Friday, 2009-04-17

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* lh wonders why she's the only one in #melangedev10:56
lhSRabbelier1: please to join #melangedev10:56
lhsolydzajs: please to join #melangedev10:56
* lh would nag lennie too, but he's not here10:56
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arunmathew88Excuse me!!12:03
arunmathew88I have a problem with my proposal12:03
arunmathew88My Proposal seems to be modified. I cant see the section 2,4,5 & 6 of the template of organisation, which was in my original Proposal. It was there a few days back too. Will it be a problem?12:04
MatthewWilkesarunmathew88: There are very few melange developers, and it sounds like you'd need someone with access to the soc-ghop instance to have a look for you, please be patient, and if you don't get help before you need to go email is the best bet12:11
arunmathew88whom shall I mail? just in case?12:11
MatthewWilkes[email protected]12:13
arunmathew88I ll wait,,12:14
arunmathew88if i see no response later also then I ll mail12:14
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SRabbelierarunmathew88: hey12:40
solydzajsarunmathew88: ping12:41
solydzajsSRabbelier: hmm I wonder about this proposal12:41
solydzajsSRabbelier: weirdo12:41
SRabbeliersolydzajs: weirdo?12:42
solydzajsSRabbelier: well you know, sections don't just disappear like that12:42
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arunmathew88sorry I got disconnected12:54
arunmathew88tell me, SRabbelier12:54
arunmathew88Hello solydzajs12:55
arunmathew88If sections wont disappear, ok12:56
arunmathew88but my additional link is now in the middle of content12:56
arunmathew88how did that happen?12:57
arunmathew88My last modified date is the date of submission itself12:57
solydzajsarunmathew88: please provide me with the link to your proposal12:58
arunmathew88pls wait12:58
tpb<> (at
arunmathew88Earlier I could see public comments section (though there was no comments), now I dont see that13:00
arunmathew88solydzajs: could you see my proposal?13:03
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solydzajsarunmathew88: yes I see your proposal, so what sections are missing ? and what's wrong with ti ?13:07
arunmathew88actually my original proposal had a table of deliverables13:08
arunmathew88its now missing13:08
solydzajs"4: Please detail milestones and deliverables for your proposal:"13:08
solydzajsI see it13:08
arunmathew88oh But I can see it13:09
arunmathew88here 1: 3: 7: & 8: are all that I can see13:09
solydzajswhat browser are you using ?13:09
arunmathew88more over my additional link is now seen in between 3: and 7:13:09
solydzajstry with Firefox13:10
arunmathew88lemme try13:10
solydzajsIE is bad :-)13:10
arunmathew88ya, Actaully I use Linux13:11
arunmathew88but just now I had to come to windows13:12
arunmathew88The proposal was all right in my previous visits13:12
arunmathew88let me try firefox13:12
SRabbelierarunmathew88: let me guess, your previous visits were from Linux using Firefox13:13
arunmathew88ya u are right13:14
arunmathew88in firefox its ok13:14
arunmathew88Sorry to trouble you all13:14
arunmathew88but, does it happen likewise in IE?13:15
j-bWill the students be able to change the title of their proposals?13:15
arunmathew88thank you so much solydzajs, sorry for the trouble13:18
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SRabbelierj-b: yes, if they are accepted13:25
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dionesSRabbelier: Hi!13:42
SRabbelierdiones: heya!13:43
dionesSRabbelier: I was able to remove some of the wrong warnings in pylint13:44
SRabbelierdiones: ah, nice!13:44
dionesapp engine have some members that pylint cant check correctly13:44
dionesfor instance the Module.get_by_keyname()13:45
SRabbelierdiones: ah, what's wrong with it?13:45
dioneswell it returns the result of a Module.get()13:46
dionesthat in some cases returns a list13:46
dionesand so pylint thinks that get by key name also returns a list13:47
SRabbelierdiones: ah, and sometimes a single one13:47
dionesso it will think that we are incurring into an error when we try to access Modules members from the result of get by key name13:48
dionesand there are several similar problems13:49
dionesthere is an alternative, as I was informed by logilab13:49
diones(the company that develops pylint)13:50
SRabbelierdiones: oh, nice :)13:50
dioneswe can add a special comment to the code to make pylint ignore checking certain areas of the code13:52
dionesI believe that this is just to costly to do on melange with little result13:53
dionesthe other option is to add certain options to pylint config file so that he will just ignore some attributes13:55
dionesthere are of course two problems with that approach13:56
dionesthe first is that we may actually want pylint to check that attribute like 'key' that would otherwise be ignored13:57
dionesand the seccond is that it doesn't provide a good coverage of all cases13:57
dionesif we take the get_by_keyname() method for instance13:58
dionesthe result is considered as a list13:58
dioneswhile it should be a Model13:58
dionesif we make pylint ignore key in the code, right now most of the pylint errors would disappear13:59
dionesbut as soon as we use another method/attribute of the model, pylint would accuse an error because list does not have the 'name' member, for instance14:01
dionesSRabbelier: so what do you think?14:02
SRabbelierdiones: we do have those comments in several places in the code already, right?14:02
dionesSRabbelier: Have we?14:03
SRabbelierdiones: aye14:03
dionesSRabbelier: Where?14:03
SRabbelierdiones: grep is your friend :P14:03
dionesdamn linux14:03
SRabbelierdiones: hehe, or eclipse search14:04
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ArthurLiuSRabbelier, one of our students, 'erich' would like to resign to request mentor status, I have to ask you, right ?14:27
SRabbelierArthurLiu: solydzajs actually14:27
ArthurLiusolydzajs, ^14:28
solydzajsreading backlog14:28
solydzajsdiones: please have a look at our pylintrc file and script to get an idea which messages are disabled and which are ignored14:29
solydzajsArthurLiu: did student submit any proposals ?14:30
ArthurLiuyes, but outside of our allocated slots14:30
solydzajsArthurLiu: I can remove his Student Role but that will also require me to remove his proposal from the system14:32
ArthurLiuthat's ok14:32
solydzajsI need an email from student to confirm that and URL to his/her proposal14:33
solydzajsArthurLiu: Once I receive it it will take about 10 minutes to fix14:33
ArthurLiuwhere do I ask him to send it ?14:34
solydzajspawel (dot) solyga (at) gmail (dot) com14:34
solydzajsno problem :-)14:35
*** lh changes topic to "Melange powers the Google Summer of Code 2009 site - Want to contribute? Start here: - Be a Hero and Fix Some Melange Bugs: Easy Bugs: & Minimal Effort Bugs: - Demo is running at - Logs at Logs at"14:42
madrazrlh: topic has "Logs at" twice14:44
*** SRabbelier changes topic to "Melange powers the Google Summer of Code 2009 site - Want to contribute? Start here: - Be a Hero and Fix Some Melange Bugs: Easy Bugs: & Minimal Effort Bugs: - Demo is running at - Logs at"14:46
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madrazrSRabbelier: cool!14:46
SRabbeliermadrazr: ^^lh14:46
SRabbeliermadrazr: not me, I just fixed a stray 'Logs at'14:46
madrazrSRabbelier: I said "cool" for the same, the fix :D14:47
SRabbeliermadrazr: aah, hehe14:47
lhSRabbelier: thank you14:54
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bitsweathey melangers, our mentors have been marking proposals as ineligible as a way of winnowing down a shortlist of finalists15:07
bitsweatwe heard from a student, however, that they were notified of our "decision"15:07
bitsweatdespite the "marked as ineligible" message showing up as a *private* review15:07
bitsweatis this expected?15:08
bitsweatwe're essentially leaking accept/nonaccept status before the 20th when we planned to directly, personally let students know15:08
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bitsweatso, can students see that their proposal is ineligible despite being in a private review?15:11
bitsweator do they see a different listing of student proposals, with their proposal segregated?15:11
dionesSRabbelier: No, we do not have these comments in melange :)15:12
dionesSRabbelier: I had to do a couple things so I couldn't answer right away ;)15:13
SRabbelierdiones: I'm sure we do, solydzajs added some15:13
SRabbelierbitsweat: yes, this is expected15:13
SRabbelierbitsweat: marking them as inelegible is not the intended way to filter down the lisat15:13
dionesSRabbelier: I just searched my whole workspace and I couldn't find any15:14
solydzajsdiones: this feature has been added not so long ago, so yes it is possible that it was not present when you marked your proposals as ineligible15:14
SRabbeliersolydzajs: wrong user15:15
SRabbeliersolydzajs: you meant bitsweat, no?15:15
solydzajsdiones: now whenever you mark proposal as ineligible the private comment is send, if you want to let student know about it you can always post a public comment15:15
dionessolydzajs: What?15:15
solydzajsoh crap15:15
solydzajsdiones: sorry my mistake those were replies to bitsweat15:16
bitsweatit was said on the gsoc list that this was the appropriate tool15:16
dionesk, np :)15:16
solydzajsit's up to the org to decide how they will use "marking as ineligible" feature15:17
dionesSRabbelier: Here this is how you enable a checking with pylint: # pylint: enable-msg=E110115:17
solydzajswhatever works best for them15:17
bitsweatsolydzajs:  sure15:17
bitsweatit appears to be private though15:17
bitsweatbut is actually public?15:17
dionesSRabbelier: And to disable: # pylint: disable-msg=E060215:17
dionesJust try searching for pylint15:18
SRabbeliersolydzajs: huh?15:18
SRabbeliersolydzajs: I thought the intended use for 'mark as inelegible' is for spam proposals only?15:18
dionesI'll have to go now, I'll be right back in 2h15:19
SRabbelierdiones: see access.py15:19
SRabbelierdiones: +    # pylint: disable-msg=W070615:19
SRabbelierdiones: I'm not sure what you're searching with15:19
SRabbelierdiones: but it's obviously broken :P15:19
solydzajsSRabbelier: it is but you can abuse the system :-)15:19
SRabbeliersolydzajs: they shouldn't though, since we use the number of inelegible proposals to determine how much spam applications there were, right?15:20
solydzajsSRabbelier: but yes intended use is for spam proposals15:20
solydzajsSRabbelier: true15:20
bitsweatthe intended use is completely opaque15:21
bitsweatperhaps not to people here :)15:21
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bitsweatbut to users who only have guidance from the docs and the gsoc list15:21
SRabbelierbitsweat: the docs were pretty clear about this methinks15:21
bitsweatit's being incorrectly used15:21
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bitsweatI'm not pushing a point here15:22
bitsweatjust pointing out a mismatched expectation15:22
bitsweatthat has led to actual bad outcome15:22
bitsweatit's not melanges fault at all15:22
ChainsawOkay. Can someone tell me where the 'assign mentor' button is hidden please.15:23
bitsweatI feel like a need a rulebook just to talk about gsoc without someone getting bothered :(15:23
bitsweatchoose "admin comment" from the dropdown, Chainsaw15:23
ChainsawRight. That was not obvious.15:24
ChainsawThanks bitsweat.15:26
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* SRabbelier mutters @ Chainsaw15:27
SRabbeliergood thing he read the extensive explanation too15:27
lhwhat in the hell is wrong with people that they can't just read the documentation.15:31
ajaksuit's a yak shaving thing15:32
bitsweathm, I just checked the timeline and it looks like the 4/15 entry has changed15:34
bitsweatoops, wrong room15:34
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dionesSRabbelier: I have manually checked and couldn't find that line17:19
dionesSRabbelier: What version is that file?17:19
SRabbelierdiones: # pylint: disable-msg=C010317:19
SRabbelierallowDeveloper = allowIfCheckPasses('checkIsDeveloper')17:19
SRabbelierdiones: line 217 and 21817:19
dionesYep is not there17:20
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dionesSRabbelier: My version of the file is 269017:21
tpb<> (at
SRabbelierdiones: says otherwise17:21
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SRabbelierdiones: dude, seriously, we're at 295317:21
SRabbelierdiones: maybe time to update?17:21
dionesSure :)17:22
kblinL. "no excuses" H.17:33
kblinis there an issue for "always display the highest level of funtionality for the user" ?17:34
solydzajskblin: no but you can create one :D17:38
kblinyeah, I guess17:39
LennieSRabbelier, see kblin's comment17:46
kblinjust an usability thing, but would be nice to have for next year17:52
LennieThat interface will probably be changed anyway (hopefully)17:53
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lhkblin: hello18:28
kblinhi lh18:28
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MatthewWilkesevenin' all20:19
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