Saturday, 2009-02-07

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madrazrSRabbelier: Hi10:55
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Lennielive from FOSDEM :)14:44
LennieMelange says hi14:44
matthewwilkes_Hi melange!14:52
madrazrHi :)14:53
matthewwilkes_Lennie: You all made it ok, then?  Airports had closed here14:53
Lennieo yeah14:53
Lennieairports closed here?14:53
Lennieisn't that UK D:14:53
Lenniewe are in belgium :P14:53
Lennieand since me and sverre are from Holland we could just take the train :D14:53
matthewwilkes_Yeah, I'm in the UK :P14:54
Lenniebut we're great :D14:54
matthewwilkes_True, trains and busses went offline too though14:54
Lenniethat sucks :D14:54
Lennieunless you want some days off :P14:54
matthewwilkes_The bridge to wales here was shut due to 1 m^2 sheets of ice falling on cars and wrecking them14:54
Lenniesweet :P14:54
* matthewwilkes_ has heard it called the "snowpocalypse"14:55
Lennieluckily we dont have that here :P14:57
matthewwilkes_Many places regularly have more snow than this14:57
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matthewwilkes_it's just we haven't for > 20 years, so nobody knew what to do14:58
matthewwilkes_Anyway, how's FOSDEM?  All fun and games?14:58
Lennieits fun14:59
Lenniewe went to some talks14:59
Lenniebut we worked on the keynote speech for Leslie :p15:00
Lenniethat's gonna be the closing talk tomorrow15:00
matthewwilkes_cool :)15:00
* matthewwilkes_ must start revising his org app :)15:01
matthewwilkes_Lennie: Are you considering mentoring for Melange this year?15:02
Lenniefor what?15:02
matthewwilkes_Summer of Code15:02
Lennieyeah I know you are talking about SoC :P15:03
matthewwilkes_Ok, well Melange will be an organisation, right?15:03
Lenniebut what should I be a mentor for then :D15:03
Lenniethey might15:03
LennieI have no idea, there a lot of other OS projects out there who also deserve a chance for SoC :)15:03
matthewwilkes_True ;)15:04
LennieI'm off15:06
Lenniehas Merio been around?15:06
matthewwilkes_Lennie: Have fun, say hi to the others for me!15:06
LennieI already did15:06
matthewwilkes_Not in the last 8 hours15:06
Lenniewe are camping at the Hotel now for an hour :P15:06
Lennieso greetings from Sverre and Pawel :)15:06
LennieLeslie is off to some fancy speakers dinner :P15:07
matthewwilkes_:)  Pass my regards onto her when you see her15:07
Lenniebye :D15:07
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