Thursday, 2009-03-12

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MatthewWilkesWhat's the word removing users who set stupid link_ids ?13:12
MatthewWilkesBlanket no, or possible if the big G wants to bother?13:13
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KralnSo, I did a stupid thing and put a linkid for my account that I shouldn't have (on the live 2009 site). Is there anyway this can be changed? (lh sent me here)13:15
lhi assume nothing can be done to fix this, but it is worth asking13:17
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WinterMuteHi folks, is there any way to delete/change an account that has used the wrong linkid?13:48
tpb<> (at
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lhSRabbelier: how did you solve Kraln14:14
lhKraln's problem so i can do it next time and you don't have to worry about it?14:14
SRabbelierlh: the devkipro dude?14:14
lhSRabbelier: i guess? :)14:14
lhKraln: do you answer to devkipro dude?14:14
* Kraln makes shameful faces14:15
SRabbelierlh: check all entities that I thought he might have had a reference to his account in to make sure there were none, and delete him14:15
SRabbelierlh: that really needs to be automated, but it's not sadly14:15
SRabbelierlh: so, atm, I don't think you can14:15
Kralnnow can you rename my gmail account to [email protected] ? ;_D14:15
lhSRabbelier: correct, ok it was worth asking14:15
SRabbelierKraln: heh, same solution!14:15
SRabbelierKraln: create a new one :P14:16
Kralnhah, yeah14:16
SRabbelierKraln: I recently switched from [email protected] to [email protected]14:16
SRabbelierKraln: fairly painless14:16
SRabbelierKraln: set-up a forward on your old account14:16
SRabbelierKraln: you can even import your filters now14:16
Kralnmy old account collects email from like a billion other accounts heh14:16
WinterMuteSRabbelier, will that affect the linkid for the org?14:16
SRabbelierWinterMute: no, not at all14:17
WinterMuteok, cool, thanks14:17
SRabbelierWinterMute: anything that uses link_id knows what kind of entity it's talking about14:17
KralnWinterMute: new link_id is kraln btw14:17
SRabbelierWinterMute: so even if you fill in 'devkitpro' somewhere as user name it will never refer to the org :)14:17
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James--CrookSRabbelier: I'd like to raise the priority of Enhancement 308 ( about background color to Priority-High - this is for test instance only - and I want to explain reasoning and get some feedback from you before I do...14:45
tpb<> (at
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James--CrookI'm thinking that we will need to invite mentors to the test instance again, to get the new features community tested.14:46
SRabbelierJames--Crook: right *nods*14:47
James--CrookThere is currently a fairly high risk of confusion, so I see this as blocking us from inviting testers.14:47
James--CrookThanks.  Another question about testing...14:47
James--CrookFor org application the timeline was not too important.14:48
James--CrookHow are we going to run it for student-applies and student-ranking?14:48
lhJames--Crook: i'm going to put out a call for testers today, i am on the same page as you14:48
lhJames--Crook: people will need to use two different accounts to test14:48
James--CrookIf/when there is a re-invite to mentors for testers14:48
James--Crookwe need a clear 'contract' for want of a better word.14:49
James--Crookso that testers know that they can create a test org... and then 32 days later they will be in accepting student mode...14:49
James--Crookalso that they know that their data MAY be zapped entirely.14:49
James--Crookfar better to know in advance and it to be clear.14:49
James--Crooksorry 32 a typo for 214:50
James--CrookIssue 308 updated.14:51
lhi am completely confused by what you just said14:52
lhif someone creates a test org and comes and asks here for it to be accepted so they can continue testing, we'll do it. where does 32 days come from?14:52
James--Crook32 days a typo for 2 days.  The issue is how testing interacts with timeline...  it's just not clear to me.14:53
James--CrookIs it that in the test instance there will be no deadlines?14:53
lhi dont think we're as organized as you'd like testing wise this time around.14:53
lhah, clarity.14:53
lhthat's a darn good point.14:53
lhSRabbelier: ideas?14:54
James--Crookhe he.  Well that's what I'm here to do, to find out whether it is actually helpful to have community input in testing, and if so how to get it.14:54
James--CrookI'm worried that testers will drift away when the datastore is zapped, but that's a tradeoff.14:54
James--CrookOf it costs more to developers to (aim to) maintain the datastore than the benefit then we live with it.14:55
James--Crook\me (typing terribly today)14:55
SRabbeliersorry, had to start food, am back now :)14:56
SRabbelierWe can tweak deadliens ourselves14:56
SRabbelierwe can leave org apps open indefinitely14:56
James--Crooktrue, but we need to communicate those to testers.14:56
SRabbelierI'm saying wel'l just turn them off :P14:57
James--Crook...and we won't be testing deadlines.14:57
lhSRabbelier: even if we set the student apply timeline to be after org app timeline deadline14:57
lhJames--Crook: correct.14:57
James--Crook.. which is fine as long as we know and developers have done their own tests.14:57
James--Crook..just not getting the benefit of community test.14:57
James--Crook(for that aspect)14:58
James--CrookSRabbelier: so to clarify, in test new orgs can pop up at any time.14:58
lhJames--Crook: orgs who have applied can repaste their template on the test site. yes it will be more work for them, but that's what happens with testing.14:59
James--CrookAre we currently implemented up to 'LH gifts slots to orgs'?14:59
James--CrookI ask because that is one place where deadline is very relevant.14:59
James--CrookIf we only have and are only  testing prior stuff we can address that aspect later.15:00
lhSRabbelier: can you commment here?15:01
SRabbelierJames--Crook: pawel doesn't agree with your background suggestion15:01
SRabbelierJames--Crook: gift slots?15:01
lhi plan to look at the site later today, but have things to do now. so i am going to work on stuff so i can get to testing. :)15:01
SRabbelierlh: you don't agree with the site color either?15:01
lhSRabbelier: no, i don't think that is needed. but it's also not my call.15:02
James--CrookWhatever developers decide is best, I have opinions but I'm not dogmatic.15:03
James--CrookWill I start a wiki page TestIntsanceStatus?  On that we can describe the non-standard timeline of the test instance and where we are at it.  It can also be a collection point (in the comments) for feedback on how we plan testing.15:05
lhJames--Crook: why would we not just do this in a document on the testing site?15:05
James--Crookbecause the datastore may get wiped.15:06
James--CrookAlso Melange does not accept comments on a doc.15:06
lhJames--Crook: even when the datastore has been wiped, documents have been preserved15:06
James--Crookor doc review15:06
lhJames--Crook: but a doc can be made publicly editable15:06
James--CrookSRabbelier: what do you think better, a doc on melange or a doc on wiki, or none at all for this?15:07
James--CrookHmm.  OK.  I leave it.15:07
James--Crookreally bfn15:08
lhJames--Crook: are you leaving?15:08
James--CrookI thought I was.15:08
lhJames--Crook: just checking to make sure i knew what bfn meant. take care, thanks.15:08
lhbfn = bye for now15:08
SRabbelieraah, ok :)15:09
James--Crookbfn indeed.15:09
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dandersonblue fairy nails15:09
dandersonthat's what it means.15:09
SRabbelierdon't worry about datastore being wiped15:09
SRabbelierwe can choose what to delete15:09
SRabbelierand we probably won't need to delete anything anyway15:09
lhSRabbelier: ok thanks15:09
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* lh makes note, will be writing up testing guide later15:09
SRabbelierlh: awesome15:10
durin42I prefer blue fairy nails15:10
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dbentleyHi #melange!15:56
SRabbelierdbentley: heya! :)15:57
SRabbelierdbentley: how's going?16:05
dbentleyGoing well.16:06
dbentleyTrying to come up to speed on melange in the next week or so.16:06
dbentleyAnd watching #melange was step 1.16:08
SRabbelierdbentley: good idea :)16:10
SRabbelierdbentley: Allow me to introduce you to Lennie, he joined in a few months late but he's been making up for that so much he'll soon have more commits than I do :P16:10
dbentleyHaha; check.16:11
SRabbelierdbentley: (measured not only in commit count, but also in amount of features implemented etc.)16:11
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SRabbelierdbentley: Not present is Pawel Solyga, I am guessing you know him already?16:11
dbentleyNot quite.  But I hope to.16:11
Lenniethanks SRabbelier16:12
SRabbelierdbentley: Ah, in that case, he is our Polish project lead16:12
dandersono/ dbentley16:12
SRabbelierdbentley: He somehow manages to keep track of what all is going on, and what needs doing16:12
Merio(hand claps for Lennie)16:12
dbentleyGot it.16:13
SRabbelierdbentley: Ah, and that would be Merio, he is our Javascript guru extraordinaire ;)16:13
dbentleyOK, cool.16:13
SRabbelierdbentley: Considering neither Lennie or myself are any good at JS, he's been a great help16:13
SRabbelierdbentley: lurking over there is danderson, he's also helping us out on the Google side, perhaps you saw his release script on soc-google already :)16:14
dandersonSRabbelier: he reviewed it.16:14
Merioahah thanks SRabbelier :)16:14
SRabbelierdbentley:: ah, I did not realize that was you :)16:14
Merio(hi dbentley!)16:14
SRabbelierdanderson: thanks :P16:14
dbentleyYeah; I'd love to help with that release script after danderson does another pass.16:15
SRabbelierdbentley: Also lurking here is durin42, although he's probably actually away16:15
SRabbelierdbentley: he helped out with the testing harness earlier, and he's "in charge" of kicking the builtbot in the shins when it breaks down16:16
dandersonright. I actually need to get that script into the vanilla melange repository, so I'm told16:16
SRabbelierdbentley: (sadly we do not really have much of a test suite :( )16:16
SRabbelierdanderson: can we talk about that in a min? :)16:16
dandersonSRabbelier: yup!16:16
SRabbelierdanderson: awesome16:16
Lenniedo I have to know dbentley btw :P?16:17
dbentleyOooh, I want to be part of this discussion.16:17
SRabbelierdbentley: :)16:17
dbentleyIn re: moving it to melange, and who wins what then.16:17
Lenniesince it seems you know him SRabbelier16:17
SRabbelierLennie: not at all16:17
SRabbelierLennie: never met the guy ;)16:17
dbentleyHey Lennie.16:17
Lenniehi dbentley :)16:17
SRabbelierLennie: This is dbentley, who I think is going to help us out!16:17
Lenniehelp is very much welcome16:17
Lenniemakes me sleep better :)16:17
SRabbelierdbentley: what kind of time do you have, is Melange your 20% time?16:18
LennieGoogler :P?16:19
dandersonare we done with the introductions?16:19
SRabbelierLennie: yes, notice the e-mail in your calender16:19
Lenniewhich office :D?16:19
dbentleyI'm in New York City.16:19
Lenniek cool16:20
Lenniemy sister loves that city ^_^16:20
Lennienever been there myself16:20
Lenniebut who knows16:20
SRabbelierLennie: you got your poster yet?16:20
dandersonokay, I need to run for a bit, so I'll just spam you with stuff about this release script16:20
Lenniemy sister is very happy with her NY skyline poster :D16:20
dandersonmy objectives:16:20
danderson1. get my horrible huge google-specific release script committed in the vanilla melange repos16:20
danderson2. break it up into modules/packages, make it generic enough to serve both melange and google-soc16:20
danderson3. make it awesome16:20
Lennie4. Never deny the awesome16:20
dandersonquestions, comments, points of clarification?16:20
dbentley2. What does Melange benefit from having this release script?  (honest, non-snarky question)16:21
SRabbelierdanderson: yes, if we want it generic enough to serve both google and melange, where do we put the "import a melange release" part?16:21
dandersonmelange also has a release procedure that is tedious16:21
dandersonand can be automated to some extent16:21
SRabbelierdbentley: I'll be writing up a Release Procedure document today/tomorrow16:21
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SRabbelierdbentley: Would you and danderson care to review it?16:21
dandersonand melange and google can share the base (but not the commands) on which to build this.16:22
SRabbelieras you both know a thing or two about doing releases I suspect ;)16:22
dbentleyIs it particularly harmful to leave the Google code in melange codebase?16:22
SRabbelierdanderson: ah, yes, that would make sense16:22
dbentleyI'd be happy to review.16:22
dandersonFo a release script, I think it's mostly harmless.16:22
SRabbelierdbentley: the code is Apache, I doubt there is any harm done :)16:22
dandersonAnd it would be short term, to get all the modification history in one place16:22
SRabbelierdbentley: awesome :)16:22
dandersonrather than first mess with it in /p/soc-google, then move it into /p/soc and lose history16:23
SRabbelierdanderson: +1 on that16:23
dandersonRight. I believe I already have commit access, so I'll take that +1 as a "ship it!"16:23
SRabbelierdanderson: indeed16:24
dbentleyWhat's the melange review process?16:24
SRabbelierdbentley: Commit-then-review16:24
dandersoncommit then review, or review then commit if you're unsure about something and want to talk about it first.16:24
SRabbelierdbentley: As we don't always have the time to do Review-then-commit16:24
SRabbelierdanderson: yes, that too16:24
dandersonalso, issue-driven development16:24
SRabbelierdbentley: meaning, Pawel has been had spikes of being very busy, so at times he could not do reviews for days at a time16:25
dandersonaside from trivial fixes and the like, it's nice to have an issue open for what you're doing16:25
SRabbelierdbentley: halting development that long was not really desired :)16:25
SRabbelierdbentley: also, if the core devs notice something that needs fixing we usually do the fix ourselves16:25
SRabbelierdbentley: but for new committers it is preferred to at least ask first :P16:26
SRabbelierdbentley: (unless of course it's some obvious typo)16:26
dandersonand finally, all the coding style, guidelines and related crap are in the wiki:
tpbTitle: Wiki Pages - soc - Google Code (at
dandersonoo, oo, I broke google code!16:27
danderson503 Service Unavailable16:27
SRabbelierdanderson: lol, nice16:27
SRabbelierdanderson: it's working for me :)16:27
dandersonoh, wait.16:27
dandersonI'm dumb16:27
dandersonincorrect URLs will result in no service16:28
SRabbelierdanderson: they do?16:28
SRabbelierdanderson: shouldn't that be 404 instead? :P16:28
dandersonmaybe, though 503 is semantically correct16:28
dandersonthere is no service available at that URL16:28
SRabbelierok :)16:28
dandersonyes, the explanation is a little wonky, but I'm sure the folks who wrote that code thought about it16:29
SRabbelierdbentley: I myself are the un-introduced core developer, I joined in early, took a break for a few months (during which I worked on Git for GSoC), and then came back to break everything ;)16:29
SRabbelierdanderson: or did they? :P16:29
dandersonSRabbelier: if they didn't, I suspect they'd have defaulted to 40416:29
SRabbelierdanderson: maybe they rolled a d404-50516:30
dandersonokay, I want one of those.16:30
danderson"Return 1d10+500"16:30
SRabbelierdanderson: yes! :D16:31
SRabbelierdanderson: I wonder what people would do if they started noticing behavior like that :P16:31
SRabbelier"An custom error code has been chosen for your pleasure"16:31
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tpb<> (at
SRabbelierlol :D16:35
*** lh has joined #melange16:39
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SRabbelierdbentley: Do I need to introduce you to lh as well? :)16:39
lhSRabbelier: lol, i know dbentley well16:40
dbentleyHaha; no.  I know lh...16:40
SRabbelierdbentley: well, you didn't know Pawel, so I wasn't sure :D16:40
lhdbentley: nice to see you. how are you?16:40
dbentleyI'm good.16:41
dbentleyPawel is... not a Googler, right?16:41
SRabbelierdbentley: not yet? :P16:41
lhdbentley: awesome. you, i and danderson are the only googlers here.16:41
lhpawel is our project lead.16:41
dbentleyYeah, okay.  Awesome.16:41
dbentleyAnd what's his nick?16:41
lhoh i lied16:41
SRabbelierlh: well, we have mithro too, occasionally16:41
lhEllenKo is also a googler16:41
SRabbelierdbentley: soldayiz or soemthing like that16:41
lhmithro is tim ansell from .au office16:42
lhbut not here atm16:42
* SRabbelier nods16:42
Merio(solydzajs IIRC)16:42
lhdbentley: solydzajs is pawel's nice16:42
SRabbelierMerio: correct, thanks16:43
dbentleys/e$/k/ or s/ic/iec/ ?  Is there nepotism at work?16:43
*** sandy|lurk has quit IRC16:43
SRabbelierdbentley:  ah, I like you already :D16:43
* lh waves to EllenKo 16:43
*** sandy|lurk has joined #melange16:43
SRabbelierdbentley: tell me some about yourself :)16:45
dbentleyI live in New York, do a lot of python coding...16:46
SRabbelierdbentley: what kind of guy are you, how do you prefer to code, what's your worst habit? :P16:46
dbentleyHave opened for The Who.16:46
dbentleyI like to code in very small increments to start with.16:46
SRabbelierdbentley: ooooh, that's nice16:46
lhdbentley is lovely person16:46
dbentleyI like getting things working without overly worrying about the design, because things will likely change.16:47
SRabbelierdbentley: <316:47
SRabbelierdbentley: can I deduce from your The Who statement that you're in a band? :D16:47
dbentleyMy college marching band was kind of really awesome.16:48
*** Lennie|Gone is now known as Lennie16:49
* SRabbelier grins16:49
SRabbelierdbentley: samples?16:49
SRabbelierany youtube vids? :D16:49
dbentleyYes...  One sec...16:50
SRabbelierooooh, yay ^_^16:51
SRabbelierdbentley: also! how old are you? :D16:51
tpbTitle: YouTube - LSJUMB - All Right Now (at
dbentleyI'm 26.16:51
SRabbelieraaah, nice :D16:52
SRabbelierdbentley: (that's pretty awesome indeed :D)16:52
SRabbelierdbentley: which one is you? :P16:53
dbentleyI'd graduated by that point, so not directly in there...16:54
SRabbelieraaaah, shame, shame16:54
SRabbelierdbentley: ah, you never answered, what kind of time do you have? is Melange your 20% project?16:54
tpbTitle: Twitter / dbentley (at
dbentleyI'm on the OSPO team now, so it's an 80% project, but one of several things that I'm picking up.16:55
Lennieyou look irish :P16:55
SRabbelierdbentley: oooh, awesome!!16:55
SRabbelierdbentley: what else are you going to be working on?16:56
dbentleyI'm... still figuring that out.16:56
dbentleyBut there's just a lot to keep cranking.  So helping people use more.16:56
SRabbelierdbentley: I don't understand, what do mean with your last line?16:57
dbentleys/.$/open source./16:57
dbentleySo just making sure that people are getting more open source code and getting it updated takes bandwidth of people.16:57
SRabbelieraaaah, *nods*16:57
SRabbelierdbentley: what has you interested in melange? :)16:58
dbentleyWell, gsoc is awesome, and I want to help support it and make sure we can use it well.16:59
SRabbelierdbentley: cool!17:00
SRabbelierdbentley: did you do anything GSoC related before?17:00
dbentleyI've reviewed apps in years past, but this is my first attempt to get deep into the guts.17:00
SRabbelierdbentley: you reviewed apps? how so?17:02
dbentleyLIke, applications of students and organizations who wanted to be in the program.17:02
SRabbelierdbentley: ah, that's quite involved :)17:03
dbentleyWell, that was in, like, '05 and maybe '06.17:03
SRabbelierdbentley: ooh, so you've been there from the start!17:05
dandersonwait, what?17:06
dandersonopened for the who?17:06
dandersonthat wins.17:06
dbentleyYeah; they're a British rock band.17:06
dbentleyFormed circa 1962.17:06
dandersonoh, I know who they are17:06
dbentleyGood stuff; you should check out some of their records.17:06
dbentley; P17:06
dandersonI'm just making impressed noises17:06
dbentleyOK; TGIAF time.17:07
dbentleyI'll be back soon.17:08
dandersonTGIAF... Now that's just cheating.17:08
SRabbelieralmost friday17:11
durin42Because the NYC guys didn't want to miss out on the fun, or some such17:19
SRabbelierdurin42: mhhhh?17:19
durin42SRabbelier: nm17:19
* SRabbelier is missing something17:20
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*** lhawthorn is now known as lh17:23
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*** Sledge has joined #melange18:04
Sledgehi folks18:04
Sledgehaving intermittent problems with socghop atm18:05
Lenniehi sledge18:05
SRabbelierSledge: heya18:05
Lenniechecking logs18:05
Lennie(seen your post on #gsoc :)18:05
Sledgeok, thanks :-)18:05
Lennieany idea what the link id of your application is?18:06
SledgeI'm einvalsledge18:06
lhis the link id18:06
Lennieis that your link id18:06
Lennieor the applications18:06
lhyou also made your link id the link id for the debian app. tsk tsk.18:06
lhLennie: seems to be both18:06
lhlennie: sending you this exception report i just got18:07
Lennieyou got an exception report?18:07
LennieSledge, your app is in the system atleast18:07
SledgeLennie: phew :-)18:07
lhwhen trying to view debian app on socghop.appspot.com18:07
SRabbelierlh: addy?18:07
lhLennie: now it comes up fine18:08
lhSRabbelier: sent to lennie, you want it?18:08
SRabbelierlh: no that's fine18:08
lhI can see the app now no problem18:08
tpb<> (at
Sledgeslightly confused here: the "link id" in the form seemed to want my link id...18:08
lhno it does not. did you look at the user guide?18:09
* Sledge looks sheepish18:09
Lennienext to that the explaination is not clear either :)18:09
Lennieso its partially our fault :P18:09
lhLennie: agreed.18:09
Lennieif you want you could do your application again with a proper debian type linkid?18:10
Lenniesince that will become the link id for the organization18:10
SledgeI still can't see the app at all right now ( says "18:11
tpb<> (at
SledgeI still can't see the app at all right now ( says "There is no such active entity.18:11
Lennieyou should visit review ;P18:11
Lenniewho gave you that link ^_^18:11
tpb<> (at
*** rohitrao has left #melange18:12
Lennieshows up here :)18:12
Lenniedon't mind the fact that the text looks strange, the lineendings you put in are still there18:13
ajaksuI'm pretty sure you're going to have lots of ACL errors, as some VIP links leak ;)18:13
Lennienot really VIP :P18:13
Sledgeok, I see it now18:13
Sledgewell, *some* of it18:14
Lennieand apparently the ACL for that works :D18:14
SRabbelierSledge: but, why did someone give you that url anyway?18:14
SRabbelierSledge: oh, nvm18:14
SRabbelierSledge: I see lh pasted it above :)18:14
tpb<> (at
Lennieif you want to imporbe :P18:14
* ajaksu has... hmm, tried lots of funky URL combinations... you know, testing and stuff :)18:14
Lenniebut it should also show up under
tpb<> (at
Lenniejust keep trying :)18:15
Lenniebetter have someone in this channel find security leaks then some stranger :D18:15
dandersonI am going to commit the Google release script in the melange repository and start hacking it up to suit Melange's needs. +1?18:15
SledgeLennie: ok18:15
SRabbelierdanderson: yes, go for it :)18:16
Sledgeis it a good idea for me to start a new application and cut'n'paste into that then, using a new linkid?18:16
Lennietell someone here when you are done with that18:16
ajaksuI've stopped trying as socghop is now under real use, but will resume on melange-* later (they weren't up-to-date last I tried)18:16
Lennieso we can "can" the old one18:16
Lennieajaksu, should be a new release somewhere today/tomorrow18:17
ajaksuLennie: cool, I'll check it when it's posted in the list :)18:17
lhajaksu: more testing guidelines should be published tomorrow.18:18
ajaksulh: cool, will go through them soon and report any suggestion I have :)18:23
SledgeLennie: ok, data moved across to the new app now18:23
lhajaksu: great18:23
Sledgeyou can happily kill the old one, thanks!18:23
Lenniecool Sledge18:23
Lennieeinvaldsedge one right?18:24
Lenniereferesh :)18:24
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*** EllenKo has joined #melange18:49
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SRabbelierLennie: ping19:03
SRabbelierLennie: I forgetteded, which release runs what?19:04
Lennieas in?19:04
Lenniedev is our playground19:04
Lenniedemo should run some test instance19:05
*** EllenKo has joined #melange19:10
SRabbelierLennie: mhhh, so demo should run latest release19:13
SRabbelierand dev should be up to date with latest commit, yes?19:13
LennieI think so19:13
SRabbelierok, that's what I remember too19:13
SRabbelierso that's probably correct ;P19:14
lhSRabbelier: lennie is right19:14
SRabbelierlh: thanks19:15
*** EllenKo_ has joined #melange19:23
*** _raz_ has joined #melange19:24
*** dberkholz has joined #melange19:24
_raz_is it possible to rename a link_id somehow (or delete it for recreating the account)?19:25
dberkholzhi. i'm applying as an org admin, and i'm having a hard time writing a good app template without knowing the exact context it will be in on the student's application page19:25
SRabbelier_raz_: negative19:25
SRabbelier_raz_: you can have it deleted though19:25
dberkholzwill i be able to see any view of that at a point when i can still modify the template?19:25
Lenniedberkholz, yes you can19:25
Lenniewill be in your org profile19:26
dberkholzthanks Lennie for your double ansewr. =)19:26
*** _raz_ has quit IRC19:26
* lh makes note19:26
*** _raz_ has joined #melange19:27
_raz_SRabbelier: the link_id has an org application filed - that would require a deletion, too, not?19:27
SRabbelier_raz_: ouch, yes, that would require the org application to be deleted (that would be easiest for us to do)19:29
SRabbelier_raz_: please e-mail [email protected] about this19:29
*** EllenKo has quit IRC19:29
SRabbelier_raz_: he's responsible for deleting things :)19:29
SRabbelier_raz_: good luck19:30
SRabbelier_raz_: if he does not reply before tomorrow evening (UTC) ping me on IRC19:30
_raz_SRabbelier: I'll surely do so - the application would have to be passed in until 19 pm (UTC) again and I do not want to miss that one :)19:32
SRabbelier_raz_: hmmmm, if anything we can create the organziation for you :)19:33
SRabbelieroh, wait19:33
SRabbelier_raz_: it's just the link_id of the user that's wrong?19:33
SRabbelier_raz_: in that case you can just leave the application, and we can delete the faulty user later on :)19:34
_raz_SRabbelier: right - just the user's19:34
SRabbelier_raz_: no worries then :)19:35
SRabbelier_raz_: totally fixable :)19:35
_raz_okay - what would be the procedure for that one then (as it's the org-admin-to-be)?19:36
_raz_the same as above?19:36
SRabbelier_raz_: yup, just make sure you fill in a backup org admin :)19:36
_raz_and wait until the the application is either accepted or rejected, I guess?19:37
SRabbelierLennie: what is it Lennie?19:37
SRabbelier_raz_: correct19:37
Lenniethe more that happens with the application the harder it gets to delete the user :P19:38
_raz_great - you saved my day :)19:38
Lennieit would be best if the faulty user could get into IRC and tell use when he's ready to switch to another account :P19:39
Lennieso we can switch the keys in the datastore ^_ ^19:39
_raz_Lennie: as it's myself (shame on me, but link_id was really confusing :) I'll avoid adding anything else as long as the application is not processed19:40
Lenniewhy cant we fix it now then :D19:40
Lennieyou dont have to resubmit your application19:40
_raz_ermm - because it's nearly 1am over here and that did not come up my mind :)19:41
Lennieit's 1 am here too19:41
Lenniebut I said you dont have to19:41
Lennieif you promise to create a new account within 5 minutes we can have everything arragned ^_^19:41
_raz_great - let's do it then :)19:41
_raz_signed out, ready to start19:42
LennieI'll just make myself org_admin for a min :P19:42
Lenniehold on ^_^19:42
_raz_which link_id, I guess?19:42
Lennieapparently I'm not allowed to do this without permission from someone else :P19:42
SRabbelierLennie: hence why I told him to mail [email protected] ;)19:43
lhLennie: that's right, pawel wants to handle these deletions.19:43
lhhe's our project lead so that's what we'll do19:43
SRabbelierok guys19:44
SRabbelierI'm off to bed :)19:44
Lenniesorry _raz_19:44
Lenniewe'll do it when pawel is online :)19:44
_raz_no problem19:44
lhSRabbelier: sleep well dear19:45
SRabbelierg'night all19:45
*** SRabbelier has quit IRC19:45
_raz_it's just a minor nuisance where I mixed up 'sign in' for the user with the org and thus am now registered under the org name :)19:45
*** Merio has quit IRC19:46
*** Merio has joined #melange19:46
Lennienn form me as well :)19:56
lhLennie: sleep well dear19:56
Lennie_raz_ stick around, Pawel should be here tomorrow19:56
*** Merio has quit IRC19:59
_raz_Lennie: okay, I'll show up in the morning for a short time20:00
*** Lennie has quit IRC20:02
*** _raz_ has quit IRC20:25
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