Friday, 2009-03-27

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ErantWhat is Issue 451 all about?05:43
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solydzajsErant: no idea, there is no possible cross site scripting there05:51
ErantI agree O_o05:54
ErantI think he maybe thought he could, because he could read <script> off his screen or smth, and never bothered to look at the source?05:55
solydzajsyep lamer :-)05:57
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solydzajsSRabbelier: ping06:55
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iago666hey everyone,07:38
iago666I am new to open source, though have quiet some experience in python,xml,sql,jsp and C. Would it be advisable to apply under melange (Given the fact that I have lost significant amount of time of application)07:40
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dionesSRabbelier, Hi12:33
dionesping SRabbelier12:38
dionesdanderson, Hi12:38
dionesdanderson, I'm having some trouble changing seed_db.py12:43
dionesdanderson, I can't make it seed students12:44
dionesdanderson, I don't know if I'm doing everything right12:44
dandersonplease stop highlighting me12:44
dandersonif I do not respond, I'm either busy or cannot help you12:44
dandersonright now, both.12:45
dandersonand it's annoying to have my IRC client flash around.12:45
dandersonpatience, real melange devs will probably be around at some point.12:45
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dionesany developers online?14:59
SRabbelierdiones: I will be home in an hour15:00
dionesSRabbelier, ok thanks15:00
ErantSRabbelier: Wheres u at nao den?15:01
SRabbelierErant: da m00nz15:02
ErantWhere's the guy I gave my melange stick to? :(15:02
Erant's he the guy who failed at reporting XSS shit? :P15:02
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madrazrSRabbelier: Hi15:59
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madrazrSRabbelier: will talk to you later16:29
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SRabbelierErant: phailed?17:03
ErantThe XSS thingy17:04
ErantLemme look up the issue17:04
SRabbelierErant: kk17:04
tpb<> (at
ajaksuXSS ans CSRF suck :/17:05
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summatusmentisis the abstract really only 500 characters? :-/17:55
SRabbeliersummatusmentis: yes17:59
summatusmentisit's just so short :)18:01
summatusmentisso spaces count as characters?18:02
SRabbeliersummatusmentis: it's only the abstract...18:03
summatusmentisI know it is18:04
summatusmentisI just had a really nice long abstract :-D18:04
SRabbeliersummatusmentis: then you missed the point of an abstract18:04
SRabbeliersummatusmentis: it is by definition not "nice long" ;)18:04
summatusmentishaha, I know18:04
ErantAbstract is a sales pitch18:04
summatusmentisI know, I know18:04
SRabbelierErant: ?18:04
ErantSales pitch?18:05
summatusmentisit is, it's basically an elevator pitch18:05
ErantYeah, they mentioned the elevator pitch in #gsoc18:05
SRabbelierErant: right18:05
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SRabbelierpygi: yo!18:16
summatusmentisif feedback is given on the melange system, will email notifications be sent?18:20
SRabbeliersummatusmentis: iff you are subscribed18:21
summatusmentissorry, I mean feedback on a proposal18:21
summatusmentisnot a bug18:21
summatusmentisto be more clear18:21
SRabbeliersummatusmentis: same answer ;)18:22
SRabbeliersummatusmentis: at the top of each proposal you can subscribe18:22
summatusmentisoh, ok18:22
SRabbeliersummatusmentis: you didn't read the user guide, did you?18:24
summatusmentisI did quite a while ago, I think18:25
summatusmentisbut it's very possible not18:26
SRabbeliersummatusmentis: you should :D18:27
summatusmentisdoing so now :)18:27
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ArthurLiu Review author should display "name_on_documents" instead of "given_name last_name"18:49
tpb<> (at
SRabbelierArthurLiu: that's kinda silly...19:06
ArthurLiuI don't know.. wasn't the purpose of name_on_documents to appear on documents ?19:07
SRabbelierArthurLiu: exactly19:07
SRabbelierArthurLiu: I rest my case :D19:07
ArthurLiuI'll survive19:09
SRabbelierArthurLiu: but yeah, I understand what you mean19:10
SRabbelierArthurLiu: wanting to have your initials show up is understandable19:10
ArthurLiuOr I could put my middle name in the given name field19:10
SRabbelierthat'd work19:11
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Erantpygi: Break anything valuable yet?20:05
pygiErant, no, people been bugging me with my application to gsoc :(20:05
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ErantIn what way?20:05
pygithey say that my proposal isn't serious :p20:05
Erantlol. Doesn't stop you from poking a stick at it.20:06
ErantI havn't sent in a proposal yet either.20:06
pygiErant, we should team-up, and write a security-framework for melange :p20:07
Erant:) I'm actually not that much of a web security engineer.20:08
ErantI mainly do embedded security20:08
pygiErant, so what? :p20:08
ErantTrue enough ;)20:08
pygiErant, so gobby? :p20:09
ErantGobby rocks20:09
* pygi really suggests that teaming-up :P20:09
ErantCurrently busy though. I'll prod you when I have time :)20:10
pygiawww :p20:10
ErantYay writing test cases :/20:10
pygibut later on today then, cause its late for me :P20:10
ErantIt's 1:10AM here.20:10
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dionesSRabbelier, Hi20:22
SRabbelierdiones: heya :)20:22
* Erant steals Sverre's andy20:23
* Erant runs!20:23
dionesSRabbelier, I'v created a new version of seed_db.py20:23
SRabbelierdiones: you mailed it, right?20:24
SRabbelierdiones: can you please mail a patch instead?20:24
SRabbelierdiones: the wiki has a good description of that actually :)20:24
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dionesSRabbelier, done21:01
SRabbelierdiones: thanks!21:01
dionesSRabbelier: what should I do now?21:02
SRabbelierdiones: what do you mean?21:03
SRabbelierdiones: (did you sign the CLA yet?)21:03
SRabbelierdiones: contributor license agreement :P21:04
SRabbelierdiones: you should ;)21:04
dionesSRabbelier: where do I find that?21:05
SRabbelierdiones: also the wiki!21:05
dionesSRabbelier: found it21:06
SRabbelierdiones: sweet :)21:06
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dionesSRabbelier: I have signed the CLA21:26
SRabbelierdiones: nice21:26
dionesSRabbelier: what do you think I should do, make my proposal right away or continue doing some bug/issues hunting to get more familiar with SoC?21:30
SRabbelierdiones: what do you want to work on during Summer of Code?21:30
dionesSRabbelier: I'm not sure but I'm thinking on the automated testing suggested proposal21:32
dionesBut I'm not sure how complex that is21:32
SRabbelierdiones: it's not that hard21:33
dionesand what knowledge is involved21:33
SRabbelierdiones: we have a pretty good framework to do the testing21:33
SRabbelierdiones: just no tests that use it :)21:33
dionesSRabbelier: and what is that framework?21:33
SRabbelierdiones: I'd very much encourage you to submit that proposal though, we really need those tests :)21:33
SRabbelierdiones: it's not really a framework :P21:34
SRabbelierdiones: we use pymox and python unit tests21:34
SRabbelierdiones: and we stub out Django21:34
SRabbelierdiones: so that you don't have to parse HTML21:34
dionesSRabbelier: 'stub out django'?21:35
SRabbelierdiones: yup21:35
SRabbelierdiones: we normally pass django a template21:35
SRabbelierdiones: and a context21:36
dionesSRabbelier: right21:36
SRabbelierdiones: instead we use pymox to 'stub out' that part21:36
SRabbelierdiones: so rather than rendering the template as html, the template and the context are returned verbatim21:36
SRabbelierdiones: have a look at the one existing test that uses it21:36
SRabbelier(I'll paste a link, one sec)21:36
tpb<> (at
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* Erant slaps Sverre21:58
SRabbelierErant: why you still awake?22:00
SRabbelierErant: it's too late for Skent now :P22:00
ErantWe know.22:02
ErantIt's cuz.22:02
ErantHad to play some Little Big Planet with random Wii hax0rs22:03
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SRabbelierErant: did you finish SKenT?22:10
ErantUnclear up to this particular point in time.22:10
SRabbelierErant: how can that not be clear?22:11
Erant's cuz we need a 'gud'22:11
ErantAnd we asked for a teeeeensy bit moar time to do the bonus shiz22:11
SRabbelierErant: lol22:12
SRabbelierI call epic fail22:12
ErantAnd you have every right.22:12
ErantBut now, I reaaly need some sleep :/22:13
SRabbelierme too!22:13
ErantI have an easy fix22:14
ErantStep 1.22:14
ErantFind soft surface. Preferably horizontal.22:14
ErantStep 2.22:14
ErantAssume position on soft surface22:14
ErantStep 3.22:14
ErantClose eyes.22:14
ErantStep 4.22:15
ErantCount lolcatz22:15
SRabbelierErant: guarantee win22:16
ErantIt's my sekrit recipe.22:16
ErantTime for some cooking.22:17
* SRabbelier agrees22:17
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