasically, in the top-level scripts/ directory there's a mixture of bash/python scripts to do some things that might be needed in the build/deployment process18:08
Lenniejavascript is always a nice solution :D18:09
madrazrLennie: WB to the channel :P18:09
Lenniehi madrazr18:09
madrazrzvoase: meet one of our core developers Lennie18:09
Lennieo hi18:09
madrazrLennie: Hi ;-)18:09
zvoaseLennie: hi :)18:10
LennieI'll try to get Pawel in here18:10
LennieI think the subjects that zvoase is talking about are more up Pawel's alley18:10
madrazrLennie: ah Ok that would be very cool too :)18:10
madrazrLennie: I have also asked zvoase to send a mail about it to the dev list and he has agreed :)18:10
LennieWTB irc client for mac :D18:10
Lenniemailing would indeed be best this week18:11
Lenniesince we are not really "at home"18:11
zvoaseOK, cool :)18:11
Lenniewe are having a week full of meetings and a conference in SF18:11
LennieGoogle I/O ^-^18:11
madrazrand at Mountain View :P18:11
zvoaseOh *cool*18:11
LennieI didn't want to brag about that :P18:12
madrazrLennie: he he I knew you would say this :D18:12
Lenniebut yeah, we are in MTV atm18:12
Lenniebut it's very quiet18:12
Lenniesince it's memorial day in the US18:12
Lennieso almost everybody is taking a day off18:12
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madrazrLennie: and you took a break too? :P18:12
Lenniethis is strange18:12
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Lennie|MTVwhen I switch tabs in safari I get kicked out of IRC :S18:13
zvoaseI recommend Colloquy as an IRC client18:13
Lennie|MTVgonna open this in another browser window then :)18:14
zvoaseif that kind of stuff is happening18:14
Lennie|MTVyeah I want a proper GUI18:14
Lennie|MTVand something not run in a browser18:14
Lennie|MTVif that's possible ;D18:14
zvoaseyeah, it's a native Cocoa app18:14
zvoaseopen-source too :p18:14
Lennie|MTVnice ncie :)18:14
zvoaseSee, I came here because Leslie Hawthorn mentioned Melange devel on Twitter18:14
Lennie|MTVgonna open this in a new browser window first brb18:14
madrazrzvoase: awesome!18:15
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madrazrIt is Leslie who does the magic always :P18:15
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madrazrLennie6: tell her if she is around :D18:16
madrazrLennie6: we got a potential contributor just by 1 tweet of her :P18:16
Lennie6meet pawel18:16
zvoaseHi Pawel18:16
zvoaseBtw, I'm Zack18:16
solydzajsWhat's up ?:-)18:17
Lennie6so you saw her tweet?18:17
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Lennie6can you give me the name of the IRC client again :D?18:17
Lennie6so I can look it up18:17
tpbTitle: Colloquy: IRC, SILC & ICB Client (at
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solydzajsI'm using Colloguy18:18
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zvoaseme too  :)18:18
solydzajszvoase: Hi Zack ;-)18:18
solydzajszvoase: so how can I help you ?18:18
zvoasesolydzajs: Well, I'd like to contribute18:18
zvoaseand I've already got a couple of things I'd like to help out with18:19
zvoaseone of them is the text markup stuff (I know there's some debate going on about TinyMCE/Wiki markup, etc)18:19
solydzajsyep there is ;-)18:19
solydzajshave you joined our melange dev group ?18:19
solydzajsgoogle group I mean18:19
zvoaseJoining now; I was about to write a message to it18:20
solydzajsIt would be great if you could introduce yourself there and write what do you plan to work on :-)18:20
solydzajsnot everyone is on IRC all the time ;-)18:20
zvoaseOK, I will do ;)18:20
solydzajsthanks ;-)18:20
solydzajswhere are you from ?;-)18:20
zvoaseI'm from London, currently living in Spain though (GMT+1)18:20
zvoaseI was in the first GHOP18:21
zvoaseas a student18:21
madrazrLennie: this is awesome ^18:21
solydzajsoh awesome ;-)18:21
zvoaseStill at high school though :)18:21
madrazrsolydzajs: Lennie: we can get feedback ^18:21
solydzajsmadrazr: yep good ;-)18:22
zvoaseunfortunately, I can't participate in GSoC :(18:22
zvoasebut if/when there's another GHOP, I'm definitely going to take part.18:23
madrazrzvoase: which project do you contribute to? you said you are a developer right?18:23
zvoasemadrazr: I'm working on a few open-source and proprietary apps right now, mainly web development stuff18:24
madrazrzvoase: cool!18:24
zvoasemadrazr: see for some of my projects18:24
tpbTitle: disturbyte's Profile - GitHub (at
zvoaseoh wow18:24
Lennievisiting microkitchen :P18:24
zvoaseit gets the titles for you and *everything*!18:24
solydzajszvoase: yep we are preparing for next GHOP18:25
solydzajszvoase: at the end of this year :-)18:25
zvoaseso exciting!18:25
Lenniemadrazr is programming GHOP :)18:25
Lennieif everything goes well18:25
Lennie(no pressure madrazr :P)18:25
zvoaseas a mentor?18:25
Lenniehopefully end of this year idd :D18:25
Lenniementor what...?18:25
zvoasein GHOP?18:25
Lennieyou mean madrazr?18:25
zvoase:) sorry18:26
Lennieno ^^18:26
madrazrLennie: everything will go well for sure :)18:26
madrazrthats a promise :P18:26
Lenniehe's adding GHOP to melange for his GSoC project18:26
solydzajszvoase: nice list of projects :-) good that you are familiar with python and django18:26
zvoaseOH, right :)18:26
Lennieso he's the one making sure GHOP will hapen again18:26
solydzajszvoase: do you know app engine too ?18:26
zvoasesolydzajs: thanks18:26
zvoasesolydzajs: I've done a tiny bit of GAE devel18:26
zvoaseI wrote a (imho) quite cool app18:26
zvoasewhat it does is it allows you to fetch RSS/Atom feeds and load them via JSONP18:27
zvoaseit uses the Python feedparser library18:27
solydzajszvoase: cool ;-) happy to hear that18:27
tpbTitle: JSONFeed (at
zvoase*really* simple, but it works.18:28
zvoasein my opinion, if you have less code, you have fewer bugs.18:29
solydzajsgreat that you want to help out :-)18:29
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Lennie_colloguy :)18:29
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Lennieworking IRC client :)18:31
Lenniethanks zvoase :D18:31
zvoaseno problem18:31
MatthewWilkeshi there Lennie!18:40
Lenniehi :)18:40
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Meriosolydzajs: ping18:59
solydzajsMerio: pong ;-)18:59
LennieMerio: ? :D19:03
Lenniehow's Dublin?19:03
MerioLennie: hi ^__^ That's all ok here, even if I'm at home most of the day :P Sunday I went out for a little tourism around for the first time since I'm here :)19:04
MerioLennie: What about SF? :)19:04
Lennieok cool19:04
Lenniehaven't seen much of SF yet19:04
Lenniethat's on wednesday and thursday :D19:05
Lenniebut MTV seems to be cool :P19:05
MerioWhat have you seen around, apart from G offices? :)19:08
MerioLennie: ^^19:08
Lenniemy hotel :P19:08
MerioLennie: wow ^__^19:09
Lennieand the places/restaurants around the hotel :P19:09
Lenniethis is the first day without jetlag so:D19:10
Lenniebut I'll manage19:10
LennieG is interesting enough:D19:10
MerioSure it is :P ... Well.. huge jetlag :P19:11
Lenniemwah :D19:15
Lennieit's okay19:15
LennieHopefully gone now :D19:15
Lenniewill have it again when I get back19:15
Lennielast time I slept for 20hours :P19:15
MerioLennie: I do almost everyday, so what? :P19:18
Lennie hehe19:19
zvoaseOK, I sent my intro message to the list :)19:26
solydzajszvoase: reading now ;-)19:30
Lennietoo long :P19:30
Lenniejust kidding :), thanks19:30
zvoasenp :p19:30
solydzajszvoase: did you join both melange-soc and melange-soc-dev groups ?19:30
zvoaseJust melange-soc19:31
zvoaseI'll do the -dev one now19:31
zvoaseI didn't know there was a separate -dev one.19:31
zvoaseah, well.19:31
solydzajshappens :D19:32
zvoaseI wouldn't have been able to post there anyhoo.19:32
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solydzajswhy ?;-)19:35
solydzajsyou are :-)19:35
solydzajswe changed the rules ;-)19:35
solydzajsanybody can post there19:35
zvoaseoh, right, it still says you have to be a project member on the actual webpage19:35
Lenniefail ^^19:36
zvoasedo you want me to re-post it on the -dev list?19:36
zvoaseor just a link?19:36
Lennieno general is fine for this :D19:36
solydzajsit's fine19:36
Lennieit's out there already :D19:36
zvoaseyou probably don't want my introductions cluttering up your commit messages either :D lol19:36
solydzajszvoase: commit messages go to separate group19:37
solydzajszvoase: melange-soc-commits ;-)19:37
zvoasesolydzajs: talk about organization :)19:37
zvoaseso what are your initial impressions?19:41
solydzajsit would be great if you could work on TinyMCE replacement but we need to discuss what we want to replace it with19:48
Lenniemarkdown is one of those options19:48
Lenniebut so is some kind of Wiki format19:48
zvoaseexactly, that's why I said I wasn't going to jump in and start working on it before a decision had been reached19:48
zvoaseMarkdown's inline code highlighting is a *very* cool feature19:48
zvoaseespecially for this sort of thing19:48
solydzajsregarding Paver I would like to get a more detailed description what would you like to achieve with it other than possibility to run Melange on windows without Cygwin19:49
zvoaseit's mainly for cleaning up the scripts/ directory19:49
zvoasebut it's a purely technical thing19:49
zvoaseWhat I shall do is...19:49
zvoaseI'll port the script over to Paver19:50
zvoaseso you can see what it's like19:50
ajaksusolydzajs, Lennie, zvoase: consider the python-loved ReST too :)19:50
solydzajszvoase: ok sounds good :-)19:51
zvoaseajaksu: ReST is very cool, I did some work with docutils for GHOP actually19:51
zvoaseThe only issue with ReST is that it's a bit slower and it's quite 'heavy' if that makes any sense19:52
zvoaseit's more for making complete documents, for comments it might be overkill19:52
ajaksuzvoase: as in usability? agreed :)19:52
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Lenniebye bye :)21:08
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ajaksujamtoday: ping :)21:14
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