Monday, 2009-02-23

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durin42buildbots are both red guys10:27
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Lenniehi todd12:04
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durin42<broken record>buildbots are red, tests are failing</broken record>12:49
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SRabbelierdurin42: they are?14:12
* SRabbelier goes check14:12
tpbTitle: BuildBot: Melange (at
SRabbelierdurin42: ah, yup, I know why too14:12
SRabbelierdurin42: thanks for pointing it out14:12
durin42I'm good for something ;)14:13
SRabbelierdurin42: we need one of them traffic lights :P14:13
durin42I was thinking radio controlled electroshock collars.14:13
durin42Or just one, for you ;)14:13
durin42I need to configure emails to go to melange devs14:14
SRabbelierdurin42: that'd be cool14:14
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Lennieunstable internet :S?14:15
SRabbelierLennie: fail :)14:16
Lennielol @ todd14:22
Lenniewhy dont just make a patch himself instead of replying on rTooLongAgo :P?14:23
SRabbelierLennie: he's busy getting us the stats we need :)14:23
Lenniegoogle code is 505'ing a lot :S14:24
SRabbelierLennie: yup, same here14:24
SRabbelierdurin42: yup14:24
Lenniethe source browser14:24
Lennieand I had trouble committing14:24
durin42that's a weird one.14:24
durin42My read access has been working fine.14:25
durin42For whatever that's worth.14:25
SRabbelierdurin42: fixed the test suite14:25
durin42SRabbelier: thank you14:26
LennieSRabbelier, hehe we have something to show :P?14:26
SRabbelierLennie: no14:27
SRabbelierLennie: I think we should be honest with Arie14:27
SRabbelierLennie: and tell him we don't really have a test suite14:27
SRabbelierLennie: that we have been wanting one, but that there's was no time to write one after-the-fact14:27
SRabbelierLennie: the timing is somewhat sad, I wouldof loved to give a talk after we write the test suite :(14:28
Lennienext year14:28
SRabbelierLennie: mhhh, yeah?14:28
Lenniehe wouldnt mind if you are doing the master thesis :P14:28
SRabbelierLennie: *grins*, that would be too cool though14:29
SRabbelierLennie: I'm going to poke him about that for sure14:29
Lenniewe'll talk to him (tomorrow?)14:29
SRabbelierLennie: +114:29
SRabbelierLennie: my andy is still not synching the TU calendar, even though it's showing up online14:30
Lenniestrange :)14:30
SRabbelierLennie: maybe I should do the factory reset after all14:33
Lenniewhy not14:33
Lennieif you keep talking about it every day :p14:33
Lenniereminds me14:33
LennieI need to download soem games14:33
SRabbelierLennie: yes, yes you do14:34
Lenniewhat's that Zuma game?14:34
SRabbelierLennie: bonzai blast14:35
Lenniecant find it :S14:36
Lenniebonsai ;)14:36
Lenniety :)14:41
* SRabbelier is reviewing MaththewWilleke's patch now14:42
durin42SRabbelier: buildbot still appearing red to me14:45
durin42SRabbelier: failing locally too14:46
durin42did you *run* the tests before committing?14:46
SRabbelierdurin42: nope :D14:46
SRabbelierdurin42: (of course I did)14:46
SRabbelier$ ./run.py14:47
SRabbelierRan 30 tests in 0.383s14:47
durin42SRabbelier: *bzzzt*14:47
SRabbelierdurin42: ah, on my svn copy it's failng... curious14:47
durin42(that was your shock collar ;) )14:48
SRabbelierdurin42: this is... weird...14:49
SRabbelierdurin42: it's still working on my git checkout, but not on svn14:49
SRabbelierdurin42: ah, that would be because I forgot to commit?14:49
durin42we have a winner.14:50
SRabbelierdurin42: aaaah, i see14:50
SRabbelierdurin42: I only committed the changes I made with Lennie earlier today14:50
SRabbelierdurin42: and when checking the other console I saw that I committed those -_-"14:50
* SRabbelier puts on this "stupid" hat14:50
* durin42 gives SRabbelier a cookie14:50
durin42We all do it man.14:50
durin42It's just easier to do with git than other tools. *ducks*14:51
* SRabbelier laughs14:51
SRabbelieris it?14:51
durin42I dunno.14:51
durin42I'm just teasing.14:51
durin42I'm bored at work.14:51
durin42And have *no* motivation today.14:51
SRabbelierdurin42: how's that git->hg tool comming along?14:51
durin42Nil. Nada. Zip.14:51
durin42SRabbelier: I've not started, but there's another one coming along soon I hope.14:52
durin42Scott Chacon is looking into stuff.14:52
SRabbelierdurin42: ah, sweet; he's got the resources :P14:52
durin42I know. I've offered unlimited help with hg internals and Python, and will be reviewing his code.14:52
durin42Hopefully we can end this war.14:52
SRabbelierdurin42: awesome14:52
durin42By winning it on behalf of two systems so similar they might as well be the same.14:52
SRabbelierdurin42: :)14:53
SRabbelierdurin42: we can throw Bzr etc out of the window then14:53
durin42SRabbelier: that's kinda my goal14:53
durin42launchpad sucks so hard14:53
SRabbelierdurin42: and get those R-tards at to get their shit together and support a DCVS14:53
SRabbelierdurin42: green bar, green bar!14:53
durin42SRabbelier: be nice. I have good friends that work on
SRabbelierdurin42: I call a lot of friends r-tards :P14:54
SRabbelierdurin42: ask Lennie ;)14:54
SRabbelierdurin42: I really hope the Hg support is comming soon though14:54
* durin42 refreshes buildbots14:54
LennieSRabbelier: shut up stupid14:54
SRabbelierLennie: ^_^14:54
SRabbelierdurin42: I'm so done with svn and it's cumbersome branching process14:54
SRabbelierdurin42: that, and it's epic slowness14:55
durin42SRabbelier: slowness never been an issue for me14:55
durin42the branching blows though, no mistake.14:55
SRabbelierdurin42: it is if you commit 8 patches in a go though14:55
SRabbelierdurin42: or have to pull in 100 revisions14:55
durin42SRabbelier: not with replay ;)14:55
SRabbelierdurin42: agreed, part of that is git-svn not using the delta thing14:55
SRabbelierdurin42: replay, right14:56
SRabbelierdurin42: but part of that is just inherent to svn's lack of packs (or something similar)14:56
durin42replay is full of win14:56
durin42It actually has something similar but nicer from a concurrent-writers point of view.14:56
durin42It's really well designed for what it tries to do.14:56
SRabbelierdurin42: some plx to port it to git-svn :P14:57
SRabbelierI poked Eric about it, he replied with "patches welcome" ;P14:57
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SRabbelier(especially since it's >=1.5 only)14:57
durin42SRabbelier: get a coherent API and we can port hgsubversion wholesale14:57
durin42yeah, hgsubversion has diffy fallback paths14:57
durin42they are a pain in my butt14:57
SRabbelierdurin42: hehe :)14:58
* SRabbelier sends a mental ping to Matthew Willekes15:11
LennieO matthew15:17
Lenniehear us15:17
* SRabbelier chuckles15:17
Lennietonight we dance for Sparta :P15:17
LennieI love that Movie spoof :D15:18
SRabbelierLennie: addy?15:18
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* MatthewWilkes hugs SRabbelier 19:55
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