Monday, 2009-03-16

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dbentley-laptopI think I had an idea for the 1000-items issue; but I'm not sure at all, and wanted to chat.01:54
lhdbentley-laptop: i suspect sverre is recovering from concert, lennie is in class, and pawel may not be awake yet.02:00
lhdbentley-laptop: have you added pawel to your gtalk yet? if he's not here he's usually available there02:00
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dbentley-laptop1) Is there a script now to do things like upload tons of data?08:26
SRabbelierdbentley-laptop: you mean like bulkupload from appengine?08:26
dbentley-laptopSo that I can have a melange instance with data.08:26
dbentley-laptopAnd play around with it?08:26
SRabbelierdbentley-laptop: seed_db :)08:26
dbentley-laptopIs that in the checkout?08:26
SRabbelierdbentley-laptop: if you're running locally, or set the app version to 'devvin'08:27
dbentley-laptop(sorry, I'm in a hotel room, and about to leave)08:27
SRabbelierdbentley-laptop: you can go to /seed_db08:27
dbentley-laptopOK; does the checkout come with data to seed with?08:27
SRabbelierdbentley-laptop: (that is, http://localhost:8080/seed_db or
SRabbelierdbentley-laptop: it's hard-coded in the seed_db script08:27
dbentley-laptopOh, okay.  Interesting.08:27
dbentley-laptop2) The problem is that app engine can't fetch more than 1000 results for a query, right?08:28
tpb<> (at
SRabbelierdbentley-laptop: yup, it is08:28
dbentley-laptopAnd so to do pagination, we do a query like "selection * from table starting at 1001" fails.08:28
SRabbelierdbentley-laptop: correct08:28
dbentley-laptopBut if these are all queries in order, can't we do:08:28
SRabbelierdbentley-laptop: easily simulated by creating >1000 users with http://localhost:8080/seed_db?user_start=30&user_end=45&user_goal=150008:28
dbentley-laptop"select * from table sorted by name where name > $1"08:29
SRabbelierdbentley-laptop: yes, we can08:29
dbentley-laptopWhere $1 is the last name we're currently showing?08:29
dbentley-laptopOK, so, we already thought of this.  Cool.08:29
SRabbelierdbentley-laptop: but how do we do previous?08:29
dbentley-laptopHey, that's not a bad question...08:29
SRabbelierdbentley-laptop: atm we generate previous/next links atm by just adding/substracting offset08:29
dbentley-laptopCan't we have two indexes?08:30
SRabbelierdbentley-laptop: but I have no clue how to do that :P08:30
dbentley-laptopI'll see when I can play around.08:30
SRabbelierdbentley-laptop: cool :)08:30
dbentley-laptopI'm on travel until Thursday.08:30
dbentley-laptopBut just had that thought on the train.08:30
* SRabbelier nods08:30
dbentley-laptopOK, off to work.08:30
SRabbelierdbentley-laptop: ok! :)08:30
SRabbelierdbentley-laptop: ttys08:30
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Lenniehi Pawel13:18
durin42solydzajs: can you do and then let me know when it's ready to verify it'll work on buildbot?13:26
tpb<> (at
solydzajsdurin42: we already have pylint in place I just need to add proper pylintrc so it's not so verbose13:28
durin42solydzajs: how would I run pylint?13:29
durin42I'm willing to say I need to install things in the melange PYTHONPATH but I'm not sure what those are going to be offhand13:29
durin42Once I get that set up I think I'm going to get emails working13:29
solydzajsdurin42: right now what I'm using is in /scripts/pylint13:30
solydzajsdurin42: have a look there13:31
solydzajsdurin42: there is this little do_pylint script13:31
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solydzajsdurin42: are the post commit hooks working already ?13:52
durin42solydzajs: no, I wasn't even going to look at that until I had everything else setup13:58
durin42polling is sufficient for now13:58
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James--Crookdbentley:  The 1000 results problem + backing up to a previous table.  How about using ORDER BY name DESC?  Then reverse the order in python code?  (saw discussion earlier today).14:44
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* MatthewWilkes cheers the csv export function15:01
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lhsolydzajs: suggestion: please ask mentors to start posting their melange related questions to melange-soc - melange is not gsoc alone. posting to public list means we act like a real open source project and may be helpful for others later.16:29
solydzajslh: ok will do thx :-) that's a good idea we shouldn't spam mentors list16:30
lhsolydzajs: just a thought. :)16:30
lhnot so worried about spam, just want us to have good project communication hygiene16:30
solydzajslh: done :-)16:32
solydzajslh: email sent :-)16:32
lhsolydzajs: awesome. :)16:32
dandersonspeaking of spam, the issue updates thing sure is spammy16:32
* lh will help stay on top of melange-soc and ask folks to file things in the issue tracker16:32
solydzajslh: I'm giving Dan access to /p/soc as project member right now :-)16:32
lhsolydzajs: have the other committers agreed? I mean it is finally your call of course, but i want to make sure there's consensus16:33
* danderson is +1, based on Dan's code review and the code he provided16:33
solydzajslh: yes and this is our Google support :-)16:34
lhsolydzajs: good enough for me.16:34
dandersonplus, he checks out according to the two laws of Subversion committers: (1) Appears to have a clue and (2) Follows the hippocratic principle and First Does No Harm16:34
lhwe need to give dbentley ops in channel then too16:34
lhdanderson: agreed. on both.16:34
lhplus i like dan and think well of him. known him for a long time and very happy we have him on the team.16:35
dandersondo I have amazing superpowers on this chan?16:35
lhyou does16:35
dandersonjust need to figure out the right runic invocation to summon a +2 spirit of Operator16:36
dandersondbentley: you'll need to register your nickname with Nickserv16:38
dandersonotherwise I cannot grant amazing superpowers16:38
* lh applauds amazing superpowers16:38
danderson(yes, my spirit invocation failed. But I did manage to summon some ice tea)16:38
lhi think mystical powers of iced tea summoning are much more cool.16:41
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