Monday, 2009-01-26

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SRabbeliersolydzajs: ping10:13
durin42someone said my name, but I wasn't away and lost it10:43
durin42so if you needed me, please reping.10:44
solydzajsdurin42: do you have any plans to commit some tests ?10:45
durin42solydzajs: perpetually, yes ;)10:46
durin42solydzajs: I was busy in NYC this weekend10:46
solydzajsdurin42: you said you had something working already and I was wondering what's the status10:46
tpb<> (at
durin42I have that diff10:46
durin42which has some TODO left in it10:46
durin42but otherwise is a good test example10:47
SRabbelierdurin42: it 3 weeks old though?10:48
durin42solydzajs: if you want to take that patch and fix up any TODOs, that's fine10:48
durin42that's the last time I think I touched it10:48
solydzajsdurin42: how did the interviews go ?10:48
solydzajsdurin42: I will have a look10:49
durin42solydzajs: Well, I think. I should (hopefully) have more OSS time now that I'm not worrying about them.10:49
durin42solydzajs: I'd offer to look tonight, but tonight I'm getting caught up on things I put off during interview season.10:49
madrazrsolydzajs: I am going through the logs (I mean the IRC log of the demo). I am now at the point where you gave developer access to all the new comers10:49
madrazrsolydzajs: I have created an account too at, can you please give me the access?10:49
solydzajsmadrazr: yes one sec10:50
madrazrsolydzajs: madhusudancs is my link ID10:50
solydzajsmadrazr: done10:50
madrazrsolydzajs: thanks10:50
* madrazr feel great to see a lot of options to do lot of things :P10:51
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tlarsenAnybody here that has Developer access to
tlarsenFor some reason, *none* of my usual Google Accounts seem to be listed as Developers.11:25
SRabbeliertlarsen: lol, sure11:25
solydzajstlarsen: one sec I will add you11:25
tlarsenSRabbelier: I need [email protected] and/or [email protected]11:25
SRabbeliertlarsen: ah, ok, I'll let solydzajs do it11:25
tlarsenSRabbelier: *not* [email protected], though.11:25
SRabbeliertlarsen: since that's not a Google Account? :P11:26
tlarsensolydzajs: there is something broken with Google (not Google Apps) Accounts and App Engine.11:26
tlarsenSRabbelier: Ummmm, I *do* have a Google Account (global namespace) overlaying that email address.11:26
solydzajstlarsen: done for both accounts.11:26
tlarsenSRabbelier: The Google (global) and Google Apps namespaces are separate.11:26
solydzajstlarsen: yep you account is added too.11:26
tlarsensolydzajs: Ugh, no.11:27
tlarsensolydzajs: Please remove [email protected], thanks.11:27
solydzajstlarsen: your account was added way back. But I can remove it now no problem. I just added the ones you just requested.11:27
tlarsenHmmm.  I cannot see the Site settings menu.11:27
solydzajs[email protected] Pending11:28
solydzajs[email protected] Pending11:28
tlarsensolydzajs: Pending?11:28
tlarsenOh, I have to answer the email.  Sorry.11:28
tlarsenWhy does clicking on the Select button to set a site-wide Terms of Service just display a Python dict on the page?11:32
solydzajstlarsen: this is work in progress for new ajax document selector11:40
tlarsensolydzajs: OK, I will open a bug, then.11:40
tlarsensolydzajs: A release should have been cut *before* that was started, so that some sort of Document selection was working to show Chris.  :)11:42
tlarsenIt is not good to have someone wait a week when there was a working selector before.11:42
tlarsenMaybe stuff like this needs to be developed in branches until it is working?11:42
solydzajstlarsen: I know, I told that to SRabbelier already11:43
tlarsenChris' time is VALUABLE.11:43
tlarsenWe really should try hard not to waste it.11:44
solydzajstlarsen: we can reverse to previous document selector11:44
solydzajsSRabbelier: ping11:44
SRabbelierI'll revert it11:44
tlarsenSRabbelier, solydzajs: my point is, you need a cut-off date, and you *need* to cut a release and push that to
solydzajsSRabbelier: thx. We can add this once it's ready.11:45
tlarsenYou all do most of your commits on the weekend, so cut the demo release on Friday.11:45
tlarsenI am not trying to be picky, but you *do* have a regular "customer", and the meeting with that customer is known in advance.11:45
solydzajsit would be better to move the meeting for Wednesday and do cutoff on Monday11:45
SRabbelierhow about this11:46
SRabbelieryou cut a release branch11:46
SRabbelierrevert the commit on there? ;)11:46
SRabbelierI don't feel like reverting a revert...11:46
SRabbeliersolydzajs: yes, yes it would11:46
tlarsenSRabbelier: I can just branch on a revision *before* your change.11:47
tlarsenSRabbelier: Please provide it to me.11:47
SRabbeliertlarsen: Uhm... but what about all the other stuff that's been done since then?11:47
SRabbelierwe want to demo that...11:47
solydzajsSRabbelier: just move the pick stuff to pick_temp and add the previous stuff to pick11:48
solydzajsSRabbelier: I need to leave in 5 minutes11:48
SRabbelierjust branch it11:49
SRabbelierand do the revert then11:49
SRabbelieror do the branch11:49
SRabbelierand I'll do the revert11:49
tlarsenSRabbelier: Release software much?  :)11:49
tlarsenYes, having to cut an actual snapshot of software to show to someone sucks at times.11:49
SRabbelierit's r157611:50
tlarsenI'm not going to do anything this week.11:50
tlarsenSRabbelier: the software demos as-is.11:50
tlarsenI would like to cut a release branch once that feature is working, though.11:50
tlarsenI will start an appropriate email discussion on the mailing list about this.11:50
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dmitrig01|afkSo am I right that there is a melange meeting in 1 hour?11:53
*** dmitrig01|afk is now known as dmitrig0111:53
Lennie1 hour 4 min11:54
Lennie6 min11:54
Lennie^_ ^11:54
dmitrig01i can come!11:54
tlarsendmitrig01: Are you out of school?11:55
dmitrig01tlarsen: yes11:55
dmitrig01tlarsen: staff development day11:55
tlarsendmitrig01: Nice to have you around, then.  :)11:56
tlarsendmitrig01: Please sign in to and create a profile.11:57
tlarsendmitrig01: If you have already, you should see that you no longer have access to much of the site, since I added a site-wide ToS that you'll have to agree to in the User profile.11:57
dmitrig01tlarsen: yep11:57
dmitrig01tlarsen: i had already, and i just agreed to the ToS11:57
dmitrig01hehe -
tpb<> (at
Lennietlarsen, ToS thing is really working :D?12:00
Lennienice :D12:00
LennieI've been way to busy with other stuff to take a look at that sorry ^_ ^12:01
tlarsenLennie: If you select a ToS Document in the Site settings, then, yes, for User profiles it is enforced.12:01
Lennielegal will be happy :P12:01
tlarsenEven if someone already has a User Profile, if you later set a ToS, they will have to go back and accept it, or they cannot see any of the site except for public documents (home pages, the ToS, of course) and their own User Profile (in order to accept the ToS, of course).12:02
tlarsenLennie: That is why we need a "Delete Me" button if a user decides they don't like the ToS and will never accept them.12:02
Lenniedo we?12:03
tlarsenNo, we do not.  It is best to never get to that point, though.12:03
Lennieexplain the delete me button :D12:03
tlarsenJust don't announce the site until the ToS is in place.12:03
LennieYou just cant use the services anymore12:03
tlarsenLennie: A button on the User Profile that deletes the User from the site.12:03
Lennieit's like blizzard, if you dont agree you cant do stuff but we'll still keep your data12:04
tlarsenLennie: Yes, but they may not want any of their data on the site after reading the new ToS.12:04
Lenniek :S12:04
tlarsenLennie: So, if they have any Roles (unlikely, though), those get deleted too.12:04
Lenniewe mark those roles as invalid if they willingly resign or get kicked12:05
tlarsenLennie: Yes, but there are still data-retention issues if a User refuses to agree to the ToS.12:05
tlarsenLennie: That being said, this is a corner case that isn't likely to happen.12:05
Lennieit's software12:05
Lennieeverything can and will happen :P12:06
tlarsenOne way to prevent it is to set the Home page to something like "there is no ToS yet; if you sign up, we will delete you until then"12:06
tlarsenI am pretty sure Developers can delete a User :)12:06
tlarsenBesides being a committer to Melange, I am now in the position of representing "Google" as a "customer".12:07
tlarsenThat is why I have started talking about releases.  :)12:08
SRabbeliertlarsen: I like the ToS12:10
tlarsenSRabbelier: Heh.  I had to think of something.  :)12:12
SRabbeliertlarsen: ah, is that your official position now? Google representative? :)12:12
* SRabbelier frowns12:13
SRabbelierI'm not sure why, but I just got a cache miss12:13
SRabbelierLennie: what kind of cache flushing did you add? :P12:13
SRabbelierLennie: I didn't do anything and I had a miss just now :P12:14
LennieI added a new one recently12:14
tlarsenSRabbelier: Sigh, yes.  I'm afraid so.12:14
tlarsenSRabbelier: Somebody has to do it.12:14
Lennieyou had a miss12:14
Lenniestrange :D12:14
SRabbelierperhaps tlarsen pushed a new version of the app?12:14
Lennieno idea12:15
LennieI would like the latest revision to be pushed please12:15
tlarsenSRabbelier: Nope.12:15
* SRabbelier shrugs12:15
Lennieso I can demo clubs12:15
SRabbelierah well12:15
Lenniewith the new sidebar entries12:15
Lennie^_ ^12:15
SRabbelierLennie: to melange-dev?12:15
Lennieif I can demo clubs there12:15
SRabbelierLennie: knock yourself out12:16
Lenniebe back in 1512:23
*** Lennie is now known as Lennie|Gone12:23
dmitrig01 <-- is it possible to have the pager say 0-10 of 1312:25
tpb<> (at
* dmitrig01 goes to the issue queue12:26
tpb<> (at
SRabbelierLennie|Gone: deploying12:29
tpb<> (at
SRabbelierLennie|Gone: deployed12:31
tlarsenSRabbelier: This is exactly why it is nice to use the issue tracker and not a wiki.  :)12:32
tlarsenPeople will enter stuff into the issue tracker once the program is running, and they can get prioritized with the other stuff that needs to get done.12:32
tlarsenThey can't edit the wiki.  :)12:32
dmitrig01 <-- this page is kind of pointless if i can't edit it anyway and the information is already displayed on
tpb<> (at
dmitrig01unless someone can edit it12:33
SRabbeliertlarsen: oh, sure12:33
SRabbeliertlarsen: I'm not saying we shouldn't use it12:33
SRabbeliertlarsen: just that our current TODO list is on the wiki :)12:33
tlarsenThe key to effective use of the issue tracker is to just bury the stuff you don't want to deal with at a low priority, and have all the stuff that is currently in the wiki at high priority.12:33
Lennie|Gonedmitrig01, only devs can edit requets anyway12:33
Lennie|Gonethey can now only delete them12:33
tlarsenYeah, I've tried this *whole time* to get the TODO list to be the issue tracker.  Alas, no one uses it, and Leslie only paid attention to it once.12:34
dmitrig01Lennie|Gone: ok12:34
Lennie|Gonea normal user wouldnt see that view12:34
Lennie|Gonetlarsen, I find the issues list way too crowded with stories. But I do like the bugs in there12:34
tlarsenLennie|Gone: It is *very* easy to sort by a different column.12:34
tlarsenLennie|Gone: Just click on the column header you are interested in, and choose "sort up" or "sort down".12:35
tlarsenLennie|Gone: In the admin tab, the "order" of issue Types (Story, Defect, etc.) can be changed anyway we want.12:35
tlarsenLennie|Gone: Defects can be first in that list of Types, and they will show up first when you pick "Sort Up", for example.12:35
tlarsenLennie|Gone: It is an awesome table view implementation.12:36
SRabbeliertlarsen: that would help12:36
tlarsenSRabbelier: Defect is already the first "Type".12:36
tlarsenThere, I just changed the default view.12:36
tlarsenDefects are now at the very top.12:37
tlarsenThe Type is also now the first column.12:37
tlarsenIt took me like 5 seconds.12:37
SRabbeliertlarsen: can you put tasks above story12:37
SRabbeliertlarsen: mhhh, id should be before type though, this looks weird12:37
tlarsenTask doesn't change code or docs.  Are you using that one?12:37
tlarsenFeature now comes next after Defect (which is what I think you meant by "Task").12:38
SRabbelierbrb, dinner12:38
SRabbeliertlarsen: there was a 'task' type12:38
SRabbeliertlarsen: all the way on the last page12:38
* SRabbelier away dinner12:39
*** no_mind has quit IRC12:39
tlarsenOK, ID is back in front, and the columns are then sorted by Type (Defect first, then Feature, then Enhancement, Stories last).12:40
tlarsenActually, I set it to:  Defect, Patch, Feature, Enhancement, Task, Story, Other.12:41
tlarsenThe point is, we can tweak it any way we like.12:41
*** penyaskito has quit IRC12:42
*** Lennie|Gone is now known as Lennie12:47
*** no_mind has joined #melange12:48
Lennieissue163 doesnt make sense to me12:52
Lenniethere is no information about a location on that page12:52
dmitrig01Lennie: it was there before12:53
dmitrig01Lennie: yeah, that page doesn't exist any more odd12:54
Lenniejust add a comment saying that you'd like the warning message the way you explained12:55
Lenniethat would clarify it a bit :)12:55
SRabbelierreverted my json commit12:55
SRabbelierbut only locally12:55
SRabbelierLennie: ready to call?12:58
Lennieyeah music :P13:00
*** lhawthorn has joined #melange13:02
LennieSRabbelier, you'll be leading the call right?13:02
Lenniehi lhawthorn :D13:02
*** lhawthorn is now known as lh13:02
*** ChanServ sets mode: +o lh13:02
lhLennie: hello!13:02
* lh is dialed in for our conference call13:02
SRabbelierLennie: I guess13:03
lheveryone got a tremendous amount done this weekend, it was great to see all the commit messages in my inbox this morning13:03
* dmitrig01 is connected to the conference call thing13:03
* dmitrig01 hears music13:03
dmitrig01is there supposed to be music?13:04
SRabbelierdmitrig01: yup13:04
dmitrig01so when does the music end?13:04
lhthere will be music until the call moderator joins, that would be chris13:04
* lh sends him mail13:04
dmitrig01sounds good13:04
lhwill see what i hear back13:06
lhdmitrig01: how are you? :)13:06
dmitrig01lh: i'm good13:06
dmitrig01lh: been quite busy13:06
dmitrig01lh: how are you?13:06
Lenniethe music is boring me :P13:07
lhdmitrig01: same as you. life is fantastic, just too many good things to do. :)13:07
lhchris is going to be along in a few minutes, everyone hang tight13:10
tlarsenNew home page contents:
tpbTitle: Home Page (at
lhSRabbelier: what instance are we using for this call? melange-demo or melange-dev13:10
lhtlarsen: merci13:10
tlarsenlh: Gotta use the home page for *something*.13:11
lhtlarsen: :)13:11
tlarsenlh: Please check out the ToS.13:11
lhtlarsen: will do13:11
lhSRabbelier: thanks13:11
lhtlarsen: i <3 it. very very cool.13:11
SRabbelierlh: can't we have that as official tos? :(13:12
lhSRabbelier: i think we might need something a bit more palatable to our legal team.13:12
SRabbeliertlarsen: I like the home page!13:13
SRabbelierlh: mhhh... we can add 3. do as our legal team tells you to do?13:13
durin42Heh, somehow I think lawyers will get involved to make long frighteningly complex ToS that mean basically that plus "don't sue us, k?"13:13
lhSRabbelier: i think we have to make those instructions more explicit.13:13
durin42anyway, board games time.13:13
lhdurin42: exactly. have fun!13:13
SRabbelierdurin42: well that, and "don't break our stuff"13:13
lhyay no borking!13:14
dmitrig01pls ping me when chris signs on13:14
lhdmitrig01: will do13:15
SRabbelierdmitrig01: sure :P13:15
* dmitrig01 hung up so he can listen to something else13:15
SRabbelierdmitrig01: lol :P13:15
* SRabbelier wonders if he is actually paying for this13:15
SRabbelierit's past 7, so it should be free... I think13:15
lhSRabbelier: i will buy you beer to make up for the extra expense13:16
SRabbelierlet me know when Chris is there guys13:16
SRabbeliermy dad will kill me dead if I make the phone bill soar up :P13:17
lhSRabbelier: will do13:17
Lenniesame here13:17
Lennietime for some other music :P13:17
tlarsenLennie: If I am a non-Developer user that has completed a User profile and agreed to the ToS, shouldn't I see some choice to apply as a Club Member in the sidebar?13:20
Lenniehas been noted13:20
Lennieyou can make an issue if you'd like13:20
tlarsenOK, will do.13:20
Lennieassign it to me13:21
Lenniemark it started ty :)13:21
SRabbelierthat's a new status?13:21
SRabbelierstared, thank you13:21
SRabbelier? :p13:21
tlarsenSRabbelier: No.13:21
tlarsenSRabbelier: Started has been there all along.13:21
* SRabbelier was kidding13:21
LennieSRabbelier, bad boy :P13:21
SRabbelierLennie: :D:D13:21
SRabbeliertlarsen: lennie said "started ty" rather than "started by"13:22
Lenniewas no type :)13:22
Lenniebut that was13:22
Lennie^_ ^13:22
dmitrig01chris still not here?13:26
SRabbelierdmitrig01: nope13:26
LennieI should have had dinner before the meeting13:30
LennieIf I knew Chris would be this late13:30
SRabbelierLennie: go get some food13:30
LennieI have to make food13:30
SRabbelierLennie: yes13:30
lhok chris cant call in but is looking at the app13:30
lhone sec i will hang up and readial in13:30
Lenniethat will cost me time13:30
SRabbelierlh: as host?13:30
SRabbelierlh: oic13:30
SRabbelierbut I was just listning to Requiem for a dream   :(13:31
lhcan anyone here me on the conference call?13:31
* SRabbelier signs on13:31
tlarsenI can hear you.13:31
tlarsenI said hello.13:31
dmitrig01i hear typing13:32
tlarsenI hear lots of keyboard clicking too.13:32
lhokay good13:32
*** Gamara has joined #melange13:32
dmitrig01i hear13:32
* SRabbelier waits for google calender to load13:32
lhSRabbelier: chris has joined us, do you want to tell us what we're viewing?13:32
Gamarasorry about this. German press has been omnipresent today.13:32
dmitrig01SRabbelier: Dial-in number:866.457.464613:32
dmitrig01International Dial-in number:617.224.464613:32
dmitrig01Participant passcode:40014904 then #13:32
lhSRabbelier: are you not dialed in for the call13:33
GamaraI cannot fial in.13:33
SRabbelierlh: doing so now13:33
Gamaradial, that is.13:33
dmitrig01Gamara: see above13:33
GamaraI am here:13:33
tpb<> (at
SRabbelierlol, it hung up13:33
GamaraI've signed in, giving my name/shorturl.13:33
tlarsenGamara: Did you agree to the ToS?13:34
lhi believe we are using for this meeting, but could be wrong.13:34
SRabbelierGamara: please go to  instead13:34
tpbTitle: Home Page (at
Gamarahetre I go13:34
tlarsenGamara: demos won't be happening on
tlarsenGamara: That will be the *real* live site.13:34
tlarsenWe will be doing a real release, a "vendor branch" of that release to /p/soc-google/, and pushing that live, this week (Friday).13:35
LennieI'll take you through creating a club13:35
Lenniewhich is one of the new features to Melange13:35
GamaraI see create new club, going there13:35
Lennieyou mean new club application right :)?13:36
Gamarawell, now I do13:36
tlarsenLennie: Make sure Chris is *not* a Developer.13:37
* dmitrig01 hangs up13:37
Lenniehe shouldnt be13:37
LennieI didnt mark him as dev13:37
tlarsenLennie: He needs to see the site from a non-Dev User perspective.13:37
Gamara[email protected] is the login account13:37
SRabbelierbut he is13:37
tlarsenLennie: OK, but he needs to not be listed in Administration -> Developers in the App Engine app either.13:37
SRabbelierhe was a dev on appspot13:37
SRabbelierjust removed you13:37
tlarsenSRabbelier: Thanks.13:37
tlarsenOnly the committers should be on melange-dev and melange-demo as Developers for now.13:38
SRabbelierGamara: ok, flushed your side as well13:38
Gamaramy link ID is the wrong formay.13:38
tlarsenWe can always "check the checkbox" when they need to see it in Developer view.13:38
SRabbeliertlarsen: right13:38
Lennieyou on ?13:39
tpbTitle: Sign In Required (at
Gamaraoh, it worked this time13:39
GamaraI selected the backup and it took it this time.13:39
LennieThe system we are going through now is roughly what orgs will be going through as well13:39
Lenniethe applications contains the needed questsions to filter bad clubs13:40
Gamaradid th app go in okay.13:40
GamaraI can't see it in the list club apps...13:40
Lennieit didnt catch on13:40
GamaraThis link ID is in wrong format. 13:40
Gamarano spaces13:41
GamaraIS it too long? Do you have some limit?13:41
SRabbeliernope, we don't13:41
Lennieit works fine here :S13:41
Lenniejust created a club application on the live instance13:41
GamaraDoes it give that for just the link id or are all of your errors saying thiis...13:42
GamaraThis is a bug.13:42
Gamarachrome on xp13:42
SRabbeliertlarsen: aren't you on XP too?13:42
tlarsenI run the site on three different browsers at the same time.13:43
tlarsenSRabbelier: I just created a club app in the running demo.  I found some issues, though, and am opening Defect issues.13:43
SRabbeliertlarsen: ok13:43
GamaraI see the problem I think.13:44
tlarsenSRabbelier: my club application for "Foo Bar" appears in the system.13:44
SRabbelierGamara: ah, do share13:44
Gamarathe backup group admin has to be a link id, not an email?13:44
GamaraThat'll be a drop down ?13:44
tlarsenYes, Gamara.13:44
tlarsenGamara: I am opening an issue for that now.  :)13:44
SRabbelierGamara: you were pasting us the wrong field then?13:44
GamaraThis is making me feel stupid.13:44
GamaraThis whole app is making me feel stupid.13:44
SRabbelierGamara: it is not clear which error goes with which field?13:44
GamaraSo either I am stupid, or I'm expecting too much too early13:44
SRabbelierGamara: probably that13:45
GamaraOr , you know, both13:45
tpb<> (at
SRabbelierGamara: there's only so many of us13:45
GamaraI know.13:45
SRabbelierbut we're working on a user selector13:45
Gamarano worries.13:45
GamaraI'm in list club apps.13:45
SRabbelierno_mind, one of our new contributor is a AJAX wizard :)13:45
GamaraIt's there13:45
GamaraThat's handy...13:45
no_mindSRabbelier, thanks for pinging... I need some help from you13:46
Lennieokay cool13:46
LennieI'll review your app :)13:46
Lennieplease press f513:46
Lennieor refresh your broswer window13:46
Lennieyou know the drill :P13:46
Gamaraya, I' maccepted.13:47
Lennieyou'll see that the notification on the sidebar has turned bold13:47
Lennienotifiying you of your acceptance :P13:47
GamaraOo, make the notification number red :-)13:47
Lennieyou can either go to the notification to accept your acceptance as a club13:48
Lennieor you can use the list13:48
SRabbeliersoemone make a issue to make the notification thingy a stylesheet option13:48
SRabbelieratm it's hardcoded to be <b></b>13:48
Gamaraokay, make me op again on the site so I can see the new op things you did.13:48
SRabbelierGamara: did you create a new club already?13:49
SRabbelierGamara: from your application?13:49
GamaraYou accepeted androidness.13:49
GamaraDod I need to do more?13:49
GamaraAs a club owner?13:50
Lennieyou arent a club owner yet13:50
SRabbelierGamara: well, you need create the club :)13:50
GamaraSo my application doesn't make me the owner?13:50
Lennieand then you'll need to fill in your admin profile13:50
GamaraTake op away from me.13:50
GamaraI though I was done with the non-op stuff.13:50
SRabbelierGamara: yes, it will make you the owner, but only after you actually created the club13:50
GamaraSo an application being accepted doesn't make the club?13:50
Lennieand filled in your club admin profile13:50
SRabbelierGamara: correct13:50
SRabbelierGamara: we need some extra info13:51
tlarsenGamara: You have applied to be a Club, and your application was approved.  Now you need to provide more information (that wasn't needed in the application).13:51
SRabbelierGamara: addresses etc.13:51
SRabbelierGamara: tlarsen said we can't collect that kind of data till after clubs/orgs are accepted13:51
Lennieyou need to supply your own info aswell to become a club admin13:51
Gamarate notificatio nshould make that clear for hte text of that.13:51
Gamarain my profile?13:51
SRabbelierGamara: I don't understand how the notification is unclear13:51
SRabbelierGamara: can you clarify?13:52
GamaraIt says: Your club application for android has been accepted.13:52
Lennieclick the notifications13:52
SRabbelierGamara: that's not all though?13:52
Lennieclick the notification*13:52
GamaraOh, I can click on that? That's not obvious at all.13:52
SRabbelierok, Is ee the problem13:52
SRabbelierit's not clear it's clickable13:52
GamaraUnderline the litte fucker.13:52
GamaraI'm pretty sure I hate the idea of giving orgs their own tos....13:53
SRabbelierGamara: ah, yes, those will go away :)13:53
Gamaranow notifications says be a club admin13:53
GamaraYossi varda is on stage conducting a string quartet.13:54
GamaraThat's how weird my day is.13:54
SRabbelierGamara: ok, so you can click that note too, and fill in your club profile13:54
GamaraThe guy who created icq.13:54
Lenniethe backup admin you filled in also received an invite btw13:54
lhGamara: the tos for orgs will be the same as that for mentors13:54
Gamaraim network should be a dropdown.13:55
SRabbelierGamara: ah, we could do that I guess13:56
tlarsenGamara: How can that be done?  There are so many IM networks.13:56
* lh agrees with tlarsen13:56
Lenniethere are new ones every day and china uses strange networks :P13:56
SRabbelierwe could take the one pidgin supports :P13:56
GamaraThe photo url , pulls from other sites? Or will it always refer to the url13:56
Lennielike QQ13:56
SRabbelierGamara: atm just refers to the url13:56
GamaraJabber 4 life.13:56
GamaraThat's going to hurt site performance an dbe ...trickty.13:56
Lennienot really13:57
Lennieif yoru browser loads it :P13:57
lhif we're going to make it a dropdown, make sure folks can select other and fill in a text box13:57
tlarsenGamara: For photos, we need this feature first:
tpb<> (at
GamaraWe need a map picker at some point13:58
*** no_mind has quit IRC13:58
SRabbelierGamara: you are creating your admin profile now, yes?13:58
*** no_mind has joined #melange13:58
SRabbelierGamara: oh, btw, you also receive an e-mail when you receive a notification13:58
LennieMap picker is being worked on as we speak13:58
SRabbelierGamara: which will ofcourse have the full text :)13:58
GamaraOkay, I save the changes.13:59
Gamaraback in requests overview13:59
Lennieyou'll now see the sidebar showing your club13:59
Gamarawho can I invite?13:59
Lennieonly if you have a role in a club you'll see that13:59
SRabbelierGamara: pick me! pick me!13:59
GamaraIt would be cool if a new notification comes up "What's next: Invite memebrrs! Etc!"13:59
Gamaradone, you sexy beast.14:00
Gamaraand the role will be a drop down?14:00
Lenniepre entered14:00
Lenniesince you clicked the link for a member14:00
Lennieyou'll create a member14:00
SRabbelieryay, I got two invites14:00
GamaraWhy have it at all then?14:01
Lennieto reassure the user that it is the right role14:01
GamaraMake it text then not a textfield .14:01
Gamarathat makes them want to edxit it!14:01
SRabbelierOk, I'm inna clubz14:01
LennieSRabbelier: we should make the readonly widget text :P14:01
SRabbelierLennie: yes, we should14:02
*** madrazr has left #melange14:02
Lenniehas been noted Chris14:02
SRabbelierLennie: there is an as_text thingy14:02
Gamaraokay, what's next.14:02
SRabbelierGamara: create a new club document!14:02
tpb<> (at
SRabbelierGamara: for example, you can make a FAQ for android14:03
Lenniethat is bound to change, since the document creator will have a dropdown of scope_paths in which you can put your docs14:03
lhjust to clarify, clubs can only edit and modify documents in their own scope path?14:03
SRabbelierGamara: if you make the document featured, it'll show up in the sidebar14:03
lhclub members that is14:03
SRabbelierlh: atm, no, later, yes14:03
lhSRabbelier: perfect, thanks14:04
Lennieyes lh, they will get their own space14:04
SRabbelierlh: there's a todo in the c ode :)14:04
lhwe will also need an area where *everyone* can add and create documents and edit them, but that can be a much more in the future todo14:04
SRabbelierlh: ok14:04
Gamaralet me walk through the rest of these, but this is a great deal of progress.14:05
Gamara(sorry If I was nitpicky, but .....this is cool)14:05
lhGamara: we've had several of our former students jump in to help, it's really exciting14:05
GamaraI don't know if LH told you, but we're likely to get a homepage promo if we do this right.14:05
lhGamara: i didnt tell them and it's been approved14:05
GamaraSo imagine your project being sen by 100m people.14:05
GamaraIT's kind of scary.14:06
GamaraWell, we have to dot a few more i's.14:06
Gamarathat is.14:06
SRabbelierhehe :)14:06
Gamaraand cross some Ts.14:06
SRabbelierwe should :)14:06
lhGamara: what do we need to do to make sure that gae can handle that kind of load? whitelisting or anything else?14:06
GamaraBut it will likely double or triple applications to the soc.14:06
GamaraWe need to get the main app whitelisted. They have the melanges noted.14:06
GamaraAnd tell them we're getting a homepage promo and when it will be running.14:07
lhtlarsen: is that something you could help with?14:07
GamaraThat will give us level traffic14:07
GamaraI'll do that.14:07
lhGamara: great, thanks14:07
GamaraAnyhow, I need to go right now. Make me op again and I'll come back online later today.14:07
lhSRabbelier: do we have analytics set up on
SRabbelierlh: it's a Site Setting14:07
durin42Once I'm done with my checkbook balancing and the like tonight, I'm hoping to start testing some views, might actually do some work again. I wish I didn't keep ADD'ing.14:07
GamaraIT is 8pm my time, I won't be back at the hotel until 1214:07
SRabbelierlh: if someone makes a analytics account it can be set easily14:07
Lennieyou're an op Gamara14:08
lhSRabbelier: okay, will do that and send you the details.14:08
Gamaradurin42: sleep, exercise, fish in the morning.14:08
Gamarathanks lennie14:08
lhdurin42: try tea, helps me focus14:08
tlarsenlh: Please ask Jeff Bailey.14:08
Gamaragotta go for now.14:08
durin42lh: harder problem is that I do focus, but on hgsubversion.14:08
SRabbelierlh: awesome14:08
lhtlarsen: for what? if the whitelisting, gamara said he'd take care of it14:08
tlarsenlh He wants to do Melange launch-related stuff, since he has Google App Engine launch process experience.14:08
lhtlarsen: got it14:08
lhdurin42: ah got it.14:09
* lh wanders off for a bit14:10
*** Merio has joined #melange14:12
*** Lennie is now known as Lennie|Food14:19
* SRabbelier snickers14:21
SRabbelierLennie|Food: poor guy14:21
solydzajsi'm back14:26
SRabbeliersolydzajs: wb14:26
SRabbeliersolydzajs: meeting is just over (20 mins)14:26
SRabbeliersolydzajs: we held it on IRC14:26
SRabbeliersolydzajs: so lucky you can read the backlog instead! :p14:27
*** Gamara has quit IRC14:27
solydzajsSRabbelier: reading backlog now :-)14:28
SRabbeliersolydzajs: ok14:28
tlarsensolydzajs: created or updated 10+ issues in the issue tracker during the meeting.14:30
solydzajstlarsen: ok will look at them in a minute14:32
solydzajstlarsen: do you want to write release to branch script or should I do it ?14:32
tlarsensolydzajs: Hmmm.  I was going to do the next one by hand.14:33
solydzajstlarsen: I would suggest we write the script so that we don't have to worry about it again14:33
tlarsenI am not sure how much of it is scriptable, unless we have a template for the Python source file that contains the release string and stamp that out each time.14:33
tlarsenOK, then please take a pass at it, and I'll see what you come up with.14:33
tlarsensolydzajs: The module could be used, if you write the script in Python instead of bash.14:34
SRabbeliersolydzajs: you could SED it14:34
tlarsenSRabbelier: Yeah, that would take care of modifying the file, but not the svn operations that I think solydzajs wants to automate.14:35
tlarsenbash is so fugly.14:35
SRabbeliertlarsen: heh, personal taste I guess14:35
SRabbeliers/^RELEASE =.*/RELEASE = ...../14:35
solydzajstlarsen: ok I will try to make this script tomorrow morning my time and will think about it today14:35
*** tlarsen is now known as tlarsen|lunch14:50
*** Lennie|Food is now known as Lennie15:11
SRabbelierLennie: wb15:13
*** tlarsen|lunch is now known as tlarsen15:49
*** no_mind has quit IRC15:50
solydzajstlarsen: ping15:55
solydzajstlarsen: I really think issue 136 should be invalid, it has nothing to do with feeds, it loads just fine and quick15:56
solydzajstlarsen: if something is slow it's because of our code, not blog widget and feeds api15:57
*** no_mind has joined #melange16:09
solydzajsno_mind: ping :-)16:22
solydzajsno_mind: how is it going with new selector ?16:23
*** Lennie has quit IRC16:24
*** Merio has quit IRC16:24
solydzajstlarsen: I don't think we will have all the Clubs functionality working and tested till Wednesday16:25
solydzajstlarsen: I would suggest Friday16:25
*** shiyee has joined #melange16:35
*** shiyee has quit IRC16:56
*** solydzajs has quit IRC17:26
*** solydzajs has joined #melange17:36
*** ChanServ sets mode: +o solydzajs17:36
dmitrig01 durin42 why do you need fibonachi?17:52
dmitrig01or however it's spelled17:52
solydzajsdmitrig01: you are asking wrong person17:57
dmitrig01solydzajs: ok, whow ould know?17:58
solydzajsdmitrig01: the answer was posted by SRabbelier so you should ask him17:59
dmitrig01whoops yeah17:59
dmitrig01SRabbelier: why do yu need fibbonacci17:59
*** mithro has quit IRC18:38
*** solydzajs_ has joined #melange19:03
*** solydzajs has quit IRC19:21
*** lh_ has joined #melange19:32
*** lh_ has left #melange19:32
SRabbelierdmitrig01: we don't need it, it was a metaphore19:47
dmitrig01SRabbelier: why did we need it/19:47
SRabbelierdmitrig01: we don't19:47
SRabbelierdmitrig01: it's a comparison19:47
SRabbelierdmitrig01: to demonstrate how the old algorithm was flawed19:47
*** SRabbelier has quit IRC19:52
*** tlarsen has quit IRC20:07
durin42oh, nuts, I'm too late.21:11
durin42Anyone awake?/21:11
dandersonI am, for all the good that'll do ya21:13
durin42Yeah, I think I need Todd.21:14
durin42I'm a bit baffled by linkable.21:14
durin42But am trying to test it.21:14
durin42(mostly scope path)21:14
* r0bby looks around 21:37
* r0bby goes in search of food21:37
*** penyaskito has joined #melange21:53

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