Tuesday, 2009-04-28

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tansellSRabbelier, still no dev channel love :(04:15
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James--CrookSRabbelier: Ying?09:57
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SRabbelierjbailey: why hello there?11:04
jbaileySRabbelier, Hullo. =)11:04
SRabbelierjbailey: you're a new face on #melange methinks?11:05
SRabbelierjbailey: or at least, don't remember seeing @jbaily a lot before11:05
durin42Pawel gets massive points for the Gadget reference.11:10
durin42So does Lennard.11:10
SRabbelierdurin42: agreed11:11
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jbaileySRabbelier, Sort of.  Todd, Leslie and I drew the concept for Melange on my whiteboard in.. December 07?  January 08?11:11
SRabbelierjbailey: ah, I see :)11:11
jbaileySRabbelier, But I wound up not being involved with it for various reasons.11:12
SRabbelierjbailey: are you following the development?11:12
* SRabbelier nods11:12
durin42jbailey: I remember designing a bigtable schema for the previous conceptual replacement for the webapp in August of 0711:12
durin42(as an intern)11:12
jbaileydurin42, Sure.  I more mean the appengine-based implementation, incorporating GHOP.11:13
SRabbelierjbailey: hehe, quite a bit changed since that design :D11:13
durin42Right, AppEngine was still young in the summer.11:13
jbaileyAdding ghop to the gsoc webapp made it pretty clear how much the old BT design wasn't going to handle it well. =)11:13
jbaileydurin42, Are you my fine German friend?11:13
durin42Well, the old BT design handled nothing else.11:13
jbaileydurin42, You don't have your real name set. =)11:13
durin42jbailey: no, I'm the intern before him.11:14
durin42I'm Augie Fackler, the Chicago intern.11:14
* SRabbelier chuckles11:14
SRabbelieranyway, I'm off to home, bbs :)11:14
jbaileyAh.  We met at the mentors summit last year.11:14
jbaileyWas that August 07?11:14
jbaileyOr 06?11:14
jbaileySRabbelier, Safe travels. =)11:14
durin42When did you join OSPO?11:15
jbaileySeptember 0711:17
durin42Ah, so I just missed meeting you then.11:17
jbaileyLeft ospo in Jan 0911:17
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lhSRabbelier: ping. i has been booted from #melangedev again, same problem as before11:28
* danderson tries to remember if he was at ospo in 06 or 0711:30
lhdanderson: it was 0611:31
dandersonjeez, I'm old :(11:31
dandersonfeels like yesterday11:31
lhdanderson: for me too11:31
jbaileylh, g'm11:34
lhjbailey: good morning! what brings you to these parts?11:35
jbaileylh, The amusing part is that I don't remember.11:35
lhjbailey: awesome. :)11:35
jbaileyI joined the channel last night for some reason.11:35
lhjbailey: your LI is in my queue of to dos, I havent forgotten11:35
jbaileySomeone at 11amish this morning asked if I was new to melange and interested in contributing. =)11:35
jbaileyReasonable question, really.11:35
jbaileylh, Awesome, thanks.  Just making sure it hadn't dropped off the end of email bankruptcy. =)11:36
lhjbailey: not at all, it's on the list of things that have to get done that are important so need to be done well, give self mental space before doing11:36
lhjbailey: no conference or work stuff this weekend, so on the docket for then11:36
jbaileylh, At the risk of delaying it further, have you concerned a weekend of crazy dancing, tree hugging, or generally taking axes to computers rather than powering them on?11:37
lhjbailey: had some crazy dancing past weekend. have definitely hugged some trees.11:38
lhjbailey: and going to AMS for 10 May thru 20 May11:38
jbaileyWait.  10-20?11:38
* jbailey looks at his calendar.11:38
lhjbailey: you going to be there? :)11:39
jbaileyI don't know what AMS is.11:39
jbaileyBut I have EDGE from the 19th to the 22nd.11:39
jbaileyin MTV11:39
lhjbailey: AMS = amsterdam11:39
jbaileyAh, heading in the other direction.11:39
lhjbailey: i will be in town the evening of 20th then take off for reunion11:39
jbaileyI was considering trying hard for Zurich for EDGE, but this one opened up.11:40
lhdinner with a jetlagged me on the 20th sound fun? *very* jetlagged.11:40
jbaileySounds awesome.11:40
jbaileyI'll drive. =)11:40
lhZurich for EDGE sounds more fun.11:40
* lh makes note: dinner with jeff on the 20th11:40
lhwill confirm with the emails11:40
jbaileyAwesome, thanks.11:40
jbaileyI should book those tickets soon.11:40
jbaileyI should do my expenses from the last trip soon.11:40
lhyes, yes you should. on both!11:41
jbaileyFirst task today when I stop looking at JavaScript is to buy a mother's day present for Angie.11:41
jbailey*must* *not* *forget*11:41
jbaileyveganstore.com takes forever to deliver to Canada.11:41
tpb<http://ln-s.net/3+zC> (at www.veganstore.com)11:42
lhjbailey: whoa.11:42
* lh drolls11:42
jbaileylh, There are some things that it's terribly sad to have to pay international shipping on.11:43
jbaileyIt's cheaper to get it shipped to California than it is to Montréal from DC.  Insane.11:43
lhjbailey: ship here pick up here?11:44
lhbut wont help for mum's day11:44
jbaileyThat's the problem.11:44
* lh wanders off in search of coffee11:44
jbaileyOtherwise I would.  I seem to be travelling down enough lately.11:44
jbaileyHappy caffination!11:44
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lhit is good!11:48
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lhdanderson: i never thanked you enough for the torchwood. though i have now memorized every episode11:49
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lhsolydzajs: mind if i put today's meeting agenda on the wiki?11:56
solydzajslh: not at all11:56
lhsolydzajs: cool will do11:57
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* SRabbelier is back, briefly12:24
* SRabbelier is off for dinner12:26
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lhsolydzajs: i know you have already thought of this, but can we just link the logs of today's meeting to the agenda so no one needs to take notes?12:45
* lh wonders if it is worth asking for a volunteer to run logs through cleaning tool like irc2text12:46
lher, maybe it is irc2html12:50
solydzajslh: I'm back12:51
solydzajslh: ok I will do it12:51
solydzajslh: our IRC logs on Tim's server are already in HTML format12:52
lhsolydzajs: hotness, thanks!12:52
dandersonlh: oh, so you did get it all13:14
dandersonI never remembered13:14
lhdanderson: i did. omg. so happy.13:14
lhdanderson, solydzajs: i hate to be a pita, but can you remove the ban from chansev for #melangedev for me please?13:14
* lh makes note to talk to SRabbelier about better setting up channel so as not to leave her in this situation frequently13:15
* SRabbelier is back13:16
SRabbelierlh: that's why I told you how to do it13:17
lhSRabbelier: and i forgot.13:17
lhit happens.13:17
lhfixed now. :)13:17
SRabbelierlh: it's on your mailbox13:17
lhSRabbelier: really?13:17
* lh looks13:17
SRabbelierlh: Notes from Roadmap Meeting <--- that one13:18
lhSRabbelier: looking13:19
lhSRabbelier: and there it is. thank you for the reminder.13:20
SRabbelierlh: np :)13:20
* SRabbelier mutters something about fishing again13:20
SRabbeliermadrazr: good to see you're getting involved in the GHOP document! :)13:22
madrazrSRabbelier: thanks!13:22
madrazrI want to be active in that discussion, any time it happens, since I am directly concerned with it! I am even following #melangedev logs :D13:22
madrazrSRabbelier: anyways I generally want to be active in the entire process of Melange development :P13:23
SRabbeliermadrazr: :D:D13:23
SRabbeliermadrazr: I hope this GSoC will bring us a whole bunch of new committers  ;)13:24
lhSRabbelier: you would get further with your metaphor if i ate fish :p13:24
SRabbelierlh: point, how about shoarma?13:24
lhSRabbelier: yep, now i will never forget it.13:25
* lh makes note - unbanning is inbox like shoarma is forever in my heart13:25
* SRabbelier grins13:25
SRabbelierlh: yay!13:25
madrazrSRabbelier: yup, I want the commit access, and yes TBH I am desperate about it ;-)13:25
SRabbeliermadrazr: if only Lennie were here to scare you with "maybe" :P13:26
madrazrSRabbelier: heh, I am looking for a horror movie production company ;-)13:26
SRabbeliermadrazr: :D13:28
madrazrOh just 30 mins for the meeting, will finish off the dinner and come back13:29
SRabbeliermadrazr: yup! see you soon13:29
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LennieHow's Ireland?13:57
MerioHi Lennie!13:57
MerioFantastic :)13:57
MerioWe're going around Dublin looking for studios, feet on fire ^__^13:58
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lhsolydzajs: i am grabbing a coffee but will be back in a minute13:59
MerioLast visited studio one hour and a half ago... about 15 minutes bus from hostel... but no bus came in a hour... I feared not to be on time :)13:59
solydzajslh: ok13:59
SRabbelierMerio: did you talk with James--Crook yet? :D14:00
* madrazr is back!14:00
madrazrah coolness, perfect time :P14:01
MerioSRabbelier: no... about what? :)14:01
SRabbelierMerio: he is in Dublin 4 :)14:01
MerioSRabbelier: wow, I didn't know that!14:02
LennieJames will mail Merio soon14:02
SRabbelierLennie: I know, he told me ;)14:02
solydzajsok we will wait few more minutes14:02
solydzajsand will start soon14:02
solydzajsSRabbelier: I know you are here :-) hehe14:02
solydzajsLennie: you too ;-) ok :-)14:02
Lennieis Levy here?14:02
solydzajsMerio: too ;-) good14:03
* lh returns14:03
solydzajsdhans: ping14:03
SRabbelierwe has a lh then too14:03
solydzajsmadrazr: ping14:03
madrazrsolydzajs: pong14:03
solydzajsoh great14:03
madrazrsolydzajs: Hi, btw ;-)14:03
solydzajsok I'm looking for James Levy14:03
SRabbelierlh:  did James tell you his irc nick?14:03
lhSRabbelier: nope.14:05
* lh suspects that james thinks he needs to be here at 8 PM pacific too.14:05
solydzajshe is not on #melange channel14:05
lhhis email said see you at 8 pm14:05
lhshould i have followed up to correct him?14:05
solydzajsyes please14:05
lhi guess i can call him14:06
lhhang on14:06
SRabbelierlh: 8pm is correct iff he's taling about 8pm UTC+214:06
lhSRabbelier: yes but he is american and he just said 8 pm. i know what i would have meant if i sent that message. :)14:07
LennieMerio, what are you going to do in Dublin next months :D?14:07
lhthis is why i always use those time and date links. otherwise i have no idea when anything really happens.14:07
SRabbelierlh: +1 on that14:08
*** krisys has joined #melange14:08
lhok qq before we get started14:08
lhi want to add all new posts to the MLs to be held for moderation if they are from new users, is everyone ok with that/14:08
* lh is sick of deleting spam posts14:08
MerioLennie: working on GSoC and learn spoken English better, without too much "what?, can you repeat?, sorry?" :PpP14:08
SRabbelierlh: yes, +114:09
SRabbelierMerio: sounds like a good idea ;)14:09
lhanyone objects speak now because i am doing this now14:09
MerioSRabbelier: very good indeed ;)14:09
Lennieripetere per favore?14:09
Lennieor something like that :P14:09
Lennielh, go ahead14:10
harlangoferit lh14:10
MerioLennie: Google translate ftw? :P14:10
Lenniewont slow the list down too much14:10
LennieMerio, I know a few words Italian :P14:10
SRabbelierharlan: who are you? xD14:10
LennieMerio, wont get me far though14:10
madrazrLennie: then I will teach you one more language :D14:10
harlanIf you have to ask SRabbelier ...14:10
lhjames is on his way14:10
madrazrIndic this time ;-)14:10
SRabbelierharlan: just teasing ;)14:10
LennieHarlan Stenn :P14:10
solydzajsok lets wait for James then14:10
solydzajsand start soon14:10
* lh humbly suggests all future meetings be scheduled with included timeanddate.com link please14:10
SRabbelierlh: good idea14:11
Lenniewe'll try :P\14:11
Lenniethe meeting schelduler only allows 4 timezones14:11
Lennieatleast it looked like it :D14:11
solydzajslh: that's also why I asked about those timezones14:11
lhLennie: it does only allow 4. 4 is good enough.14:11
*** jamtoday has joined #melange14:11
MerioLennie: Bad words mainly? ;)14:11
jamtodayHey this is James A. Levy14:11
lhsolydzajs: no totally, but that doesn't work for me - i need to see UTC and my time zone (or one in USA so I can convert easily)14:11
LennieMerio, maybe14:11
lhjamtoday: welcome james14:11
lhsolydzajs: your meeting14:12
lhlet's go! :)14:12
Meriojamtoday: hi ^_^14:12
solydzajslh: yes but now that I now all the timezones I can include all of them in the timeanddate link :-)14:12
SRabbelierjamtoday: heya!14:12
lhsolydzajs: ah. cool.14:12
* lh knew most of them already, except that merio was in .ie14:12
solydzajsok Welcome Google Summer of Code Students to our first Melange GSoC meeting :-)14:12
madrazrsolydzajs: Thank You!14:13
Meriolh: just from yesterday morning :)14:13
*** solydzajs sets mode: +m 14:13
lhMerio: great. we can talk about dublin later. :)14:13
solydzajsOk so here is how we will proceed with the meeting14:13
*** lh changes topic to "Melange GSoC Student Mtg. In Progress, Agenda at http://code.google.com/p/soc/wiki/MeetingAgendasNotes - Melange powers the Google Summer of Code 2009 site - Want to contribute? Start here: http://code.google.com/p/soc/wiki/GettingStarted - Be a Hero and Fix Some Melange Bugs: Easy Bugs: http://tinyurl.com/dax2j9 & Minimal Effort Bugs: http://tinyurl.com/d97z24 - Demo is running at http://melange-demo.appspot.com - Logs at http://ibot.rikers.or"14:14
solydzajs1. Students will be asked to introduce themselves to the community and provide a brief overview of their projects. We will start with Madhudusan then Merio, Daniel and James14:14
solydzajsso lets start with this point now and we will move to next one when we are done :-)14:16
*** solydzajs sets mode: -m 14:16
madrazrsolydzajs: should I start now?14:16
solydzajsgo ahead14:16
madrazrsolydzajs: Ok14:17
madrazrHello everyone, I am Madhusudan.C.S, from Bangalore, India. I am doing my final year of Bachelor degree in Information Science and Engineering14:17
madrazrI will be working on GHOP related features during this summer!14:17
madrazrI am done!14:18
solydzajsawesome, great to have you with us madrazr :-)14:18
madrazrsolydzajs: thank you!14:18
solydzajsMerio: :-)14:18
jamtodaymadrazr: GHOP FTW!14:18
MerioOk, hello :) I am Mario Ferraro from Rome, Italy (now in Dublin, Ireland for the next months ;)) 3 exams left for Bachelor degree in Computer Engineering14:18
madrazrjamtoday: :) I am all excited about it :P14:19
MerioI'll work on the stats module for Melange ... in some way together with Daniel :)14:19
Meriohmm done? :)14:20
solydzajsthanks Merio :-)14:20
solydzajsdhans: :-)14:20
dhansOK, so hi guys :) My name is Daniel Hans and I come from Poland (like solydzajs:). Currently I am studying 4th year of informatics at University of Warsaw. In one year I am going to receive my Master degree:)14:21
dhansLike Merio, I am going to work on statistic module and I home we will cooperate with each other very well:)14:22
solydzajsgreat :-) thanks dhans :-)14:22
solydzajsand jamtoday please :-)14:22
jamtodayI'm James A. Levy from the United States. I'm finishing journalism and CS BA at Northwestern University.14:23
jamtodayI will be working on a news feed framework that will be used to stream updates in several different useful contexts14:23
lhjamtoday: i wantz identi.ca feeds. :)14:23
solydzajsjamtoday: thanks, great to have you here14:24
solydzajsok thanks to all our GSoCers for quick introduction now we will proceed with quick introduction of Melange Team14:24
jamtodaylh: There will certainly be a way to export to identi.ca, twitter, gReader, etc.14:24
solydzajseach team member will introduce himself/herself and will say which project is mentoring/co-mentoring14:25
LennieI go first!14:25
solydzajswe will start with lh then SRabbelier , Lennie , solydzajs14:25
Lenniedamn :p14:25
* lh waves14:25
SRabbelierLennie: pre-empted by the polish14:25
lhhi. i'm lh. i work on melange, the teachingopensource.org project, the hfoss.org project and in my copious spare time i work for google on running summer of code.14:26
lhi am here to be your open source den mother.14:26
solydzajsyay :-)14:26
* lh makes sweeping gesture at SRabbelier14:26
SRabbelierlh: I think you're confusing two things here now :P14:26
madrazrlh: that was not sufficient for all the work you do ;-)14:26
solydzajswe all love LH :-)14:26
lhmadrazr: shh, don't blow my cover14:26
madrazrlh: LoL! :D14:26
lhSRabbelier: yes, yes i am. shhh, don't blow my cover.14:26
* lh points at SRabbelier14:26
lhi love y'all too btw14:26
SRabbelierI'm a Dutch student at the Delft University of Technology (classmates with Lennie)14:27
SRabbelierIn my spare time I work on Melange :P14:27
LennieComputer Science that is14:27
solydzajsso just so everybody knows LH is also running GHOP not just GSoC14:27
SRabbelierLennie: :)14:27
SRabbelierLennie: go wild14:27
Lenniesurprise is gone :D14:27
LennieI'll just do the boring part14:27
madrazrsolydzajs: yeah we know lh is not a human, it is a machine :P14:27
lhmadrazr: that's not very nice.14:28
lhsolydzajs: oh yes, and ghop.14:28
lhlennie is awesome.14:28
lhLennie: good enough intro my friend?14:28
solydzajslh: actually she is a human and she is a very good one! :-)14:28
LennieI'm Lennard a Computer Science student just like Sverre, and I work on Melange when I have the time :D. I'll be mentoring Merio with his Statistics project and Ill be helping out Madhu with getting GHOP up and running :)14:29
* Lennie points at solydzajs14:29
solydzajswell solydzajs points at SRabbelier to mention which projects he is mentoring and co-mentoring14:29
Lennielh, :)14:29
madrazrlh: heh, that was intended to be a compliment :P14:29
* lh hangs up small sign: this is the home of awesome.14:30
* lh imports free couch like the one we have in #gsoc14:30
lhmadrazr: ah, ok.14:30
Lenniefrom gsoc import couch :P?14:30
SRabbelierI'm mentoring jamtoday and dhans, and co-mentoring where needed :)14:30
SRabbelierLennie: +114:30
* lh always thinks of machine = machine in the matrix = humans are batteries14:30
* lh gets self back on topic, looks at solydzajs14:30
madrazrha ha LoL! :D14:30
SRabbelierlh: but... but.. you're trinity?14:30
lhSRabbelier: untrue.14:31
lhback. on. topic.!14:31
SRabbelierlh: I heard this on #gsoc all the time, it must be true!14:31
solydzajsOk guys, I'm Paweł Sołyga, I'm from Wroclaw, Poland. I'm computer science graduate from Wroclaw University of Technology, just received my master degree couple months ago, I'm Melange Project Lead.14:31
* lh applauds the team14:31
Lennieall hail LH :p14:32
madrazr3 cheers to SRabbelier Lennie and solydzajs :)14:32
solydzajsjust so everybody knows SRabbelier, Lennie and me are the Core Developer Team :-) so any source code related stuff ask us :-)14:32
* jamtoday is a non-replaceable battery14:32
Lenniemight be nice to say that my expertise is more related to the inside code then the outside :)14:32
SRabbelierLennie: backend vs frontend?14:32
solydzajsI'm going to mentor madrazr with GHOP features and also co-mentor statistics module projects14:33
dhanssolydzajs: nice to hear that:)14:33
solydzajsOk guys next part of the meeting14:33
solydzajsexpectations for community bonding period, coding period, etc.; things like status reports, help with testing, etc.14:33
Lennieyou better not go all polish on us :D14:33
Lenniethe show is yours solydzajs14:34
solydzajsSo as I hope all of you are aware we are now in GSoC community boning period14:34
solydzajsduring that time we would like you to get more familiar with our codebase14:34
solydzajsand help with testing14:34
solydzajsbasically we would like you to help us with writing all kind of tests14:35
solydzajssmoke, unit ,functional14:35
solydzajsextending our seed_db module etc14:35
solydzajsAlso during that time we will talk about design of your projects and we will make decisions on how the projects should be implemented14:36
solydzajsso expect some discussions on our mailing groups14:36
solydzajsand some more meetings on #melange channel or even Skype calls14:36
lhsolydzajs: is there a way for us to post "logs" of our skype calls? and if so would we want to?14:36
solydzajsI can install extension to record calls14:37
solydzajsand post the mp3 later14:37
Lennierather just see notes :)14:37
Lenniebut it is possible ;P14:37
solydzajsI like notes too14:38
Lenniewhat about the status reports solydzajs?14:38
SRabbelierI'd rather have notes than having to listen through a conversation :P14:38
* lh makes note that her clever attempts to dodge note taking just met with epic. fail.14:38
solydzajsLennie: I'm not done :-)14:39
solydzajsGSoCers do you all agree to help us with testing ?14:39
SRabbelierlh: everybody listening through an entire  conversation is more time than one person keeping notes ;)14:39
lhSRabbelier: i didn't say it was more efficient for anyone but me :p14:39
dhansit's ok for me... i'll try to do my best:)14:40
lh*ahem* testing! *ahem*14:40
madrazrsolydzajs: yes14:40
solydzajsSRabbelier: you can also put the mp3 on your phone and listen to eat before sleep :-) or while jogging :D14:40
* jamtoday will be happy to test things related to entity transactions. It will prepare me for aggregating updates14:40
solydzajsMerio: you ?14:40
Meriosolydzajs: it'd be awesome to me :)14:40
solydzajsok great guys14:41
solydzajsnext thing to discuss is status reports14:41
*** sadrul has quit IRC14:42
lhsolydzajs: what about testing meeting tomorrow? please to remind us of time, locationz.14:42
solydzajsoh right14:42
Lenniethat's one of the later points on the agenda :P14:42
solydzajsok so I would like to encourage all of you to participate in our testing meeting on #melange tomorrow14:42
solydzajsat 6PM UTC14:42
solydzajswho can participate ?14:42
* lh will be there14:42
SRabbelier(same time as today's meeting)14:42
madrazrsolydzajs: it is fine for me14:43
madrazrI will be here14:43
dhansI am not sure if I'll be there, but I'll try...14:43
Meriosolydzajs: I've an appointment to see an house at 6PM UTC+1 T__T14:43
lh(will be in other meetings so paying as much attention as i can)14:43
dhansAnyway, I'll read logs for sure:)14:43
solydzajswe will post the logs and notes14:44
MerioMe too :)14:44
solydzajsok regarding status reports14:44
solydzajswe will require some kind of status reports from our GSoC students, during community bonding period and coding period14:44
solydzajsmost likely weekly reports14:45
solydzajsbasically what are you going to work on in the upcoming week and what have been done in the previous week14:45
solydzajsalso we expect all of you to openly communicate with us regarding any problems14:45
solydzajson IRC14:45
solydzajsor on melange-soc-dev group14:45
SRabbelier(with the word 'report' does not neccesarily mean a 'report' like you have to write for school :O)14:46
solydzajsjust talk to us ;-)14:46
LennieSRabbelier? I want to see 30 pages each week atleast :S14:46
SRabbelierplease be on #melange as much as possible for easy pingage14:46
madrazrSRabbelier: so you mean, you don't expect some specific format? :P14:46
SRabbelierLennie: 3-5k words?14:46
madrazrLennie: LoL! I will start talking to you then :D14:46
dhanssolydzajs: won't we have access to #melange-dev channel? xD14:46
solydzajsdhans: we are considering it14:46
* lh clears throat, looks at ceiling14:46
madrazrLennie: s/start/stop/14:47
Meriosolydzajs: weekly reports with blog posts?14:47
solydzajsreports will basically be some bullet points14:47
solydzajsyes blog posts will be nice too14:47
dhanssolydzajs: just kidding, standard #melange is also cool:)14:47
MerioLennie: As you're my mentor... need I to really worry about weekly reports? :P14:47
Lennieblog posts or a mail to the dev lists are cool as a weekly report right solydzajs?14:47
solydzajsMelange Development Blog is on it's way so we can post GSoC updates also on our Melange blog14:48
LennieMerio, I've been told that I'm perfect for role as torturer in a horror movie, so yse14:48
solydzajsLennie: yes14:48
* Lennie points at madrazr for casting me into that role :P14:48
*** sadrul has joined #melange14:48
ErantMerio: Be afraid, be very afraid.14:48
SRabbelierjamtoday: are you ok with keeping me up to date through #melange, or perhaps GTalk?14:48
* Merio cries with fear14:49
MerioErant: ^__^14:49
SRabbelierMerio: better start running while you can14:49
madrazrMerio: yeah I forgot to tell you, be careful about your mentor :P14:49
ErantSRabbelier is right. Especially about the 'while you still can' bit.14:49
LennieI had so much fun torturing madrazr :)14:49
* lh really thinks madrazr got that way wrong on lennie's potential movie roles14:49
solydzajsok let's stay on topic please14:50
madrazrlh: he he :)14:50
ErantSpeaking of Lennie's potential movie roles...14:50
Lenniewaiting on answer from jamtoday :)14:50
lhSRabbelier: Gtalk sucks. not logged. not public.14:50
* Erant downloads Big Bang Theory14:50
SRabbelierlh: I know, but I remember jamtoday saying he's not much of an IRC fan earlier14:50
lhSRabbelier: ah. clarity.14:50
jamtodaySRabbelier: IRC works, or gTalk14:50
LennieGTalk is logged, sverre can post his logs14:50
ErantIRC ftw.14:50
* Merio downloads "how to run away from your mentor for dummies"14:50
solydzajsso GSoCers in the upcoming week please let us know on our mailing group what form of reports do you choose and where are you going to post them please14:50
Lenniebut we'd rather see you on IRC :014:50
SRabbelierjamtoday: in that case IRC would be awesome, for logging and being public :)14:51
madrazrsolydzajs: it is your call, I prefer Melange blog :)14:51
jamtodayAlright. I14:51
dhansmy mIRC trial version ends in about 5 days, so first I will have to find something for free :P14:52
jamtodayI've already started to write up some updates and questions to post on the dev list14:52
Lenniedhans, doesnt matter you can keep using it after that14:52
ErantI suggest Linux.14:52
solydzajsdhans: oh there is lots of open source alternatives14:52
SRabbelierjamtoday: awesome :)14:52
Meriodhans: pidgin ftw ^__^14:52
jamtodaybut I'll talk to you first so I dont need to bother everyone with small questions14:52
SRabbelierErant: lol :P14:52
* Erant hides his CTCP version.14:52
ErantDamned IDA.14:52
* lh wants us to use blog for updates. team blogs are awesome.14:52
dhansthanks for suggestions:)14:52
SRabbelierjamtoday: good idea14:52
solydzajssometimes we can cross post reports from the group to our blog14:52
dhansLennie: didn't know that:)14:52
* madrazr second lh14:53
madrazrI want my name to appear with whatever Melange :P14:53
SRabbeliermadrazr: I don't think you'll have to worry aobut that ;)14:53
solydzajshehe :-)14:53
solydzajsnext topic14:53
solydzajsMelange Weekly Monday Conference calls14:53
solydzajswe are having weekly conference call on Monday14:54
Lennieif all works out well madrazr you'll be making a lot of high school students happy14:54
solydzajsat 6PM UTC on Skype14:54
Lennie(same time as today's meeting again)14:54
madrazrLennie: I am looking forward to work those whiz kids !!!14:54
solydzajswho can/would like to participate in those meetings ?14:54
ErantBe there, or, be [].14:54
SRabbeliersolydzajs: pick me, pick me!14:54
* lh thinks all y'all should participate14:54
* SRabbelier agrees wholeheartedly with lh14:54
madrazrsolydzajs: I can, but I am not sure, if I can get used to the accents quickly14:54
solydzajsSRabbelier: you are banned :D14:54
ErantSmart choice.14:55
solydzajslh: I agree, but it's their call :-)14:55
SRabbeliersolydzajs: :(14:55
Lenniewe would like to encourage you all to join as often as is possible14:55
Lenniethey are weekly14:55
MerioI'll be there... trying to listen without too much "what? can you repeat? sorry?" (see before :P)14:55
* jamtoday is still figuring out that not all people live by US timezones14:55
SRabbelierjamtoday: don't worry, not even Google Recruiters seem to have figured that one out14:56
* SRabbelier mutters14:56
dhansI'will also be there trying to understand all you say:)14:56
solydzajsok who ever wants to participate in the meetings please email me offlist with your Skype IDs to pawel (dot) solyga (at) gmail (dot) com14:56
dioneshave a new cnference started just now?14:56
madrazrsolydzajs: Ok sure14:56
Lenniediones, student meeting see topic14:56
dionesah ok14:56
lhmy skype id is mebelh if y'all want it.14:57
Lenniehehe ^^14:57
Meriosolydzajs: just mailed :)14:57
madrazrlh: I thought it was not public :D14:57
Erantmebe, or for sure?14:57
solydzajsMerio: ok thx14:57
solydzajsok guys14:57
lhmadrazr: i dont care if you know it.14:57
* lh looks at solydzajs, waits for next topic.14:58
solydzajsFollowing this meeting, mentors should reach out to their student via the dev list to schedule a more in-depth first meeting regarding their projects (most likely co-mentors or other team members will participate too)14:58
SRabbelierread: s/most likely/very much encouraged to/14:58
madrazrlh: he he :)14:59
solydzajsoh I think I'm done :-)15:00
solydzajsdid I forget about anything ?15:00
solydzajsanybody wants to ask questions ?;-)15:00
solydzajsq&a now :-)15:00
ErantWhen are ya'll fixing the security issues. :P15:01
solydzajsErant: I'm going to look into mentor inpersonation today, what other security issues you have in mind ?15:01
solydzajsErant: IMG SRC I remember that one too15:01
Erant<img src= ...15:02
lhErant: why don't you fix them?15:02
solydzajsErant: anything else ?15:02
Lenniemost of them will be fixed forever when we switch to another editor15:02
SRabbelierlh: win :P15:02
Lennieyeah Erant, I'll buy you shoarma :D15:02
solydzajsjamtoday: I have a question for you15:02
* lh will also buy shoarma15:02
LennieErant likes to poke holes rather then fix them lh15:02
Lenniehe's good at ti :D15:02
Lennieif only Melange was writtin in Assembly, right Erant :D?15:02
Erantlh: To be honest, I just spent the better part of the day working, I just come home from groceries, not up much for coding.15:02
solydzajsjamtoday: we would like you to work also on Quiz (Survey) support for Melange, I know it was not part of your proposal but you seem to have great experience with that kind of projects on GAE15:03
solydzajsjamtoday: or you ok with that ? we can discuss it during separate meeting15:03
lhErant: pshaw. i was up until 1 AM triaging bugs and doing wiki updates. where is your sense of adventure dude?15:03
solydzajsLennie: I can generate him assembly code of Melange ;-)15:03
jamtodaysolydzajs: I generally like to underpromise and overdeliver. But I will look into it and be prepared with a better answer by our next meeting15:04
Erantlh: That's what I'm trying to avoid ;) I've done the insomnia thing for the last 12 months playing with the Wii and associated shit. Enough is enough ;)15:04
* Merio wants binary code of Melange :P Perhaps he can see the red woman in the code :P15:04
lhErant: !wii = GSD15:05
SRabbeliersolydzajs: Ii would like to discuss that with you further solydzajs before i talk to james about how to add this to his proposed workflow15:05
Erantlh: Hmm?15:05
lhi bet i wrote that wrong15:05
solydzajsSRabbelier: ok sure no problem let me know when you want to talk15:05
lhWii does not equal GSD15:05
solydzajsjamtoday: ok great thanks.15:05
SRabbelierlh: you meant Wii != GSD15:05
Lennielh: the stuff he did with the Wii is GSD :P15:05
Erantlh: Wii != GSD, but what's GSD?15:05
lhSRabbelier: thank you15:05
solydzajsok guys anything else to discuss ?15:05
LennieGetting Stuff Done :p15:05
Lennieanymore questions ^^?15:05
lhErant: GSD = getting stuff done. or you may define the S with more different S as you wish15:05
ErantCommon mistake15:05
ErantWhen I say "playing with", I mean hacking, writing opensource code for it ;)15:06
ErantMostly opensource code.15:06
* Lennie whistles15:06
madrazrLennie: solydzajs: can we meet for GHOP related discussion sometime, may be Thursday or later?15:06
madrazrmay be we want lh too :)15:07
lhErant: i will consider whether this is GSD.15:07
madrazrwhenever it is possible for you guys15:07
Erantlh: kthx.15:07
* lh can usually make herself available for irc meeting15:07
lher, meetings.15:07
LennieI would like it if the feedback gets incorperated back into the GHOP document before that meeting :D15:07
SRabbelierLennie: +1 on that15:08
ErantLennie: Got any plans for thursday btw?15:08
Lennienot really Erant15:08
madrazrLennie: which feedback?15:08
solydzajsmadrazr: ok I will propose Saturday for GHOP meeting on the group15:08
Lenniemadrazr, comments from you lh and pawel15:08
lhLennie: what do you mean by integrate feedback?15:08
LennieErant, wanna do something?15:08
lhsolydzajs: saturday doesnt work for me and i need to be there, can do sunday15:08
madrazrLennie: ah Ok15:08
* lh wants to get all ghop knowledge out of her head and into y'alls15:08
solydzajslh: ok Sunday works for me15:08
ErantLennie: Looking at my options. I have an interview at Fox IT tomorrow, so I'm tied up then. I was thinking of going to Amsterdam. Not sure yet.15:09
solydzajslh:  we will figure it out on the group15:09
lhsolydzajs: groovy. :)15:09
solydzajsMerio: any more questions ?15:09
solydzajsdhans: any more questions ?15:09
solydzajsjamtoday: any more questions ?15:09
solydzajsmadrazr: any more questions ?15:09
Meriosolydzajs: that's all fine with me15:09
Lennielh, like the two new states NeedsWork and NeedsReview, they can be added to the list and your comment removed15:09
* lh serves post meeting iced tea and cookies15:09
dhansok guys, so thanks y'all for the meeting. I have to go now. I'll try to be available for tomorrow, but if I couldn't make it, please feel free to assign me some work with tests:)15:09
madrazrlh: solydzajs: Sunday is fine for me it seems, if it is anytime after 6PM UTC15:09
dhanssolydzajs: no:)15:09
Lennieupdating the docuemtn to be ready for more comments15:09
madrazrsolydzajs: nothing ATM15:09
lhLennie: yes and i think i need to get answers from legal too, will send email re: that today15:09
SRabbelierlh: awesome15:10
lhLennie: you are doing this or you wants me to do this?15:10
solydzajslh: I replied to your GHOP comments too15:10
solydzajslh: madrazr replied too15:10
solydzajsok guys then I'm officially closing first GSoC Melange meeting15:10
LennieI'm not doing that at the moment15:10
solydzajsthank you all for participation :-)15:10
lhsolydzajs: on the wiki or on a mailing list thread?15:11
lhLennie: i was going to tell you not to :p15:11
Lennielol k :)15:11
Lenniethen I will not do it at all15:11
solydzajslh: on the wiki15:11
jamtodaythanks for choosing us to participate. This should be a great experience15:11
Lenniejamtoday, yw :)15:11
solydzajslh: with <pawel> tags15:11
Lenniesolydzajs, so Merio and Daniel should receive a mail tomorrow :)?15:11
lhsolydzajs: noted, will do.15:12
solydzajsLennie: yes15:12
Lennieawesome, Merio we'll talk after that15:12
* lh wanders off in search of sanity15:12
SRabbelierjamtoday: Looking forward to working with you :)15:12
solydzajsbtw http://gizmodo.com/5229344/the-playstation-3-bundled-with-3-games-1-bible15:12
MerioLennie: that's ok, can't wait ^__^...15:12
tpb<http://ln-s.net/3-2H> (at gizmodo.com)15:12
solydzajsin Poland :-)15:12
lhok dude.15:13
lhyou and my roommate. gizmodo this. gizomodo that.15:13
* lh prefers analog life man15:13
Lennieso solydzajs, we'll be meeting with madrazr sunday?15:13
Lennieor do you have other plans for him so I know when I can join in15:13
solydzajslh: well I just received this from my friend, I don't read gizmodo all the time15:13
solydzajslh: it's just funny :-)15:14
madrazrLennie: Sunday doesn't work for you?15:14
Lennieit's fine by me15:14
solydzajsyep Sunday is good15:14
Lennieas long as we keep up iterating over the GHOP docuemtn15:14
Lennieto get it more fleshed out by then15:14
jamtodaySRabbelier: Same here. btw thinking of using the internal name "sandworm" for the news feed :)15:14
SRabbelierjamtoday: lol :D15:14
SRabbelierjamtoday: Dune references ftw15:15
Lenniewould be nice if you kept up reading the GHOP wiki15:15
madrazrLennie: sure15:15
Lenniemaybe think of some new ideas that we can discuss15:15
madrazrLennie: I will be15:15
solydzajsok guys thanks again15:15
Lenniebut the apparent ground rule is , keep it simple keep it open15:16
Lenniefor GHOP15:16
*** diones has quit IRC15:16
Lenniettyl solydzajs15:16
madrazrLennie: yeah Ok15:16
Lennieright lh?15:16
madrazrsolydzajs: thank you!15:16
SRabbelierjamtoday, dhans: do you two use GTalk?15:16
SRabbelier(use, as in, online regularly?)15:16
LennieErant, seen heroes and House yet?15:20
SRabbelierLennie: don't even think about spoilering me15:20
ErantNeither. Just downloaded Heroes and BBT15:20
LennieOMG final ep of season15:20
ErantMaking food (yes, late. Work ftl)15:20
jamtodaySRabbelier: yeah I'm often on gTalk, and it's a more reliable way to get my attention, since it bleeps and flashes in the tab15:20
SRabbelierLennie: shush you!15:20
SRabbelierjamtoday: that's why I asked ;)15:20
SRabbelierjamtoday: I think I already sent you an add request there15:21
ErantThough we had an interesting 'security' again today.15:21
Lenniebring it15:21
ErantIt was 1337 encryption. All the frames in the video were signed!15:21
ErantBy an MD5 hash.15:21
jamtodaySRabbelier: unfortunately i have a slightly complex gmail situation, I'll ping you15:21
SRabbelierjamtoday: lol, ok, no problem :)15:21
Erant'cuz, liek, it's impossible to recalculate an MD5 hash.15:21
jamtodaycan't yet forward gTalk across accounts15:22
SRabbelierErant: what... the?15:22
ErantAnd when you tamper with it, it says "OMG ENCRYPTION FAIL".15:22
Erant'encryption' my ass.15:22
SRabbelierErant: lol, brilliant15:22
ErantAnd this is video material that is allowable in a US court of law.15:22
ErantPlease note. COURT. OF. LAAAW.15:22
solydzajsSRabbelier: see email15:22
ErantAs being tamper -proof-15:22
jamtodaySRabbelier: sent a chat invite15:23
Lennierofl at MD5 as encryption :P15:23
SRabbelierjamtoday: got it, awesome15:23
ErantLennie: They say it's encryption, while it should be a 'signature'. But it fails at that too.15:24
SRabbelierErant: so, has this fail been pointed out yet to our American friends? :P15:24
ErantIt's merely an integrity check. :/15:24
ErantSRabbelier: No, as it's work-related, and thus probably going to be shushed away.15:25
Lenniefail :p15:25
SRabbelierErant: :(15:25
ErantLennie: Not so much, we're a very secretive bunch usually ;)15:25
ErantFor example, PST file recovery is crappy at best. We have tools that do it nigh perfectly, but you won't find that on the interwebs15:26
SRabbelierErant: heh, of course not, then no-one would need your services anymore15:27
ErantSame with this. If we can 're-encrypt' these video files, that's an edge.15:27
SRabbelierErant: lmao15:28
SRabbelierErant: horrible15:28
ErantSRabbelier: Well, there's still the hardware part of it. We still fix the HDDs physically.15:28
SRabbelierErant: right, obviously :)15:28
LenniePST Petroleum Storage Tank ?15:29
LenniePST Potassium Sensitivity Test ?15:30
LenniePST Partido Socialista de Timor (Socialist Party of Timor, East Timor)15:30
ErantPST is the fileformat Outlook uses to store mails15:30
ErantOne of the things people want back most badly15:30
LennieOutlookBackup FTW15:30
ErantIt's basically a b-tree.15:30
ErantOf attachments and mails.15:31
Lennieouch :p15:31
Lenniethat sucks15:31
ErantLose your root node, you lose it all15:31
Lenniesucks indeed15:36
Lenniebad file structure :p15:36
*** lhawthorn has joined #melange15:36
Lenniealteast it doesnt sound reasonable for mails15:36
Lenniehi lhawthorn15:37
*** lh has quit IRC15:37
*** lhawthorn is now known as lh15:37
*** ChanServ sets mode: +o lh15:37
lhLennie: greets15:37
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