Wednesday, 2009-05-20

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durin42solydzajs: I think I might have figured out how to do hg polling for buildbot10:13
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SRabbelierdurin42: oh? do tell?16:32
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ErantJames--Crook: People can be too damn creative for their own good, so it seems. :P16:45
James--CrookErant: It's because there is commercial gain in that kind of exploit.  That is why it has been so intensively 'investigated'.....  And I guess there is the puzzle mentality too, the 'Jeez that looks weird - I wonder if they thought of...'  and it goes on from there.16:48
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* SRabbelier wonders what the exchange between James--Crook and Erant was about18:16
ErantAnd XSS18:43
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ajaksujamtoday: ping?20:10
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jamtodayajaksu: pong20:31
ajaksujamtoday: hi, I'm cloning git:// and would like to coordinate with you to avoid manual syncs :)20:33
ajaksuwould it help if I created a github repo?20:33
jamtodayI forked Melange from Sverre20:42
jamtodayYou can fork from me20:42
ajaksuOK, I'll do that now :)20:43
ajaksuany preference on how to best split work?20:44
jamtodaySince we're going to be working on the same feature, we'll probably want to work on the same repo and then regularly merge our branches20:46
jamtodayDo you like working with javascript, or would you prefer working with views or models?20:46
jamtodayIf we're working with a single repo, we can also use the issue tracker to coordinate our work20:49
ajaksuok, would the repo it be your github one? I'll try to keep my branch in sync with hg-git, so it's also easier to upload reviews to rietveld20:49
jamtodaythats a great idea20:49
ajaksuI'm not very good with javascript, but one of the reasons I want to work on this is to learn new things... maybe we could claim different tasks based on open issues? that would also make it easier to offer suggestions on each other work :)20:51
ajaksuthe melange issue tracker on google code? I can move the issues there if so :)20:52
jamtodayI think I'm close to fixing the caching issue20:56
ajaksucool :)20:56
jamtodayAnd I'm going to refactor a couple of the remaining code smells. There's a spot where I wanted to serialize a value and POST it, but it wasn't working in JSON so I ended up using this weird "__" prefix thing with a regex....pretty ugly20:57
jamtodayIf there's a place where you can be especially helpful, its in subclassing the survey and making sure the permissions and features are ready for midterms.20:58
jamtodayI should make it more clear in the wiki, but the midterms have their own requirements, so things like grading shouldn't actually be included in the survey base class20:58
ajaksuah, I was thinking about that, also regarding the 'correct answers' RFE20:59
ajaksusubclasses of Survey make more sense20:59
ajaksu :)21:00
tpbTitle: ajaksu's Melange at master - GitHub (at
ajaksushould I merge my style changes there or would you rather leave that for later?21:02
* jamtoday -- remote add ajaksu git:// ajaksu/Melange.git 21:03
ajaksujamtoday: I'll claim the permissions work then, checking and the use cases :)21:10
jamtodayI was actually talking about the github issue tracker, since you can do all these fancy post-receive hooks21:10
jamtodayBut i do think it would actually be better to use the melange issue tracker21:10
jamtodaySince apparently that's how this whole "open source" thing works21:10
jamtodayIn my commit message, I'll start saying which files I'm planning on working with next, so we can avoid merge conflicts21:12
ajaksuI can move the issues to either of them, Pawel has suggested the melange tracker too21:12
ajaksuI'm a bit issue-tracker-happy, so feel free to tell me when I'm filling pointless issues instead of hacking :)21:13
jamtodayit's okay we all have our issues21:13
jamtodayOne of the permissions issues for the gsoc/midterm subclass is to get the permissions field to list "student" and "mentor" instead of "restricted" and "user", and we probably don't even want "public" as an option.21:20
ajaksuhave you seen my patch with a workaround for the 404 we get on ?21:23
ajaksulittle changes to your with DOCUMENT_ACCESS and read_access class attributes in class Survey( should do the midterm trick21:41
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ajaksujamtoday: I've fixed the permissions issue (we were checking against checkIsDocumentX, should be checkIsSurveyX), now I'm trying to change my clone of your repo to push to mine :)22:51
jamtodayi'd think the fork would do this for you, but you just need to edit your .git/.config file22:51
ajaksuI actually saw that but was afraid it would break stuff, thanks! :)22:52
jamtodayand then I added this to my config file:22:56
jamtoday[remote "ajaksu"]22:56
jamtodayurl = git://
jamtodayfetch = +refs/heads/*:refs/remotes/ajaksu/*22:56
jamtodayYou'd do the same thing, but switch your name with jamslevy22:56
ajaksugreat, I've added you there and the push worked, thanks! :)23:06
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jamtodayajaksu: just merged your latest commit and pushed back to my repo. We officially have a git workflow23:13
ajaksucool, and it didn't hurt as much as I thought it would :)23:13

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