Thursday, 2009-02-12

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* Lennie steals solydzajs's cookies. Mwahaha!04:21
solydzajsLennie: give me back my cookie ;-)04:21
Lenniehmmam, no mhway, munch munch04:22
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Lennieyou want something to do :D?04:45
Lennieor is solydzajs keeping you busy :P?04:45
solydzajsLennie: nope he doesn't :-)04:46
Lenniehe doesn't want something to do04:46
Lennieor you arent keeping him busy :P04:46
solydzajsI need to assign him some tasks if he's available04:47
MerioHi Lennie ;) Actually I've a task assigned by Sverre, but I've been ill with temperature :)04:47
solydzajsMerio: what tasks is it ?04:47
* Lennie mumbles something about progress bar + ajax calls04:47
MerioHi solydzajs :)04:48
MerioAnd an exam on Feb 7th04:48
LennieMerio, that sucks :(04:48
Lennieis that Feb 17th btw :P?04:48
Meriosolydzajs: Check for right patterns in some fields like telephone numbers04:48
Lenniethat can wait :D?04:49
Lenniethere are more challenging tasks that await you Merio :D04:49
MerioLennie: wow!04:50
MerioLennie: which tasks? :)04:50
Lenniesolydzajs can explain more thoroughly04:51
Lenniebut you might end up working with em :P04:51
solydzajsMerio: we need a button which will call some url everytime it receives reply and show you the progress bar04:51
solydzajsMerio: basically when Leslie accepts the organizations, this button will inform all the orgs about acceptance and change state from pre-accepted to accepted04:52
Lenniesolydzajs, we want an additional email sent out with that right?04:52
solydzajsLennie: yes04:52
Lenniesolydzajs: roger04:52
Lenniebasically merio, on loading the progress bar page, I can give you the ammount of orgs that needs to be done04:53
Lenniea button that starts the process would be nice04:53
Lennieand then when a HTTPRequest returns there should be a certain number of orgs done ^_ ^04:54
Lenniesolydzajs, do you want that number to be a constant or do you have some more sophisticated idea?04:54
MerioLenni, solydzajs: so, let me know if I've understood: Leslie has a page with all orgs with a button beside each of them: she can click on one of the buttons and then a progress bar should update itself. Then a mail is sent while in the org side something shows accepted/not accepted?04:56
MerioOr has Leslie a distinct page for every org?04:56
solydzajsLeslie reviews org applications04:56
solydzajsif she accepts the org04:57
solydzajsthe status of an org is set to pre-accepted04:57
Lennie(that's already implemented)04:57
solydzajsshe goes thru all the orgs04:57
solydzajsand preaccepts the on that will get in04:57
solydzajsand then on review page she has the list of all pre accepted orgs04:57
solydzajsand she has a button04:57
solydzajs"Bulk acceptance"04:58
solydzajsand this button will ask for all preaccepted orgs link_ids04:58
solydzajsin first ajax request04:58
solydzajsthen will show progress bar04:58
solydzajsand for each org will call another htttp url to change status to accepted from pre-accepted04:59
solydzajsand changing the status to accepted will also trigger email sending to Org admin04:59
MerioOk so the progress bar traces every httpreq that has been done05:00
Lenniebasically yes05:00
Merioagainst the total orgs that need to change their status from pre-accepted to accepted05:00
Lennieyes which you will get from your first request05:00
Lennieupon which I'll make sure you'll get all the link_id's ^_^05:00
Merio^__^ I put faith in you ^__^05:01
* Lennie is apparently volunteering to do this :P05:01
solydzajsMerio: so are you up for this task ?05:01
Meriosolydzajs: yes for sure, now I feel better :) What about the field checks?05:02
Lenniesolydzajs: (Let the field checks rest for a while ^_ ^)05:02
solydzajsMerio: lower priority05:02
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MerioLennie, solydzajs: ok, just found a jquery progress bar ;)05:05
Lenniecool :)05:05
LennieI gotta go and do some stuff05:22
Lennielike take a shower and get lunch :D05:23
LennieMerio, I'll try to add the button and URL patterns needed asap05:23
MerioLennie: ok, in the meantime I'll work to integrate the progress bar and do some fancy stuff ;)05:25
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tlarsenHeh, somebody put last year's GSoC April Fools prank into Wikipedia:13:39
tpb<> (at
durin42tlarsen: nice14:08
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