Friday, 2009-03-20

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lhdbentley-laptop: greets03:06
lhdbentley-laptop: our gtalk conversation got snipped, sorry.03:06
dbentley-laptopSo it goes.03:13
lhare you always up this late/early?03:14
dbentley-laptopI'm still trying to come up to speed on Melange; it's a bit difficult.  Any hints on how to get started?03:14
dbentley-laptopYeah; my sleep schedule is odd.03:14
allen_lh: long time no see.03:15
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_allen_SRabbelier: ping?03:18
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solydzajsdbentley-laptop: hey :-)05:57
solydzajsdbentley-laptop: gonna check your commit in a bit, going thru emails right now :-)05:58
dbentley-laptopI think I have some ideas about seed_many; any objections to me changing things there?  I'm not sure why the start and end params should be there...06:02
dbentley-laptopAnd, on a related note, what if I change the layout of users to be not user_1 but user_0001 ?  Or is that too obfuscating?06:03
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kblinhi folks07:19
kblincould it be that changes to the org profile aren't updated07:20
kblinI fixed a typo in our IRC server name and the changes aren't visible on the org profile page07:21
kblinhm, nm, I tried to save again and now it works07:23
kblinoh well07:23
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sandy|lurkGiven a link id, can I found out a person's real name?10:10
sandy|lurkAs an org admin, I find it difficult to approve mentor requests given some difficult link ids10:10
sandy|lurkby the way, are these questions more appropriate for #gsoc?10:11
kblinsandy|lurk: I think they're fine here10:13
kblinsandy|lurk: I've seen that question before, but I don't recall reading a reply10:14
sandy|lurkyeah, I'm not sure I understand why the link id is used anywhere but urls10:15
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allenSRabbelier: ping?10:20
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Lennie|Andyi hate delays :(11:24
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ScottMacanyone here who can edit GSoC Organisation entries?12:19
ScottMacour backup admin is wrong and our primary admin is on holiday12:19
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* Jeff_S hides12:21
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gchaixI have a question about the "Home" page and its purpose.  Namely, what the heck is it for?  Is it intended as an internal page for the org?  Or as some sort of landing page for external visitors?  It seems redundant and unnecessary since new visitors land on the org profile page already.12:34
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mmu_manhi, just registering as mentor for Haiku, I noticed two little annoyances: 1) (could be due to Firefox2 on BeOS) the "tooltip" on the linkID and name draw without background, which doesn't make it very readable12:40
mmu_man2) the entries in the list of projects seem to use onClick regardless if one clicked the url to the ideas list, so if you CTRL-click the ideas link to open it in a new tab, the current tab will go to the mentor request anyway12:41
mmu_manso one has to stop with Esc or just go back.12:42
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Lenniejee ^_^12:57
Lenniehome at last, grmbl public transport :D12:57
Lenniedanderson, your bikesheddy 2 cents are worth a lot to me12:58
LennieI'm happy with the way things are now12:58
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mmu_manBirth date:13:00
dandersonLennie: happy to help :)13:00
mmu_manhmmm which format should I use ?13:00
mmu_manin france we use dd/mm/yyyy and the US format brings confusion...13:00
Lennieor use the datepicker?13:01
mmu_manyes I suppose it's the one that confuses the less13:01
mmu_manno datepicker here... maybe FF2 doesn't like it ?13:01
mmu_manor is it some flash thingy :p13:01
Lennieyeah must be FF2 :)13:01
Lenniewe'll add an example date text soon, there is indeed confusion about that :)13:01
danderson(yet another reason to have selenium tests on ff2 :P13:01
mmu_manmight also be specific to the BeOS port13:02
Lenniedanderson you in zurich?13:02
dandersonLennie: not right now, I'm in Belfort (France) giving a talk at my university13:03
dandersonbut in general, yes I'm in zurich :)13:03
Lennieyou usually are in Google Zurich right?13:03
dandersonI'll be back on ~sunday/monday13:03
Lenniedid you encouter someone from a dutch university a few weeks ago @ Google Zurich, it should have been about testing AJAX applications13:04
dandersona tech talk?13:04
Lenniehe might have held a talk not sure13:04
dandersonI don't recall anything13:04
Lenniehe was invited that's all I know :D13:04
dandersonbut I didn't go to tech talks recently13:04
Lennieit's a lecturer of my at the university13:04
mmu_manhmm 64x64 photo... where did I put that13:04
Lennieand he keeps talking about selenium and ajax testing ^_^13:05
Lennieand he went to google zurich, so just wondering if the world is really that small and you've met him :)13:05
dandersonI didn't meet him personally, but the world is very small :-)13:05
Lenniedinner time13:06
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* mmu_man pets
tpb<> (at
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mmu_manugh convert -extract 64x64 doesn't seem to work here, must be too old13:13
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mmu_manah -crop13:20
mmu_manoops:  There are errors on this form. Enter a valid date.13:25
mmu_manseems it wants an US date13:25
mmu_manLennie|Food seems indeed it wants an US date, it didn't accept YYYY/MM/DD13:26
mmu_manUS date order being beyond any logic but eh ;)13:26
SRabbeliermmu_man: doesn't it accept ISO date format?13:31
mmu_mandidn't try, I just used MM/DD/YYYY and it worked13:32
mmu_manat least it didn't complained, hope it didn't mess up ;)13:33
SRabbelierYYYY/MM/DD is ISO I think13:33
mmu_manah, well as I said it did not like this one13:33
mmu_man1979/02/01 it didn't want13:34
SRabbelierthat's strange13:34
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mmu_manor maybe it actually used my country setting as locale and expected french date ? in which case it was wrong as 02/01/1979, we put day first13:35
mmu_manas with any sane person would :P13:35
MatthewWilkesA sane person would put day last ;)13:36
MatthewWilkesdd/mm/yyyy requires knowledge of dates to sort, yyyy-mm-dd can be sorted as text13:36
mmu_manbut at least dd/mm/yyyy sounds more logical than mm/dd/yyyy :P13:38
SRabbelierMatthewWilkes: isn't that why that's iso format?13:38
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mmu_manfor once they had a good idea13:38
mmu_mananyway, too busy to troll on l18n13:38
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Lennieit accepts ISO13:44
Lennieonly in the format I speficifed13:44
Lennieso no / :)13:44
mmu_manoh right13:44
mmu_mandidn't notice the change of separator13:45
mmu_manI suppose it should be documented :p13:45
SRabbeliermmu_man: issue filed for that ;)13:45
mmu_manI just tried with cut-n-paste so yeah didn't try -13:45
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mmu_manbesides / is used as path separator, so it's bad ;)13:46
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Lenniethere is a new version of Melange up on
tpbTitle: home (at
Lenniefeel free to hammer at it13:49
Lenniebecause student applications are open on that website :P13:49
Lenniethere should be a testguide released later today13:50
Lenniebye mmu_man13:53
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dhaunhmm, should I be able to add a backup admin to our org profile?16:07
dhaunthere doesn't seem to be a field for it ...16:08
lhdhaun: you now do this by inviting an org admin, instructions in the user guide16:25
dhaunokay, we do have a second admin now - so he's the backup admin automatically?16:26
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SRabbelierdhaun: you can have as many admins as you want16:52
SRabbelierdhaun: the 'backup admin' in the application form is just a safety measure16:53
dhaunk, I guess we're good then16:54
SRabbelierdhaun: np :)16:56
SRabbelierdhaun: sorry for slow response :)16:56
SRabbelierdhaun: feel free to ping me next time :)16:56
dhaunno problem :)16:57
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SRabbelierLennie: sup19:20
SRabbelierLennie: where've you been ;)19:20
SRabbelierLennie: that late?19:24
SRabbelierLennie: that's unusual; did you win? :P19:34
sandy|lurkDoes it make sense for an org admin to also apply to be an org mentor, or is that redundant?19:42
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Lenniesandy|lurk yes19:46
Lenniesandy|lurk, only mentors can 'mentor' students :)19:46
sandy|lurkLennie: perfect, thanks19:46
sandy|lurkLennie: can non-mentor admins still rank proposals?19:48
sandy|lurkgood to know19:49
Lenniethey can't mentor :)19:49
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lhi am not a chan op in #melange?23:12
lhyou have got to be kidding me23:13
allenlh: greetings23:13
allenlh: long time no see.23:13
allenlh: maybe the bot is sleeping, :)23:13
lhallen: greetings to you too23:17
lhno i think i just do not have access rights.23:17
ajaksulh: glad to see you well after dealing with (a few) wackos from rejected orgs, respect++ :)23:20
lhi am well thank you. :)23:22
lhit is worth it23:22
lhi want people to know their voice is heard23:22
lhand i want students watching to know how to deal with problems gracefully23:22
lhset a good example and all that23:22
lhnow i am actually going to go home23:23
lhnight all23:23
ajaksunite :)23:23

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