Tuesday, 2009-05-12

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madrazrLennie: ping15:00
madrazrbawaah what a timing :P15:00
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madrazrGuest25527: whats the number that follows after Guest? :P15:03
madrazrwhat does it signify?15:03
*** Guest25527 has quit IRC15:04
SRabbeliermadrazr: ping15:10
madrazrSRabbelier: pong15:10
SRabbeliermadrazr: we're having troubles wit hthe internets in the hotel15:10
SRabbeliermadrazr: (which is where we lured lennard into)15:10
madrazrSRabbelier: ah Ok15:11
SRabbeliermadrazr: giving him my lapotp15:11
madrazrSRabbelier: LH is also there? :P15:11
madrazrSRabbelier: Ok15:11
*** SRabbelier is now known as Lennie-Kidnaped15:11
madrazrHA HA HA :D15:11
madrazrROFLMAO ^15:11
Lennie-Kidnapedwassup :)15:12
madrazrLennie-Kidnaped: praying for your safe return ;-)15:12
madrazrask Sverre whats the ransom :D15:12
Lennie-Kidnapedhopefully not too mcuh :P15:14
Lennie-KidnapedI'm still a student ^^15:14
madrazrhe he15:14
Lennie-Kidnapedlets get started15:14
dr__houseLennie-Kidnaped: you remind of Lennard from TBBT :P15:14
*** Lennie-Kidnaped is now known as Lennie-Melange15:14
madrazrLennie-Melange: are we starting the meeting now?15:15
Lennie-Melangeimprovisatoin :)15:16
madrazrLennie-Melange: of?15:16
Lennie-MelangeI don't have all the info I need on hand due to internet problems :D15:16
madrazrLennie-Melange: Oh sad15:16
madrazrLennie-Melange: so changes in the agenda?15:17
Lennie-Melangeso is anybody else here besides madrazr?15:17
Lennie-Melangewe have Sverre and Leslie on my side :)15:17
madrazrLennie-Melange: I guessed LH would be there :D15:17
* madrazr waves to LH15:17
madrazrwe track your whereabouts too ;-)15:18
Lennie-Melange1. Was the outcome of the last meeting satisfactory? Are there any outstanding issues with the requirements?15:18
Lennie-Melangeis the first point on the agenda15:18
madrazrit was satisfactory for me15:18
madrazrLennie-Melange: no, there aren't any issues with requirements for now15:19
Lennie-Melangeif noone else is here we can get this over with quickly, most of the work needs to be done on the wiki anyway15:19
Lennie-Melangeyou saw that I added the requirement for publishing tasks?15:20
ajaksuguys, just because I worry about you getting your logs mixed: aren't meetings usually done in #melangedev ?15:20
Lennie-Melangethat's just for dev talk only :)15:20
madrazrLennie-Melange: yes15:20
madrazrLennie-Melange: you added, ability to hide tasks and feeds?15:20
Lennie-Melangefeeds is NTH right?15:20
Lennie-Melangeit might use some of the work of James levy15:21
madrazrLennie-Melange: yeah15:21
Lennie-Melangelet's talk some code then :D15:21
madrazrLennie-Melange: Ok15:21
Lennie-Melangemodels are the first up on your timeline right?15:21
madrazrLennie-Melange: yeah15:22
madrazrLennie-Melange: btw I put the timeline on the design wiki and updated it a bit15:23
Lennie-MelangeI saw the diff fly by15:23
madrazrLennie-Melange: OK15:23
Lennie-Melangeit was one of the points on the agenda to post that15:23
Lennie-Melangeso others know what and when to expect15:23
madrazrLennie-Melange: Oh Ok15:23
Lennie-Melangeand so I can publicly torture you when you fail to make deadlines ^^15:24
madrazrROFL :D15:24
madrazrLennie-Melange: Wiki ftw! edit timelines :P15:24
* madrazr runs15:24
* Lennie-Melange awaits madrazr arodun the corner15:25
Lennie-Melange(hurray for remote desktop lag :D)15:25
* madrazr is back :P15:25
Lennie-Melangeso datamodels15:25
madrazrLennie-Melange: I had proposed 5 in my proposal15:26
madrazrLennie-Melange: do you have plans other than that?15:26
Lennie-Melangehold on getting your proposal :)15:26
Lennie-Melangesorry for slowness today :(15:27
madrazrLennie-Melange: absolutely no problem15:28
Lennie-MelangeYour 5 are, task, tasktrack, orgtask,reopenedtasks,student15:28
madrazrLennie-Melange: yes15:29
Lennie-MelangeI think we've discussed the task model on the wiki?15:29
madrazrLennie-Melange: yeah15:30
Lennie-Melangeorgtask should just be an expension of the org model15:30
madrazrLennie-Melange: we have discussed only about Student Property15:30
Lennie-Melangeso that we can add the maximum number of allowed tasks field15:30
madrazrLennie-Melange: yeah Ok continue15:31
Lennie-Melangelet's discuss tasks model and put the rest on the wiki since noone else is here :D15:31
madrazrLennie-Melange: Ok15:31
Lennie-MelangeI would like to suggest that you put a datamodel design on the wiki then15:31
Lennie-Melangewith all the fields you are going to use15:31
madrazrLennie-Melange: Ok making a note of it15:32
Lennie-Melangeare you okay with that? Because it is easier to discuss when it is on paper15:32
madrazrLennie-Melange: yes15:32
Lennie-Melangethe tasks can have a state property like the ones we described15:32
Lennie-Melangestill needs to included the unpublished state though15:33
Lennie-Melangesince that got added a few days ago15:33
madrazrLennie-Melange: yeah Ok15:33
Lennie-MelangeI'm wondering what you'll come up with for comments and other stuff :)15:33
madrazrLennie-Melange: Comments cannot use the existing GSoC models?15:34
Lennie-Melangenot the one used in GSoC15:34
Lennie-Melangebut there is a more general one15:34
Lennie-Melangeit's the Comment model15:34
Lennie-Melangeso you should try and take a look at it15:34
Lennie-Melangeand see if it fits into your plan15:35
madrazrLennie-Melange: Ok15:35
Lennie-Melangebecause this meeting is not easy for me it would be better to use LH because this is the only day she'll be doing stuff :)15:35
Lennie-Melangeso it might be best if we do the questions and discuss the UI on a more convient time/place15:36
Lennie-Melangepreferably with Pawel :)15:36
madrazrLennie-Melange: Ok :)15:36
Lennie-Melangeso bring on any questions you have so far about GHOP :)15:36
* madrazr goes to see the questions listed on the Design page15:37
madrazrfirstly, should mentors be allowed to delete the tasks that is already claimed/requested to be claimed once?15:37
Lennie-Melangethat would be unfair :)15:37
Lennie-Melangeit's against contest rules afaik15:38
* Lennie-Melange points at LH :P15:38
Lennie-Melangeonly when they have not been claimed15:38
Lennie-Melangeas long as  a student has not shown interest in the task then it can be deleted15:38
madrazrwhat if the mentoring organization finds that the task to be completed by school kids after a student fails to complete it?15:38
Lennie-Melangeso as long as nobody requests to clam it15:38
madrazr*task is too difficult to be completed15:39
Lennie-Melangeit can be deleted then15:39
Lennie-Melangeso as long as it in the open or repoened state it can be deeted15:39
Lennie-Melangeor ofcourse the unpublished ones15:40
Lennie-Melangethey can be deleted as well15:40
madrazrLennie-Melange: Ok15:40
Lennie-Melangebut as soon as  student has requested the claim it cannot15:40
Lennie-Melange(are you updating the wiki this info?)15:40
madrazrLennie-Melange: yes15:40
Lennie-Melangenext Q15:40
madrazrLennie-Melange: not yet over15:40
madrazrshould mentors be allowed to delete15:40
madrazror only OAs?15:41
Lennie-Melangeyeah they can15:41
Lennie-Melangewe trust them :)15:41
Lennie-Melangeso mentors can delete15:41
madrazrLennie-Melange: without OAs approval?15:41
madrazrLennie-Melange: cool!15:41
Lennie-Melangejust on their own accord15:41
Lennie-Melangemakes it easier :)15:42
madrazrLennie-Melange: can mentor James delete the task created by mentor Paul?15:42
Lennie-Melangethey can do that15:42
Lennie-Melangeregardless of who is the assigned mentor15:42
madrazrso that also means mentors will be allowed to edit tasks regardless of who created it?15:42
madrazror who is assigned as mentor for that task?15:43
Lennie-Melangeyes all mentors can15:44
Lennie-Melangesomething just popped up here15:44
Lennie-Melangewe should store mutliple mentors for one tasks15:44
Lennie-Melangeso people know who to contact15:44
Lennie-Melangethey can edit any tasks that has been approved/created by OA15:44
Lennie-Melangethe tasks cannot be edited when they have been claimed15:45
Lennie-Melangesame as deletion15:45
Lennie-Melangecontest rules15:45
Lennie-Melangethey can add comments if mistakes happen15:45
Lennie-Melangewe'll get to deadline stuff later (if I look at the questoins)15:45
Lennie-Melangeanything else about the power of mentors?15:45
madrazrLennie-Melange: done15:45
Lennie-Melangeit's just almost the same like OA but they cannot publish their own tassks15:46
Lennie-MelangeOA has to approve the task :)15:46
Lennie-Melangebut we already talked about that15:46
Lennie-Melangenext :D?15:46
madrazrLennie-Melange: the one before the deadline extension stuff :)15:47
Lennie-Melangethat's about the URl stuff?15:47
madrazrLennie-Melange: how should edits be handled15:47
Lennie-Melangeas in?15:47
madrazrLennie-Melange: I had planned that whenever OA/mentor should change in anything related to the task including changing the state or editing the content itself he must goto Edit15:48
madrazrthe same interface appears15:48
Lennie-Melangethe state mostly changes automatically tright?15:49
madrazrLennie-Melange: Assigned is not done automatically15:50
Lennie-Melangemost of it ^^15:50
madrazrLennie-Melange: I think it is the other way round, only some are automatic15:50
Lennie-Melangeassigned is easy right? because the student already showed interest?15:50
Lennie-Melangea real edit can only be done when the task is open15:52
madrazrLennie-Melange: so they both must be separated?15:53
Lennie-Melangesounds sane15:53
madrazrLennie-Melange: Ok15:53
madrazrLennie-Melange: I think thats all I had15:54
Lennie-Melangewe can dicuss views on the wiki after you put up the models?15:54
madrazrLennie-Melange: yeah15:55
madrazrLennie-Melange: models you want me to put as UML?15:55
Lennie-Melangethere is one more question about deadline extension on the wiki15:55
Lennie-Melangewhatever makes you feel happy15:55
Lennie-MelangeUML is not necessary15:55
madrazrLennie-Melange: Ok15:55
madrazrLennie-Melange: I will initially put up just the text containing models and properties15:55
Lennie-Melangeas long as people an can easily see what is in the models and what type it has15:55
madrazrlater while refining will create UMLs15:56
madrazrLennie-Melange: Ok15:56
Lennie-Melangeone more thing about deadline extension then15:56
madrazrLennie-Melange: yeah?15:56
Lennie-Melangeit can only happen when the student has submitted something15:56
Lennie-Melangeso no pre-deadline extension without submission according to LH15:56
madrazrLennie-Melange: say if student has fixed some wiki changes?15:56
madrazrthere is no submission as such right? should he be forced to provide at least an external link?15:57
madrazrs/he be/he must be/15:57
Lennie-Melangeclick the "I are done" button15:57
Lennie-Melangeor something like that15:57
Lennie-Melangedepending on if we have file upload15:57
Lennie-Melangethey should have a way to say where they can see where their work is15:58
Lennie-Melangeso probably the student should have a comment box15:58
Lennie-Melangewhere they can enter text15:58
madrazrLennie-Melange: yeah Ok, we have planned to provide a text box too right? like we had in GSoC proposal which said, "Additional info"15:59
Lennie-Melangeand a button to say they are done15:59
madrazrLennie-Melange: for linking to external work15:59
madrazrLennie-Melange: submission is either through file upload(if allowed) or external link15:59
Lennie-Melangethe external link would be awesome16:00
Lennie-Melangebut shouldn't be required16:00
Lennie-Melangesince it might not always be possible16:00
madrazrLennie-Melange: yeah that would be an optional text box16:00
Lennie-Melangebut that seperation is nice16:00
Lennie-Melangeyou can do some stuff with that16:00
Lennie-Melangemaybe add it in task model16:00
Lennie-Melangeso you can easily show the link to the submitted work16:00
Lennie-Melangewhich would make it easier for mentors to find what they are looking for16:02
madrazryeah Ok16:02
Lennie-Melangeso there should be an easy way for  a student to say I'm done16:03
madrazrLennie-Melange: one question, related to Model design though16:04
Lennie-Melangebring it16:04
madrazrLennie-Melange: how do we keep Task History we planned for the other day?16:04
madrazrLennie-Melange: we need to define a separate model to keep history where each entity stores one state?16:05
Lennie-Melangeyeah we defineatly need a new model for it16:06
madrazrLennie-Melange: Ok16:06
Lennie-Melangeimportant stuff is16:07
Lennie-Melangehow many reopned16:07
Lennie-Melangehow long it took to complete it16:07
Lennie-Melangewho worked on it16:08
Lennie-Melangeit would require some additonal thinking16:09
Lennie-Melangesomething like a model that can records what happened to a task16:09
Lennie-Melangesomething like timestamp and what happeed16:09
madrazrLennie-Melange: yeah Ok16:10
Lennie-Melangeprobably 1:1 link to a task16:10
madrazrLennie-Melange: I was thinking of Task 1:N TaskHistory16:11
Lennie-Melangeor not16:11
Lennie-Melangeand then taskhistory has an action string property16:11
Lennie-Melangewhich is probably a choice filled with the stuff that can happen?16:11
madrazrLennie-Melange: you mean the stuff that happened?16:12
Lennie-Melangebut it needs to e machinereadbale so we can mine it :)16:12
madrazrLennie-Melange: better is to store the Snapshot of that Task itself at certain point in time16:13
madrazrwith additional fields like time stamp?16:13
Lennie-Melangecan you write that down in the wiki how you wantto make it work16:13
madrazryeah sure16:13
Lennie-Melangebecause I'm not sure a snapshot would serve the purpose16:14
Lennie-Melangelet's close this meeting if there are no further questions :D?16:14
madrazrto make it more ambitious store only the changesets like Revision Control Systems and cry Sverre for help when something goes wrong :D16:14
madrazrLennie-Melange: no more16:14
Lennie-MelangeYou will edit the wiki within 3 days? So we can continue talking about the UI?16:14
madrazrLennie-Melange: yeah Ok16:14
madrazrLennie-Melange: wait16:15
Lennie-MelangeI'll post a summar16:15
Lennie-Melangewithin 2 days16:15
madrazrmake it  4 days actually, I will not have access to computer itself on the whole of Thursday, I will be editing from tomo morning itself16:15
Lennie-Melangeplease save your temp edits16:15
madrazrLennie-Melange: yeah sure16:15
Lennie-Melangeit shouldn't take you too long ^_^16:16
madrazrhe he :) but writing tests are pending too :P16:16
Lennie-Melangenice nice16:16
Lennie-Melangemakes sverre hapy16:16
madrazrso trying to strike a balance :P16:16
Lennie-Melange^_ ^16:16
Lennie-Melangeokay so we're done?16:17
Lennie-Melangeif you have any further questions just contact me okay :D16:17
madrazrLennie-Melange: sure :)16:17
Lennie-Melangecya on the wiki16:17
madrazrLennie-Melange: ROFL :D16:18
madrazrLennie-Melange: bye16:18
Lennie-Melangesorry for the delay :P16:18
madrazrLennie-Melange: no problem at all16:18
*** Lennie-Melange is now known as SRabbelier16:18
* madrazr says good bye to LH too, have a great vacation :)16:18
madrazrbut doesn't say good bye to SRabbelier yet ;-)16:19
SRabbeliermadrazr: you evil man! :(16:19
SRabbeliermadrazr: Leslie says yay16:19
madrazrSRabbelier: he he I have to bug you a bit still :P16:22
*** madrazr1 has joined #melange16:33
*** dr__house has quit IRC16:34
*** madrazr has quit IRC16:35
*** madrazr1 is now known as madrazr16:35
*** dr__house has joined #melange16:35
SRabbeliermadrazr: oh dear?16:39
SRabbeliermadrazr: what'd I break this time?16:39
madrazrSRabbelier: heh nothing16:40
madrazrSRabbelier: I was preparing some questions related to tests16:40
madrazrgoing thru the organization logic code yet16:40
SRabbeliermadrazr: ok, cool, ask away then! we want tests! :D16:40
madrazrSRabbelier: yeah of course, I want some time to go through the logic code yet :)16:41
*** dr__house has quit IRC16:52
jamtodayHaving some trouble with deployment. Is there a page on the wiki about getting our own instance up on production?16:53
madrazrSRabbelier: see you tomo, bye17:07
madrazrfeeling sleepy :(17:07
*** dhaun has quit IRC17:09
*** madrazr has left #melange17:21
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SRabbelierjamtoday: hmmm, do you have your own appspot.com instance?17:54
SRabbelierjamtoday: if so, it should be as easy as (cd scripts && ./build.sh) && thirdparty/google_appengine/appcfg.py build17:54
*** florinciu has quit IRC18:04
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jamtodaySRabbelier: Thanks! It worked18:50
jamtodayI used the only app name I have left - gaepride.appspot.com18:53
jamtodayI'll change it to something less controversial when I can figure out a way to get another subdomain18:54
jamtodayit looks like I'll need to use the remote API to get this setup?18:58
durin42SRabbelier: ping?19:22
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